Team 121

MACV Team 121- ???

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 121 located in ???

One thought on “Team 121

  1. I was with team 21 at the Det HQ Company Nov 68, serving under Maj Marvin Boroski. In March, I went to the Ranger Advisory team under LTC John (Jack) Daniels. Some names from the Rangers I remember are Maj. Don Hampton, Maj Brown, Capt Ashley, Sgt. Walker, LTC Corbett, Sgt Jose Gerard, Maj Jerry Brown, Sgt Gary Littrell, Lt. Ferris (last name I can’t remember). Jose died in a fire at the Ranger camp in September 69. All the photos I had of my tour were burned in the fire. LTC Daniels passed away last June. SSgt Littrell was awarded the MOH for his actions in maybe May 70 with the 23rd battalion if remember correct. He retired as a CSGM. I would really be interested in any photos of the team base camps or any of the Rangers photos of that time,

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