Team 72 Tra Vinh-Vin Binh

MACV Team 72 – Tra Vinh-Vin Binh.

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 72 located in Tra Vinh-Vin Binh.

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  1. Hello Gentlemen. I am currently involved in a wind farm project in Tra-Vinh and doing an assessment of the unexploded ordnance threat that may still be there.

    Does anybody know of any minefields that were laid and can somebody give me a clear indication of where they were laid? Maybe something of google maps? or a description of the camps/bases that were protected by minefields. If so this would be of great assistance to our project.

    Thank you all for your attention.

    • Bill,

      We were classmates at Fort Holabird for a 9666 Course between Jun – Sept 1968. You were a Captain and I a new 2LT. We again met in May 1970 when I was assigned to Team 72 as a Phoenix Coordinator.
      I remember how glad I was when I saw a face I knew when I arrived. You assigned me to Cau Ngang District.
      I worked with Maj Reichner, SGTs Harper, Warren, Johnson. I also remember visits by Lt Jim Fields and his team and an airmobile operation to locate POWs. I also remember several trips to Can Tho with Major Carter. So nice to see names from the past.

      • Tom and Bill,

        I (Lt Jim Fields) spent about about 6 months with Lin Doi 404, humping the rice patties and about 6 months creating a NOAT (‘basic’ training and ambushes at hamlet levels). My memory had the Lin Doi bring out nearly a dozen POWs (boys actually) from that one air mobile op. On the op I saw two dead bodies draped over a rice patty – tall, green uniforms (no insignia or names) and appearing to be Chinese; my guess – Chinese advisors; only such uniformed ‘enemy’ I saw while in VN.

        Don’t have any idea about unexploded or other minefields in the province.

        • I remember one night we caught sight of a tall blond guy illuminated by an artillery parachute flair. The PRU advisor speculated that he might have been a French advisor left over from the old days. I guess stranger things happened…

          • This is Jamie Bryant. I was a Captain and Chieu Hoi advisor in Vinh Binh from September 1970 to September 1971. The story of the tall blond with the VC was still around then. One version was that he was a captured American

            James R. Bryant III P.O. Box 216 Linville, NC 28646 (828) 733-0534 (Home) (704) 996-9917 (Cell)


      • Tom, I do remember you from Ft Holabird, but do not remember you from Adv Team 72. Old age tends to do that to you.. Anyway glad to hear from you. I don’t know if you remember Ed Baisden and Joel Clements from our 9666 class. Ed was a Captain and Joel a Major while attending the course. Ed ended up in Can Tho about the same time we were in Vinh Binh as the Special Security Officer to IV Corps Hqs and then I ran into him just before I retired from the Army where we were both assigned to DIA. Joel was at CINCPAC in 1978 when i was assigned to IPAC. He retired as a LTC and at one time was Mayor of Dahlonega, GA. I do not know where either are now. I was in Tra Vinh two years ago and found the old Province team house. It is now a Bank. The PIOCC nor the S-2 building no longer exists. Tra Vinh is now a bustling city and the road to the airport and Seebee compound is wall to wall homes and businesses. Neither exists now, except for small portions of the runway. I could not locate any of by old counterparts, but did find out two of our secretaries had survived the take over. I just wish I could have spent more than a day in the city. Anyway, good hearing from you. I now live in Hartwell, GA and am a widower. If you would like to chat I can be reached at 864-602-0249. Take care. Bill

  2. I was with Advisory Team 72 from November 1969 until November 1970 as the Deputy Phoenix Coordinator in Tra Vinh.. My boss was Major Edward Cima, from Massachusettes. Our Clerk was PFC Burke from California. The day I arrived in Province a Mohawk Aircraft had been shot down along the coast and I found myself flying in a UH-1 Helicopter trying to recover the pilot and crew member who had survived the crash. We recovered neither as they were captured and taken into the mangrove swamp in Loan Tuan District. on cancellation of the search we returned to the airfield at Tra Vinh and I checked in to team HQS and was assigned to a room in the main building with Captain Robert “Buster” Cozart and CWO Jim Butler, both Bird Dog pilots assigned to the Province. We became close friends. Others I remember on the team were Col. Ellison, who was replaced by LTC Edward Metzger. Major Currie, S3; Lt Benny Partin, Asst S-3, Sgt Frank Antaya, “Doc” Winterer and a number of others whose names I can’t recall off hand. I do remember Col Ellison being killed in an ambush in Rach Gia shortly after he left the Province. I also remember vividly the day Buster and Jim were lost on a flight back to Tra Vinh after they had been reassigned to Vinh Long. I was the duty officer when they went down near the Cang Long Secret Zone on March 21st 1970, my birthday. I can say that their remains were finally recovered long after the war. I am making a trip back to Tra Vinh in early April when I visit Vietnam. I am sure it will bring back some memories.

    • I was the ARVN Interpreter MACV TRaVinh HQT was on that Helicoper try to rescuered the Mohaw pilot shot down at Long Toan coastal we deployed A Ranger 44 from Soc Trang lV cord try to find the pilot I remember we on Helicopter All night back and fort To refuel at Travinh Air port  I was with Major Carter S3 Advisort . Col Sơn Thuong Dept Sactor Comander 

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    • William, I was at Tra Vinh and Team 72 for a portion of your tour. I also arrived in November of 1969. I was transferred up to Vinh Long not long before Capt. Cozart and Mr. Butler went down. I shared quarters with Sgt Frank Antaya and Spec 5 Mike Orton, one of the Swamp Fox Crew Chiefs, the other was Specialist Edwards. I worked for Capt. Clark, the ALO, I was his Crew Chief. All of the Birddog crews stuck together and I was stunned when Cozart and Butler went down they were great guys and to this day I think about them a lot. Mike Orton and I have recently made contact and have exchanged a number of photo of Tra Vinh. If you have access to facebook, search for a page call Fixed Wing Forward Air Controllers in SEA and you’ll find a number of photos taken in the Tra Vinh area during the time you were there. Mike Steele Sgt. USAF.

      • Mike, thanks for the email. I probably knew you, just when you get old you tend to forget. I remember Frank Antaya, because we used to play ping pong at the Seabee camp out by the airfield. He was pretty good and we had some great matches. Buster and Jim Butler were great guys and many a Sunday I would fly back seat as an observer. I remember watching a B-52 Airstrike on Long Toan District while flying with Buster one day. Quite impressive to behold. I was also in the backseat with him when we found a VC arms factory in the Cang Long Secret Zone. We dove and fired all the rockets on the site causing a huge explosion and then several secondary explosions. At the same time we received heavy fire from the area and took several hits although we didn’t find them until we returned to the airfield. I am still saddened that both were killed in March 1970. I used to live in the Washington, DC area and used to visit the wall many times to gaze at the names from my 1st tour with the 1st Cavalry Division in II Corps and then visit Buster and Jim’s names on the west wall. As for me I remained on active duty retiring in 1988 as a Lieutenant Colonel. I now live in Georgia about 45 miles from downtown Atlanta. I will check my pictures and see what I have. I know for a fact I have one off Buster at the Seabee compound. I just need to figure out how to download it to this medium. Take care. Bill

        • Bill I know what you mean regarding age, if it wasn’t for a number of old 35 mm color slides I recently had digitalized I’d be up the creek. I recently made contact with Jim Clark my boss and pilot at TraVinh and we have exchanged a number of photos. I’d be more than happy to share mine with you. my email is:

          if you’d like, shoot me an email at this address and I can get them to you, Best Regards! -Mike

    • I was district intelligence advisor in Cang Long district from March 1970. I recall Major Cima. Did we meet? I lAter served in Cau Ke, then extended to take the deputy job in Tra Vinh I later became a U.S. diplomat. Bill millan

      • Bill, although I don’t recall you I would venture to say I met you. I visited all the DIOCC’s during my tour with Advisory Team 72. I started my tour as the Provine PIOCC Senior Advisor replacing Fred Hogge in November 1969. Shortly thereafter, about Jim’s December Ed Cima took over. He had initially been assigned to Kien Hoa Province, but the PSA refused to accept him while enroute so he ended up in Vinh Binh. He was a good guy and I enjoyed working with him although it was somewhat of a demotion for me. The old memory is not as good as it used to be but I do remember LTC Metzger as the PSA. I also remember Don Colin and a number of others. Captain Robert “Buster” Cozart and CWO James Butler were my roommates until reassigned to Vinh Long. I was duty officer when we realized they became missing.on a flight back to Tra Vinh for a visit. I went back to Tra Vinh in April this year for a one day visit. Found the old team house. It is now a bank. Also found out Ms Cuc and Ms Nahn both survived the takeover. Co Cuc is married and lives in My Tho; Mrs Nahn married aa American and now lives in Salt Lake. No one could tell me what happened to any of the men who worked in the PIOCC. Tra Vinh is a thriving metropolis. The airfield no longer exists except for a few portions of the runway nor does any remnants of the Seabee compound. Can’t Long is now a thriving city and the road from there to Tra Vinh is a hardtop highway with shops and homes lining the entire route. Amazing. Bill

    • Ben l Partin says hello I remember you well and just found this site. I got out of the Army in 1972 as a Captain. My last station was FT Campbell,Ky. I live in Southeast MO. near the home place of Rush Limbaugh, Cpt, Cozart and WO Butler were great and think of them often as well Col Ellison, It sounds like a lot has changed in Tra Vinh

      • Ben I don’t know if you will remember me, but I was the AF FAC crew chief between the End of October 69 and the end of February 70. Capt. Jim Clark the AF FAC was my boss. I have some pictures of Christmas Day 1969 of a group of the officers including you, and enlisted loading Christmas dinner in the back of a jeep for distribution to the MAT Teams. Do you remember who the officer was with the broken foot who was playing Santa. As I remember he was a West Point Grad and Capt. who’d broken his foot playing touch football down at the soccer field….I think he was also in charge of our small all ranks club. This was the year the Minnesota Vikings were in the Super Bowl and he was a big fan…. Mike Steele Tra Vinh, Team 72 69/70….

      • Hi Benny, What a surprise. I have often thought of you since our tour together in Tra Vinh. I retired from the Army in 1988 as a LTC. I then went back to work as a civilian in the Pentagon as a Senior Intelligence Officer for another 10 years before retiring for good, My wife and I then moved to South Carolina for 13 years before eventually ending up in Georgia near Atlanta due to wife’s declining health. She eventually passed away in 2017 after a lengthy illness. I moved in to independent living this past October. I was in Missouri about 5 years ago attending my Vietnam, Battalion reunion (1st tour) in Branson. We do this every year and will be in Gettysburg this September. I have been in contact with several of our former teammates and visited Tra Vinh last April. The old team house is still standing. It is now a bank. The town has grown considerably and only a small portion of the old airfield still remains. I was able to find that two of my former secretaries/interpreters Miss Cuc and Miss Nhan survived the takeover. Ms Cuc is married and lives in My Tho. Mrs Nhan married a US serviceman and now lives in Salt Lake City. No one could tell me what happened to any of my counterparts. I only had time to spend one day there and wished it could have been longer. I do remember some of our fellow teammates, but the only ones I have had contact with is Mike Steele and Bill Milligan, who actually took my position with the Phoenix program. Anyway if you would like to chat give me a call at 864-602-0249. Thanks for contacting me. I appreciate it. Bill

    • Edward Delehanty here. I was a captain sr advisor to the 1/14 arvn 9th sept 1969 till march 1970. I flew with those guys a few times. I had just been transferred to the ARVN cav in Vinh long when that happened.
      As you entered the compound our houch was the first one on the right. Didn.t spend much time there as we were out in the rice a lot. Our ARVN compond was across the road from the PSP runway were Swamp fox kept their plane. Col Lnapp was the Regt Sr Advisor. My NCO was James R CROOKS Great person.

      • Hi Ed, I spent time in Tra Vinh from Oct ’68-May ’70. I was the Swamp Fox crew chief along with the Air Force crew chief Mike Steele at the airfield. We have been in touch exchanging pictures. I also remember the ARVN compound across from the airfield. I’ve got a few pictures of that area. Glad to see your post. Nice to hear from people during that time in Tra Vinh. Mike Orton. Email

  3. Was a member of Advisory Tesm #72 from 1970-1971 under the command of Major Paul Dill and Captain Glenn Dotson. Also on the team were two additional members, Max Glenn-Military Intelligence, and a Master Sergeant who’s name I can’t recall who was our medic and referred to as Doc. We had each others back. An experience for sure.

  4. Do anyone served with Maj Hayes in Tra Cu District 1971-72. If so anyone recalled what his first name was?

    • Greetings Jaime Bryant By any chance you remember a Maj Hayes from Tra Cu District or similar name Hay?

      • Pedro….I don’t recall that name but it has been a long time. I was in all of the districts while I was there.

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  5. Greetings I served with MACV 72 in Tieu Can District from Jan 71 to April 72. My name is SFC Pedro Vangas. I am in badly need of the Tieu Can Team House Map Coordinates or Tieu Can Village Coordinates. Tieu Can Team Members were Maj Saunders, CPT Raynolds, CPT Orlando Medina,

      • Jorg….This is Jamie Bryant. I was in Tra Vinh with you and remember Joel Avera and Bill Grana, the other doctors on MACV Team 72. I lived with John Pouris, until he moved to Can Tho, and then Al Laun, both with USIA. Col. Metzner was the Senior Province Advisor and Don Colin was the Deputy Province Advisor. Jeff Millington was State Department. Ollie Ledford was retired California Highway Patrol and was, I think, advisor to the National Police Force in Vinh Bing province. I would like very much to talk to you about what you remember and what you have done since Vietnam. My cell phone number is 704-996-9917.

    • Hi, Pedro. I was the S-2 on Adv Tm 57 (later Tm 72) from Aug 1967 to Aug 1968. I’ll dig out my topo map (tomorrow I hope) and get the village coordinates to you. Don’t know if I have the Team House coordinates, but I might have the Artillery location coordinates. Bill

    • Hi, Pedro. Best I can tell from my Ops Topo, Tieu Can Village District Town, Vinh Binh Province, is at XR308844. Don’t know the coordinates for the Team House. Hope this helps. Best regards, Bill Boyle, S-2, 9/67–8/68

      • Greetings Bill I have a request from the US Army Human Resource Command for a copy of the Tieu Can District Military Map. Reason being that is needed as part of a Award recommendation package. If you can make a copy of the map and send it to my home address: Pedro Vangas, 1816 Flat Branch Court, Valrico, FL 33594 I would greatly appreciated it.

        • I was a member of Tieu Can Sub Sector MACV Team 72 from 67-70 Capt Kenneth Cherry is deputy senior Advisory Team there He may know some information about that district, Let me know if i can help Former Staff Sargent ARVN Interpreter Tra Vinh Head quarter Sector

          • Hello Huan Nguyen if you have any information on the Team House I would appreciated it. The Artillery position was moved from the rear of the Team House to another location across the bridge.

  6. I was there with Jeff Millington as well as Don Colin who was the DPSA. I kept up with both of them, from time to time. The last I heard from them, Don was in DC and Jeff was in the Sudan. I’ll see if I can locate them again. Send me you email address so I can get back to you. Mine is jamesrbryant3@charter. net.

    • I was in. Can’t long district March 1970 to September then Cau Ke district to march 71, then was deputy Phoenix advisor in Tra Vinh HQ for another six months. I later became an FSO at State where I knew Jeff Millington, he had a long career. Don colin married his Vietnamese girlfriend but died around 1979 from a heart attack in the halls at State. I have written a novel about team 72, available on Amazon, set in 67-68 but with much factual material entitled Victory because the hero makes it home alive. Former Captain William Millan.

  7. If anyone can help me get contact information for Jim Fields (his posts June 4 and July 6) I have a couple of items he may want. They relate to his service in Vinh Binh. Thanks. Just post in this spot please.
    Charlie Barnes

    • Charlie,

      You can get me at I assume our time with the Lin Dois (LD82 and LD404) were similar in many ways. An interesting aside – some of the men from my former OCS training company got together and we are planning a reunion at Ft. Benning this October. The interaction with the guys has been interesting and brings back old memories.


      • Jim-

        When did you graduate from OCS? I graduated from Infantry OCS at Ft Benning, 53rd OCS Company, in August 1966. I went to last year’s OCS reunion at Ft Benning (my class’ 50th and the 75th of OCS in general). It was a great time with trips to the old battalion/company area, meet-ups with current OCS candidates, the OCS Battalion Commander (LTC Andres), several great speakers including LTC Ralph Peters (Ret), inductions into the OCS Hall Of Fame, various activities on Ft Benning proper, etc. The Infantry Museum is outstanding. Highly recommend the reunion

        regards, Bill

        • Bill,

          I believe we were OC 24-69. Our 50th Company graduated in August 1969. Several guys from 2nd platoon reconnected first and then decided it was so much fun they expanded to the rest of us. Thanks for the nudge about the reunion. In addition to seeing the guys, I’m interested in touring the airborne training area and the towers. It will probably seem a lot less imposing than it was 47 years ago.

          Most of our guys spent only 3-4 years in the Army. We had at least 7 who either made it a pure career or retired through the Reserves. One guy’s son went on to West Point. Most of us served in Viet Nam and 2 men died there.

      • Jim – thank you so much for responding. I’m sure we met at some point because I have one of those clever NOAT business cards with your signature on the back! After 46 years if you’d like to have it back I’ll send it to you. I was there from June to June, 1970-71. I remember visiting your compound the day I Ieft Vinh Binh via Air America. I was upset because I just got the word that my partner SFC Martinez had stepped on a mine that morning while he was out with some PF platoon (never should have gone). The last few months I was there our MAT 76 consisted primarily of just Marty and me. You guys were just down the road from TM 72 and I didn’t know where else to go. To this day I appreciate the kindness you guys showed me. I was 24; it was a long time ago.
        I hadn’t been back to Benning in years but just last month I went to the new Infantry Museum with some friends. Fantastic place.

  8. Mike Orton. L-19 Birddog Crewchef

    I was the Army crew chief for the 199th Avation Company (Swampfox) from Oct. 68′ – May 70′. I lived at the MacV Compound in the team house with Sgt. Mike Steele and Sgt. Frank Antaya. I have many photos of the compound and airfield.

    I would like to connect with others from MacV advisory 72′. You can email me at

    • After getting reassigned to the TOC shack I stayed in the team house next to the NCO lounge. I recall a crew chief in the shack that had a reel to reel tape player that was loaded with songs. Tra Vinh from 08/68 to 08/69. Tieu Can district 08/68 to 02/69.

  9. Jim……I worked with the CIA guys fairly often. Bill Holscher was the most senior in province and an old OSS hand. He had some interesting stories about his experience in China and later in North Korea. We shared intelligence with them. I also took advantage of the generosity of the SeaBees. They had air conditioning and fabulous food. Good guys. I met spme of the Seals but never worked with them. We used some of our APT in operations with Ollie Ledford’s National Police Field Force operations. I liked Don Colin a lot. Also Jeff Millington, another State Department officer. I think they are both retired by now. Jeff was posted to Khatoum at one time. Jamie

    • Hi!
      Did you ever make contact with Jeff Milington? I am Keith Gette and would like to connect with him. Also served with Maj Paul Dill. Thank you

  10. I am Jamie Bryant (Cpt.). I was the Chieu Hoi advisor in aging Binh Province from September 1970 to September 1971. Col. Metzner was the PSA and Don Colin, State Department, was Deputy PSA. Jeff Millington was the State Department attaché and Al Laun was the USIS Officer. He was proceeded by John Pouris. Bill Holsher was CIA. Joel Avera, George Winterer and Bill Grana were the Air Force doctors assigned to Advisory Team 72. Ollie Ledford was the retired California Highway Patrol Colonel who advised the Vietnamese National Police Field Force. Lt. Kirby was the L-19 Shotgun Pilot. If anyone was attached to Team 72’during that period I would like to talk to you. My email is: My cell phone is: 704-996-9917.

    • Jamie,

      I was an Army Lieutenant in province with Advisory Team 72 from July 1970 – June 1971. The first six months, I was with up to four people (myself, two staff sergeants and an interpreter) under a Captain with the (‘Fighting 404’) Lin Doi, a “temporary” RF-PF (search and destroy) battalion. In about January, Lt. Col. Metzner asked me to volunteer to create a NOAT unit (Night Operations Advisory Team). I did. We were four – Staff Sergeants Jim Perkins, Chuck Mallory, an interpreter and myself). We traveled around province; lived in small villes; provided basic training for home defenders; and took them on ambushes. My year’s experience was one of nearly constant activity.

      Jim Fields

      • Jim…..Were you initially in one District? Which one. I moved around quite a bit with the armed propaganda teams (APT) that we recruited from the Chieu Hoi program. I worked initially with Jesse Zapata on night operations. Jamie

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        • Jamie,

          My ‘permanent’ bunk was in the Team 72 facilities at Tra Vinh. But we were out by trucks and helicopters with the 404 Lin Doi, around the province, about six days a week, sweeping and looking. Then, after Lt. Col Edward Metzger volunteered me for the new NOAT, we would temporarily house ourselves in various hamlets. Sorry, but I don’t remember any direct activity with the Chieu Hoi program, although I knew a little about the program. I suspect your tour was interesting. I knew and did some things with Lt. Kirby, though can’t remember his first name. Also spent some time talking with Don Colin. He urged and sent me to take exam (in Saigon) for the Foreign Service, which was interesting. Went out to the Sea
          Bees ‘camp’ (?west side of Tra Vinh?) a few times. Did not get involved with the Seals (at Sea Bees compound) or the CIA guys adjacent to our Tra Vinh compound. I think I heard that there was a battalion size regular US Army unit (non-MACV) that operated for awhile in the west-north-west part of the province, close to the Vinh Long border, about March-May 1971?.


      • Jim, this is Charlie Barnes. I was with LD 82 in Cang Long the same time you were with the LD404. I actually have a 404 color breast patch, and a NOAT ‘business card’ with your signature on the back!

        • I met Carl Young in early 68 as he was passing thru Can Tho. Happened to see if again a year later as he was leaving country. He was a SP/5 medic in Cang Long and served in the same team as SFC Ballesteros. Carl passed in 2008. Was able to meet his sister last week in Hawaii. Filled her in a little about my interaction with Carl. If any of you knew him, please contact me. I was surprised how little the family knew and hopefully the sister felt better after I conveyed my memories of her brother. I can be reached at Thanks. My 20 months was in Can Tho—Cao Lanh and thru out the 44th STZ. Teams 96, 50 and 41st Vietnamese Rangers.

    • Hello: I am Jorg Winterer, assigned to MILPHAP Team 15 in Vinh Binh: there with Dr. Joel Avery (surgeon) (of the tabasco sauce “Avery island):
      Metzner whistled his “ss”!

      • Jorg….This is Jamie Bryant. I remember you well. I also remember Joel Avera and Bill Grana who were the other doctors in Vinh Binh. I would enjoy talking sometime about our time in Vinh Binh. My home telephone number is 828-733-0534 and cell number is 704-996-9917. Jamie

  11. Pete Beckerman -I was at the TOC Center in Tra Vinh from July of 68-October of 69. Hope to connect with others that were there at that time.

  12. Hi Lt Boyle, I think sgt Lan is S2 interepreter who get killed by Sniper in Cang Long? and Dat is replaced him? I was the interpreter for S3 under Major Carter locate on 2nd floor in Sector HQT we may meet other but it been too long I can not recall. but any way we were in same team with a lot of memories !!!! I was there when Col Ton That Dong is province chief.

  13. Hi to all ex military advisors who served in Macv team 72 Tra vinh .
    My name is Triet minh Pham, i was a SFC of ARVN served as an interpreter for MAT 43 in 2 years and assigned to S3 Hq. Travinh in 1970 to workes for Ltc Currie to 1973. Reasigned back to ARVN Signal Corp till 1975, VC overan SVN , i escaped to Thailan in 1979 with wife and 2 sons. We resetled in California on 1980. Now i retired after 24 years worked as a machinist. I’m wrtting this with all deeply thankfull to all ex Advisors and wish to contact all personnel who served in team 72 Travinh. Specially to Mr James TULLY of Us Embassy Bangkok Thailan during 1980 with thousand of grateful. My phone # 909-451-1312 or 909-397-4309. Mail address : Triet m pham – 624 Date St. Pomona-Ca 91768.


  14. Hello Mike, do you remember Capt. Jim Clark? He was the USAF ALO for Team 72 from the Fall of ’69 through March of ’70 when the AF shut down the Tra Vinh FOL and turned over the FAC mission to the VNAF. I was his crew chief, we had the AF bird dog and the two Army
    L -19s from the 199th Aviation Co. With Capt. Buster Cozart and WO James Butler who were KIA in March of ’70…-regards -Mike Steele

  15. HI,

    I was in province 1970 – 1971; 1st Lieutenant. Spent 6 months with a very mobile RF-PF Lin Doi and 6 months starting a (special unit) NOAT (Night Operations Advisory Team). I believe Lt. Col. Ellison was our military PSA. Civilian PSA was Don Colin. Does anyone know what happened to the NOAT toward the end of the war? Or what happened to Sgt. Mallory and Sgt. Perkins?

    Jim Fields

    • Hi, Jim –

      I was a CORDS advisor in Tra Vinh from Jan. ’69 until March ’70. Col. Dick Ellison was the PSA when I arrived. He was later replaced by Col. Carl Bernard. By the time of my arrival in Jan. ’69, Don Colin had moved on. The DPSA was Rob Robertson, a State Dept. guy.

      I forwarded your e-mail to a colleague of mine, Bruce Kinsey. Bruce has spent the past several years writing a book about the VN war. Bruce was an advisor in Vinh Long province around 1969. He is very interested in talking to you about your NOAT and he asked me to let you know. In case you’d like to share your experiences with him, you can e-mail Bruce at:

      Best regards,

      Mike Hacker

      • Hi Mike,

        My name is Bill Presz. I was a member of the USAF MILPHAP TEAM (MACV Team 57) in Tra Vinh from Nov. 68 till July 69 when I was transferred to the 21st Casualty Staging Flight at Tan Son Nhut. While at Tra Vinh or CO was Maj. David Zarek. I came across a picture a few days ago that I think that I took at the Tra Vinh CORDS OFFICE. Seated at the desk is a dark haired gentleman wearing dark rimmed glasses and standing next to the desk is an Air Force SSgt. Who I don’t know. Having said this, I have other photos taken at Tra Vinh should you have an interest. In copies. You can contact me by email anytime. Have a great evening.

        Bill Presz

        • Hi Bill. I was ARVN interpreter work at Tra Vinh sector Head Quarter 69-70 .under Major Carter  My friend Sgt Truc and his wife work for CORD. Col Ton That Dong is Province Chief then. I also work in Tieu Can Sub-Sector, 67-68. I know SGt  Tuff , Medic of UASF MIlPHAP. I have some picture of him……Former: ARVN interpreterHuan Nguyen (Texas ) E-mail :

        • Bill I might make a guess about the Air Force SSgt. at that time it could have been Wilbur Dunlap, who was the Crew Chief assigned to the Air Force Tac Air Control Party, I think this is so as I replaced him in Early October of 1969…..Mike Steele

  16. Hi
    I was the province Chieu Hoi advisor in Tra Vinf (Vinh Binh) from Jan. ’69 until March ’70. Do you happen to remember the first and last name of a major on the province team? I think his first name was Tony-can’t remember his lady name. He was a big guy who wore a flattop.
    I remember a capt. Jim Moore, and capr. Larry Delphi, and capt. Ben Plotkin.
    Mike Hacker

    • Hi, I don’t remember the Major’s name. It may have been Oliver. I’ll check my files to see if I have any more info. There was a lLT Tim Moore assigned to the team. My district tm leader was Maj Jimmy Sloan. The director of security for Vinh Binh a civilian was James Baker

    • I suspect it was MAJ Anthony (Tony) Springer. My memory isn’t the greatest anymore (age 77) but I see names, etc. mentioned from Jun 68 – May 69 that I don’t recall. The PSAs I recall were were LTC Henry Girdner, Mr Robinsion (Robertson?) and LTC Raymond Devereaux. Ben Plotkin was Intell Advisor when I got there. My assistant was CPT Randall Smith who was sent to Long Tuan after MAJ Alvin Mutter was killed. I had 2 SFC Smiths as OPS NCOs. Another subject: I invite you to join the SE Asia advisors’ association. We are having our annual reunion in Greensboro, NC next month.

      • Clay – I think you are right! Thanks for coming up with his last name. I arrived in Vinh Binh in Jan. 1969. If my memory is correct, the PSA was Col. Richard Ellison, who was killed a year later over in Rach Gia. The Deputy PSA was a State Dept. guy named Rob Robertson. I recall another PSA, too, Col. Carl Bernard. I also remember LTC Devereaux but I can’t recall when he arrived.
        Thanks for the invite to join the SE Asia Advisor’s Assn., but I don’t think I would qualify. I had been out of the U.S. Navy for 10 years when I arrived in Vinh Binh, where I worked as a civilian Chieu Hoi advisor. Thanks again for your good memory re: Maj. Springer.

      • Thanks to Clay Cowgill who correctly identified the name of the Major I’ve been searching for. Would appreciate any information from anyone who might have information about the current location/contact information for Major Anthony “Tony” Springer, who served at the province level in Tra Vinh City, Vinh Binh Province during 1969-1970.

        • During my 2nd tour, I was a CPT INF Officer pilot, I was 221st RAC “Shotgun 13” in Tra Vinh in’71. Sp Frank Martinez was my O-1 crew chief. We were the only FAC team then, and lived in the team house “down town” Tra Vinh. My “back seat” observer often was an ARVN CPT Tam. I think he was an S2. I moved to Vinh Long as the 221sr Ops Officer in mid/letter ‘71. I would greatly appreciated hearing from anyone who was there then, and would also like to see phots of the team house or anything during that time. Also, I would greatly appreciate any info on dai uy Tam. My email is 1st tour, ‘67-‘68 i was a gun pilot in III Corps. Lots of serious combat, including TET ‘68. In
          Tra Vinh I experienced LOTS of combat!

          • My name is Pete Beckerman. I was an RTO at the TOC in Tra Vihn from July of 68 to October of 69. I served under Major Springer for most of my tour. I too with love to find contact information on him. I also lived in the “big house” until they made a NCO courters on the compound. If you find out any info please contact me.

            • Pete by any chance did you know AF Ssgt. Wilbur Dunlap, he was the AF FAC crew chief at TV about the same time you were there.? I relieved him for his DEROS at the end of October 1969…..

  17. Hi I’m 1LT Walker Phoenix Advisor. Worked out of Tra Cu district from december 1968 until I was wounded in April 1969. Transferred to Vinh Binh Phoenix HQ. May 1969 Worked with Major Jimmy Sloan ,Cpt Stearns , 1LT G Lewis 1LT Burgeson, 1LT Cantu, 1LT Moore, from Cedar Rapids. and many other great soldiers. If you remember me and was in Tra Cu district or Vinh Binh Prov, I ‘d love to hear from you.

    • Ben Plotkin replaced me as S-2 in about Apr/May 1969. I seem to remember a 1LT Michael Moore who worked for me but I believe he transferred to Saigon after the Tet Offensive. Can’t remember the name of the Chu Hoi Advisor before that, a Captain. Can see his face but can’t remember the name

      Sent from my iPhone


      • Hi Mike, I was a 1LT and assigned to Tra Cu district as a Phoenix advisor from Nov 1968 to Nov 1969. I was wounded in April 1969. My Jeep hit a land mine. I was then transferred to Tra Vinh Provence and worked with the Phoenix Adv Team. Capt Stearns was my OIC .LTC Deveraux was the PSA,Jim Baker was the civilain Security Officer. I also worked with Major Jimmy Sloan down in Tra Cu district. I also worked with Major Springer.

    • I was assigned to Team 66, but have orders returning me to MACV adv tm 72 with a p3 profile, but I was not returned. After receiving treatment for Malaria and an unknown skin disease, I was shipped to Binh/Bien Thuy near Can Tho, then to Long Binh and the 24th Evacuation Hospital, and medivaced to Japan. Does any one else know of anyone that contracted Malaria in this area? I nearly died a year later from extreme fever, convulsions, and coma, but through out the rest of my service, I was ill, and coming down with something and believe my immune system was compromised from Agent Orange or malaria. Of course I didn’t get a mosquito net my first weekend there, and got a million bites. Anyone else have the symptoms of malaria? Thanks for any info…Victor

  18. Clay, thanks for the response. I never really did understand the numerical designations. We were MAT 76 with a HQ compound for the 82nd Lein Doi in Vinh Binh City but we operated mostly out of Cang Long to the north. Vinh Binh City was home to “Adv Tm 72” which I assumed was the support unit for all the MAT teams in the Province. I have a photo of the signage at the HQ. We were there only rarely there.

  19. Mike Steele, SGT USAF

    I was the USAF ALO/FAC’s Crew chief, spent most of my time at air field or in the air in back seat of Birddog (L- 19) . lived in Team house, Oct. 69 – March 70. Shared Cube with Sgt Frank Antaya and Spec 4s Mike Orton And Edwards 199 th Lgt Aviation Co.Crew Chiefs. My boss was the ALO Cpt James Clark. I well remember CPT Buster Cozart and WO James Butler who were both lossed and later KIA in March of 70. Both were pilots with 199th…….

  20. In country 8/68 to 8/69. First half spent in Tieu Can district town as the RTO and second half as RTO at the TOC.

    • dennis, you must have been my replacement. I was the rto in tieu can from sept 67 to aug 68, then went to vinh binh toc till luly 69. this is a small world. if you would like to bs call me 913-904-4032. it may take a try or two I don’t pay much attenion to my phone. david walters

      • Walter, Do you remember Staff Sgt Huan the ARVN Interpreter I was there at Tiieu Can Sub Sector with Capt Cherry 67-68 Tet offensive, then Vinh Binh TOC call me at 214-404-4009, thanks

        • Hi, Huan. I was the S-2 during the Tet Offensive. We must have spent some time together in the TOC during that period. Do you remember SGT Dac? He was my interpreter (and used to tell me “bodyguard”!). He and his family were great people

          Bill Boyle

      • Dave Walters. This is Pete Beckerman. I was at TOC Center with you in your last six months. When Dennis McManus came to the TOC Center from Tieu Can I was still there.

  21. Bill, great read, lots of memories. Do you know how to post pictures here? As soon as I compose a readable, logical, coherent (LOL) response I’ll reply again. Have you been able to pinpoint our compound with Google Maps? Why did the Team name change from 57 to 72? (Sorry) I got more questions than answers 😀


  22. Len–great to hear from you! I’m in the Northern Virginia area just outside of DC. I got out of the Army after leaving Vietnam, a decision I regretted many times.

    I was in Vinh Binh-Adv Tm 57 from Sep 67 to Sep 68. I was the S-2 most of that time until CPT Plotkin showed up and then I did a lot of direct work with LTC Girdner, the PSA who took over from LTC Schowalter. The latter had received the Medal Of Honor in Korea although he never talked about it. He died about nine years ago and the Army had named one of the Infanty Halls at Ft Benning after him. Girdner, a West Point graduate, passed away in April 1999.

    The people who worked for me in S-2 were ILT John Morrison, 2LT Michael Mann, SGT Cline, yourself, Co Sau (our translator), and a few others whose names escape me for the moment. I remember the doctors (CPT Lottie Varano, CPT Stewart) and nurses on the Team and many others. CPT Jerry Pittinger and CPT William “Buck” Rogers–two of our Forward Air Controllers. My Counterpart was Dai Uy (CPT) Hahn and Trung-Uy (ILT) Phouc. We worked closely with the CIA officer in the province, Bud Hightower, who passed away earlier this year in Phoenix. You may also remember a Navy SEAL we worked with, Howard Paulson. I’ve lost track of LTC Digison but I believe he is in Texas near Ft Bliss.

    I am currently going through letters between myself and my ex-wife to put together a short history of the time on the Team and the people who were there. Especially during the Tet Offensive.

    I would love to see your photos!!!

    Currently, I help my wife who works directly with the traumatically injured soldiers from the Iraq and Afgan wars who are located at Bethesda/Walter Reed.

    Best regards, Bill

    • The seal you mention could it be Howard N. Paulsen who was with Phoenix? If so he is a member of our church and I am his pastor. He was awarded the silver star for a battle while with Phoenix, may have been TET? I told him yesterday that I saw this mention of him and would reach out to you guys to see if any others would remember him.

  23. Bill, Yes that’s me. Sorry but I cannot place you right now. I was in S2 with Morrison, Cpt.Plotkin. Wait! Now I think I remember, are you 1st Lt Boyle. Wow, what luck to find someone from our team. LTC Digson I remember but not Showwater. I left in Nov of 68. When did you leave country? Stay in the service? I’ve been rooting around trying to find some pictures. If I can figure out how to posts pics here I will

    I am now retired after 30+ years in the machine tool industry and living in West Chester, OH – a suburb of Cincinnati. This is great, let’s keep in touch.

  24. Clay–one of the Australians was Warrant Officer Chamberlain–tall and lean. A real character. I remember that, after an op, we had to return on the tracks and pick him up because he had been left behind. He was having a few drinks witht he locals at an outdoor bar in the hamlet we had just had a firefight in a few hours previously

  25. Len Henkel–do we know each other? Were you in the S-2 shop with Lt John Morrison, Sgt Cline? Others? Remember LTC Schowalter adn LTC Digison?

  26. i have some I took in town and at Team house as well as some at TOC, will send soon. There’s also some from ops in different districts within province.

    • I have some pix that I’m trf’g from 35mm slide to JPEG pix. Was traveling when you posted this. I’ll send some when I figure how to caption them. I am mostly computer illiterate so would appreciate your real email address to send pix.

    • I was at VL from 4/68-7/69, RTO at TOC and with 37th RF Bn. I have some pics from my tour. If interested let me know.

  27. Was RF/PF Advisor from Jun 68 – May 69. LTC Girdner was PSA when I arrived. He was replaced by Mr William Robinson (medevaced with hepatiitis) and then by LTC Raymond Deveraux. This tour as an advisor was far different than my earlier tour in Vinh Long Province. We had far less social interaction with our coumterparts and much almost micro-management by John Paul Vann and “Ambassador” William Colby.

    • I arrived in Tra Vinh in Jan. 69. The PSA was Col. Dick Ellison and his deputy PSA was a civilian named Rob Robertson. I have been trying to remember the names of other officers on the province staff, especially a major whose first name was (I think) Tony. Big guy – wore a flat top haircut. Do you remember this guy?

      When Col. Ellison left he was replaced by Col. Carl Bernard and Robertson was replaced by LTC Deveraux. If you can recall the major’s name, please let me know.

    • Actually, a province team included district teams, not just province “hqs”. MAT teams were created between my 1st & 2d tours as an advisor. My most memorable remembrance of MATs were the 3 Australian teams in Vinh Binh. They were fine soldiers! I lost their names and addresses and have been trying to locate them thru the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam web site but have had no luck. If anyone out there remembers them (!968-1969) I’d love to hear from you.

    • Mobile Advisory Team IV-72, Advisory Team 84, Delta Military Assistance Command, Vietnam. WAS A MAT TEAM. We took the place
      of a SF team in Oct 1968. I left the team in May 1968. I understand that the team was later MAT Team 126.

    • Mobile Advisory Team IV-72, Advisory Team 84, Delta Military Assistance Command, IV Corps Tactical Zone was a MAT Team.
      We took the place of a SF Team in Oct. 1968.

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