Team 130

MACV Team 130- ???

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 130 located in ???

4 thoughts on “Team 130

  1. Trying to get in touch with or info on:
    SSG Richard Doyle MOBILE ADV TEAM 130, ADV TEAM 66
    SFC Gilbert R. Mumford MOBILE ADV TEAM
    Sgt Major Jesse Joyce MOBILE ADV TEAM

      • Lisa, here on Memorial day my mind goes back in time,
        I am the widow of your Dad’s good friend SFC Donald C Cordle,
        he appears in the book your Dad wrote for your family.
        We were going thru a hard time right around time I was in touch with your Mom and Dad,
        after our family got their feet back on the ground I could not get in touch again, my mail came back, phone number to Milledgeville was not working anymore, etc.
        How is your Family?
        Thank you
        Gudrun “ Dixie” Cordle -Miller

  2. Trying to get any info regarding my cousin, Sgt Donald Cordle, KIA 12/18/70 in Dinh Tuong Province, South Vietnam Thank you!

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