Team 46 Kien Giang

MACV Team 46 – Kien Giang

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 46 located in Kien Giang.

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    • Eddie, I am trying to locate information for my husband. He was awarded the Army Commendation Medal with V and the award says he was with advisory team 46 but also says the medal was awarded for service in as team leader of Mobile Advisory Team II-52 in Dien Khahn District, Khanh Hoa Province. Can you or anyone else tell me how to post to this site and if I should be looking under AT #46 or AT 52? Would love to put together a package of information by Fathers Day.

      • Sandra,
        If your husband is John Allard, he was the MAT team leader in Cam Lam district in September, 1969. I was his assistant team leader until I was transferred to Van Ninh District. The district HQ was in a rubber tree plantation, not far from a Special Forces compound that was overrun before we arrived there. It was a company size location with a newly built cinder block team house. John was professional and pleasant at the time we served together.
        Steven Goldstein

        • Steven, I was in Dien Khanh District 68-69 and visited with Cam Lam District Team every time we went to Cam Ranh Bay on a scavaging food run. On the return trip, we would drop off the Cam Lam share of the goodies. It was on one of these runs that we came upon the accident involving Capt. John Sadler from Cam Lam. I was talking to him and he was responding clearly immediately before he passed. A very traumatic for me and John’s wife and son who many years later I had the privilege of talking.

  1. My father SSG Joseph Pestovich served as a medical advisor with Team 46 Khanh Hoa Province II CTZ in mid to late 1969 before he was promoted to SFC and then served with Team 25, Mobile Advisory Team II-97, Buon Ho District, Darlac Province until July 1970.

  2. My Dad was a Captain in Team 46 Jan1965 until he moved to 25th Division and was then in Team 99. At the time he was Captain Donald R. Brown. Horst Faas took a photo of him exiting a helicopter on April 2nd or 3rd 1965 in action near Duc Hoa that was carried by a lot of papers in the States.

  3. I am trying to help a gentleman who says he was with MACV or precursor to it in late 63 thru 67/68. Based on what I know, he was in or near Siagon when he was asked to join. Name Harris Earl Duncan, from South Dakota. Knew a Captain Brantly/Brantley and Capt Hayes. Trying to confirm his story. I have his service number etc if it is helpful.

  4. MY name is ret.SFC Hank Baker i was on Team 46 MAT22 1969,team leader was Capt.Stokes from Okla.Is there any one out there that remembers any of our team?LT.Jamison,Sgt Romball?

    • Hank, you and I were teammates for a very short time in October 1969. I joined the team as Asst Team Leader, 2LT, Inf with Rick Henderson, 1LT as Team Leader. Remember SSGTiny Romball from Minnesota, SGT Jim Smith, Texas and Doc as well as our interpreter, Mao. Recall day you choppered from our Vung Ro location to deros. Spent a few months there before I got my own team in Ninh Hoa. Continued good luck and good health

  5. I am Arvn officer in Dien Khanh looking for Lt Bauer in oct 1970
    And Sgt Gary Van Brunt Capt Harol E Pitts 1971
    I am in Sugar Land Tx

  6. I was with Team 46, Dien Khanh District 10K due West of Nha Trang 1968-1969. Team commander Major Reid, XO Lt Keenan, Medic Sgt Farrington, RTO PFC Frank Brudecki, Intel Sgt Tice; MAT Team Leader Captain Johnson. South of Dien Khanh was the Cam Lo District team with XO John Sadler (KIA). Province HQ Team was commanded by Mr Mitun(sp?). Memory fails me on the rest.

    • Dear Mr. Alkek: thank you for remembering my father John Sadler. I would like to thank you and all of the Team 46 brotherhood. Bill sadler

      • Bill, not a day goes by that I don’t think about your father. He was a great guy and because of our age difference (I was 20 and he was in his 30s), I thought of him like a big brother, Always friendly and smiling, and willing to help an inexperienced 2nd Lt. I was glad I could be with him on his last day although it is very hard for me to think about it. He was excited to be going home to Texas the next month, and wanted to make sure I would contact him after he got to Ft Hood. He talked frequently about you and your Mom.

      • Mr. Alkek: thank goodness you were with him on his last day. I am working with some veterans at work. Many do not tend to remember how important their contributions to each other were. As a son I thank you.

        • Hi Billy and Mr. Alkek,
          I asked my Mom to find a picture of John to post to the Public Radio photo collection here in Wisconsin last year. She found the one I think posted there. Tonight I did some googling to see what has come of the collection and found this site. I am very touched by this all of course and esp. the comments you posted at that site Mr. Alkek. Thank you!

          Maureen is my first cousin — and Billy when last we connected, I think was at our resort in Holcombe, Wisconsin. I would love an email ( from either of you. With great gratitude for you sacrifices, Quintin E. Sullivan

          P.S. I think Maureen was a social worker like me? You too Billy?

  7. Apparently I was on MAT 46 in August-September, 1970. I say apparently because we moved to another MAT (76) in October and I only recently looked through my notes and saw that we were called 46 in Kien Giang (Tan Hiep village). My notes say: “Captain Briggs, Lt Frank Lucas, Lt Wingate Battle.”

    • I remember Cpt. Briggs, he was a heavy set man with curly blonde hair. though, i don’t know the other two men. and i am wondering, do you remember a man, i believe was Cpt. Dallas Summers? just wondering, because he was my captain when i was there and he committed suicide when he sent out a MEDVAC too late for soldiers when they were in a fire fight. sadly the men lost their lives, and he couldn’t live with it.

    • Sgt Barnes:
      I was attached to MACV Advisory Team 55, but was on MILPHAP Team Navy-6 operating out of RachGia, Kien Giang Province. I never knew many of you guys BC you were out in the field most of the time. You were definitely not in the rear with the gear! Were you there when COL Richard Ellison was Province Senior Advisor?
      I had a corpsman, HM2 Burke, on PhuQuoc Island about the same time, 1970, trying to upgrade a potable water source.
      R.G. Ryder, LCDR, Medical Service Corps, USN, Retired (LTJG back then).

    • I was team leader of MAT II 98 team 46 in and around NhaTrangin 1969, My interpreter was Nguyen Tan Dahn. We also had Sgt. Eutsey, Sgt Tisdale, and Lt Piekarczyk

      • I knew a Sgt Tisdale on Dien Khanh District Team 46 in 1968 and 1969. Do you know if he extended to go MAT II 98? I have a picture of him.

        • I was the leader of Matt II 98 team 46 Oct 68 – Jul 69 – other team members 2nd Lt Wally Piekarczyk, Sgt Leroy Eutsey, Sgt Tisdale, interpreter Nguyen Than Dahn

      • Patrick, we had a Sgt Tisdale on the MATS team assigned to Dien Khanh District in 1968-1969. The team was commanded by Capt Johnson, and included Lt Pike.

  8. My name is Anthony Richard D’Amico. MACV advisory team 46. Sergeant. Served from September 1969 to September 1970. Some squad members are Tom mooney, and Fred robinson. If someone knows anything about my squad or was in please reply.

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