Team 81 Kien Tuong

MACV Team 81 – Kien Tuong.

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 81 located in Kien Tuong.

19 thoughts on “Team 81 Kien Tuong

  1. I served on SF ODA-411 at My Phouc Tay in the Delta from 69 to 70 when it closed. The photo is not of the camp. There were some MACV personnel assigned to the camp as it was closing, but I can’t remember their names.

    • I served on MAC-V Team 85 in the district of Kien Bien just north of your location from December 1969-August 1970. The reason that My Phouc Tay rings a bell is that I was ambushed (probably by our own RF troops) coming down the canal from Ap Bac to pick up a VCI prisoner there at My Phouc Tay. Our District Chief, an ARVN Captain with a lot of political clout in Saigon had gotten reamed out by the Province Chief for not having our team house ready for us to occupy. We were one of the first of the three-man district teams that John Paul Vann set up in the Delta. Pete and I both survived without getting hit, but scared teh shit out of me as a 20-year old 2nd Lieu!

      Pete Taylor
      Ap Bac, Kien Tuong
      1969-1970, Moc Hoa 1970- April 1971

  2. I was in AdvisoryTeam 81 at SF B team Camp Long, at An Loc (Hon Quan) from dec 66 to dec 67 as a Rod FAC. Major Mendoza was one of the B team SF camp commanders. Major McCormick was the AF ALO.

  3. I served in the Chau Thanh District for MACV in 1970-1971 as a CI Agent. There was a team that would spend down time in our compound. Any idea which MAC Team that would be?

    • Tony Orlandi. I have a couple of pictures of you taken by my brother, Gerry McDonald, while in Vietnam. Gerry passed away April 5, 2016 and his remains are at Arlington National Cemetery. The info I had related to Team 114 Kien Tuong. So I listed info there. However in looking through his slides of Vietnam, I saw your name and also, George Pumphrey, and an interpreter Theo on slides. If you are interested, I can arrange to get you the pictures. Just let me know. David McDonald

      • David…Theo was my interpreter. I would cherish any pictures you can share. I do not have one picture! I look forward to your response!!

        • Tony, So happy to hear from you. I just started tonight for some reason, I don’t know why, to do more research. I started by reviewing the actual slides and what he wrote on each one. That is where I picked up names. Then I just continued looking on the MACV website and I saw your name. Everything matched. I live in New City (Rockland County), NY. I have already moved many of Gerry’s Vietnam pictures to a digital form for my brothers and sisters. I bought a machine to do that and it worked. I can be reached at 540-383-2389. Dave McDonald

      • Gerry was my Captain for the first three or four months I was in Chau Thanh. Captain McDonald was a serious military officer who took responsibility for me and others new to the Vietnam war. He was reassigned and Captain Smith replaced him. Your brother took good care of his young (22 yrs old) intelligence agent. I had forgotten his name until I saw your post. George Pumphrey I believe was the Sgt of the MAT Team 85 which was made up of him, a Lt. and a medic. Pumphrey was the veteran of the team.

  4. Confusing, at best. Team 81. ( Mobile Advisory Team IV-81) was located at My-Phuc-Tay RF/PF, CIDG camp, I, Captain William J. Webb, was the Senior Advisor of MAT IV 81! This former Special Forces (A-411 ), is located in Cai-Lay District, Dinh-Tuong Province, Mekong Delta, Vietnam! I was Senior Advisor of MAT IV 81 from 01/1970-11/1970.
    H: 1 (253)884-6972
    cell: 1 (253)227-3805 (text okay)
    PO Box 805, Wauna, WA 98395-0805
    I hope this helps. Salute!

  5. the above information is not correct , TEAM 85 was at the above location. Just goes to show what old age will do to you.

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