Team 119 Tuyen Nhon

MACV Team 119- Tuyen Nhon.

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 119 located in Tuyen Nhon.

7 thoughts on “Team 119 Tuyen Nhon

  1. My father Mike Koerschgen was part of the PBR division 553, around 1969, I’m looking for his buddies for him. Does anyone remember my serving with my father?

    • Hal, I was the DIOCC Advisor to the Phoenix Program at Tuyen Nhon in 1970. I was actually stationed at Ap Bac and I had the responsiblit for both districts. I remember Capt. Hiler. Spent a lot of time working with the PBR Boys Riv Div 553. Pete Wetherell was the District Senior Advisor followed by Al Gautier IIRC. I think I’ve got two photos of your guys. One was with a General Officer and the other is of two guys inside the teamhouse one is playing a gutair.

      Pete “Hardcharger” Taylor (2LT back then)

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