Team 118

MACV Team 118- ???

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 118 located in ???

3 thoughts on “Team 118

  1. It’s full title was Quartermaster, Commissary and Purchasing Advisory Division (QMCPAD or, as it was playfully pronounced by the team members, KWIM SEE PAD). The “QM” covered all the traditional Quartermaster functions (Class I, II & IV, and III), parachute rigging, GR, etc..The headquarters was in Cholon but most of the advisors had their offices at the various sites where they worked. For an extreme example, although I was assigned to Team 118, I was actually attached to another team (in Danang!) where my VN counterpart was located. I was assigned to the team from Aug ’70 to Sep ’71.

  2. Remember it well! Took Jim’s job when initially assigned to VN. Spent 9 months working with team and then transferred to Supply Battalion at Long Bihn as XO, Met Jim in 1983 when moving to Norcross,Ga. we were attending the same church and remain close friends today!!

  3. MACV Team was located in Cholon. It was the Quartermaster-commissary advisory team. Responsibilities included all military supply functions plus the ARVN Quartermaster School, scout and sentry dog training, parachute packing operations and mortuary/graves registration operations. Team HQ was collocated with the ARVN Quartermaster General staff in an old French casern in Cholon.

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