Team 25 Darlac

MACV Team 25 – Darlac.

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 25 located in Darlac.

49 thoughts on “Team 25 Darlac

  1. Was hoping to find other members of MAT II-78. I was the light weapons advisor to on that team and was assigned to Buon Ho although we were assigned to Buon Ho Cu for the most part. Served with MAT/MACV from November 68 and left in June 69. Assistant team leader was 1LT Pearce, heavy weapons was SFC Bragg and medic was SSG Fears. Can’t recall the name of the original team leader. Replacement team leader was a Lt. Dave Rainey. Just hoping to get in contact with them.

  2. Looking for members or relatives of Mat Team 15 Darloc, who served 1969-1970. We had 5 members. Two Officers and three NCO’s. I was a Staff Sergeant at the time and the corpsman on the team, also handled the morotors. My named is Raymond Hice, One of our members never came back, a heavy weapons NCO. I ended up staying with the Army and retired as a SGM E-9 with 23 years of service. This late in life I have diagnoised with PTSD. I am being treated at the VA Hospital. I need documenting, confirmation as to what happened that year. I have blocked this from my memory, I can’t even Rembert my team mates. Hopefully someone will read this post and contact me. Thanks

  3. I was on Team 25 from about April 70 to April 71. The team was billeted in 3 different locations, The Montanyard Training Camp outside of town, then a Montanyard camp on the road to Pleiku, finally on a helicopter base more or less in town.

    • Hi my name is Todd Mortensen my dad was SSg Arvin Mortensen medic Oct 70 to Nov 71 I was wondering if you remember him I would like to find guys that served with him he passed away 3-2-05 I would like to know if you knew him

  4. To Dionicio Cruz: I was team leader of Mat 69 70-71. I fondly recall Smitty, and his assistant PSA was named Swearingen, I believe. He was a State Dept person, and when I went down to Ban Me Thuot to be the S-3 advisor, he was always having what he called ‘his soirées. A very nice guy. Dick Rouse who comments here was the DSA and was replaced by a West Point Major.

    John Starkey, the assistant under Dick and I correspond. He is living in Columbus, GA and is retired from the Columbus Police Department.

    Don’t know if you were still there at the time, but the Davy Crockett of that NVA artillery company there in Buon Ho put a 75mm rocket through the roof of my room. Seemed that every time my team came back from an operation were were hit by 75s or mortars as a welcome home. My team’s fighting position was on top of the POL bunker out back. Sgt Bradford used to say that his momma didn’t raise him to be the wick of a zippo lighter. Ha. He kept us laughing whenever we got hit and had to run out to the bunker. I always wondered what happened to intepreters The and E Blie.

  5. I have started a list of former AT-25 former Advisors. If any former advisor or family member would like the list email me. I was a helicopter crewchief in Viet Nam and not an advisor. Sincerily Doug Wilson

  6. For anyone or everyone… does anyone still have their pocket patch or Team 25 pin that we had back then? I had both pin and patch, but unfortunately, some bad times and a worse family situation led to loss of all albums and keepsakes from both Korea and VIet Nam. I have toyed with the idea of getting a quote from one of the custom pin makers advertising online. Is anyone interested in this? I would need a picture of the pin or patch to work with. As I recall, the pin was about 1 1/2″ tall and based on the MACV patch with crossed crossbows and DARLAC across the bottom.
    If anyone would be interested in having a pin please let me know. Email: I have enjoyed getting back in touch with Dick Rouse under whom I served in Buon Ho when first in Viet Nam. John Starkey, the asst ADSA under Dick and I went through the Advance Course together, got out about the same time and finished up our degrees at Columbus College there in Columbus GA. We have been in periodic touch over the years.

    If anyone is interested in either a newly re-created pin, or even selling me one please let me know. I sure would like to have one as a remembrance of those days and people.


  7. To Everyone on Team 25 around 70 – 72: Do y’all remember Col Wayne R. Smith (Smitty) who was PSA during 70-71? He also had a civilian State Department type as his assistant who was a pretty nice guy in his own right. Cannot recall his name, but he was a slight man in build, blondish or gray hair as I recall, and was always having his “soirée”. He used to tickle me during the time that I had come down from Buon Ho to be the S2-S3 advisor.

    Anyway, was thinking about Col Smith, and of course, our air support, the Headhunters of 419 aviation. We used to give them captured items and they’d take them to Nha Trang to trade to the Air Force for flechette rockets and HE. They were like fighter pilots from some Pacific island diving on the Japs. They were always up for a fight or a recon, whichever came first.

    • I am looking for a Team 25 pin. As I recall, they were around 1 1/ 2″ or 1 3/4″ tall, based on the MACV patch with crossed crossbows and DARLAC across the bottom. If anyone has one they would be willing to part with, I’d certainly pay anything reasonable. I have also considered having one (or some) made by one of the many custom pin makers advertising online. If anyone is interested in my exploring this idea to have a pin please let me know. I would need a picture of one so if anyone still has their pin and would get a picture and email to me I’d appreciate it.

      This forum has been great. I’ve been able to correspond with Dick Rouse, under whom I served when first assigned to Buon Ho as a MAT leader.

      My email:

    • I was on MAT 25 in 1969-70—-The Colonel in Ban Me Thuot wa Colonel Gannon. We were on top of a little hill that had been a Green Beret Camp. I remember the tanks on Chu kop that nevere moved out the entire year they were there. I will always remember the wonderful Montagnard people and especially my two companies of Montagnards–250 and 260 and they insisted on wearing their blue and red scarfs everywhere in the jungle so I had to wear one too,

  8. Michael,
    If you happen to have a picture of the team and would be willing to share it, I would enjoy seeing it very much and maybe associate names with faces. Good to hear from you. Please email the picture to my email address-

    • My pictures is a very sore subject in what is left of my family. After caring for aged mother and her passing a few years ago, I took off a year and traveled in Canada… started at Niagara Falls and ended up on Vancouver Island. By the time I had returned, everything in the trunk left in sister’s care had disappeared including several albums from Viet Nam and several from tour in Korea. That discussion continues on those rare occasions we talk. Very sore subject. Having said that, should my pictures magically reappear, I would be proud to share. I have pictures of folks in the team house, my room after taking a direct 75mm hit, my MAT and also the other MAT personnel, pictures of various villages including phom pe parties. I think I also have a few from several operations.

  9. Got in touch with John Starkey and emailed district team pic. He may be able to help with names. Also, Don Gillian was 1lt asst team leader under Rich then me. He was from Wisconsin I think.

  10. You are coming up with names that start to ring a bell. I have a picture of a Thanksgiving Day dinner that Doc prepared for us and it includes the MAT teams and interpreters. Maybe you can put some names to face from it. Will send it by email, since I don’t believe we can post pictures on this site, or at least I don’t know how to do it.

    • Dick, I remember thanksgiving. If I’m not mistaken, not only were both MATs in residence, with all the intepreters, but wasn’t that Maj Koons recently arrived as your turtle and at our table?

      I’d love to see that picture.

      • I am looking for it. I thought I had it readily available, but I couldn’t quickly put my hands on it. I will find it and send it along when I do.

      • I can remember Doc Buskey from my team, also SFC Bradford (Brad) heavy wpns my team. Remember Doc Kajioka (spell?) who made green chicken once (*god*) and my intepreter Y Blih Nea and VN intepreter The. Remember 1LT Jones from other Mat in District.

    • I recognize all front row, the possible exception is the first on left, the com specialist. I know the medic to one side of you was still there when I arrived (don’t recall exactly when I arrived at Buon Ho, but it was probably about 6 weeks to 2 months before you departed). I also think I recognize senior Sgt. I can try to locate John Starkey (if you remember him… came in as your assistant) and email picture to him to see if he can supply names.
      I sure recognize you there.

      Wasn’t a copy of this picture blown up and hanging in the team room near the “lack-a-nookie-bar? It sure looks familiar.

  11. I was DSA in Buon Ea Yang from Mar 69 to Dec 69, was at Province HQ before that. I worked for Maj Ron Mullinax in BMT, and my Deputy DSA at BEY was Paul Struharik, the first Foreign service Officer to be an ass’t DSA. Our PSA was COL Tim Gannon. and his deputy was FSO4 JaY Blowers

    • Jack Painter, I was under Gannon and Blowers too, 8/69 to 3/71, nominally province A&DSL Advisor, then Gannon named me Pacification Coordinator, a title not in any MACV table of organization. What characters! We felt Blowers actually ran the show, to the extent that there was a show to run, since Gannon/Blowers reported to William Colby in Nha Trang. Colby would come to BMT in a suit and tie, whereas Blowers always affected a colonial-era English bush jacket with many useless pockets – how many did Jay have?

      In your time the psyops officer was LT John Luykx who was my roommate at the Bungalow before the fire. He might have visited you in his truck to show a movie.I found him on Facebook and we’re “friends.”.

    • Jack, you may be interested in my April 30, 2015 comments under Team 42. One of the people we were trying to pick up was Paul Struherik. We lost radio contact with Paul and he was captured by the NVA in March.. He was released in Hanoi approximately 6 months after the fall of Saigon. Bill

    • Jack,
      Good to hear from you. I remember Col Gannon and his deputy Bowers. However that was early in my tour. My Deputy in Boun Ho District was Capt Bruce Cushing who may have hah more of an overlap with you.

  12. Thanks– I can remember only a few who served with me– Claude Lemons (E7) died in 2014; Doc hall a medic E6–first name might have been Bob; another E7 last name Hall -heavy weapons guy, Robert Bob Howell KIA 12/1970 in same incident where I was wounded; I do recall others but not their names.

    • I served as RTO near a small town called lien saun on team 25 in the CENTRAL HIGHLANDS,out of BMT. I remember a team on a night location that went wrong. I’m thinking a Lt.Hodges was wounded setting up a night ambush? Was there last half of 69 to 1st 6 months of 71.

      • HAWK!! It’s me! Man how good to hear from you after all these years. I am so sorry for not staying in contact.

        I am in contact with Bob Howell’s daughter via Facebook– Paula Howell Durham– who lives in South Carolina. I had several long telephone calls with her over the years starting about 10 years ago when she somehow located me. Nice lady who fortunately had a great step dad after Bob was killed. Some sad news is that I learned Claude Lemons died a few years ago from cancer-apparently stayed in and retired as a CSM.

        We are now almost 46 years since I was wounded and Howell died on Dec 4th. Thanks for touching base.–contact me at or on facebook or call me when you can at 925-939-5330 ext 126 Pacific time 9-5 Monday thru Friday. Still working but always time for you.

  13. Unfortunately these names don’t ring a bell Rich though sometimes memories kick in later. I found one guy on Facebook whom I knew well in Ban Me Thuot which was great.

    • Did you guys know ssgt mortensen he was the team medic Oct 70 to Nov 71 he passed away on March 2 2005 I just wanted to let his team members know

  14. Joel,

    I arrived in Country first part of January 1970 and left the end of December 1970. I have responded to your email with a couple of pictures and names. Hopefully this will help.
    Dick Rouse

  15. I was a District Senior Advisor to Buon Ho District all of 1970. I would welcome hearing from anyone who served in Buon Ho District or Darlac Province during the 1970 time frame.

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