Team 85 Tieu Can-Vinh Binh

MACV Team 85 – Tieu Can-Vinh Binh.

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 85 located in Tieu Can-Vinh Binh.

38 thoughts on “Team 85 Tieu Can-Vinh Binh

  1. Does anyone here remember serving with Thomas A. Fadale (Warren, PA)? He was on a tour from 12/24/68 to 11/26/69. I have been asked by his son to see if I can find any information on his service time over there, and would appreciate any help.

    Unfortunately, Tom died recently from Leukemia. The family has very little info on his service, and I’m trying to help.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Jim,

      I was in the small MACV Team 85 Compound / Special Forces B-41 Compound in Moc Hoa, Kien Tuong Province, from August 1968 – August 1969 and I still remember lots of guys from way back then.

      Always had difficulty remembering names, but at (78) can still remember lots of faces.

      Please try to E-mail a photo of Fadale to: and I will try to see if I can help.


      Henry L. Chauvin
      LTC En

      • Thank you, sir. I have asked the family to provide me with a picture or two that are appropriate for that timeline.

        I will forward to you as soon as I receive them.


      • Col. Chauvin–My dad, Leslie White, flew AF FAC suport out of Moc Hoa for your camp in 1967-68. He was the FAC-Intel spotter for Capt. Stoddard. My dad died three years ago. He requested and was cremated with a tiger camo boonie cap that belong to someone named Sammy Bruce. I believe Sammy Bruce was from your camp. Sammy was my dad’s friend. My understaning is that Sammy was killed during a bomb damage assessment. Is there anything you can tell me about Sammy or the events surrounding his death. Thank you.

        John White

        • Hi John,

          Been busy taking care of wife who has been taking Chemo Treatments for about 18 months. I always had a problem with military names not long after Vietnam because I stayed in the Army Reserves for 26 years after Vietnam and met so many soldiers from so many places.. For some reason as I mentioned often, I never forget faces. I remember the AF pilot and and Army Fixed wing pilots. All of our soldiers in Kien Tuong were great when we think about it when compared to our rioting and looting American Citizens today who so many think re great. Your Dad took many chances being a target up in the air ……you should be commended for being proud of his military service.

          Henry L. Chauvin

          • Thank you for answering Colonel, and thank you for your service. If my dad was alive today, he would say that it was his greatest privilege and honor in life to support the advisory team at Moc Hoa.

  2. Anyone know my dad, Sfc Donald Robert Dupre? He’s from Massachusetts. He was 5th Special Forces Group, detachment B-41.

  3. Does anyone remember my Father, Malcolm Pierce Libbey
    Staff Sergeant
    Army of the United States
    Rockland, Maine
    July 02, 1930 to October 12, 1967

  4. Hi I was wondering if anyone had any info on the Australians MAT 85 based at Lo Gom 1967, my mate Syd McLeod is have trouble getting the army to acknowledge the existence of the first Australian Mat teams.

  5. My Dad is former Army CPT Theodore (Ted) Makrokanis, served in MACVSOG, Advisory Team 95 and III Special Services as well as other places from 1967-1969/1970ish in Vietnam. Does any one remember him? Know him? He is now is a nursing home and I’d like to know more about him back then. I’m currently still in the military as well, Navy Officer in similar career fields/specialty/designator. Thanks!!

    Darron Makrokanis

    • Hi Darron,

      I was an Army Engineer Officer Lieutenant in Team 85 where we lived in the Special Forces B-41 Compound in the village of Moc Hoa, Kien Tuong Province from about August 1968-August 1969. So sorry, but I do not remember hearing your Dad’s name.


      • Wow! Thank you so much for replying. I buried my dad last month with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery. How long did you work with my dad in Frankfurt? He met my mom there and they married and came back to the states. Would love to hear more if you know more.

        Very respectfully,
        Darron Makrokanis

        • Iknew Ted a year or so.i never knew him to be dating when I
          Knew him. I left FRG in May 1972. I think your Dad May have left soon after. Dale

    • When I knew your father Ted
      in Germany in 1970 we were both captains assigned to V
      Corps HQ as AG officers. He was personnel mgmt, I was in
      Admin Services. Don’t remember him being married or even dating anyone. I was in a RIF in 1972 , I think he might
      have also been in RIF.
      I returned to states and went to Optometry school. I went back into Army in 1977 and re
      tired in 1992. Still working in SC.
      Did your father get out of Army in 1970s? What did he do in life? My email is Hobbs

  6. From August 1968 to August 1969 I was assigned to MACV Team 85 which was even for years prior to this & afterwards co-located in Special Forces Compound B-41 in the town of Moc Hoa,in Kien Tuong Province.

    I have no idea why MACV Team 85 is listed in conjunction with, or associated with Tieu Can-Vinh Binh ………….. or why Kien Tuong is listed with MACV Team 114.

    • Henry, I was wondering the same thing. I was with AT85 in Moc Hoa from September 1967 until April 1969. I’ll never forget when we were hit at Tet68.

      • From June 68 to November 68 I was assigned to Mobile Advisory Team (MAT) 85/62. We reported to SF B41 in Moc Hoa but supported the Hamlet/Village of Abc Chan about 20 miles south. The Commanding Officer for B41 was a Col Herrlein (he may have been a Lt Col then.) I don’t remember). In Ap Bac Chan we worked with with Vietnamese Regional Force 152. I don’t know what happened after that.
        We were in Ap Bac Chan on a full time basis.

        • Hi,

          I did not recently check out all of the TM 85 posts on this site; however, it appears you may have the only incorporated photo with your messages. Some of us remember a few names; and some remembers photos of faces.

          How does one add photos? LOL

          • When my tour of duty was over and before I left Moc Hoa, Lt Col Herrlein gave me a letter thanking the Team. In the letter he referred to us as MAT 62/85. I always thought I was with MAT 62. I think it was confusion on The Col.’s part. I felt that maybe we were being told that we were something else (MAT 85). I think he was confused and we really were MAT 62. But on this board, there is another MAT 62 at Ton Son Nhut. My MAT 62 was at Ap Bac Chan, reporting to Moc Hoa. But after all theses years. who cares. I have not found any of my Team members alive and Col Herrlein is dead!


  8. Hi. My name is Eddie Horton and I lost an uncle in the Kein Tuong Province in 1969. His name was Kyle Waldrop and I was wondering if that name rang a bell with anyone.
    Let me know…..thanks

  9. Served On MACV team 85 from Aug 71 until Aug 72, most of the time with Major George Kleb (Senior Advisor at Ap Bac) and Sgt Jason Aldridge . I was Deputy Sr Advisor and Phung Hoang Advisor. We were to close the team down May of 72, but were hit hard by the 88th NVA or Z15 on 7 April, lost most of our outposts during a two week time frame, spent the rest of the tour trying to re establish control of the District. When I left in early Aug 72, we were and had been the last district team in the province. Province Hq had a total of 8 military supporting us. Nelson F Huggins, Major Retired.

    • When he died, he was on loan to the special forces at Special Forces Camp A-414 Tuyen Nhon. He was a medic.

  10. Interesting post. I am new to this site. I was in AP Bac Chan from June 1968 to November 1968. We reported to the SF B41 in Moc Hoa. Many times we were referred to as MAT 62. Province of Kien Tuong. I have many photos of Ap Bac Chan. My XO was 1LT George Morgan and I remember a Sgt Terrell. Living out of one of the schoolroom when it was relatively safe otherwise we were in the compound with the 153rd Regional Force (RF).

  11. I was in Advisor Team 85 from around March 64 to Dec 64, at that time we were located in Moc Hoa, Kein Tuong Province. I and a Capt Green were in Ap Bac in a Sub Sector role for awhile and I think for our safety we were pulled out. Rosier L. Williamson, SFC Ret.

    • Interesting. I was also in Moc Hoa and assigned to SF 41 as a Mobile Advisory Team (MAT). We were in Bac Chan (about 20 miles away). Was there from May/June 68 to November 68. At times we were referred to as MAT 62 and also MAT 85. I just think there was some confusion then as to who belongs to who.

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