Team 16 Thang Binh

MACV Team 16 – Thang Binh

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 16 located in Thang Binh.

51 thoughts on “Team 16 Thang Binh

    • Hi Casey,
      Finished college and took commission in Navy. Spent 10 years in the SEAL Teams. Now I live in Florida with Peruvian beauty. I go to Chicago periodically if you are there. Otherwise, you’re always welcome here.
      Great to here from you.

      • No I dont live near Chicago anymore
        Finished college joined Federal government now retired rural Maryland with a 6ft blonde beauty from the south. If ever in DC let me know. Going to head to Florida soon to see you. My pal from grade school who is my attorney lives in Parish.

  1. Worked in S1 from Aug 69 to Aug 71. S1s were Stephen Morgan, Honeycut, Otis Ashley, George Ikeda and LT ? Sgts King, Mac…., Norris Claypool. Various clerks: Parker, Bass, and even Griemel before he/you went to S2.

      • I was on Hawk Hill a couple of times and made several trips up Highway 1, passing right by your place. Was your Senior District Advisor (the one with “problems”?) an LTC rather than a MAJ? I recall he and I being lunch guests with a local village when I was on Nui Loc Son. I made the mistake of eating a tiny red pepper in a bowl of rice – I huffed and puffed for quite a while, much to the amusement of the Vietnamese.

        • Oh yes! The LTC definitely had “problems”. It was resolved in a scene right out of M*A*S*H. I generally hung out with the locals who preferred eating rice and tuna fish. Nui Loc Son was a nice place when I was there. However, I heard it became quite hostile in ’72.

  2. I was 1LT with Team 16 in Quang Tin Province from August 70 to May 71. Started on MAT I-24 with Sergeants Pitts and Malotte and “Doc” Malave. We were initially stationed on Nui Loc Son, but a couple of weeks after my arrival our bunker burned down due to a malfunctioning propane freezer. We made it out with just the clothes on our backs. Had to go back to Saigon to get new rifles. After that I lived at the Payne compound in Tam Ky and went on operations all over the province with a variety of Ruff-Puff units and counterparts. The head of the MATs was Major Whitmeyer, one of the greatest burpers I’ve ever met. In February 1971 I was made Assistant S-3, working primarily in the TOC (our RTO was fellow Ohioan Spec 4 Moore, almost certainly the Jerry Moore who posts on this site.) The S-3 was MAJ Travis, who was replaced, I believe, by MAJ Sampson. There was also a CAPT McNulty, a nice guy who was a member of Mensa. I happened to be on the helicopter that picked up CAPT Kenney, a MAT leader who had been wounded by a booby trap. In the last couple of years I’ve been in communication with former 1LT George Ikeda, our Assistant S-1 and Casey Geasey, who also worked in S-1. I’ve also traded emails with Hal Meinheit, a State Department member of Team 16. He was there when I was, but we never met at the time. George, Casey and Hal have been kind enough to share a number of pictures and fill in blanks. Many more memories and faces, but a lot of the names have faded.

    • I was with the Phoenix Program with Team 16. Capt. John Poncina and then Major Markham were the Phoenix advisors. I remember Casey Gresey. We both got the Soldiers Medal while rescuing a bunch of Air Force guys that got screwed up in the ocean near our beach east of Tam Ky. Those were great times and Team 16 was a very cool place to visit Viet Nam. Craig Turner

  3. Stationed there in 1971 until march of 1972 assigned as a communication advisor ended up flying supplies to lz’s

  4. I was in Thang Binh, Quang Tin (now Quang Nam) Province in ’70-’71. Was originally slotted for Ly Tin District, but at the last moment was sent to Thang Binh.

    How do I say this nicely… the District Senior Advisor had “problems” (he was eventually removed), but the District Chief was pretty good!

    We were written up on the front page of the Washington Post in May 1971.

    I would be happy to communicate with you even if we never crossed paths.

    • I spent time on team16 November 70 -June 71 Tam Ky Then Phuoc Me(spelling)June till October 71.Mat team leader

  5. Wow. I just happened upon this site. I was assigned to MACV Advisory Team 16 and served with the Phoenix Advisor. What a hoot. Based in Tam Ky and operated around Quang Tin Province. I was there from January 1970 to March 1971. After college went back into the military as a Navy SEAL. Missed the buzz.

    • Craig…I was in Ly Tin as DIOCC coordinator and Team 16 team leader in 1970. Don’t remember our paths crossing. I rarely went to Tam Ky after serving in January 1970. If you told me the name of the Phoenix advisor in Tam Ky, I’d probably recognize it.

    • Arrived in Thang Binh in Oct 71 to serve as Maj Joe Arnold’s deputy district senior adviser. Joe was awarded the Silver Star for actions against the 31st NVA Regt prior to my arrival. The 5 man district team closed in Mar 72 and I took over from Maj Whitmeyer at Tam Ky as the province Sr RF/PF adviser and S-3 just in time for the NVA Easter offensive. We lost Hiep Duc and the western half of Thang Binh the first week but stopped them at Binh Dinh village west of Thang Binh on TL 534. LTC Wagner departed in July and was replaced by Howard Thomas (FSR). I left in Oct 72.

      • Glad to hear from you! Bing Dinh wasn’t that far away. There is a big memorial there now, commemorating something which I do not know. Nui Loc Son was quiet when I was there, but I heard it was bad afterwards. Whatever happened to MAJ Arnold and SVN LTC , the District Chief? LTC Wagner wrote a novel and became a Major General. Have you read the book: “Road of 10,000 Pains” It’s about the USMC along Route 534. Where are you and what are you up to?

        • Maj Arnold retired in 1982 as a LTC. Don’t know about the District Chief, he refused to go down the road with LTC Wagner and me to stop the NVA advance. Worked for MG Wagner again as the Professor of Military Science at Eastern Mich Univ from 88-93 before retiring from the Army. Moved to Acme Mich, just north of Traverse City, and taught chemistry and math at the local college for 19 years before really retiring. Haven’t read the book you referred to about the Marines.

  6. Jim, I worked for you in Korea. For the past 10+ years, I’ve been running Ops and your guidance has been implemented in many of my endeavors. Thank you for your leadership and service!
    Always Out Front

  7. Request from James H. Cheatham, Jr.; formerly Captain with MACV team 16 Thang Binh District. PRU Advisor. Injured in mine explosion that damaged M113 track in late 1968 or
    early 1969. Trying to find records or determine the date. Operating with 1/1st Cavalry Regiment at the time.

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