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MACV Team 17 – Quang Ngai.

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 17 located in Quang Ngai.

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  1. Was anyone on the team 17 page stationed at Nghia Hahn in mid ’68 to ‘mid 69? I was one of the Team 2 ARVN 2nd Div battalion advisors during that time and spent a couple spells protecting Nghia Hahn. I have some pix I’ve digitized of some of the guys stationed there that I would like to share. The only name I remember is Marty Feeny, a 1LT.

    BTW, I started a facebook page called MACV-Veterans and have posted a bunch of pix there. Check it out. Thanks.

  2. Good Saturday morning y’all. I am happy to have found this site and have read many of your stories.

    I have been searching for anyone that may have served with my Uncle, PFC Patrick Nelms from Missouri. He was a medical corpsman with ADV TEAM 17, HQ, MACV ADVISORS, MACV in Quang Ngai from 8/25/68 to 11/04/68 when he was KIA. I am his namesake and just want to know a little more about what he was like. If anyone served with him I would greatly appreciate any info or stories you might like to share with me. Thank you.

  3. My first mission was an ASAP Med-Evac on the Batangan Peninsula about the evening of the third week of December, 1968, plus or minus. I was a W-1 flying co-pilot on a A/123rd “Pelican” UH-1. We were inbound, I was flying (my first in-country mission) and I kept seeing a yellow flicker out of my left eye. I concentrated on it and the Hydraulic warning light began to flicker more and more; then became solid yellow. By then I had notified the Aircraft Commander (AC). He directed me to the Quang Ngai MACV compound, and started making emergency calls. By the time I got to the MACV compound, the hydraulic pressure gauge read zero.

    Now what happens when the hydraulic lines empty is that the main rotor blade freezes and flying is done. Figuring the distance from the center of the Batangan Peninsula and the MACV compound would be 10 to 15 minutes I guess. I’m writing this so you can guess we landed and Ky Ha sent a bird to pick us up. I’m also writing so you know why that idiot landed in the middle of your compound at night with no lights.

    This is how I remember it. That was many moons ago and adrenaline was high. Pardon any spelling errors. I’m old like you.

    Mike McCormick
    West Bend, Wisconsin US
    Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association Life Member

    • Mike..Great story & glad it all came out well, and now its 50 yrs later and you’re still able to recount! Good stuff! I’ve mentioned the great support from the 123rd we enjoyed for my year in the area.. was up int the hills at the old SF Camp A-104/Ha Thanh or Son Ha..we’d ride with the Pelicans frequently and used the Warlords more than once when the times got tense……… I’m in No-then Virginia and as I’ve said to others who assisted us MACV-types (we were always very grateful)………ya ever get on my map sheet, let me know…smoke will go out and I’ll buy whatever you drink all night long! Thanks again!

  4. I arrived in Quang Ngai Nov 1970 from Tam Ky and left Mar 1971 for 525th MI in Nha Trang, later at Dalat and Gia Nghia. At QN I? was the ass’t S2. The boss was a CPT Secor (I think). We had a Sgt. Freed “(savvy fellow), a Clerk named Riley who left us to be a RTO for a MAT team. I led the team after Cpt. Secor went home. From the trail above, it sounds like Darrell Mudd took over the job after I left. I went out with Ben Crosby, then a MAJ, 2/24/71 when a MAT team engaged. An Aussie MAT leader was evac’d. John Cullen of Chicago was with us. I recall a MAT team leader, Roy Cheatwood. An odd duty was bag man for settlements when Army vehicles injured VN nationals. The QC (RVN cops, “white mice”) would hold the driver and barter for payment. Jerry Frick, then a 1LT Robert Frick.

    Does anyone else remember the visiting Major or LTC who traveled with a goose, only to have it cooked in Dec1970?

    Best to all.

    • Jerry, so, you were the S-2 officer just leaving when I showed up for my last couple of months of duty. I came off a Tu Nghia MAT team, with a 1542 MOS, S-2 work was a bit different but very interesting. I worked with the Phoenix guys and the local CIA unit, daily briefings were tough. Talk about some mean SOB Vietnamese cadre the CIA had working with them. I have pictures of the S-2 staff, 3 sergeants. also pictures of our S-2 counterpart Dai Uy and the mean-ass Vietnamese interrogator. My replacement came in July, 71, he was MI, but I forgot his name. Hope he checks in on this website someday. Also have a photo of him. Email me at I’ll attach the photos.

  5. Col Rex Perkins is gone. 😥 His daughter, me, is watching the Vietnam ken burns documentary and trying to learn more about VN and my dad. If anyone remembers him, please post.

    • My name is Jim Meyer. Rather than go very far into who I am (I’ve post here a number of times)..I wanted to convey that I spent my year as a 1LT/then CPT MAT Team leader in furthest west district (Son Ha) of the Quang Ngai province while your father was the senior US assigned to the MACV Tm 17. If I might speak for the officers and senior NCOs serving with your father at the time, we universally admired and respected him. He was genuinely concerned about each of us (I still have the letter he signed/sent to my wife here in Virginia shortly after my arrival informing her who he was and that I was taken care of..that meant alot to her) Again, my time w TM 17 was a mixed bag and I wish I had not made the trip, but if I had to go..I wanted my commander to be (then) LTC Perkins..a fine officer and a real gentleman. I’m sorry for his passing but I certainly well recall him and always will.

      • Thank you so much. Hearing things about him makes me very happy. I am lucky – he lived to be 86. If you can scan the letter for me, should you still have it, that would be awesome.

        I used to live in Richmond and just returned from visiting. I see you live in VA and am curious where.

        • Thanks for prompt reply. We live in Fairfax just outside the Beltway. yes, I do have the letter immediately available (scanned PDF) …use my provided e-mail and I’ll attach it in my reply. thanks again. jim

            • aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I see. in order to post a reply on this site, one must each time provide an email…i do that..and you do too to reply to my note.. apparently those aren’t seen in reading the response.. so my email is hit me and i’ll send the letter scanned and a good photo of your dad.. jim

              • Stephanie, I have a recording, (I think) of your dad’s voice over the MACV push. It was in 71, I believe, and was in regards to an operation in Nghia Hahn district. He sounded so in control of the situation, calling in support. I have a photo of him when the I Corp MACV civilian CO came down visiting us and the local Navy junk base on the Song Tra Khuc River.

                • Oh my. Is it something you can send? I miss him so much. I had no idea how much he “loved his troops”, as mom just said.

                  I’m going to go through more slides and see if I can find some more good ones. Trying to send link to my dad’s pics but not working now.

  6. Any of you guys know Marty Feeny? I think Marty was from New Jersey, if memory serves. He was assigned to Nghia Hahn district south of Quang Ngai in second half of ’68. i have a couple pictures of him from when my 2-4 battalion (Team 2 – 2nd ARVN) was stationed at Nghia Hahn for a short period of time.

  7. My name is Jim Meyer..I was the MAT-I-58 leader in Ha Thanh/Son Ha from early June 70 thru late June 71. I live outside Washington D.C having retired a while back after 14 yrs as a fed employee..that after 26 yrs in the Army-retired from the Army in 1993. I returnned late last month from a grand 2 plus week tour with the acclaimed San Antonio based Vietnam Battlefield Tour bunch..8 of us ‘old dogs’ went with a couple vets who do this sort of tour a couple times a year. The 2 weeks concentrated on southern I Corps..our old AO. Flew into to Chu Lai after a couple days in HaNoi. I’d made arrangements to go up to Son Ha/Ha Thanh via the old road -QL 24B- (NEVER open when we were there!)…I tried to find the former MAT-I-4 hooch of Bob Hensler and that band of merry men..(spent many a good night there). And of course, see what’s standing of the Kramer Compound (gate and some of buildings remain, but swamped by urban growth)..Quang Ngai sin’t the same little dusty burg..QL1 is nicely paved and the highway handles all traffic from Saigon to Hanoi..bust 24×7!! I was anxious to see with old eyes what I saw with my young eyes way back then. My finding were many: the development is astounding! While much has remained the same, the relative progress and population density in what used to be fairly sparse stretches is quite a contrast. The biggest ‘shock’ is the absence of the Hre people..the Montagnards.. of Ha Thanh and I’m told the same in neighboring districts..Tra Bong and Ba To..GONE! Told they all headed way West into Kontum and beyond. The old SF camp (A-104) where our MAT lived is ALL GONE! is the iconic 1300 ft PSP runway where the Caribous used to come and go and was our lifeline to the outside world..SOMEBODY STOLE THE RUNWAY! The little villages of Ha Thanh and Son Ha are entirely Viet..largely relocated from coastal area, but thriving business, shops and many..many kids everywhere! Danang is a booming metropolis of well over a million with a resort strip almost like Florida with high rise hotels, condos and all the trappings of a tourist mecca. The 2 week was definitively skewed toward the USMC guys..5 of them, one of me USA..but that was great. Got to really see ‘out West’ ..Khe Sanh, Razorback, Rockpile, Hill 55 and other locales buried deep in the lore and legend of the Marines in Vietnam. Grand tour, good folks all..very welcoming, and still an enchanting country..especially not having to worry about what we all lived with so long ago!

    • Wow Jim, thank-you so much for this great VN QN update. Yeah, obviously 45+ years changes a lot of things. I’ve been asked by lots of folks over the years if I ever think about going back (my wife asks me on a regular basis), and my answer has been consistently been, “not really”. But after reading your great ‘Trip Report’, I may rethink that position. A little sad to think Kramer is pretty much gone, but heck, why on earth would it be there. You mentioned Chu Lai; I presume that is completely gone also? And, what got me a little misty the most was your info about our ‘Yard’ friends. They, more than anyone got a raw deal. I hope some of them found a life somewhere that is worth living.
      Thanks again for the great report. Art Gill QN ’71.

    • Aloha Jim, Thank you for the update. How can the Vietnam Battlefield Tour Bunch be contacted? John Riggins

    • Hi Jim great to hear about your trip to Ha Thanh, I am not sure if you are aware, but I have been running a website on the history of Ha Thanh SF A-camp, I know of the MAT Team based there, but we have no information on it. Have a look at the webpage on the A-104 page and also on the MAT team pages

  8. I served with MACV Quang Ngai from around August 1969 to August 1970. Upon arriving in Quang Ngai I was asked by majors Kervorki (sp) and Gavin to attend a party at Tu Nghia where I met Ken Grove and others. I replaced Captain Dave Parent as provience admin and logistical adviser. My roommate was Aussie Captain John Nelson who was an ARVN advisor. After about 5 or 6 months, I replaced Captain Ed Larkin, Tra Bong District Senior Adviser. As I recall, LTC Hippler was the deputy senior provience advisor and Henry Cushing was the senior provience advisor. After serving in Vietnam, I had assignments at Fort Benning, GA, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI and 25th Infantry Division, Schofield Barracks, Hi. I resigned my commission and went into the real estate business in Honolulu where I continue to be in business today. Would love to refresh my memory of people I served with at provience headquarters and Tra Bong district. John Riggins, former US Army Airborne Ranger Infantry Officer.

  9. My name is Jim Meyer..I was the MAT-I-58 leader in Ha Thanh/Son Ha from early June 70 thru late June 71. I live outside Washington D.C having retired a while back after 14 yrs as a fed employee..that after 26 yrs in the Army-retired from the Army in 1993. Besides wishing all a happy new year, I want to pass I’ve just made final payment for a 9-23 April return to Quang Ngai with the acclaimed San Antonio based Vietnam Battlefield Tour bunch..currently 8 of us ‘old dogs’ going with a couple vets who do this sort of tour a couple times a year. The 2 weeks concentrates on southern I Corps..our old AO, and I’ve made initial arrangements to go up to Son Ha/Ha Thanh..I certainly plan on trying to find the former MAT-I-4 hooch of Bob Hensler and that band of merry men..spent many a good night there. And of course, see what’s standing of the Kramer Compound. I’m anxious to see with old eyes what I saw with my young eyes way back then. Any thoughts or suggestions here are appreciated and I’ll check a couple times before heading over. Thanks.

  10. To Major Lawrence J Gloudeman. I believe you and I served together on radio watch@ SOIC in Quang Ngai with TM 17.You loved to listen to CCR s Suzy Q .I wondered what happened to you,I see you made Major.It would be nice to talk one on one ,but I don’t know how to do that on this site.we’llsee if we can figure it out.

  11. Hey Ed,the operation went fine – now I can walk like a human again.I had both Knees replaced,then they removed bunions off both feet and had to break and reset my toes. fun time All went well and when I healed up I moved to Salisbury ,NC and retired.If you are ever in the neighbor hood……We’ll have to figure out a way to communicate one on one.bye for now.

    • Cass, How you doing? Have you heard from any of the other soic crew? Bob Sims wrote after I first came home that he was thinking of reupping and applying for ocs. After Duc Pho he was a little messed up.Just hope things worker out for him. Last I heard,you had a foot problem. Hope things turned out OK. ED

  12. Just found this site. I was District Senior Advisor in BaTo district from May 70 to Mar 71. We were isolated and didn’t have a lot of outside contact. Saw from familiar names on the website. Colonel Perkins was my immediate superior and a great officer. Terry Shaughnessy was my MAT team leader for a period of time. Talked to him a couple of years ago. He is still a fishing guide in the Everglades. When in Quang Ngaio, always stayed at Mat I-4 house with first Carl Baxley and later Bob Hensler and their teams. Bob and I left Quang Ngai at the same time. I knew John Sullivan from DSA meetings. I left the army after Vietnam and went to work for the state of Colorado and retired in 2000.
    Many memories of Quang Ngaio and team 17.

  13. Happy New Year to all former Team 17 folks and their families. I live outside Washington D.C having retired a while back after 14 yrs as a fed employee..that after 26 yrs in the Army-retired from the Army in 1993. Besides wishing all a happy new year, I want to pass I’ve just made final payment for a 9-23 April return to Quang Ngai with the acclaimed San Antonio based Vietnam Battlefield Tour bunch..currently 8 of us ‘old dogs’ going with a couple vets who do this sort of tour a couple times a year. The 2 weeks concentrates on southern I Corps..our old AO, and I’ve made initial arrangements to go up to Son Ha/Ha Thanh.. I’m anxious to see with old eyes what I saw with my young eyes way back then.

  14. Happy 2017 to all!!. Art Gill, we live in NE Wisconsin (just SW of about 22 miless SW
    of Green Bay,. Wisconsin). During the months of Feb & Mar, we travel to Florida. I’ll continue this communication on email.

    • Larry, my wife Barbara and I live in Annapolis MD (yeah, living dangerously in Navy country). We also have relatives in FL; in the Port St Lucie area and get down there frequently.

  15. Jim, from Aug 68 to Mar 69 I had MAT I-14, my medical NCO was a SSG Brown, he was still on the team when I DEROS\’d in Mar of 69…the Sub-Sector Advisor sent me a letter in late Mar or Apr of 69 telling me my entire team was in a serious fire fight the day I departed all were wounded, that\’s the last information I ever recieved.

  16. I have been watching your conversation and you started bring back memories for me. I was with team 17 from Aug71 to July 72. I was a RTO at headquarters S3. When I first arrived we lived at the compound and the duty station was in a building across from Headquarters. The handball court was right outside of where I bunked. Bill Simms was the club manager while I was there. I think it was around November that the they shut down Chu Lui and the compound. We moved into two villas, one for the officers and the other for the enlisted. Rex Perkins was there when I arrived and McGowin when I left.

    S3 and the Radio were moved from the city back into the compound that was under Vietnamese control. We worked in the bunker on half of it and the RF PF had the other half.

    • i lived in the compound as well. Played handball in that old court often. I remember when Chu Lai closed, those were scary times. Food changed as the same time. Phone service, what there was of it disappeared too. I worked downtown in the MACV HQ, for Mr. Cushing and others. Still in contact with my bunk mate. .

  17. Both Sims & Sullivan sound familiar but that might just be me confusing them with other Sims & Sullivan’s I’ve known. Although Bill Sims sounds like someone who was there at the same time I was.

  18. We’re getting a lot of great comments on this site. I for one, would love to see any pics that folks took who were assigned to TM17. I have very few. Since we can’t post them here apparently, does anyone have any ideas on that. Pics with some identifying comments or I’m pretty sure the collective group might be able to fill in some blanks of faces and places.

    • Art Gill, how does one email another on this site? I’d like to share e-mails, mobile numbers and/or addresses?

      Also, a question for all TM17 members, does anyone remember SGT (was Promoted to: SSG) William (Bill) Sims. He was “short”, I believe he was an easterner: maybe from NJ, PH, NY. He was assigned with TM17 twice and the first being maybe 1968, or 1969 and I believe he was awarded a Silver Star and maybe a Purple heart. He served with a SSG or SFC and I do not know his last name. They both served a second tour with TM17 during the time frame Oct1970 – Jan1972. SGT Bill Sims worked in S3 Operations as did this SSG or SFC. Know that I think about this SSG or SFC’s name, it might have been Sullivan?

      I bedlieve I have Potos of some TM17 members and would like to share. I do I share these photos

      Was Maj Crosby an Assistant to LTC Rex Perkins?

      Time Frame: Oct1970-Jan1972), there was a Captain (and promoted to a MAJ), an MI officer, that worked in the building (Intelligence and Informations Gathering) adjacent to the Operations building. Does anyone now his name and any info on him.

      • little to add except that the mentioned Major Crosby was Major-still- Ben G Crosby who like Major Riley Mcveay had had a previous tour..Crosby was with the 4th ID/35 Inf..awarded the Silver Star in 68 as Bn S-3. Don’t know what his role was with TM 17.. I do note that he died within the last 2 wks according to West Point alumni site..he was USMA class of 58.

      • Larry, I forgot to address your question. Not sure if we put our emails they will be posted. Maybe the site prohibits. Anyway, mine is: vietnam1971 at hotmail com (trick the system). My wife and I live in Annapolis MD (Yup, Navy town. We like living dangerously.)

      • I was the S2 advisor from April 71 to mid July 71. I came off MAT I-62, Tu Nghia district for the last few months of my one year tour. I was a 1542 Infantry MOS, not MI. Darrell Mudd is my name, I was a Dai Uy…Cpt at the time. I currently live in Estes Park, CO, and I write.

      • Larry, other than passing our email addresses to one another separately, there doesn’t seem to be a way. Also it would be nice if we could post some pics here, but that doesn’t seem to be an option either. Ah well, sin loi. (Did I remember that right?)

      • LG, do you remember the Kramer Compound Commander, Maj. Bechtel? Maj. Guy Sims team 2, Col. Stephen A Day Team 2 Senior Advisor? We were there 70-71. I was the Senior NCO Artillery Advisor until Maj Sims was Medevac in spring of 71 as we almost crashed in one of the Teams two Hueys at the Tropo Pad. Maj Sims slipped a disc in this back and sent home. LtCol Buu Hap 2nd Div. Arty Commander kept me and I filled Maj Sims billet as a GySgt until I went home the end of June 71.. MACV wanted all Marine Enlisted Advisors out of MR1 by 30 June. I have visited with Col Hap in Sterling, VA. He was captured in 75 and spent 13 years in re-educational camp in Hanoi. If you knew him you would know why they were wasting their time trying to convert him. They kicked him out of Vietnam an he and his family ended up here. We talked 11 hours before I left to catch my plane back to St. Louis. My email address is

      • Larry, where do you currently live? It would be great to be able to get together for a beer or two if you don’t live in Sydney Aus! Although … my wife keeps saying she wants to go to Australia. But let me know. We travel quite a bit so maybe we can link up. Art

      • My name is Pat Bulman, I worked at the MACV HQ in Quang Ngai. Perkins, Crosby, Mr. Cushing all worked in the same area. Sgt Guzman was my boss. I was in country from March 1970 to April 1971. I am planning a trip back possibly this summer. I have seen several new pictures of Quang Ngai posted by Darrel Mudd. I am looking forward to the trip.

  19. Art Gill, or anyone of Team 17 remember Cpt Charles “Mocy” Mochow. He was out of the hills of TN; his address was something like Fertility Ridge, Byrdstown, Pleasentview, TN. A great guy fun to listen to. Also, a friend of CPT Terry O’Shaunnessey. He was with Team 17 during the period late 1970 – Early 1972. He was with Maj Crosby for awhile during that time frame. He was also in Operations S3. I have been trying to track him down for the past 20-25 years.

    • Lawrence, yup, that was me. It looks like you have a much better memory than I. I was on Tm 17 Jan – Dec ’71. Wound up staying in for 26 years. Go figure. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that would happen. Just kept getting great assignments and had nothing better to do at the time. Well, and the Army culture kinda grew on me. And looking back on those 26 years, I still tell people my best and most rewarding tour was Quang Ngai. And I like the club I became a member of by default. Wouldn’t change a minute of it. Anyone who wasn’t there looks at me like i have two heads. And maybe we all do. One head in the ‘real’ world, and one head in Quang Ngai.

      Your email stirred some dormant synapses. I do remember Charles “Mocy” Mochow, and I think I have a picture of him. Also Terry O’Shaunnessey, if he was the one who stayed mainly in the mountains? And was he the former pro football guy. Or am I getting him mixed up with someone else? Red hair? Someone else posted and mentioned SFC Guzman. That got a bell ringing too. Do you remember the name of our Team 1SG. Big tall guy and I think he is in the pic i have with Mochow. Too bad this site doesn’t let us include pics. Keep in mind, with my memory I probably have all of this jumbled.

      Awhile back, I researched Rex VN Perkins, and Riley McVeay, and Cushing (Phoenix?). I believe Col Perkins passed on, Riley McVeay might be hiding out in Arkansas, and Cushing who knows, maybe still over there. 🙂

      Keep the thoughts flowing Brother! Art

    • Good reading Mocy update although sad to hear of Col Rex Perkins passing in June this year. He was a good soldier and took time to help me..although I do recall an ass chew or 2 also. After my first district senior advisor, CPT John Sullivan (a fine fellow!) deros-ed (is that a word?) Major Riley J McVeay (went by Jim to peers and seniors..not to me..always sir) came out to ride herd on the MACV effort in Son Ha..the western distrcit in Quang Ngai. I had comms with McVeay probably 8 yrs ago in Ocean Springs, Mississippi…on line research provides an interesting preface to McVeay’s arrival at Tm 17.. he’d had a previous tour resulting in award of Silver Star. He and our district chief, Major Thieu, had great rapport.

      • Jim, you don’t possibly have that link about McVeay do you? I’d love to read about his history. And yes, I also remember RVN Perkins having a hard ass persona, but my impression was that it was mostly for show to keep us wet behind the ears Newbees in line. And keep us alive. Had a lot of respect for him, and Riley, and everyone else that I can remember. And for those I can’t remember.

  20. Gentlemen, I hope you don’t mind my interruption. My late father was an Australian serving with AATTV late 69-70 also assigned to ARVN 2 in Quang-Ngai. He used to speak of working with the Americans, I assume that would be a MACV Team, and I was wondering if any of you remember him? He was a Captain at the time, John P Nelson. 6 foot tall with horn rimmed glasses.

    • Aloha Gerard, I am sincerely sorry to hear that your dad passed. Captain John Nelson and I were room mates during the first 5-6 months of my MACV tour which was approximately from August 1969 to January-February 1970. John advised ARVN commanders while I was the admin and logistical adviser to the Quang Ngai Headquarters. We did NOT see each other very often because he spent most of his time in the field while I was in the headquarters. Around January-February 1970 I became Tra Bong District Senior Adviser. I don’t recall seeing your dad after I went to the mountain district of Tra Bong. Your dad was an incredible guy with a great sense of humor. Knowing your dad and having conversations with him was one of the highlights of my tour in Vietnam. I have often wondered what he did after Vietnam, where he lived and how he was doing.
      After being transferred from Vietnam, I had assignments at Fort Benning, Ga, Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan and Schofield Barracks, Hi. I resigned my commission and went into the real estate business in Hawaii where I currently reside.
      Best wishes,
      John Riggins, former Airborne Ranger US Army Infantry Officer

    • Aloha Gerard, I am sorry to hear of the passing of your dad. I had the privilege to be your dad’s roommate at MACV Headquarters in Quang Ngai Provience for about 6 months between August 1969 and January-February 1970. I was a provience admin – logistical adviser while your dad was an ARVN unit adviser. He spent most of his time in the field while I was in the headquarters. Your dad had an wonderful sense of humor and a highlight of my time in Vietnam was the inaction I had with your dad. I have often wondered where your dad lived and what he did after Vietnam. Sincerely, John Riggins (

  21. I was a medic from about 9/68 through 9/69. Memory is not great but I remember some fellow medics: Bob Shea who enjoyed trot racing, Jackson and James Pitts who became a jockey. McVeigh (marine) and SSG Brown are names I recall. I remember playing pot limit poker with several guys.

  22. I am trying to find somw information about my uncle, He was on Advisory team 17 and 21, From what I can tell of his records he was in country of and on from 65 to 71. I have photo’s showing he was also a ARVN Ranger adviser, he had a yellow patch with a black tiger head on it, no other markings,,,,His name is Joe Milliken, Sargent. I would appreciate is anyone knew him to contact me, thank you,,,

  23. Was it common for an O2A pilot based out of Quang Ngai to fly into and operate out of Tuy Hoa? I see on the map it’s about 140 miles distance between the two bases..Thanks for any info you can share about Jake FAC operations out of Quang Ngai in 1970.


    • Pat, There is a Yahoo Group for Jakes from the Quang Ngai and Tam Ky areas.
      Sign in to Yahoo and search for it.
      It’s a very active group with a lot of information exchanged.

      • Jim,

        Thanks for the reply, and appreciate the direction. Will see what the group has to offer, as we are getting emails from a girl in SJO,CA. who is searching for her father and seems legit. I know my uncle Jack’s brother would like to know if this is a possible blood relative. My first impression was that this is something that should not be given much attention, but when she sent photos I changed my mind. My Uncle John E. Duffy has been gone for 46 years.

    • Pat, we had an Air Force LtCol FAC who flew an O2 out of Quang Ngai MACV Team 2 and he was the type who would do anything he wanted to do. He wanted to take me for a ride and I said okay. He said I will make you sicker than a pregnant lady with morning sickness. I said like hell you will, I’m not going.

      Jack Bock 1stSgt USMC (ret)

      • Jack,

        Thanks for the humor! I can only imagine what life must have been like over there. Thank you for your service to the country and I hope you are keeping well!

        Pat Duffy

  24. My friend, Jack Craig, and I bartender a couple of times at their private homes in Quang Ngai. One of the civilians was a man, last name (Frank) who was an agriculture consultant for the Province. My boss was a SFC named “Guzman”.

    • Yeah, I don’t remember that I ever had a conversation with him either. There was another guy, I think Cushing’s boss, a shorter older guy, partially bald? Can’t remember his name though. Not that it really matters! Other than a memory exercise. Those guys in COORDS lived in their own little world as I recall.

      • Well, Cushing was the Senior QN advisor in 71, he was the head province boss, Col Perkins was the head military advisor. Here is a photo of the head guy of I Corp, he came down with 6 guns packed, quite a sight. Um, I might not be able to post a photo.

      • Art Gill, were you the S1 Admin Officer for MACV Team 17 during the period October, 1970 – January 1972.
        I was in Captain in S3 Operations and in PSYOPS. I believe you and I went on RR to Hong Kong maybe during period
        October 1971 – January 1972 (do not know the exact dates). Also, there was a Maj Quinlan and also a Maj
        Crosby, in Niagh Han hamlet. Please let me know if you are the same “Art Gill” that I knew and would like to
        continue to know

        • Larry, strangest thing. Just now as I was replying to a couple of other postings and saw your name again, a picture of you came to mind and I’ll be darned, I think i actually remember what you looked like. For me, that type of recollection is saying a lot. If we figure out how to post pics, maybe I’ll be able to find out if my synapse connected. Reaching back 45 years … lots of cobwebs.

    • Although well away from the lights of Quang Ngai city and the populated lowlands (I was in Son Ha or Ha Thanh district..up in the hills about 30 miles due wast of QN city), I well recall Mr Cushing as the province senior advisor. I briefed him twice on our efforts during the course of the year there. He was attentive but not particularly inquisitive. One of the briefing was a quick timeline of our efforts to finds a POW camp for RVN soldiers held by NVA/VC well west of Tra Bong (north of us..but still QN province) and a possible sighting of 2 US deserters in western QN..known as ‘Salt and Pepper’ (one black..the story held a run-a-way Marine and a white SP4 from the Americal who’d ditty-maued to the other side).. Interesting search on them if you have the time or inclination. As far as we military we concerned at the time, it was LTC Rex Perkins who drove the bus. He was a good officer by my count. Oh, of course I remember CPT Art Gill well…and yes, the CORDS wienies lived in a different world.

  25. I was with Team 17 at Tu Nghia from Nov. ’68 to Nov. ’69 on my first tour. My first job was the Phoenix advisor and then the District Senior advisor until the end of my tour. I remember Ken Gove and Major Hoa very well. Ken and I kept in touch for a while but lost track of each other. I also remember Ed Dillery. I returned for my 2nd tour in Oct. ’70 and left for good in Jun ’71. I was on another assignment from Oct. ’70 until Apr. ’71 and then returned to Team 17 at the Province level until I left. Since 45 years have passed I don’t remember names but if anyone is out there that remembers me please let me know.

    • Paul, I guess we overlapped a couple of months. I was at QN TM17 all of ’71. Like you, I’m not much good any more with names. Nice to know some of us are still around and kicking however. Art Gill

  26. I worked in the H Q in Quang Ngai for Advisory Team 17. Mr. Cushing as the Province Cmdr. I was there for. March 70 to May 71.

    • Patrick, Cushing was there when I was in QN I think. Wasn’t he the civilian with COORDS? Tall guy, dark hair, goatee? Trying to keep those synapses firing. 🙂 Art Gill

    MACV Adv team 17
    First and foremost….Welcome Home to all of you. Thank you for your service. You answered your country’s call as surely as the World War warriors, patriots of every armed conflict in our nation’s history. Welcome Home, Soldier. Looking for any information about the brother-in-law I never met, SGT Donald Eugene Weisman. His birthdate, April 4, 1948. He was killed on April 28, 1971. He was from Wheaton, MD, outside of Washington, DC. His nieces and nephew and I are looking for anyone who knew Don. We’ve been unable to find a photograph or platoon picture of him. His photo is especially needed for the Maryland Vietnam War Casualty Memorial, one of only eight for whom there is no photograph to add to the commemoration detail. Don was finishing his third tour of duty in Vietnam when his vehicle ran over a land mine. As you probably know, over 90% of the Army files were lost in the Archives file in 1973. There was no photograph in the archives file. We depend now on personal pictures someone may have. Don’s name is etched on the majestic Wall. The Wall’s creation was steeped in controversy from its inception. Like the war was. Like the men and women whose names are etched in black granite, like the creator herself, Maya Lin, they are bound together in honor, strength, and persistence that they lived, they eventually won. No one who stands before that Wall fails to think of all of you, too. Every hour of every day, visitors think of you too. The Ultimate Sacrifice is not the only sacrifice, we will never forget all of you for your service to our country. Believe it.

    • Hi. My name is Peter Heilemann. I was Don’s roommate at Kramer Compound. He, I believe, was working as a Rural Development Advisor at the time. He wore the black uniform. My recollection was that he had a lot of armament. He kept some of it against the outer wall of our room and some in a locker. He had the lower bunk and I the upper, closer to the ceiling fan, but exposed to incoming through the screen, his portion was protected by concrete. He occupied the room before I arrived at Kramer out of Da Nang in December of 1971. I wish to say that he was talkative, but he was not. He died with two others, I believe, in a Jeep while traveling down a dirt road. The news came to me at the Phoenix office. I have no photos of him.

      • Thanks, Peter, just now seeing your post. Have recently gotten the mortuary file for
        SGT Weisman, these forms were never before released. A simple index card had typewritten: MACV TM #17, COMMUNITY ADV RURAL DEVELOPMENT. It says Quang Ngai, has his date of death, a brief explanation of his fatal injury. Across the top of the card is THE KUONG, has a few numbers which probably is the file identifier. Oh, and his photograph ‘appeared’, would you believe it was downloaded to me on his very birthday, on April 4th (with a spiritual wink)…..have been seeking a picture for years. Jim, on this page, provided some detail and some other few shreds of information were shared….like, he had been with his dog when he died. Bittersweet to hear of it, wish the family had known, they are all gone now.
        Bright blessings to Peter. Thank you for your service, and thank you most sincerely for your post.

  28. Betsy,

    I found reference to the vehicle/mine accident on the 1-20 Infantry website .
    It states, “At 1230hrs (28 Apr 1971) MACV Mo Duc at BS739663, requested Urgent Dust Off for 3 US and 2 Vietnamese personnel. They got a call stating that a vehicle had hit a mine Quebec 82 and 59 were picked up by Dust Off and went to the scene of incident Major Gregg said that Vietnamese personnel said it was a command detonated, also it was a large plastic explosive. Crater was 6’ in diameter and 3’ deep with results were 2 US WIA, 1 Vietnamese WIA, 1 US KIA and 1 Vietnamese KIA and personnel were from Quang Ngai and Da Nang, 1 of the wounded was a US Civilian.” Another reference found on the internet identifies the 1 US KIA as being Sgt Donald E. Weisman.
    Provide me with your e-mail address and I’ll send links to the information and create a map of the coordinates of the incident.

    Jim Wambold

    • Don Weisman is my cousin. He was killed while I to was serving in Vietnam. I was with the 630th MP company out of Can Ranh Bay and ran convoys mostly north. I am wondering what your units mission was while he was serving in country. Thank you for any help on this.

  29. csm Robert l Williams I was at tu nghi district 1969 -sep 1970. Was on a MAT team. Lt Degrange was the team leader. Vietnam ending was no susprise. It ended the way I always told every one on the team it would end. No one wanted to hear that. My prediction was to painful to every one.. So I was not to popular on this team.. I can see from some of the comments that some of the team members made finaly saw the light.That was my third tour in Vietnam. South Vietnam was a sad ending. I have been back to Vietnam many times since the end of the war. Its changed some but still not to good. Use to take the train from Beijing China to Dong Dang the boader of China and Vietnam. Then on to Hanoi all the way to Saigon. If you want a good vacation its not to exlensive and they treat you well.To thouse who served you did your job very well

    • I do remember you, SGT. Williams (CSM later). You and I were the two guys from Advisory Team 17 in Tu Nghia District that were sent out to support the local RF’s in their encounter with part of a VC Battalion. Dave DeGrange was in Quang Ngai city at the time Ken Gove told me that advisors were needed for fire support. I was the Deputy District Senior Advisor and we were literally dropped in the thick of things. I di not know you made the Army your career. This took place on April 1, 1970 if memory serves.

      • CSM Robert L Williams reply back to Bill Salamy. Yes I remember you . I was SFC at that time. I was promoted to CSM in 1977. Retired in 1989. After 32 years in the Army. Then went to Cambodia for about a year until the peace thur the UN Then on to England, Cario Egypt Kawaitt for a year. Then back to Bancock Thailand. For a year . Then on to Angles City Phillippines for three years. Spent a lot of time in China and back to Vietnam 5or six times. Vietnam is a good place to visit not to expensive and you are welcome. Every thing has really changed in China old china is gone the new China is more expensive . Before there were thousand s of bikes in Beijing now not many bikes but many cars. Every large city has a new Airport really up to date. The most beautiful is in Hong Kong up to date.. Old Hong Kong is gone also I was there over 50 years ago it was exciteing and alive. Now its a over crowded city very bussy. smile. Well thats life nothing stays the same as you well know. Life has been very good to me. I hope the same for you and your family. So Long Robert

        • Bill you are correct the date of that attack was 1 April 1970. I got hit with a piece of shrapnal from that mortar round that landed behind where we were standing I still have a scar under my chin from that day. It has bothered me over the years. I should have gone to the medics to have that treated. Well what is done is done. smile I meet SFC Fennell at Ft Polk La. in 1971. Don”t know what happened to Lt Degrange never saw him again after Vietnam . That was a very hard year for me knowing how the war was going to end and there was nothing we could do about it very sad. The only place I was wrong about is the time of the end I thought it would end in1974 but it took them one more year May 1975. So Long for now Robert

    • Advisory Team 17, MAT I-68 Binh Son District, South of Chu Lai in April 1971 Remember a joint RVN Navy & USS Turner Joy Mission

  30. A Christmas blessing to all those who served in Son Tinh, may our Lord continue to watch over you and protect you, mayHe be gracious to you and give you His peace.

    • Merry Christmas to all you ex-MACV Team 17 Vets, especially those who were at Son Tinh in 68,69, and 1970!!

      Tad Eversole


    • Pat, perusing all the comments and saw yours. I was the S1 for TM 17 from Jan-Dec 71. I remember SSG Guzman and of course Cushing (and the other guy?). I think both Col Perkins and Maj McVeay are gone now from what I’m seeing on this board. Glad this both is here to stimulate some of my corroding synapses. 🙂


  32. I was a RTO at the Team 17 camp at Nghia Hanh from April 70 until Aug 17,70 when I went home. I’m from Toulon, Il. The other RTO was Dave Woelfel from Edwardsville,Il. We were both from A Co. 3/1. Can’t remember some of the guys but have quite a few pictures. Do remember capt. OConner and Lt. Stien. Spelling might be a bit off. We had a old Army sgt. that cooked for us. can’t remember his name. He wore black pajamas all the time and I would not be surprised if he didn’t stay there. If any of you remember me or were there at the time I was please get in contact with me.

    • Hi Sam.
      My name’s Ed O’Connor. I was an RTO at SOIC in Quang Ngai city from april to nov. 1970.
      Do you remember a capt. from California that carried a tommy gun ?[ Omega maybe ?]
      Also, where you there when we received an intel that Nghia Hanh was about to be over run by a 300& nva force ?
      I called in a basketball to drop flares and made sure contact was made so that it would stay the night. Funny, the things I remember and what I’ve forgotten.

      • Ed, you ignited a memory! I was in Son Ha/Ha Thanh (MAT-I-58) and well remember the spin-up over the impending attack on Nghia Hanh..probably Sept or Oct 70..we ran around out west looking for signs of a large main force/NVA movement toward Nghia Hanh. I also recall the SOIC bunch at Kramer Compound.You guys did good work.

  33. Hi all,

    I am looking for anyone who might remember my uncle, Don Weisman. According to Army records he was assigned to ADV TEAM 17, HQ, MACV ADVISORS, MACV in Quang Ngai Province, South Vietnam. He was a Sargent and began his tour in late October ’70. He was 23 years old and was killed in action in April of ’71; a result of his vehicle hitting a live mine. My cousin is helping create a memorial for soldiers who lost their lives in Vietnam originally from Maryland. We are specifically looking for pictures. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks very much.

    • Betsy,
      If you are still in the MD area you may wish to visit the Nat’l Archives in College Park and search for his records.
      It would be helpful if you knew Don’s actual team affiliation and duties.
      For instance, I was with Adv Tm 17 but served in one of the many MAT Teams within it.
      If you have any envelopes from letters that he sent home, take a look at the return addresses to determine his actual information.
      Just suggestions.

    • Betsy, I was there all of ’71. I do remember an incident where one of our guys was killed by a mine. The timeframe seems about right. Unfortunately at this point, that’s about all I remember. Since I don’t remember another incident like that, it probably was your uncle Don. Wish I could provide more info, and very happy to hear of your efforts to fill in the blanks for those who made the ultimate sacrifice. All the best in your endeavors. Art Gill

  34. I was part of Advisory Team 17 from Aug 1969 to July 1970. Worked at HQ in Quang Ngai city for four months and then was assigned as deputy district advisor in Tu Nghia District, whose HQ was around 5 miles south of Quang Ngai City on Highway 1. Worked for a USAID guy named Ken Gove. I remember some names: Dave DeGrange, Dick Logan, Major Hoa (the District Chief), Sergeant Fennell. I also remember Ed Dillery (now deceased) who was the Province Senior Advisor, and LTC Hippler who was his deputy. I was working at Province HQ when word of the My Lai massacre (Feb. 1968) was reported in the NY Times, in Nov. 1969, I think. Very exciting times. The war was a waste of fine American lives. We supported a corrupt RVN government.

    • Bill, i was there in ’71. And although I consider 1971 my most useful and rewarding year in the Army, I totally agree it was a waste of lives. Based on everything I’ve seen since up to now, seems like almost nothing has changed. We continue to support corrupt governments and continue to lose thousands of lives with no end game in mind. I guess we learned nothing.

  35. served with the 1-52inf. 198th in 70-71. spent time with the group at binh son bridge. also after running punjai stakes thru my foot was running the MARS station in Chu Lai. last name is SIMPSON.

  36. Hey Ed,it has been a long time.I,too,have remarried.It ‘ll be 35 yrs.this Sept.You and I have to get in contact.I’m moving to NC this summer.Lots to catch up on.Right now I’m recuperating from foot surgery.Talk to you soon. Cass

    • cass sorry to hear of your foot problem. hope you’er ok. the vietnam vet get together would be a good time to meet. we have room, but if that is not possible we’ll figure something else out. Ed

  37. Phillip “Cass” Castello I served with ED OConner and Ron Riley in 1970 .SOIC RTO.I haven’t talked with Ed in years.I happened across this site by accident.Ihope to talk to you guys at some point.I’ll keep checking this site.

    • Cass. It’s been a long time. I remarried and now live in Boonville N.Y. were the vfw is having its 25th and final vietnam vet get together on 5-13-15. If you or anyone on this site are interested, we have room.

      • correction on the date of the vietnam vet get together in Booville N.Y. It’s 6-13-15. The day before father’s day. sorry for the mix up. Ed O’Connor

    • final correction. the traveling wall will be in boonville ny on june 18 thr. june 21 with the main get together on june 20. they say the memory is the 2nd thing to go. sorry. Ed

  38. I just realized when I set up this account my name defaulted to my email. So, to update, I’m Art Gill, TM 17 S1 all of 1971. My memory ain’t so good so if anyone remembers me I’d love to hear from them and that might stir some of my synapses! Like jumper cables for my brain! 🙂

  39. Great thread! My name is Jim Meyer and I was MAT leader in Son Ha/Ha Thanh June 70-July 71. Had 3 E-7 keeping an eye on me; Doc Fugate, Dennis Shaw and SFC Carter. District senior adviser 1st half was CPT John Sullivan/2nd half Riley McVeay. My XO was 1LT Joe Kopchick. Mention in thread of Rex Perkins; I was in comms with LTC Perkins a decade or so after Quang Ngai..he retired, as best as I know, in Hawaii. Riley Mcveay retired in Ocean Springs Mississippi. I had a couple running mates after TM 17 who’d been there when I was; CPT Bob McKenzie was a LTC in Calif National Guard in 1981, LT Dennis Troute (who was commissioned with me coming out of ROTC at University of San Francisco in1968) died a couple years ago. Dennis had a distinguished journalism career after the Army, and was one hellva fine fellow. Big Red..the MAT team leader who’d gone native in Ba To (had a yard wife so the story goes) and may be the guy attributed as having an NFL background was CPT Terry Shaughnessy..quite the fellow. He went to Florida Keys and was/is running a idyllic charter deep-sea fishing company. I recall our S-1 at Kramer was CPT Art Gill. MAT-I-4 at the time had a hard chargin’ CPT, Bob Hensler (lives in Hawaii too)..long time ago, but in some regards not that far back. I retired with 26 yrs in the Army and live near the Beltway in Northern Virginia.

    • Jim, I don’t know why I just saw this post (well, maybe old eyes), but it sure brought back some memories. I still tell people about Terry Shaughnessy. What a character! Wonder if he made it out ever, and is still alive. Or maybe he’s still in the mountains. Surprised you remember me. Thanks. Let’s me know I wasn’t just imagining that year. 🙂 I remember Dennis Troute. Sorry to hear he’s no longer with us. I also stayed in for 26 years (never intended to). And now live in Annapolis. Not too far from you. Maybe sometime we can have a beer and reminisce. Strange how life works out. I just kept getting good assignments, met a great girl, got married, started a family, and then we got to travel around the world at government expense. All in all, not a bad life. If you’re ever going to be up this way, drop me an email and we’ll hit a pub. Art

    • Rex Van Noy Perkins retired in Italy, worked in Atlanta managing a law firm and retired again in Bluffton, SC. Passed away 6/30/16 and interred at West Point.

  40. I was there 1971 before we moved to Chu Lai around Christmas.
    I was in 2 DARR team.
    Left Chu Lai August 30, 1972

    Grass Valley, CA.

    • Maryland is in need of a photo of SSG Carroll Thomas Jackson who was part of ADV TM 17 in September 1972 when he was killed. Do you have a photo of SSG CT Jackson that you could share with us? We have been searching for over ten years. We are trying to commemorate every Maryland service member who died while serving in Vietnam by completing the Maryland portion of the Wall of Faces.

      SSG Carroll was from Princess Anne County, was married, and was survived by four step-children, two brothers, and a half brother. At the time he was killed by friendly fire on September 16, 1972, he and his family were living in Tacoma, Washington.

      Although I’m posting this as Chair of Public History, Stevenson University, Maryland, my plea comes from the heart. As a former combat arms officer I firmly believe the sacrifices by service people of their lives, limbs, and emotions in service to their unit, their family, and their nation is not recognized often enough. For every soldier killed in any war there should be a face. We should all have to look into the faces of those who gave their all. The Wall of Faces allows us to do that.

      Please, if you have a picture–no matter how good– would you let us know?

      Thanks for reading this far–we appreciate it.

      Glenn T Johnston
      Chair, Humanities & Public History
      Stevenson University

  41. Peter Wright left a message under MACV Team #2 2nd ARVN Div. and is looking for anyone who might have known his father, 1st LT. Burl M. Wright who was at Quang Ngai from May 1968 to May 1969. I was at the Kramer compound from late Oct. 1967 to Sept. 1968. I was one of the 5 Seabees attached to MACV Team 2. Best Regards, John

  42. To Jim or Fred, I was on the Son Tinh Hill site from August 69 to June 70, attached from the Americal Div. 198th as a RTO for artillery grid clearance. Major Waite was the CO for Advisory Team 17 at that time. Just wondering if anyone had any old photos of the Hill/area that they could share on e-mail with me?
    Tad Eversole

  43. “Jim, boy was I wrong, looked at my 214, it was MAT I-14 out of Son Tinh Subsector. Was the team leader during Operation Russell Beach.

  44. Dustin,
    Thanks for the personal communication. I’m not going to carry-on a lengthy interrogation.
    Just send “ALL DETAILS” to the site. Perhaps, with more clarification of his service, the readers may be of help.
    You may consider performing more family research and find his “full name”. Until then, I’m OUT of the loop.
    No response is necessary.

  45. No, Dustin,
    Not on my MAT I-4 from July to December 1968.
    What other information can you provide about SFC Robinson?
    Service number; Branch (Infantry, Artillery, Armor, Special Forces, etc); Was he on an advisory team, office job, supply, cook, etc; If you have any letters from him, what was the APO on the envelope. MACV had a large presence in Quang Ngai Province and additional information would be helpful in your search.

  46. I’m looking for an astrayed grandfather stationed in MACV Quang Ngai in 1968. I do not know his first name, but I do know his rank of Sergeant First Class and the last name of Robinson

    • Dustin,

      Here’s some results from a brief internet search of military sites. Hope it helps.

      Trying to locate: SFC Robinson
      Branch of Service: Army
      Unit was: Detachment Headquarters Advisory Team 2 MACV 2nd Division US Army Compound APO 96260
      Where served: Quang Ngai Province Vietnam
      When served: 1963-1968
      Message is: Looking for SFC Robinson who was stationed at Quang Ngai Province in Vietnam from 1963 to 1968. SFC Robinson was assigned to Detachment Headquarters Advisory team # 2 MACV 2nd Division US Army Compound APO 96260. First name is unknown but could be Roy. Please forward any information to me at my e-mail address. Thank you.
      Please contact: David Brown
      Mailing address: 4103 214th St. Ct. E.
      City, State, Zip: Spanaway, WA 98387


  47. Hello to all! I was attached to Team 17 locations at Mo Duc and Nghia Hahn from May 1971 to April 1972. I was at Mo Duc when I rotated back to the “World” (remember that?) in April 1972. I was the RTO at both locations. I sincerely hope and pray that all who served and lived in the Team 17 locations came home and their life has been full.

    • Randy; I was with the 4th Arvn at Duc Pho till we went back to Chu Lai. I remember you well. I lost your info when I left Nam in Apr 72.

    • I was the rto at HQ from August 71 to July 72. I started out across the street from HQ. When everyone left the enlisted moved into a villa and I worked in the VN bunker back on the compound.

  48. I have a number of pictures of Quang Ngai taken in 2009, plus a dialogue of my re-visit if anyone is interested. Contact me at dsmudd43@aol.,com

  49. Ron RIley S4 and Supply and Maintenance ( SMDLC) adivsor 1970 – 1971
    Just wanted to say high. I worked for COL Perkins. I did visit all the camps and helped with their there build up . I will never forget the old 60 kw we got for the mountain camp .


    • Ron, Are you talking about Rex VN Perkins? I was the S1 for Adv Tm 17 all of ’71. Do you remember the Deputy Riley McVeay? Have tried over the years to find out what happened to either of them, but they seem to have faded away. Also, do you happen to remember the name of the COORDS/Phoenix guy who worked in Quang Ngai?

      • Rex perkins passed away 6/30/16. I am his daughter. He is interred at West Point. I have slides of his from Viet Nam. Could provide a link, maybe. Mom still alive and missing him.

        • Stephanie, I was a MAT Tm Ldr for the first 8 months of my Vietnam assignment, did not get into Quang Ngai province much during that time. In April, 71 thru July 71, I was assigned as S2 province advisor and met your dad, LTC Rex Perkins, on my first daily province briefing. He was (in my opinion) a no nonsense commander, he got my attention and respect immediately. I mention him in my first published book, titled, “Cold War Burning.”
          I’m so sorry to hear of your loss.

        • Stephanie, I’d love to see those slides. I think they’ll let you post a link. I know we can’t upload photos on this site, but if you could send the link it would be greatly appreciated. Will bring back memories I’m sure. If you can’t post, please send to Thanks again.

  50. this message is for Tad Eversole. I remember the story of the Capt. of the Marines that was KIA. There was a Gunney E-7 who was with me that day, cant remember his name. I think I should know you. Please email me so we can exchange phone numbers. BOB

  51. Hello, it’s been 44 years, but I remember the small, below ground radio room on Son Tinh Hill. I (Tad Eversole) was attached from the 1/14 Artillery/198 Lt Inf. Americal Div. to MACV Team 17 from 8/69 to 6/70. I would share radio duties for arty grid clearing and went on field ”trips”(as a rto) with team 17 to different locations around Quang Nghi, including the hill that overlooked My Lai (Son My). I remember some of the other team members besides Major Waite..can’t think of their names, but I do have a few old pictures of them.
    I also remember a Capt. from Minnesota (he liked to wear black PJ’s) big guy who played some college football. We would stay with the Mountain Yard troops at night and share food. We also worked with the local Marine CAP Team, whose CO was KIA by a booty trapped tunnel near My Lai in early spring of 1970.

    • Hey, Tad,
      Yep, I remember the Advisory HQ on top of Son Tinh Hill. During my time with MAT Team I-4 (July-December ’68) we visited that location frequently while working the My Lai villages with our RF/PF counterparts. Our HQ was in Kramer Compound, east of Quang Ngai City, and our 5-man team spent several days a month there when not on field operations with our VN counterparts.
      If I remember correctly, the Son Tinh rifle range was located just south of your hill. That was to the East of Rt. 1 and where we trained the (hopeless) RF/PF troops.
      Also, my memory recalls an in-ground swimming pool at your location along with the several well-built, underground, operations/sleeping bunkers. Was the pool still there during your tenure?
      Wow, I did enjoy Kramer on those occasions we were able to stand-down there: cots/mattresses, EM/NCO/Officers clubs, hot showers, hot chow, clean uniforms, dry sox, small PX, etc.
      It’s great to meet another “Redleg”. I served with the 6-11 Arty (as LnO/FO to 1-20 Inf) and the 3-16 Arty (as LnO/FO to the 1-1 Cav) before joining my MAT Team.
      Still looking to reconnect with the others from my team … with no success.

      • Hi Jim, you are correct about the rifle range and under ground bunkers. In fact there was a hidden tunnel from our bunker/radio room that connected with the ARVNS underground radio/grid room for clearing grid locations of ARVN/village units.
        Don’t recall seeing a swimminig pool any where in Nam (much less Son Tinh). MACV in Quang Ngai City had a sandbagged covered handball court.
        From the top of our hill (Son Tinh) you could fire 50 cal rounds at the old abandon Buddish Temple on a large hill east of us towards My Lai and the water.
        I may be able to e-mail you copies of some old pictures, if you like. Would you have any old photos of the area? What dates were you there?

      • Tad, I Tm Leader from Aug 68 to Mar 69 at Son Tinh, and remember well the compound, some of my NCO’s were SFC Brown, Sgt Durham and my XO Lt Robinson. My senior was LTC Gavin.

    • Tad, Regarding the Cpt from Minnesota, do you remember if he had red hair? I was in Quang Ngai all of ’71, and I seem to remember a somewhat crazy Cpt who had gone ‘native’ and spent most of his time with the montenards (sp). I think he also had a short history as an NFL player. Yes, a big mountain man type of guy. I wouldn’t be surprise if he was still there!

      • Can’t recall his hair color because he kept it very short. I remember working some nights with him on top a small hill overlooking My Lai. He did spend a lot of time with the Montenards who lived on the hill. He liked to wear black pajamas a lot. He was big, and very strong. He was the only person who could beat me in arm wrestling. I know he played college ball in Minnesota. He was a good guy, but I would not be surprised if he ended up staying in nam.

      • Might be the same guy. You don’t remember his first or last name do you? Now that I think about it, I seem to remember someone telling me that he actually married a montenard chief’s daughter, but as a noobee they were probably pulling my leg. Hmmm… or not.

  52. Hey I am Charlie Brown and don’t you forget it. Your have the spelling wrong on Shaughnessy and Gorecki. I was Staff Sgt. Robert Brown E-6 of MacV Advisory Team 17. Quang Nhai Provence

  53. No idea of my team number, but I was the Phoenix guy in MoDuc in 68 and 69. Then got shipped to Ba To as a deputy after a difference of opinion on torture by the Americal Division. Later told I had gone native and sent home in October of 69 Left the army to start the Denver chapter of the VVAW. I’m proud of my service and was devastated by the waste of young American life. Working for the CIA was an eye opener for a 22 year old kid from

    • iiWAS A rt I was a RTO/FO from the AMERICAL (1/14TH ARTY 198TH LIGHT inf bd. with team 17 from 8/69 to 6/70 at Son Tinh. I remember the CO Major Waite. We were on a small hill with ARVNS. Sgt Tad Eversole

      • I remember CO Major Waite. I was on the hill with you guys and then went out to the MAT team by My-Lai and was wounded but seems like I remember talking to you on the Radio. I remember the little cubby hole you guys sat in monitoring the radios.

    • pat i know who you are. it was a long time ago. how are you? i remember when you and the rest of your little circle of friends ate all the cookies my wife sent. at least we still had beer left.

      • Fred,
        MAT I-4 consisted of Maj Bill Ford (Sr. Adv.), me (Asst. Sr. Adv.), SP5 Dave Wing (Medic), SFC Grigsby (Hvy. Wpn. Spec), SSG Henry Johnson (Lt. Wpn. Spec.) and SGT Linh Loung (Viet Interpreter). I DEROS’d in late Nov. ’68 and Maj. Ford did so in mid-December. Perhaps your team designation was not I-4.
        I do remember a Lt. Camacho at the QN Advisory Compound around Aug. thru Oct. His room was in proximity to the hand-ball court in row H near the shower room.

        • We had a handball court??!! Told you guys my memory was shot.

          My wife and I were watching a couple episodes of China Beach the other night and she asked if the show was anything like reality. I started to think about it, and the quick answer is no, but the better answer might be that China Beach captured the flavor and atmosphere better than any other VN show I can think of. More enjoyable to watch anyway. I’m probably just still in love with Dana Delany! Sorry for the ramblings.

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