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MACV Team 8 – Qui Nhon

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 8 located in Qui Nhon.

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  1. I was with the 58th Field depot from November 1966 – December 1967. I arrived a few weeks ahead of the 58th as I flew over, assigned to the 96th QM Bn which was running the depot at that time. The 58th came over by ship and took command of the Depot in late November or early December of 1966. I was the Assistant Security Officer as a brand new 2LT, having just graduating from OCS the 23rd of September. I was really just the glorified Officer of the Guard, working 1900-0700 each day. I patrolled the main depot and the Class 2 &4 & 6 yard in Phu Thí Valley and the Engineer Yard on Hwy 19 going towards An Khe. I also visited the 2 tank farms just outside of Quy Nhon.

    • I just saw your 58th Field Depot post. I was with 58th Field Depot, Qui Nhon from 12/16/66 to 10/7/68! Left Oakland, CA for Qui Nhon on 11/23 (VN Time) on the USNS General John Pope and arrived qui Nhon 12/16/66. I was in Security, Plans and Operations and worked for CPT Konkle (LTC ret. RIP) in Depot Security for the first year. Then I worked with 2LT Broce when he arrived around Nov ’67. I extended twice and my last job at the Depot was Training NCO. I don’t remember your face, but I do remember your name. Mike Elam, E5

  2. I was stationed with the 593rd General Support Group Camp Granite QuiNhon Vietnam, during all of 1970. I was a member of the reactionary force, out of Camp Granite, that was used for guard and sweeps in the area. Guarded the MACV compound many a times. Recalling a time when I was under the tin pavilion roof, at the location we could watch a movie outside, in Camp Granite. On the evening of June 15 1970 we came under a rocket and mortar attack when it got dark. After directing many toward the bunkers for cover, a mortar came through the tin roof and exploded in the air behind me. I took pieces of shrapnel in my right thigh and lower back. Having just came out of the 67th evac hospital and 6th convalescent hospital for a broken ankle, and with my mail being lost during that time, I refused to go back into the hospital for treatment for my wounds. Many years later the VA in OKC did surgery on both of my injuries that took place on that evening of June 15 1970 in Camp Granite QuiNhon Vietnam.

    • Hi, I’m Chuck “Charley” Brown, Sgt E5, MACV. I was with a MATS embeded team with SSG Jack Fanning and 1st Lt Tom Higdon, our 1.0. In fact I had my 21st birthday there. And I was there until I ETS-ed 1st week of April 68 a bit after Tet. We weren’t in the compound much since we lived with and trained RF PF 24/7, and did weekly night and day ops with them. We were there however during the NVA over run of Qui Nhon during the Tet offensive. Interesting times. One of the guards from Maine was shot in the lower abdomen by a stray round while I was talking to him; you had to know him. I was up in the high watch tower and scampered down to help. Fortunately this happened right in front of the medic’s office and after a brief stay at the MACV Hospital in I presume Saigon, was evaluated to Hawaii where he fully recovered and returned wearing his souvenir bullet around his neck. I forget his name unfortunately.

      I started building the small EM “club” in the compound when I was first assigned there because I was on light duty for a bit, recovering from a very bad case if hepatitis contracted down in III Corps at MACV Duc Hoa. But having recuperated a month I was assigned to the MAT team for the rest.of my 2nd tour in sunny Vietnam. My 1st tour was with 1st Inf Div down in III Corps. 1965-66.

      Welcome aboard brother!

      I retired at age 49 from California to Ecuador South America in 1996 where I’ve lived full time ever since. I live on my small farm at 9,000 ft in the high Andes. I don’t travel.

      Thank you for your service, brother.

      • That sounds like quite an adventure. I spent part of 1968 and 1969 at the MACV compound in Qui Nhon, and part at the 821 ARVN Ordinance compound, in Pleiku. SGT Nate Thorsen taught me the basics of EOD.

    • I am looking to confirm that my Uncle served at Qui Nhon in 1968 – 69. Pretty sure he did because I have an in country made jacket of his that says Qui Nhon and his period uniforms with the MACV patch on the left shoulder. His name is Ronald Welte and I believe that he would have been a Captain at the time. Any information would be great. Jim

    • I arrived there in May 1967 until May 1968. Worked the shipping and receiving to build Phu Cat airbase. Most don’t know that we stored Agent Orange until January 1968. Leaked in the main complex area until then. None stored in Kimchi section. Get checked out. I crushed my ankle before you arrived. Worked in the trailer then the building outside the perimeter road.

      • I was station with 820 Ord Co. Ammo.
        I was in the Depot when it went up. It blew me down. We were to look for saucharg.
        But not to remove them. I was station on a
        pad of rounds. I actually saw the Ammo Dump go up. Saw SP5 Berry and a Officer
        Drive toward a pad of 155 rounds. Next second it went up just like that. I Knew they was not coming out alive.

    • I don’t recall your name but I was also with the 581st Supply Company. I was there from April 68-April 69.
      Dave Austin

    • Hey Gary, I was your CO at that time. CPT Henry Biggs. I started in the 58th Field Depot in “sunny Qui Nhon” as a commodity manager. The 581st was having difficulties in early 1966 I was told and was asked by the depot CO if I would take over the 581st. I agreed and I did my best for all of you guys. I regret to say I forgot you specifically. I arrived in June and left in late November. Lt Crosby was my XO and SFC Barella was the 1SGfor most of that time. Hope you get this and God Bless you! Henry (Hank) Biggs, LTC, USA (Ret). Email me at if you wish.

    • Gary, I was with the 581st Supply Company from April 68-April 69. We probably crossed paths. My name is Dave Austin

  3. Iwas in qui nihon from feb67 to 68 left right after tec one night was called out to go up on amountin where we had outpost and it was hit and 7men were killed and afriend of mine lost his leg he was from Cal

  4. I am looking for any Army vet who might have served with/ known my brother when he was in Qui Nhon. He was wounded in a firefight on April 9, 1968. Name: Edgar R. Lee (Eddie). He was a Specialist E-4. Thank you so much.

    • I did not serve with your brother if you know bill from yuba city I ran with him in yuba city and a uso girl came to qui Nhon is 71 I thought you were her

    • Lucy , I served with Sp4 Lee in the 526CC&S Co. Sp4 Lee was wounded April 9 1968 In Phu Tai Valley Just west of Qui Nhon .If this is the
      same Edgar Lee please respond to this post , I have been looking for him a long time .. I also have a photo of Lee.

  5. I served with Company F Data Processing. Started in Qui Nhon about November of 1968, spent I think about 3 months there then moved inland to a depot named Long My. Went home in January of 1970 after extending a couple months to take advantage of the early release if you came home with less than five months left to serve. Lots of memories, truck mounted quad 50’s, guard duty at the tank farm, was there for two Tet’s, hitching rides back to Qui Nhon on my days off, the day they installed hot water heaters for the showers, outdoor movie theater, punch cards used initially and then an IBM 360 was installed, etc.
    Rich Donovan

    • I served with the 58th Army Depot Qui-Nhon from 1967-1968. Worked in Data Processing with IBM 360. Supervised as a SP4 about t7 Vietnamese personnel in card punch machines. If anyone remember me please contact and if you have photos please send copies. It seems I was with Team 8 Qui-Nhon.

      • Your time in QuiNhon and Long My is exactly the same as mine. I was there for Christmas of 1968 and 1969. I also extended and went home January of 1970. My name is Richard Donovan. The guy in charge for at least part of the time I think was Major Schlosser. Send to my email and I’ll send you some pictures of myself and Long My from my time there. I don’t remember your name but I bet we did guard duty at the tank farm together at some point !

        • Richard Donavan….I arrived CRB on Aug 4,1968, went to Qui Nhon on Aug 5 ‘68, assigned to HHC 58th Field Depot Document Processing section…..moved to Long My Depot in early 69 when computer was moved from Qui Nhon to “the valley”. I didn’t work with the computer but I had a good friend, Sp 5 Alan Richards from PA who did work in that nice air conditioned building…..I was in “Doc Proc”, fixing screwed up requisitions from field units so that the computer would release the needed supplies. I’m sure our paths crossed at some time or another, I pulled a lot of guard duty in those towers on the back side of that depot……remember the thousands of telephone poles just laying there? Welcome home……

          • Hello Rick,
            My dad may have been the same Alan Richards–he was an SP5 from PA who was in Qui Nhon from 68-69 (I do not know the specific dates). He worked with computers. I would love to connect and hear and see if it is the same Alan Richards from PA and hear any stories you might have of him. He passed in June of last year.

      • I was a clerk with Advisory Team 8, first in Qui Nhon, then later in a sub-detachment in Pleiku, on the 821 ARVN Ordinance compound. The housing in Qui Nhon, was in an old French hotel, right across from a beach (the beach was “off limits.”)

          • We were The 304th Supply and Service Trucking Co North of Quin Yhan We had 2 groups: A Trucking company that delivered fuel to compounds in a 60- to 80 mile radius or more and about 50-60 of us that split taking charge of the Mogas for vehicles and Diesel Trucks. on the airfield. We also had about a 100,000+ gal tank of JP4 jet fuel. That tank was my job making sure 24/7 that the JET fuel was clean before we delivered or released it was . Every day! During Tet We were stuck on the airfield in our compound for days. If Charlie hit us on the airfield, we all would have been Crispy Critters. No one would have found our Dog Tags. We were very lucky.
            God bless you all.

        • Mike:

          I was the clerk with Team 8 from December 65 til December 66. I lived in the quad block housing across the road from the villa. Our driver (Ho Chi Minh) drove the COL in daytime, I drove him at night. We had a young girl secretary that was married to an ARVN LT.
          Did you know any of them?

          Take care,

          Jay Lycans

        • Mike, I served with Team 6 in Quinhon for a short period of time between March and July ’70 before moving on to Team 1 in Danang. Also billeted at the French hotel on the beach. Remember an night attack on the harbor close by that caused a C130 gunship to be called in to beat it off. Great light show. Also remember sitting on said off limits beach one evening as the New Jersey pummeled the hills just west of the city with those 16″ shells whistling overhead, hoping the powder jockeys in the turrets didn’t short a powder bag on any salvo.

          Does anyone reading this post remember a Sgt. Chuck Nagle who was also with Team 6? He was on his 5th in-country tour. Was married to a Native gal. Remember boating out to an island offshore with him on a native fishing boat to liaise with the local Ruff-Puffs at the fishing village out there.

        • With team 8 from 68 to late 69
          Stayed in hotel
          Navy officer as room mate

          CPT supply officer for ARVN Major
          supported RF & PR forces Qui Nhon &
          Also Pleiku

          Got to know my counterpart & gave English lessons in his compound with his troops and their families.

          Had a good time with team 8 and Vietnamese people!
          Was in Pliéku

          Only spent a little time in Pleiku
          See movie OPERATION Dumbo
          6 minutes in
          CPT Jones meeting Tribesmen
          Same people I met !

          I am looking for CPT Tom Baker
          Class mate and stationed in team
          9 or 10 or 11

          • I’m glad to hear from you. I was beginning to think Team 8 was a figment of my imagination. There’s almost no info out there.

            • Mike. Don’t have time to text today
              Read your message just now.

              But will like to hear more from you

              Living in TN
              Smokey Mt near DOLLYWOOD

              Would like to talk
              CPT Team 69

              • Advisory Team 8, was my home for 13 months. I lived in Qui Nhon, in the old French hotel on the coast, and in Pleiku on the 821st ARVN ordinance compound. Nov 68-Dec 69

                • CPT wes Jones
                  68 thru late 69

                  Team 8 supply for RF/PF VILLAGES
                  IN THE AREA.

                  I had a jeep to go anywhere.
                  We drove to all villages.

                  I spoke French then and had a great time with villagers.

                  I gave English class to some troops.

                  Have not heard from
                  Anybody about this time.

                  Don’t know what happened to anybody.

                  Just checking in

                  I live in Tenn now

                  Good place to live.

                  Good bye
                  CPT Wes

        • spent last 6mons camp granite 527th psc base vunghua (SP) charley liked to toss b40xs from middle of mtn then hide in tumnels…would seeep mtn but never encountered …
          in country NOV 68 TO nov 69

      • Jimmy, I was with Hq. 58th Field Depot Qui Nhon (Security, Plans and Operations) 12/16/66-10/7/68. My friends, Michael Garvin, Kingsley Smith, and Andre Johnson all worked in Data Processing. Did you know any of them?? I believe that they all DEROS’d in late November ’67.

      • I was with the 58th Field Depot as the unit arrived in Qui Nhon in December.1966. I too worked in the data processing area using the Univac 1005

    • Hi Richard,
      I was stationed at the Long My Depot from March 1969 through May of 1970. I worked in the Tactical Operations Center (Security and Intelligence area) which was located in the Headquarters building, near the computer building that was surrounded by a high wire fence. My MOS was Military Police and I served as Intelligence Sergeant. I remember the same things you do…. rides to Qui Nhon on my day off, the outdoor movie theater, but only cold showers. Send me your email address I will email you a panorama photo of the base. Robert Schoep

  6. I served in Qui Nhon, Feb 68 to Mar 69 at HHC 58th Field Depot and later with 96th S&S Btn at the Data Processing Unit. I do not remember the Officer’s name at Btn Hqdrs, but my CO at Head Quarters Company was LT George Lester, Batesville, Mississippi. The Hdtrs Clerk at Btn was SP4 James Showers. I recently started to reconnect with guys in my barracks ( Balas – Pgh,, Conroy-Eastern Pa, Merchant – Baltimore , Flores – Texas , Sgt Southhall ……etc ). I found some good copy when surfing ” Camp Granite – Qui Nhon ” and the 527th and 581st outfits who were close to the 58th Field Depot. Welcome Home to my Brothers who Served faithfully.
    SP5 George L Ward. also we zero’d out the Morning Report , moved the Depot inland about 15 miles , started up a new Data Processing Facility and converted to Company ” F ” USAD. Still got to enjoy Red Beach one day in 10 as we hitched hike rides to / from. Thanks to all Military who protected us in the South China when sailing and the USO who ran the beach / brought in the food and the entertaining shows.

    SP5 George L Ward
    formerly US Army

  7. Anyone remember the name of the Colonel who was in charge o Qui Nhon Supply Depot in 1969? I was his driver for 6 months before he came back to the world. He was from Georgia and a great guy. I’m having a ‘hellava’ time trying to remember his name. Thank you!

  8. Hello All. I’ve recently convinced my dad to apply for his VA Benefits, and the first issue he’s run in to is that his DD214 only shows his VN service dates. And nothing else… Despite it being uncomfortable for him to discuss (memories), this is what I’ve been able to ascertain in previous and a recent conversation before the memories get to be too much. I’m hoping that maybe some of you guys may be able to help with ANYTHING that may sound familiar. He has his C&P, Agent Orange, VA Cardiologist, and Hearing exams coming up in July. With all of that being said I’ll provide what I know and hope you guys can maybe validate or provide further info for the time period.

    E-4 promoted to E-5 Larry J. Scott (from MO)
    In Country 1967-68
    75th Rangers assigned to Qui Nhon (couriered to other MACV posts) (also attached to an MP unit there in Qui Nhon? Info on the MP unit would be helpful)
    Acted as a courier for LTC promoted to Col Shanklin, as well as jungle missions
    Spent a few days in the kind-hearted hospitality (SARCASM) of the NVA when the Huey he and Obermiller (?) were on went down while providing air cover for a pinned team
    Played with the Ma Deuce for 3-4 days on top of Westmorland’s building during Tet.
    Other names he’s mentioned: Sgt Buck and another Sgt who’s name ended in “zy”, that he credits with teaching him what he needed to make it out of VN alive, and also a “Jackson”, that wasn’t as fortunate as others to make it back Home.

    If anyone can provide any further info or validation that would help should the need arise during his VA Review then it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Sgt T. Scott
    USA, Military Police 1991-99

    • If your dad was in a MACV compound in or around Qui Nhon in Oct 67-Oct 68,I probably delivered MOGAS to his compound. They wouldn’t let me into the compound for security reason so I’d drive around the wire parimeter so that I was close to the tank that needed filling. I’d hand the nozzle through the barbed wire to an American dressed in civies. He’d fill the tank and hand the nozzle back to me and it always came back with. 5th of whisky. It would be something if that was your dad. Sorry, I don’t know the best way for you to get more info but I’m sure somebody here will respond.

    • I was with Team 8 from Dec 65 to Dec 66. I was a SP5, the lowest rank enlisted on the team. Sorry, I did not know SP5 Lynch.

  9. Hi Vic. I was with Team 8 MACV compound from Dec 65 to Dec 66. In the compound were Team 8 (II Area Log Comd ARVN) Advisors and Team 22 (Infantry) Advisors and maybe a few spooks. Next door to the MACV compound was a Special Forces Compound, SF B-Team 22. I used to go next door to their club. Those guys were really great. I’m thinking maybe you delivered to that compound and they paid you with whiskey. I’m sure they had some shadowy types. Take care. J Lycans

    • I am looking for Army Personnel that served with my husband in Qui Nhon from December 1967 to December 1968. He has really bad hearing and the VA Hospital is giving him trouble in getting hearing aids. They said we needed to locate some of his old unit to see if any of them had the same problem. Please if you or anyone served in Qui Nhon during that time period and has hearing loss and constant ringing in their ears could you please contact us either by phone (989) 277-5172 or email We really could use some help. They are saying they have medical records that don’t show any problem. Well we have learned that the medical records from that time period were destroyed in a fire AND that the record keeping wasn’t what it should have been anyways due to the chaos over there. My husband served his country and deserves to get hearing aids provided for him. So if any one can help us by backing up the fact that there are others out there with this problem and that there was bombing or shelling constantly every night over head into the mountains it would be much appreciated.

        • Hi Vic, My husband was with MACV Advisory Team #27. We have found one soldier he served with and he has extremely bad hearing also and has been helping us. But if I can find others it would help us further. Thank you for your help and others. Marie Hardy

      • Ditto with my hearing and loss of vision of right eye…no med records and I am sunk. Oh well, life of a soldier. Hope you can get joy out of your pursuit…great lady you are.

        • Thank you Charley Brown. I would do anything for my husband of 50 years this December. We were married 2 days before he left. I am thankful he returned home. I have found one person so I just keep plugging along in hopes of finding others who served with my husband. Thank you for your kind words.

          • I’m retired in Ecuador South America, for the last 21 years. I have no contact with the VA here but gave up on ’em anyway. I bought two cheap old fashioned hearing aids, the ones which have a pod that goes benind the ear for a watch battery and the electronics. You can see them for I till have a military haircut but they work, cost about $15 each. I need only one, the other esr is good enough. I bought them online 21 years ago from a nunting/outdoor outfit, selling them for hunting to hear animals better. They are like the hearing aids of the 50s, using a newish component called a transistor.

            This may help. They are simple amplifiers not tuned to augment certain frequencies of hearing los.they amplify all sounds instead of certain freauencies such as BELLTONEs etc..

        • Hi Charlie, It took me 20 years to get into the VA even though I had documentation from Army doctors who examined me ears. I hurt them in training firing a M60. First round both my ears blew. Lucky my right ear came back. But even with documentation, I couldn’t get in. Someone suggested I try getting an advocate for me. Turns out there are folks out there that want to help us and know the system better than we do. Try calling your local VFW or American Legion. They may help or put you in touch with people that do this for us. I used an Americal Legion guy that does this for free. They know how the system works and want to help.

          Good luck,
          Vic Francis SP4 Vietnam Oct 67-68


        • If you could email the hill being shot up with tracers that would be ideal. I was in Qui Nhon in 1969 and my job was a driver for the Colonel in charge of Qui Nhon Army Depot. I’m being tested by the VA’s outside medical units QTC regarding hearing and PTSD. That would really help if you could send it to me.

      • I was in the Air Force, and I have the same problem with my hearing. I did not have a problem getting hearing aids.

      • Hello, I served in Qui Nhon in 1970 and 71. I knw that’s not during the time that your husband served but nevertheless, I have a severe hearing loss in both ears and the VA have provided me with hearing aids for the pass 10 years. I am not sure why the VA is refusing to supply them for your husband but don’t give up because that is one of his benefits for serving.

          • Hello Thomas, I served in Qui Nhon from January – May 71 in the 13th Finance (Sec D) also. I reenlisted for reassignment to the 7th Finance in Siagon. Glad you made it home

    • I was with Team 27 1967-68 through and after Tet NVA offensive, but in that same compound in Qui Nhon too. Martha Ray used to hang out in the SF compound next door at the club house. Needing a MACV EM clubhouse of our own, master sergeant Barrack assigned me for a month to start building one in the MACV compound itself which I did. I was recovering from a nasty case of hep caught at Team 99 in Duc Hoa from non treated compound water (a duffless Duc Hoa Capt was relieved of command because of it). I had just returned from a month at a Navy hospital in Japan and on light duty..good time to build a club house. It was completed by others as my field work living with RF PF infantry militia took me back out to the paddies and hamlets. Great duty but risky. Team members of our CMIT were 1st. Lt. Tom Higdon from TN and Ssgt Fanning. Both were 1st Air Cav out of An Keh/Pleiku. CMIT stood for combined mobile improvement team, combining skills and know how as well as liason with Ist Cav and MACV, best of both worlds. It was Fanning’s 4th tour, an ex SF too, Tom’s 1st tour and my 2nd. I was usually the jeep driver when we didn’t use Huey slicks to get out and back every three weeks and RTO as well as anything else needed. Club builder!

      I hang out at Team 27 on this site, just thought I’d clutter the board a little here since we all based out of Qui Nhon. And some of ya’ll drank in my 1967 club! Bottoms up.
      All the best guys!
      (Sgt) Charley (Chuck) Brown

      • I forgot, THANK YOU SPECIAL FORCES GUYS next door for loaning us your deuce and a half truck on occasion! One had to start it by connecting two wires…no switch button, lol, nothing like a hot wired SF hot rod. I remember when your or some SF outpost on the hilltop overlooking the bay was attacked one night, I was downtown at my VN captain’s house and we saw the tracers flying. That was before Tet.

      • Charlie, thanks for the club. We all spent a lot of time there. A nickel for a beer and ten cents for a mixed drink. Steve Bakkum RTO QuiNhon TOC 1969 and most of 70.

        • Hey Steve, I didn’t know you since I ETSed in April 1968 after Tet in Feb. I poured the concrete foor of the club and started the structure with Viet guys, but I went to the field and some very savy guys finished the club. I think I got to enjoy it once or twice! Good deal…nickle beer,

      • Oct 67 – Oct 68 Chuck, My job was a petroleum product analyst, in other words I made sure the JP-4 was pure every day before I’d release it for use. Sounds like an important job but in reality it was easy monkey work. I did my job every morning and asked if I could drive a 2,5 ton Mogas truck as well. One of my favorite stops was the MACV compound in Qui Nhon. Whenever I filled them up my nozzle came back with a 5th of whisky. My favorite stop.

          • Actually I wasn’t at MACV compound much, I was a 3 to 4 man CMIT team member (later called MAT for mobile advisory team) out with PF, training and going on weekly night cordon and search ops much of the time. Once every three weeks we had “off” to recuperate. clean up, get a haircut and decent chow, attend to any medical issues, mail letters and get paid since we didn’t get paid in the field. As to where the whisky came from, damfino. Nice though! I built the first part of that MACV EM bar but was whisked away to CMIT work after I poured the floor and did some plumbing, someone else finished it and I had a few cool ones there later. Prior to that the SF bar and officer’s club were the only watering holes, neither of which I particular reason. Most times on “off” time I was downtown in my apartment teaching English to school kids in my ARVN captain’s house below my apartment…he was my landlord and eating Viet chow down the street. At times I’d chow down at MACV for the food was pretty good and I stocked up on vitamin tablets for 3 more weeks of low quality village chow which included some pretty sad stuff including dog.

    • Jay, I was with Hq. 58th Field Depot, Qui Nhon from 12/16/66 to 10/7/68. Visited that SF Club a few times!!

  10. I was with Advisory Team 8, 1968 and 1969, in both Qui Nhon, and at the Sub-Detachment, on the 821 ARVN Ordinance Compound, In Pleiku. I have some interesting photos.

    • Michael Sivilli, Thanks for the reply. I have a few pics but mostly of our guys posing like tough guys. Tet was tough for all of us. our Squad was stuck on the air field in Qui Nhon for 7 days. We ran the gas station on the air field. At one point I was in one of those Lincoln Logs guard towers about 20 feet up. 50 feet behind me was 200K gallons of JP4. I figured if they hit the tank, they wouldn’t even find my dog tags. We had one land about 10 feet from the tank behind me but it didn’t go off. Do you remember anyone delivering gasoline to you guys in 67 or 68? Chances are it was me. My MOS was petroleum product annalist but except when we got a delivery of JP4, I could do my MOS job in 2 hours so I volunteered to drive a truck after I did my MOS job.
      If you have pictures of your crew or of anything you think would be interesting, I’d love to see them. I had an 8 ml camera with films that was stolen from me in Camron Bay when we were leaving.

      Vic Francis SP4 U.S. Army

  11. Team 8 Qui Nhon. y name is Vic Francis and I used to deliver MOGAS to a MACV compound in Qui Nhon Oct 67 Oct 68. They wouldn’t let me into the compound so I’d hand them my nozzle and hose and they would fill their stand alone tank. When they filled the tank and handed me back my nozzle, it always came back with a 5th of whiskey. Great guys.
    Thank you for your service and for the whiskey.
    As a side note. The Freedom of information for disclosure has long passed. I always thought you folks were either special ops or CIA. True? or false?

    • Mr. Dang sir,

      I was hoping if you happened to know my grandfather, Major Dang Xuan Nghi. He served as the Qui Nhon district chief, and served in the 22nd ARVN ID.

      Thank you for your time,

      -Tyler Dang

      • Hi Tyler –

        We have the same last name –
        I didn’t serve – My dad did with ARVN – I’ll ask dad if he recalls meeting your grandfather – What year was he in Qui Nhon? My uncle Colonel Dang Hong Bang was province chief of Quang Duc – He was KIA Oct 22 1965.

    • Hello Sir:
      I was the admin clerk for Team 8 from December 1965 to December 1966. I believe COL Leeper was the Senior Advisor during that time. If he is the same, I have fond memories of him.
      Best regards,

      Jay Lycans

  12. The EM & NCO was opened when I was in Macv Comound. It closed not long after I got there, so we all went to the officers club. I was in room 100, first floor.

  13. MSG Lycans. Just browsing and saw ur msg. See above. Housed in MACV Compound in 1 of 4 rooms by Off. Club. Beautiful view. Got lucky! Was mural on EM Bar wall still existent when you there? Enjoy your retirement. SFC Hamilton, USA, Ret.

    • SFC Hamilton, I was with Advisory Team 8 (II Area Log Comd) from Dec 65 to Dec 66. We also had Advisory Team 22 (Infantry) on the compound. I lived in the small quad across the street in the block buildings. That was my first tour and we really had it good. Thanks for posting. J, Lycans, MSG, Ret

  14. Dear Sir: Thank you for your comments. I was with the II Area Logistics Command (ARVN) from Dec 65 to Dec 66. I made the ARVN convoy trip to Pleiku 3 times a week for a year. I lived in the MACV Compound by the beach. I went on to serve a year at MACV HQ in Saigon, 6 months with Advisory Team 99 (25th ARVN ID) at Duc Hoa and one year with the Americal Div at Chu Lai.
    Best wishes
    Jay Lycans, MSG, USA, Retired

  15. Dear Sirs,
    Just to say Hello (from the son of the South VN officer who was the CO of Binh Dinh Logistic and Support centre based in Quy Nhon between 1971 to 1974)

    I would like to say a big Thank you to all of you for coming to SVN to help us in fighting against VC and let us have the taste of democracy and freedom.

    May God bless you and best wishes.

    Peter Le Ngoc , Portsmouth UK

      • Mr. Jones sir,

        My Grandfather was a ARVN Major, Major Dang Xuan Nghi. He was the district chief of the Qui Nhon district if I am correct. He is alive in Houston, as I have just discovered this information last week! I was hoping if you knew of him! I also have a picture of him during his time in ARVN.

        Best regards and thank you for your time,

        -Tyler Dang

  16. Was with mat II-8 from July 1970 to June 1971
    Started in tuy phouc district with the Korean compound within sight
    Moved into town shortly after we lost our American artillery support
    Major Arts was our commander to be relieved by Major Brady
    Have not heard anything from any of my fellow mat team soldiers
    Lt Peterson

  17. I served with team 8 from March 1971 to April 1972 E4 TRansportation Specialist transferred cargo from us to the Arvin’s ?, Ammo, Tanks you name it , checked a lot of cargo inbound on ships was there when Ammo dump went up in April of 71. As well as a ship sunk on the pier and other areas that were hit while I was there

    • II was in country with the Miss America USO Show 1971 in August/September 1971. It was around the end of August when we did our show in Qui Nhon & my husband then fiancee Army Capt. Thomas “Barney Barnett, III arrived. His Commander or Officer in charge, not quite sure of precise terminology, was Colonel William “Bill” Story whose wife & children were in Brenerhaven, Germany where Barney was stationed before he deployed. I know Barney was an adviser there working at the port and with the ROC ARMY and I met one of his friends stateside after the war Capt. John Glowe. Think John lives in Ohio and we are in Texas. Did you, by chance, know them? They used to be in in the group playing football on the weekends. Barney has spoken often of the cookouts they would have with the ROC ARMY when they brought BUKGOJKI & KIMCHEE & the AMERICANS brought STEAK & POTATIES & switched. He loves BULGOKI & KIMCHEE!
      Bellinda Myrick-BARNETT, Miss Texas 1970

      • I was with Macv team 13 in Saigon when I first got in country. Macv in Qui Nhon needed 2 people. Myself and a man from South Carolina decided to go to Qui Nhon. I didn’t like the traffic in Saigon. We got to Qui Nhon right after Christmas 1971. I have the whole listings of everybody that were in Mac-v compound . I am sorry I do not know the people you asked about. I think that Ray Ferguson might be the person that was in the same group I was in.

        • some of us went over to the army MACV club a couple of times. our navy Swift boat advisory team 42 was actually across the harbor on the peninsula. Only transport was mike boats to town. I was told that there was a Cpt. Novotny there around 69/70. If anyone has any information, please let me know. I joined the army later on and went SF, got busted from O3 back to E5 in 87, but just went back to Bad Toelz, south of Munich to ski, skydive and mountain climb. Made it to E7 and ret. as an O3 in Oct. 91.
          I don’t know how to modify the gravatar thingy.

          Frank Novotny

        • This is Ray Ferguson and yes you and I worked together I have picture of you and Sgt MAC and the other guy you came to quin Nhon with

          • The Guy that I went to Qui Nhon was Gary Smith from South Carolina. I retired in 2006 with 32 years and enough sick days to make my time 33 years and 2 months working with NCDOT. Gary shot himself back on 6-11-01. Glad that you are doing alright.

            • Hey good to hear from you sorry about Gary, I’m retired from the us forest service 29 1/2 years , worked Prescott fire center in AZ . And still going strong , heath problems like all old people , but still fishing and camping

        • I was in the 13th Finance (Sec D) in Quincy Compound Apr. 1971-72 and saw all of the C&W shows as well as all of the other shows that were held there.

      • Bellinda, Thank-you. Thank-you from all of us lonely Americans a half a world away from civilization and everything we loved. You were there after I left Qui Nhon. I worked mostly at Binh Dinh Povincial headquaters in Qui Nhon and mostly in the tactical operations center. I had never been able to see a USO show as it always seemed to happen when I “was out in the field”. One night however, sometime in 1970 three state beauty contestant winners (not sure if that is politically correct anymore) were staying at the MACV compound that was on the beach in Qui Nhon. They joined us one night at our nightly movie. Our outdoor movie was a 16mm projector, two 4×8 sheets of plywood painted white and bleacher seating for about 20 people. This particular night there was only a couple of us and 3 beautiful American women. Just to talk with them and spend some time watching the movie was uplifting. We had our share of bad moments on our advisory team but that one night talking to American women halfway around the world, well that was fantastic. Thanks again. One question. Were you aprehensive about going to Viet Nam?

        • Mr. Smith sir,

          My grandfather was the district chief of Qui Nhon, Major Dang Xuan Nghi. I was hoping if this name is familiar. He served with the 22nd Arvn Division, but was assigned to be the district chief around the time you were in Qui Nhon. He received a U.S. Army Bronze star for aiding in a rescue of U.S. Advisors.

          Thank you for your time sir.

          -Tyler Dang

        • Hi smitty ya I have some good pictures of you and ya should remember me , worked together for a year in ships in harbor and room mates for a little bit , hot drunk at beach house and took you and Scotty and one other futon boat ride speed boat a maj had . My very first day in quin Nhon

          • Hey Ray if you have the picture digital could you send me a copy at “” also have you kept in contact with anyone from the Team? Got and email from Dan Heffner through this site about a year ago.

  18. …not too much info available concerning Advisory Team 8. I tried tracking down SGT Thorsen, who I worked with in Pleiku, to no avail. Good luck…

  19. Hi – I’m looking for some help here. I was with Naval Advisory Team 42, across the harbor from Qui Nhon in ’70. Went over to the MACV club in town a couple of times. Joined the army later and as i could not wear a NAG patch, I wore a MACV patch because Naval Advisory Group was under MACV in the chain of command. I am trying to start a little organization of navy advisors and am looking for another organization that has a yearly convention to coat tail with, if possible.
    If this MACV organization has a yearly convention, please let me know. I was on a VN navy Swift boat that had turned over, on coastal patrol. Got back to the Chesapeake Bay and didn’t want to see a fish or a squid for ten years!
    Frank Novotny, Cpt., U.S.Army, ret.
    formerly QM1 USNR

    • I was there apr 70- nov 70. LCDR Holcomb was CO . I had turned my boat over to RVN and sent to qui nhon as adviso teacher to VN crews. Job description really was “you do for me,” Dick anthony naples fl AO survivor

  20. Advisory Team 8 was indeed in Qui Nhon. There was also a sub detachment in Pleiku on the 821st ARVN Ordinance compound.

  21. Don’t recall if Team 8 or other. Sgt. Joe Clark was Supply Sgt. Sgt. Pennington was Mess Sgt. The BEST Mess Sgt. in the Army. I tried to run 2 bars. Sgt. Pennington was a lot of help. I reported to Capt. Jackson of II CALC in Qui Nhon. Had a ARVN Ordnance Depot Co.
    as Advisor. 68 – 69 served at ARVN Ordnance Rebuild Depot at Saigon. I recall M/Sgt. A. Sullivan, CWO Morgan, WO James Chaney, Sgt. Hendricks. Were contract Civilians there also from Vinnel Corp: Red, Al Yegger.

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