Team 41 Kon Tum

MACV Team 41 – Kon Tum.

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 41 located in Kon Tum.

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  1. Although Bill Rose wasn’t a member of Team 41, many of you knew him or say him. He lived in Dak To/Tan Canh for years with VNCS. After the fall of Dakto in ’72 he moved to Kontum and took a position at Pat Smith’s Minh Quy Montagnard Hospital. Bill was instrumental in setting up a Friends of Minh Quy and later Friends of Kontum non-profit which still operated today and provides funding and support to Minh Quy hospital. Sadly, Bill passed away two years ago.

  2. I am the widow of LTC Preston M Ransone, who served in Vietnam. He was not active duty in Vietnam. Preston was with the State Department serving as a refugee advisor in 1969-70 in Saigon & Kontum. He wore bright colored shirts. Preston was a writer & playwright, so he wrote about his time in Vietnam.

    • Hi, I’m Dominic D’Antonio. I was in Kontum with the 5th Special Forces Group, Det. B-24, Kontum. I knewPreston during his time in Kontum. He was there along with Bill Egan, who passed away about 2 years ago. After my military tours, I joined USAID/CORDS and was the Refugee Advisor in Kontum, the position Preston held.

      • were u the man who drove the grey car and lived in prefaf near dakla bridge if m not wrong u had a vietnamese girl friend right ? at that time I was S 3 interpreter my boss were cpt Carpenter right and Cpt Charles Cook

        • Yes, that’s me. I was joined the CORDS team in 1970. I lived in the prefab as you remembered and did have a Vietnamese wife and children who all came to the US with me when I left Kontum in Oct. 1974. I’m still in contact with a lot of the CORDS Vietnamese (Nguyen Lai) and Montagnard (R’Com Gull, Joseph Hyiem,, Tony Ngiu) and many others whom I did letters for and hopefully helped with their ODP applications. I;m retired and live in NC now.

        • I looked at your picture and I definitely remember you. Where are you living now? its best to contact me using my below email address as I don’t open this site too often. Best regards to you.

  3. Gary Davis – Don’t remember any names, but served as Air Traffic controller Kontum, Airfield 344th ADD, – April -Sept 1972. Stayed on MACV compound until closed, then in conex on airfield, in bird dog reventment.

    • Hi Gary, how the hell ya doing? Don’t know if you remember me or not, but I remembered you. This is George Turnage, GCA Repairman that worked with you in Kontum. My phone # is 405 521 0724, hope to here from you soon, have a great day.

  4. My late husband, Preston Ransone, was assigned to Kontum as a refuge advisor with the US State Department. He served in Saigon & Kontum. When he left Korea, he was told because of his hearing loss in training heavy weapons he could not serve in Vietnam. So Preston joined the Army Reserves, learned Vietnamese with the State Department, and served in Saigon & Kontum in 1969-70

  5. Hello All. I was in Kontum as RTO for Province Team 41 from Aug 1968 to Aug 1969. I lost track of the website we had in 2000, where we posted many stories and photographs for about 5 years. Glad to have this site forwarded by Mike Beall. I was an 11Bravo had radio duty in the Province HQ TOC in town and was a field RTO for numerous Team 24 operations. Greetings to you all. PS any Headhunters from that period on the site?

  6. Anybody remember COL Oliver Dillard? Believe he left in 1971 as a BG. I was working out of a Nha Trang. Originally assigned to Advisory Team 41, but spent most of my time at II Corp HQ traveling periodically to all teams in II Corp from August 1970 until DEROS in August 1971.

    • I served under COL Oliver Dillard. He was MACV Kontum Province Senior Advisor based in Kontum. He replaced COL Whelan in mid 1969. I was on MACV Team 41 Based at Dakto District Headquarters as part of seven man advisory team and would get to Kontum occasionally for briefings and in Province R&R. I was a 1 LT with Infantry, Artillery and MI MOS’s from 12/68 – 12/69. Our District Senior advisor was Major Wayne Culp followed by Major Sam Starley.

    • Terry, I served under Col Dillard on Team 41 from Dec 69 to Oct 70. He became a two star General ultimately and died about two years ago. I had the opportunity to have dinner with him about 8 years ago near his home in Michigan. A truly great man and great leader. Welcome Home!

      • Yes, I know Col. (later BG) Dillard when I was the Team 41 Refugee Advisor. I finished my military tours in Kontum with 5th SFGA and came back immediately to Team 41 as the Refugee advisor, replacing Irv Hamburger. BG Dillard returned to VN as DepCords in Saigon. I stayed on until 1974 and became the CORDS only civilian advisor and then after the cease fire, SAAFO Chief, (again only US civilian in Kontum). Ollie was a great friend. He put me up at his trailer in MACV/Saigon a few times. Last time I spoke with him he was living in Greensboro, NC, but had trouble remembering people and places. Not sure if you remember me. Dominic

      • Reading some comments below, I learned BG Ollie Dillard passed away. Not sure of the date, but it must have been in 2016 or 2017. If anyone knows the date, please let me know. He was a great leader, patriot and person. D

    • Yes, I know Col. (later BG) Dillard when I was the Team 41 Refugee Advisor. I finished my military tours in Kontum with 5th SFGA and came back immediately to Team 41 as the Refugee advisor, replacing Irv Hamburger. BG Dillard returned to VN as DepCords in Saigon. I stayed on until 1974 and became the CORDS only civilian advisor and then after the cease fire, SAAFO Chief, (again only US civilian in Kontum). Ollie was a great friend. He put me up at his trailer in MACV/Saigon a few times. Last time I spoke with him he was living in Greensboro, NC, but had trouble remembering people and places. Not sure if you remember me. Dominic

      • Hi Dom, Saw your post here and thought I would jot a note. I remember the prefabs well and of course our leader, Ollie Dillar. My wife and I had the pleasure of spending an evening with him a year or two before his passing. We were visiting the Ford museum in Dearborn and he made some time for us. He wrote a short memoir of his time in the army and asked me to put in something of my time in Vietnam which I did. I was part of S4 and was advisor to the A&L company. What an experience. I am still in contact with Frank Wise , Lou Abrams and , on occasion, Dale Wicks who ran the admin shop. Glad to hear from you!

        Scott Boyd

        • Hey Scott. Sorry it takes me so long to comment on these posts. I have to admit i seldom check the site as I should. Hope you and yours are well. I’m living in NC and have contact with some of the Montagnard and VN staff from the NLD office downtown Kontum.

          • Hi Dom, Thanks for getting back to me. Had a question for you. One of the Vietnamese that I got to know well was Lou Abrams counterpart, Capt. Quy (pronounced “Kwee”). I have often wondered about him and whether or not he made it. Through your VN contacts, would it be possible to learn anything about him? many thanks and great to hear from you!


            • Hey Scott. I’m not sure if the Cpt. Quy I remember is the same person who was a close friend. Unfortunately, my friend was killed driving down Rt 14 towards Pleiku during the Kontum offensive in “72. He had a brother who was a ranger who was also killed a few years later. Quy left a wife and one small son and mother who lived with them. I’m thinking they were not the same. I hope its not the same person I knew. I have contact with Mr. Lai, the NLD Admin Assistant and R’Com Gull, my Montagnard interpreter and refugee assistant. I’ll reach out to them and see if they know any more. I’ll let you know what they say. Stay well and safe. D

              • Thanks for the reply, Dom. I am afraid it is the same guy. I attended several functions at his house which was located near the town cemetery. I know he had a brother who was a ranger because he was there one night for dinner right after he came back from a big battle at Dak Seang.I know he was married but not sure about the son and mother. Quy’s counter part was Lou Abrams and Lou was involved with civil affairs and dropping leaflets for the Phung Huong project (spelling) which I think was to try to get VC to come over to our side. I have taken a picture of a slide I have of Quy that I would like to send you to see if I am right. Not sure if I can send it on this site but send me an email address I can send it to and I will get it right off. We found out later that Quy paid out of his pocket to have guards around his house when we had parties there. Thanks,


                • Sure, send the picture to FYI, I got replies back from both Lai and Gull and both only knew the Quy who my neighbor, so to speak. I’ll let you know if its the same person as soon as I look at him. Stay well and safe. D

  7. I served in Kontum on MAT II-16 from May to Dec 1970. I served with CPT Simpson, CPT Hodges, SFC Kunz, SFC Hill, SSG Williams, and SGT Marcum. We were mostly at Tri Dao but also at Dak Kam and Trung Hghia. I was with CPT Hodges and SGT Marcum when they were both killed near Dak Wak. 1LT Joe Ryan and I arrived in Kontum at the same time. Joe also lost his life in Kontum in 1971. It would be great hearing from any of you. My e-mail is

    Steve Dratter

  8. well, I’m sure we at least talked on the radio or ran into each other at Kontum Province HQ. I was only up at Dak To a couple of times so the memories are vague at best.

  9. I was a 1st Lt. with MAT Team 41 from April 1970 – April 1971. I was first at Mang Buk for about 3 months. I’m sorry but can’t remember the names of the fine NCO’S that served with me. I then went to another team operating around Kontum. I would appreciate hearing from anyone that remembers me. I have always wondered what happened to our young 10-12 year old interperater, Dray, and our house girl, Chim.

  10. I regretfully report the passing of CSM James E Greene of Vernon, TX and Puyallup, WA. He served two tours in RVN, one with Tm 41 in 70-71 I believe as an Intel NCO. He also served in Alaska, Korea and had multiple tours in Germany finishing up at Ft. Lewis, WA. He then worked for WA State Employment as a Veterans employment counselor. It was a nice service at the New Tahoma National Cemetery just east of Seattle, WA.

    • CSM Jim Greene was the 109th MI Battalion, 9th Inf Div, CSM around 1997-98. He was an outstanding soldier and mentor to all in the battalion and a good friend. He will be missed.
      Steve Loving, COL, USA Retired

      • Thank you Mr. Loving we appreciate the kind words and he is missed dearly.
        The Greene and Tankersley family

        • I was in Kontum as the Refugee and NLD advisor from 1970 – 74., our PSD advisor was Dave Tankersley. Are you related to Dave. He and I spent many evenings hanging out in our CORDS prefab together. A great person and friend. Dominic D’Antonio

    • Thank you Mr. Nelson, my brother, Mark and my mother Christa, along with myself, thank you for the kind words about my father. He was a great person.

      • You’re sure welcome Steve. Old Greene was a good friend and whenever we gather with mutual friends we share memories. Best to you, Christa and Mark.

        Rick Nelson

  11. I commanded MAT 41 in Vinh Binh Province IV CORPS from Apr 1970 to Apr 1971. I can’t find this team listed on MACVTEAMS.ORG not can I find any contact info. I would like to add this team to the list ( in addition to the team 41 in Kon Tum).
    I would like to reach out to SSG David Jenkins, SSG Jim Scaggs SGT Fred Mullins and 1Lt Glen Reside..

    • should be listed under a District? These Teams aren’t MaT teams best I can tell. Most District teams had multiple MAT teams working for them; should be under Team 40 re; the current listings.

  12. Hi, I served with Team 41 at Kontum District from September, 1970 to August, 1971. I am trying to reconnect with any of my team members that I can find. I served with Capt. Pirerra, Lt. Paling, and Sgt. Mcwhorter among others. Can’t recall the names of others there, including our MATs. Would appreciate any info anyone might have to help. I would like to attend any reunions that might be held. By the way, one of our interpreters, Phong, made it out and lives here in Albuquerque now. I was his sponsor in 1975. Welcome back to all.

    • Dear Larry D.Beck.Do you know CaPt Simpson (May be his name Capt Bernard Hodges who died in Dak Wak Kontum on 6 December 1970 ? Do you know Lt Martin d.Goslar ? My email is work with these advisors in 1970 at Plei O Outpost,Kontum District

    • U.S. Beck?
      Captain Brockley; Captain Simpson? SFC McWhorter, SFC Frost, SFC Priest SFC Bogle – all MAT 39.
      I can’t come up with many other names either. I still have a lot of photographs at home.
      Your comment is a couple of years old now, but if this catches up with you, I’d like to hear what you’re doing.
      I remember Paling too, now that you mentioned him. Baby-San cooking for us. Lot of memories.
      William L. Hagan 1LT Inf Retired

    • Andy and I were OCS, Holabird & MASA classmates. He had Kontum District while had Dakto. We had a hell of a time. I rtnd to Conus just before NVA visited Dakto and the rest of RVN

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  14. I was with Tm 23 at Tan Cahn 67-68. Do you remember the name of the RTO at Tm 23? welcome home brother. GOD BLESS, ron crandall

      • JoelWas your District Sr Advisor Major Sam Starley?Norb Weller

        Sent via the Samsung Galaxy Note5, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

      • Maxwell, Pretty sure we served together on Team 41. I think I have some pics of you somewhere too. Hope you have faired well since all those years ago! Let me know if I have the right guy. I have been in touch with others from our team and I met with Dillard a few years ago before his death. Best to you, Scott

          • Served under Dillard on Kontum staff. Advisor to A and L company. Served with Dale Wicks Lou Abrams frank Wise Major Riedel Major Johnson. I am sure I have a picture of you somewhere. Send me your email and I’ll send it when Ivey home , Redding, Ca. I can’t remember what job you had over there .

            • Mr. Boyd,
              My father, MAJ Carl F. Snyder served on Advisory Team 41 from Nov 68-Oct 69. Some of the names in his service records look familiar such as Col. Dillard and Lt. Wicks. Just curious if you knew my father.
              Conrad Snyder

              • I am afraid I did not. I did not arrive until early December 1969. Do you know what position he held there? Colonel Dillard recently died but I had a chance to meet with him before he passed. A very great patriot and man, thats for sure. Dale Wicks was the head of admin for Team 41 and I have contact information for him if you would like. I thank your father for his service to our country and team 41 on this birthday of America. God Bless America! Scott

                • Mr. Boyd. Thank you for your service. He was an advisor to the Regonial Forces and Popular Forces. He was back home by that time. Sadly he passed away a few years ago. I was just going through his military stuff and wondered about his time in the Republic of South Vietnam. Feel free to pass Mr. Wicks info one. Thanks again.

              • Conrad, I knew your father. I was a radio operator for Team 41 from Aug 68 to Aug 69. I went on an operation with him where we shared a foxhole at a bridge site when we were mortared most of the night. I wrote about it and will share when I return from Rome in two weeks.

                • Mr. Groenhoff,

                  Thank you for reaching out. He told me something about defending a bridge that had been hit by the VC the night before and Col. Whalen chewing his butt out over it. Enjoy your vacation and I look forward to talking more with you soon.



                  • Connrad I am back from Europe and if you send me an email address I will send you an account of the night your dad and I spent on the bridge site in western Kontum Province. Andre

          • Yes, we drank at the O club and played ping pong and enjoyed Sat. night steak feeds on the grill outside the club.

  15. So here we are 40 years later and the tough memories, so carefully shelved, still can leap upon us with searing intensity. Only those that were in RVN can understand what that war was – Hollywood and books (unless first person authored) can not accurately tell the story. To all: welcome home

    • Cpt Dopp we used to spent over night in montagnard villages in phonix compaign at that time u were Dakto DIOCC coordinator. It’s been over 45 years I dunno whether u still alive or not I hope everything is ok with u now I’m 66 Y/o u left Dakto in the earlier of 1972 Cpt Richard P. cassidy took over ur position & Maj. Bruzina the team leader was still there. I’m looking forward to hearing from u.. best wishes Truong Huynh Van email:

  16. Welcome home to all my brothers on team 41, hope all is well with you and yours. It seems like yesterday at times and is hard to believe it was 46 years ago

  17. Well, here we are, 46 years later for those of us still around, whom I hope are faring well.
    Rick Nelson, Kontum District 68-69.

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