Team 106

MACV Team 106 – ???

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 106 located in ???

2 thoughts on “Team 106

  1. My father Julius Warren Myers has a note in a journal that he went to MAT 106 at My Xuong on February 4, 1970. He was from Team 84.

  2. I formed MAT 106 in II Corps CORDS Team 26 in September of 1970 in Dalat. Mr. White was Province Senior Advisor, LTC Hilty was his deputy. MAT 106 was formed to augment MACV training support in Tuyen Duc Province. We began with only three team members, myself, SFC Everett Birchard and SFC Jake Jacobs. Later added SFC Francis Key, SFC Pat Nugent and 1LT Jack Webster. By the time I rotated out of country in June of 1971, MAT 106 was being disbanded. I saw SFC Jacobs when I was a CPT in the 1/108th Armor Battalion at Fort Stewart in the late 1970’s but have lost track of all others since then. Hope someone has some contacts. Hu-ah!

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