Team 81 Kien Tuong

MACV Team 81 – Kien Tuong.

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 81 located in Kien Tuong.

7 thoughts on “Team 81 Kien Tuong

  1. I was in AdvisoryTeam 81 at SF B team Camp Long, at An Loc (Hon Quan) from dec 66 to dec 67 as a Rod FAC. Major Mendoza was one of the B team SF camp commanders. Major McCormick was the AF ALO.

  2. I served in the Chau Thanh District for MACV in 1970-1971 as a CI Agent. There was a team that would spend down time in our compound. Any idea which MAC Team that would be?

  3. Confusing, at best. Team 81. ( Mobile Advisory Team IV-81) was located at My-Phuc-Tay RF/PF, CIDG camp, I, Captain William J. Webb, was the Senior Advisor of MAT IV 81! This former Special Forces (A-411 ), is located in Cai-Lay District, Dinh-Tuong Province, Mekong Delta, Vietnam! I was Senior Advisor of MAT IV 81 from 01/1970-11/1970.
    H: 1 (253)884-6972
    cell: 1 (253)227-3805 (text okay)
    PO Box 805, Wauna, WA 98395-0805
    I hope this helps. Salute!

  4. the above information is not correct , TEAM 85 was at the above location. Just goes to show what old age will do to you.

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