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MACV Team 15 – Hoi An

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 15 located in Hoi An.

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  1. Hey Horn, remember the mess hall, miss cau, ba Duc, yeah it’s me Hans I had the mess hall from 69 to 71 . Made e7 and retired in 86 with 20.god a lot of a memories big John chisim, cpt Perrault col blake went back to da nang in, 72 stopped by hoi an before I can signed in, no changes.

    • Holy Crap . . . I’ve not heard from anybody at Team 15 except Captain Bill Civick who was with Civil Affairs and Colonel Blakeley who I ran into in Heidelberg, Germany in 1974. I emailed with Captain Morgan Trimyer a while back but learned last year that he died of cancer probably from Agent Orange. Hope you all are doing fine.

  2. Hello. I’ve been researching my grandfather Larry Boyer who I found out was a member of this team and did not make it back home.

      • What was he like? Did he ever express what he thought about being over there? What was the day to day of being on the advisor team?

        • Your grandfather had a great sense of humor. He was an avid reader, mostly paperbacks which is all we had in our library. He would read at least a book a day. His job as a radio operator allowed him the time. For twelve hours a day he would monitor radio traffic which was our link to the other MACV teams. He often spoke about his wife and the life that he could not wait to get back to. He was a nice man, and a good friend. I think of him often. You should be proud of him, and his service. Hope this helps. Regards,

          Ken Foley

  3. Walter Horn I was with the Signal Personnel in HoiAn at the MacV Team 15 HQ, from 69 to early part of 71, I was also at Hoi An East in support of 1st Anglico, and 2nd ROKMC. I spent a lot of time in those two areas. I also know a Major Rowe who came to Da Nang 37th Sig Bn on the air base, and was able to give him a couple Generators for Dien Banh location. When in MacV we did have Marines in guard towers and at the airport.

  4. MACV Teams,
    Thanks for the website, it brings back allot of memories … some good, some bad … but a part of our lives.
    I have a suggestion; ref MACV Team 1 & 15 were both at located Hoi An … Team 1 before 1968, Team 15 after 1968 … per many comments.
    Thanks Again,
    David W Bayer
    US Army Special Forces
    SGM (Ret)

      • Yes, I believe so. MACV Team 15 was at Hoi An when I arrived in Sep 1968. Please review Al Navarro’s following comment dated 24 Aug 2015 .. he was the Air NCOIC at Hoi An and has better knowledge of all the Quang Nam Province sub-sectors:
        “There is still some confusion about Team 1 and Team 15. Team 1 and Team 15 are one and the same. The number was changed in 1968 and was in Hoi An, the province HQ for Quang Nam province and all the sub-sector teams. The captions listing the MACV teams shows Team 15 at Tra Vinh. Never heard of Tra Vinh and would not know where it would be located. Also, there was no team 15 at Duy Xuyen. That area was a sub-sector … I was stationed in Hoi An from December ’67 to November ’68. Some things might have changed later in early 70s, I don’t know but I believe Team 15 was never changed from its location in Hoi An.”
        David Bayer

    • Found this grave in a cemetery in Glasgow, Scotland, relating to Robert M Laird, Sgt, Scotland, Advisory Team 15, Vietnam, April 12 1938 to February 13 1972. BSM-PH. Any info please.

      • Hello William,
        Interesting … we had a guy from Canada who joined the US Army on Team 15 during my tour (68-69), so I suppose someone from Scotland could too.
        I would guess the dates are his birthdate and death … BSM is Bronze Star Medal and PH is Purple Heart. If he was WIA or KIA in Feb 1972, perhaps someone who was with Team 15 during that time might remember him.
        Good Luck,
        David W Bayer

        • William,
          Here is some info from Mike Murphy’s post on 11 Feb 2015:
          “We lost two guys while was there. Both killed in a Helicopter crash on 13 Feb 1972. SGT Robert Laird 11B Infantry and SSG Jesse Montague 76Y Supply Sergeant. Non hostile Air loss crashed at sea according to the data on the Vietnam Virtual Wall. Data on the wall matchs the story I heard when I was there. I think they were on the way to Da Nang but I am not 100% sure of that.”
          You can scroll down to that post for more info or send a message to Mike Murphy.

    • Hay David, didn’t know you went back in, saw you last after your discharge in 1969 I believe, I was driving my 1969 Mach I Mustang

      • Hi Randy, yep ..had a break in service, went back in with Special Forces Guard, Reserve and Active. Retired at Ft Lewis WA in 2006 as SGM with 32 years. Sharon and I moved back to Council Grove KS to be closer with kids/grandkids. Would enjoy hearing from you email is

    • I arrived MACV Team 15 on June 20, 1969. I was assigned as the S1. Stayed until June 17, 1970. One of my hooch mates was Captain Joe Ace who was on his 2nd tour in RVN. Can’t recall the CO but the deputy was LTC Minoru Takimoto. Played a lot poker with him and almost always lost!. The CO who came in sometime during my tour was LTC William Blakesly. I think he was Field Artillery. There was a Major Nightengale on the staff as well as 1LT Sam Lawson. When I first arrived and later when on RR to Bangkok with 1LT later CPT Bob Howell from McAllester, OK.
      Oh yes, one of the District Team leaders was a Captain Hayes, he was the brother of Dallas Cowboys running back, Bob Hayes.

      One of the guys on the 29th Civil Affairs was Lt Bill Civick who was from New Jersey. I kept tons of slides from my tour in RVN but finally tossed them about two years ago. Pics from Duc Duc, Dien Ban, Que Son, An Hoa (USMC) Thong Duc. Never forget January 1970 when Major John B. Stizza was killed in Duc Duc along with his RTO, SP4 Larry Boyer.

      • I was on the base radio talking with Larry when the attack happened. Main force swept through with no contact. Ambush happened with small arms and grenades.

        Ken Foley

      • Unless there were 2 Lawsons was Rob Lawson , S-2 after coming in from District Special Ops, separate Program…an Intell Program ..Toi Biet

    • Hello SGM. I’m (Lt.) Mike Hogen – was with MAT 15 in Hoi An from July 1968 to February 1969. Am interested in any info on our team leader, Cpt. Bradbury, team medic, Sgt. (E-5) Carter, or any of our replacements. Also our vietnamese counterpart

  5. Ref Team 15 … I found some letters I wrote to my brother during Sep 68 thru Apr 69 while I was at MACV 15 compound in Hoi An (next to Quang Nam Province HQ) and then at “Hoi An East” (the beach) with the 2nd ROK Marines (Blue Dragons).
    Our mailing address was:
    US Army Advisory Team #15
    MACV Drawer #18 Hoi An
    APO SF 96337

  6. Hello, I was assigned to MACV Team 15 from Sep 68 to Sep 69. Worked at Hoi An compound, at Hoi An east or west (?) with the ROK Marines and at Bo Mung (?) up by Monkey Mountain. I had a break in service after 1st enlistment, then went back in to SF and retired as SGM/E9. I was at Hoi An during Tet 69 .After 50 years, I remember some of the names mentioned and a few others …I can’t remember the SA name, but the SEA was MSG/SGM Korn, we had a wild Major as Chaplin, Gus was still at the bar, Bob Beeler was the generator guy, Al Downer was with the Seabees, Kimo (?) was my bunker buddy who pissed on a generator. I went on several convoys riding a M60 on Beeler’s 2 1/2…the Chaplin went AWOL during R&R in Japan … Fitzgerald was at the RD House …
    David W Bayer

  7. Anyone know an Army Lt. Dan Carr? 29TH Civil Affair Company ’70/’71. Spent time in Da Nang, Duy Xuyen, Go Noi Island, etc. Briefly Attached to 1st marine division , then possibly MACV team 15.

    I’m his son. He passed away in 2004. Trying to piece together his story for the grandkids that never got to meet him.

    • Adam…I don’t recall LT Carr during my stay in Dien Ban in ‘71. Hope you find out more about your Dad. His DOD form DD-214 might give you some clues. Don’t give up. Someone will remember him. CPT Lyon

      • HI Mark, My name is Robert Guerra and I was your replacement at Dien Ban. I got there about a week before you left and stayed there working with Major Rowe until we both left in April/May. I believe he went home and I headed to Nha Trang. I’ll try to think of more details and will get back to you

          • Hi Mark…there was a sp4 Hedgepath and a ssg but I don’t remember his name. also,there was another Cpt who was a mat team that was there for only a few weeks then he left. That left only four of us until Terry and I left. When was the last time you contacted Terry. I stayed in and retired as a LTC..Now located west of Chicago.

            • Robert…yes, I remember Spec4 Hedgespeth. Ssgt might have been Bynum or MSgt McCawley. I’m in regular contact with Maj (now Col, Ret) Rowe and McCawley (Ret). Shoot me an email and I’ll hook you up. Welcome home, Dai Uy!
              Remember Co Ba and Co Quoc?

      • First of all, thanks to Mark Lyon for making me aware of this site! I was the DSA at Dien Ban District Nov 70 until May 72. Mark was my Deputy/Intel Officer. COL John Chism was the PSA for Quang Nam and Earl Thieme was his Deputy, both very able men and great bosses. I took great pride in the accuracy of my HES reports, made possible by me interviewing each hamlet and village chief every month. Mark and I shared several adventures, among them was visiting, in turn, the Korea House in DaNang. A couple of other adventures that come to mind: Highway 1 blocked for hours when a VN Vet funeral convoy was sideswiped by a US artillery convoy. A weird instance was when a SFC medic advisor replacement went “pscho” on his first day, had to be tied up between two mattresses, and taken to the DaNang Hospital the next day in that “sandwich” mode in the bed of a 3/4 ton truck. A very sad occasion two days before I rotated to the States was when our most successful Return To Village effort 9received national attention) was attacked and burned to the ground by the VC.
        I want to make team members aware of the Texas Tech Un Vietnam History Project. In the past two decades they have gathered some 130,000 oral interviews, documents and artifacts submitted by vets. I have just completed 1a total of 18 hours of telephone interviews concerning my 3 tours, and submitted scrapbooks of my first and last tours. All vets have something to offer and are welcome to participate.

          • Roger on that. I was Black Lions 6, 1977 -1979! I was blest with the finest group of officers and NCOs that I saw before or after during my 30 years as an Infantry officer. BLACK LIONS !!

            • I was the roommate of your driver and was the Bn S4 Reports Clerk who process all your Reports of Survey. I reenlisted for INSCOM and retired from the Reserves in 2000 – back in logistics.
              Worked with Tom Goudey as the S4 NCOIC before he got promoted to Brigade and was replaced by SFC Rojas. My S4 Officers were Marty Nelson, who later replaced Dan Prather as XO, and Tom Rogers who was the BMO before S4.

            • Please contact me at my email address: john (at) hannigan (dot) info. While unpacking a box today found a stack of pictures from Dining Out. And a bunch of promotion picture for CPT Wright and others.

              • John, Spent a half hour trying to send you a lengthy email about shared experiences in 3/28, but it disappeared after I finished. I suspect it was deleted because it wasn’t about VN. Perhaps it would be better if you called me at 775-324-2135. Afternoons or evenings (PST) are best.
                In any case, John, wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas! BLACK LIONS !!

    • Was your father perhaps a specialist in agriculture? I seem to remember a Lt. who had that specialty and was based in Hoi An.

      Ken Foley

      • Yes, maybe. I believe more involved on the logistical side of agriculture (buildings)? He was with an E-4 Thomas “Mike” Rice in a lot of photos. He was an Ag specialist. They were both stationed at the Duy Xuyen Compound with Team 15. Both 29th CAC.

        I have numerous photos of the compound including an aerial of the roof “Duy Xuyen: Love it or leave it”. If anyone is interested

    • I just saw your question. I was a PSYOPS Team Leader attached to MACV Team 15 for most of March through October 1971. I knew your father. Our paths crossed many times mainly working in resettlment villages in the places you listed. I remember his humor in some times and places where it helped many of us. We were in different units so I don’t know details of his overall tour. But you and his grandkids should be very proud of his service. I hated to hear about his passing.

    • I think I remember your father. We had an officer on staff who specialized in agriculture. I remember him as being quiet and respectful. As I remember it we (the USA) were trying to convince the villagers that our rice was better because it grew faster, and it did, but the Vietnamese did not like the taste.

  8. I was was there (team 15 ) in 70 -71 . Army, one of many lieutenants , Engineer officer. Worked with Marines for security.

  9. Hi everyone .

    Maybe some folks remember a dominican born surgeon from Germany named Dr. Jose Cruz (I’m his son). He was stationed in Da Nang between 69 and 71 working for the Malteser Hospital. Today I found a zippo style lighter with his engraved name on one side plus a date (21 March 71) and on the other side it says Avisory Team 15 Quang Nam Sector.
    He is living in Germany now and it would be amazing to find someone who remembers him.

    • Ask Dr. Cruz ; If a nurse named Helga who was attached to a German Hospital East of Hoi An halfway to the S. China Sea ; was part of the group he worked with ? Locally the German Hospital she was with was quite well integrated with the local Vietnamese community …some nurses they knew were later captured by the opposition ..some stories …a USAF pilot , Lopez Group I believe, may have been lost looking by air for them ..they sometimes came for a day at the ROK Marine Beach NE of Hoi An…….Toi Biet

  10. Just found this site. I was in Adv Tm 15 Aug-Nov 1970, posted to Thuong Duc District, the westernmost district. Under siege Sep-Nov, the monsoon breaking the siege. MAT-45 was collocated; our neighbors were SF ODA-109. LT Larry McKenzie, sgts Leroy Castle, Jerry W. Land, and Mabry Parker and Robt Ware, CPL Robt L. Maynard. rSVP.

  11. Hi Mark Lyons!! This is James McCawley. We worked together on Advisory Team 15 during 1971. Hope to hear from you.

  12. I was with USAF MACV Team 57 (Medics) at Phu Vinh (Tra Vine from Nov. 1968 till July 1969 when I was promoted to SSgt. And transferred to the 21st Casualty Staging flight at Tan Son Nhut where I finished out my VN tour of duty and enlistment in Nov. 1969.

  13. TEAM 15, TRA VINH or QUANG NAM ? AT-1 then called AT-15 were based from Quang Nam Province, Hoi An was the capitol.The USAF MILPHAP TEAM 15 was based from Vinh Binh Province, Tra Vinh was the capitol and they were part of AT-57 then AT-72.They were a medical team working with the South Vietnameese. The USAF & USN had their own different team numbers. The USMC had their own numbers for their CAP (combined action patrols). Of corse I do get alittle mixed up in my old age. Also I have made lists of some names and emails both teams AT-1 -15 and AT-57-72 and if you would like either list email me. Im always looking for more names.

    • Thanks for the clarification about AT-15 in Tra Vinh and Macv Team 15 in Hoi An. I was in Hoi An 71 – 72 as a radio operator. I think it important to note that in the early part of the war Hoi An was part of Team 1 and later when Advisory Teams dedicated to Province Regional Forces were created Hoi An became Headquarters for Macv Team 15 Quang Nam Province Advisory Team.

    • Hi Doug, I was an assistant refugee relief advisor at first, Hoi An, and then at Dien Ban District in early 1970, prior to my injury in an accident in late May of that year. We were part of CORDS Advisory Team 15. Did you ever meet a Joe Hartman, who was an agricultural advisor? James Ready was my immediate superior. Any help you can provide re: locating Joe Hartman is much appreciated.

      • I have organized a list of some former AT-1 & AT-15 names and emails from this site and other sorces. If any former advisor or family would like this list email me. I am always looking for additional names to add to this list. I was a helicopter crewchief from Eagle Dust-Off, Camp Eagle near Hue-Phu Bai 1970-71 .

  14. Sirs,
    I am trying to locate an officer by the name of Robert Cavannaugh (Kavannaugh). He was posted in Tra Vinh with Team 15. around 1964- 1967. He was hurt in a helicopter crash around 1966. He “married” a Vietnamese lady from Tra Vinh. If you have any information, please contact me at …
    Thank you.

  15. There is still some confusion about Team ! and Team 15. Team 1 and Team 15 are one and the same. The number was changed in 1968 and was in Hoi An, the province HQ for Quang Nam province and all the sub-sector teams. The captions listing the MACV teams shows Team 15 at Tra Vinh. Never heard of Tra Vinh and would not know where it would be located. Also, there was no team 15 at Duy Xuyen. That area was a sub-sector.
    Look at the further comments under Team 1. I was stationed in Hoi An from December ’67 to November ’68. Some things might have changed later in early 70s, I don’t know but I believe Team 15 was never changed from its location in Hoi An.

    • Tra Vinh in 1968 was known as Phu Vinh. I have a picture of the center of town in 1968 with a structure in the center of town displaying the name of Phu Vinh. I was a USAF surgery tech and a member of MACV team 57. We were assigned to the Vinh Binh Provincial hospital located in Phu Vinh (Tra Vinh). We shared a compound with an army unit and a South Korean Intel unit not too far from the hospital. I have photos of the compound, the hospital, the airfield, and a somewhat partial personnel roster from that time. I was there from Nov. 1968 till about mid July 1969 when I was transferred to the 21st Casualty Staging Unit at Tan Son Nhut .


  16. Hello John Abbott,
    Sorry I do not have any information on Major Terry Rowe, LTC. Raymond Whittaker, Col. William Boiler or SSG Paul Lepore.

  17. I did hear a story of why the name was changed from Team 1 to Team 15.

    The story goes that early in the war Team 1 had advisors for all the Vietnamese forces in the northern provinces. Then someone had the idea that Team 1 would keep responsibility to Advise the Vietnamese ARVN Regulars in the Northern Provinces however new teams were created to advise the Vietanmese Regional Forces in each Province. When I was in Team 15, 1971-1972 Hoi An assigned advisors to the Regional Forces of Quang Nam. Team 1 still advised the ARVN Regulars in the Province. Other Teams were created to advise the Regional Forces for the other Northern Provinces.

    • Mike…that would make sense, as in ’71 in Dien Ban (HQ Hoi An) our advisory role was with the RF/PF and not ARVN. Mark

    • Hi Mike, I was an assistant refugee relief adviser with CORDS Team 15, first at Hoi An, then at Dien Ban District, in early 1970, prior to my injury in an accident in late May. Did you know a Joe Hartman, who was an agricultural adviser? James Ready was my immediate superior. Any help you can provide in locating Joe Hartman is much appreciated. Pls email me at

  18. Mark, Thanks I never thought about some Districts not manned by MACV. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I just learned something.

    Thanks again

    • Mike, I just found this site and you seem to know a lot about Mat 15. I was team leader of team I-20 from Dec. 70 to April 71. We were on an island about 20 clicks east of Hoi An with the 101st regional force Vietnamese ranger battalion.
      I recently received my last performance report from archives and it included a statement by
      Major Terry Rowe that I had been recommended for a silver star. the army tells me that they
      don’t have sufficient info to verify the award and said they needed statements from the officers that recommended the award. Do you, or anyone else, know how I could contact
      Major Terry Rowe, LTC. Raymond Whittaker, Col. William Boiler or SSG Paul Lepore who was my medic and the eyewitness for the narrative description for my Silver Star recommendation.
      I have enjoyed reading your comments and I hope you can help me.
      John Abbott
      1st Lt., Senior Advisor MAT I-20 Adv Tm 15

      • Sorry I do not have any information on Major Terry Rowe, LTC. Raymond Whittaker, Col. William Boiler or SSG Paul Lepore who was my medic and the

  19. The way I see it: Duy Xuyen and Dien Bien were districts inside the Province of Quang Nam. So both were Macv Team 15.
    MACV Team 15 was an Army unit and had advisors in all the Districts in Quang Nam. MACV Team15 mission was to Advise the Viet Regional Forces in the Districts in Quang Nam Province. It gets complicated if the Marine or Army infantry units had people living in the districts with the Teams. Example 196th Army Artillery had people living in our compound but they were not Macv Team15. They were Army196th radio operators there to get clearance for artillery targets.

  20. Guy… Team 1 or Team 15? This is what I remember about Duy Xuyen. I was a Spc/4 Radio Operator in Team 15 Hoi An, Quang Nam province 1971-1972. One day in 1972 Capt Riggles in Hoi An told me to grab my rifle, helmut and radio. We went to the MACV District HQ in Duy Xuyen. They got hit big time the night before and Capt Riggles wanted to see if there was any lessons to be learned.
    I spent my time maintaining radio contact with Hoi An. Capt Riggles was talking to everyone he could to get a feel of what went right and what went wrong. On the way back he told me the 50 Cal was taken out by one of the 1st rounds fired by the VC. The reason was a year earlier the VC tried to overrun the place and the 50 cal inflicted heavy casulties on the VC. Fate was on the side of who ever was on their way to man the 50 cal because it was taken out before they got there. The 50 cal. was positioned at a high point in the bunker system. it was in good place to inflict damage but it also was an easy target.

    When I was in Hoi An and when I visited the districts their were no Marines, it was all Army and we reported to Chords in Da Nang. The 196th Army Brigade had taken over for the Marines for the area between Hoi An and Danang. There were soldiers from the 196th redleg / Artillery in Hoi An. They were there to get clearance from Team 15 when 196th guys requested artillery fire.

    Spc/4 RTO
    Team 15 1971-1972

    • Capt. Lyon, I was an assistant refugee relief officer with CORDS Team 15, first at Hoi An, then at Dien Ban District, in early 1970, prior to my being injured in an accident in late May. Did you meet a Joe Hartman, who was an agricultural advisor? James Ready was my immediate superior. About that accident: I was helping to unload some rough lumber or logs from a deuce and a half – as I was climbing the side rack, Capt. Campbell (I much later learned his name) of the Marines unloosed the chain. We didn’t see each other until it was too late. Any information which you have on the whereabouts of Joe Hartman or Capt. Campbell is much appreciated. I’m not at all upset with Capt. Campbell – accidents happen. As I’m a member of the Marine Corps League, and Capt. Campbell (Ret’d) may also be, our paths may cross yet again. Pls respond by email to me at – Don Marsolek

  21. Question – I was a Marine attached to MACV in Duy Xuyen in early 1970. As I remember the compound was a main building with a small kitchen, several bedrooms and offices, a radio room and a small community area. There was a small out building with a bunk bed and a single door. We had a 50 in one bunker and an M60 in the other. Does this sound right and was it Team 1 or Team 15 ?
    Guy Maxwell

    • Your description is what I remember. I was there for a couple of months before I was transferred to Duc Duc district. There was a Vietnamese Catholic priest that I became friendly with. His name was Father Hoa and ran a village in Duy Xuyen.

    • Hello Guy, Duy Xuyen was part of Team 1 in the early part of the war and part of Team 15 in the later part of the war. In the later part of the war Advisory Teams were created dedicated to advise the Regional Forces. In the early part of the war Team 1 was advised the ARVN Forces and the Provincial Forces. MACV Team 15 was created in the later part of the war and was dedicated to the Quang Nam Province Regional Forces

    • Guy, I was with CORDS Advisory Team 15 in Hoi An and then at Dien Ban, in early 1970, prior to my being injured in an accident in late May of that year while working with some U.S. Marines and Vietnamese in the off-loading of some rough lumber or logs. Did you know a Capt. Campbell? I learned much later that he was the Marine who in-loosed the chain on the deuce and a half as I was climbing the side rack. We didn’t see each other in time. Do you know his whereabouts? We can laugh about the incident of years past. Pls respond to me at – many thanks! Don Marsolek

  22. …and Mr. obama and a Dem congress have likewise wasted our dead and wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, and all our guys and gals just did what they were called to do…may God help the warriors.

  23. M Lyons, You said it exactly right. We built up the VN to the point they could stand on their own then Congress stopped the funding. What a waste.

    Mike Murphy

  24. Thanks, Mike. I was mistaken (memory I guess)…the CPT was killed by a mine (along with a bunch of RF/PF on Route 9 going west of Route 1 just north of the river. I recalled it as Route 4. My CO was Major Terry Rowe who was on his fourth tour (!), and an exceptional officer and Ranger. I tried contacting him recently, but the letter didn’t come back. I also tried to locate my interpreter (name not given for fear of his safety) but was never successful. He lived in Hoi An, and might have been killed as a collaborator after congress’ brilliant idea to stop funding the SVN govt. The whole thing was such a waste…and all we did was what we were asked to do. Many thanks for the contact, Mike. Mark

  25. Mike: I stayed at the District level and vills my whole tour, and rarely got to Hoi An and didn’t know the men you refer to. I only recall there was a Captain, last name started with a D, who came through our compound one June or July day and they decided to take a convoy on a little adventure up Route 4, which was Indian Country, and everybody knew it. The Marines and ROK’s with us worked the area for a number of months before they left. That day, CPT “D” came back in pieces in a poncho. I loaded what was left of him into a medivac. They had it a mine on the road. I don’t recall the Province Chief’s name as we only dealt with the District Chief. I left in late December, so never met your guys. Welcome home, and thanks for your service, Mike.

    • Cpt Lyon:

      I heard about that incident with the Captain getting killed. A fellow Radio Operator told me about it. We lost two guys while was there. Both killed in a Helicopter crash on 13 Feb 1972. SGT Robert Laird 11B Infantry and SSG Jesse Montague 76Y Supply Sergeant. Non hostile Air loss crashed at sea according to the data on the Vietnam Virtual Wall. Data on the wall matchs the story I heard when I was there. I think they were on the way to Da Nang but I am not 100% sure of that. It ‘s good to hear the old terms. Indian Country, ROK’s, Dodge City, Arizona. Did you have a Major in Dien Ban? My memory is failing me but I think the Majors in the districts came to Hoi An a lot. I might remember his name.

    • Capt Lyon, hi my name is Billy Dodson, Capt Paul Dodson is my uncle and by what I’m reading you helped with recovering his remains, when he died I was only 8 years old and my dad (Capt Dodson) brother never ever talked about him to us kids, I would be forever be in your debt if you could tell me anything about my uncle or if you have any pictures of him or know of anyone else who served with him. I’m in constant contact with Capt Dodson’s daughter Cathy and I’m sure she would like to know more about her father, thank you sir for your service to this country.

  26. ‘Hello to CPT Lyon,
    I was part of MACV Team 15 from Nov 1971 to Aug 1972. I was a Spec 4 Radio Operator located in Duc Duc District (Quang Nam Province) with Major Trapnell for a couple months until he an I moved to Province HQ in Hoi An. The order was no more Advisors for Duc Duc District. This was part of the withdrawl process. “Vietamization”. Major Trapnell was reassigned and I went to work as radio operator in Hoi An TOC. Did you know LTC Baker, LT May, Capt Riggles, SFC Dailey or SGT Kandalec? They were located in Hoi An. However they spent a lot of time in the Districts. If I remember correctly Colonel Tin was the VN Province Chief.

    • Mike, I was stationed in Duc Duc District from November ’69 to July ’70 and was part of the 29th Civil Affairs Company that was attached to MACV. Our RTO – Larry Boyer was KIA in January ’70 along with our ‘6’ who had been in country for just a week. His replacement was a fellow whose first name was John – can’t recall his last name – so you must have been his successor. Were you also there when the compound was overrun?

  27. Mark W. Lyon,
    Hello. My name is Victor Sellers. I also was with a small detachment and our barrack was inside an old French fort villa I suppose you would call it. We had single story barracks, a small club where we had cold beer, and some nights they would show a movie outside where there were about a dozen benches, and usually 1 or 2 in attendance. Our showers were suspended duffle bag type with a shower head, and we did have a small mess hall, and never saw more than 6 to 10 men there, and we had a hooch maid or 2. We had RVN Guards in short towers at night, but they seemed shady to me. I walked along a trail on the edge of a small village to work (I was a clerk), and worked under a Black Seargent, name escapes me. I do remember a specialist GUE/QUE I had buddied up with. I got some sort of skin disease and wound up being medivaced by helicopter to Can Tho/Bihn Thuy and after a few weeks back to the States. I do not remember the moat, but could you tell me what unit this team was attached to? Or do you know of any other French type forts in the Can Tho area. I’d guess it took 30 minutes to arrive by air to Can Tho from my location. Could this have been your area? Any info is appreciated. I was PFC Victor Sellers and this from May and June 1971. Thank You!

    • I believe I have made a mistake and I should be in the team 66 forum. I have orders that say I was assigned to HQ DRAC (W-08V-05-F) dy w/Tm 66 APO 96359, and was there May and June 1971. I came down and broke out with something and after a couple weeks in the hospital, I was sent to Japan for several more days or week and then to Great Lakes Naval Hospital for several days. Moderator; is it possible that my comments can be moved to the team 66 forum? I would greatly appreciate it and sorry for any problem I might have caused.
      Victor Sellers

  28. I was part of MACV Team 15 from Jan ’71 to Dec ’71 (CPT Lyon). It was located in an old French fort surrounded by a moat in Dien Ban District (Quang Nam Province). During that tour, the CO was MAJ Terry Rowe and the unit varied between 8 and 15 advisors at any one time. Things were winding down and our counterparts pretty much thought they “had it handled,” so there was some down time. I recall Sgt Bynum and a couple of the mamma sans and pappa san, but memory fades…will have to dig out the old Kodachromes. I do recall I was a “number one GI!”

    • I saw Steve hendricks story about team 15 Quang Nam Province and Duy Xuyen, Vietnam. I was a in Quang Nam Team 15 1971 to 1972. I was a radio operator for Major Trapnell. In the spring of 1972 Major Trapnell closed up shop at Duc Duc and moved to Hoi An and took me with him. District Advisors were being phased out. I was radio operator in Hoi An until August of 1972. That is when I rotated home and out of the Army. I do remember visiting Duy Xuyen in the summer of 1972 with Captain Riggles from Hoi An. It was right after the VC / NVA hit Duy Xuyen and tried to overrun the village. They did not overrun the village and both sides took a lot of casualties. Two Americans were there when it happened. A Major and his radio operator. Both escaped unharmed. There were no Marines in Team 15 when I was there. It was all Army. Col Baker was the Commanding Officer for Team 15 and Col Tin was his counterpart. Col Baker and Team 15 only had a few teams left in the districts ann was phasing them out. A team was a Major and his radio operator. I think Team 15 had a total of about 7 teams( 7 Majors and 7 Spec 4 radio operators) in the districts and maybe 14 back at Head Quarters in Hoi An. I worked with knew some great people. thenames I recall are SGT Kandalec, Spec Towns, Sgt Singer, LT May, Capt Riggles, and one of the intrepreters SGT Phuong

  29. My name is Steven B. Hendriks, I served with the 5th Marines in An Hoa in 1970 as comm expert and liaison to all military services to control the AO’s in the Quang Nam providence on advisory Team #15 in Duy Xuyen, Vietnam Nam. There I fought and served and lived in the village of Duy Xuyen with about 5 other soldiers. I served with Team# 15 until the end of it’s service. There were only two Marines on the team! Cpl. Henderson and myself, cpl. Steven B. Hendriks we were both assigned from the 5th Marines and fighting in An Hoa. If names of other members on the team are ever requested I can list these few. We had a 1st LT. Talynda who was US Army, a Ssgt. Baa, was an Army Medic, a Spec 4 Jiimmy Lee Parker US Army, a HM3 T.D. Lewis US Navy Corpsman Cpl. Henderson USMC (2533), and I Cpl. Steven Baxter Hendriks USMC (2533), the last member was an officer of team #15, a Major of who’s name I can’t recall. I remember most incidents that accured. Anyone can E-mail me at steveskrnh@ or cell call (702) 576-2624 to Steven Hendriks any time on any matter some military matters I won’t some I will. Depending on the matter and sesetivity or your clearance. Thank You for your attention on this site, Steven Baxter Hendriks.

    • Hello Steven. Is you email address correct? It gets rejected when I try to send you an email. Mine is like a one but it is and L). I’ve tried to mail you but couldn’t get through. Thank you, Victor

  30. Charlie,
    The PRU compound was about a mile from MACV Sector HQ. There was a Chuck Clark with the pru And an agency officer named Marty Sisk, who was killed there roughly summer ’68. Chuck had an M151 that he had painted a dark green that had the cartoon character ‘Alley Oop’ the caveman painted on the hood. It also had a .30 1919A4 mounted. Sector and PRU were both attacked the same night and the 3 Uniform Sierras were hit with an RPG fired into the defenses with one KIA.
    The pru guys always called their compound ‘the Embassy’. Though I think it was just a consulate in colonial times. It was kind of a fancy low walled villa that had a stuffed tiger among other old stuff.
    Gene Hale

    • Eugene, you have the correct person. i have some photos and I know of marty sisk who was kia one night on an ambush i think. from some of the writings on the back of the photos. if you would like i can pm you or email me at and i can send you a link to the photos from the pru

      • Don’t know where to start but I was Spec 4 with Team 15 located at Duc Duc May 1968-69. Looking to connect with anyone from that time. The years pass quickly.
        Joe Coute

  31. Admin, Please note, MILPHAP Team 15 was located in Vinh Binh Provence, the city of Tra Vinh (aka Phu Vinh) in the Mekong Delta. The team leadership in ’68 and ’69 was as follows:
    Commander: USAF Maj. David S. Zarek, 553 Med. Svc. Flight
    Administrative Officer: USAF Capt. Richard Gill, 553 Med. Svc. Flight
    NCOIC MILPHAP Team 15: USAF TSgt. Harold Powell

    I’ve been posting to the Team 57 site in error. I received a copy of my official Service Records this AM indicating that the Team I was part of was in fact Team 15. I can send you a copy of the document if you need to verify. Please move my posts to the Team 15 site and advise me how to change the team number next to my name. Bill Presz, SSgt. USAF MILPHAP Team 15. Thank you in advance.

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