Team 99 Duc Hoa

MACV Team 99 – Duc Hoa.

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 99 located in Duc Hoa.

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  1. Sorry I don’t know him
    I was with Co.D 44th signal company 86 Sig. Battalion. My CO was Captain Davis (spelling ?) . I still would like to hear from (Sgt) Frank Moeller.

  2. My Dad, Captain Donald R. Brown was an Advisor attached to the 46th Rangers in 1965.

    I have some pictures of his if anyone wants to see them. He is the officer exiting the chopper in the photo taken by Horst Faas.

  3. looking for anyone from macv 99 who remembers sgt kenny pugh, from Hartford ct, he was killed in dec of ’68

  4. I would like to find someone that served with David Owen from Virginia. He lost his life on Oct. 4th 1967 while serving with SFC Advisory Team 99. I know his family, and we have him on our Monument here at the York County/Poquoson Courthouse.

  5. hi charlie i left duc hoa during tet. i had to catch a helicopter ride during tet because all the roads were closed i bet that was you i left with. we took rocket fire and mortars my last few days in vietnam and i was just glad to get out.

    • I was MACV in Duc Hoa1967 briefly a couple months, sgt. Security, around summer. The Capt. In charge of the orderly room, a West Point grad, didn’t get chlorine in the drinking water and a bunch of us including me caught hepatitis. The same capt gave me an official reprimand for my gaurds “out of uniform” but I was hip to regulations my 2nd tour already. I was obeying regulations per wet bulb temperature, I had my security guards roll up their sleeves and unblouse their boots inside those hot bunkers on the perimeter and brought them iced Cool Aid during the day. Having contracted hep, I had to be evac’d to a Navy hospital in Japan my hep was so serious. When I returned to Viet 5 weeks later weighing 110 lbs, I pulled strings in Pentagon East and was reassigned to team 27 in Qui Nhon, infantry advisor and RTO, RF PF. I’d had quite enough of the capt. Capt Redman and his wimp 1st sergeant yes man who wouldn’t stick up,for me following uniform regs. Yet another captain Redman at Duc Hoa and I were friends, he was an arty advisor and took over when my former capt was relieved of command…fitting fate for him. Capt Redman had a much wanted field position, arty advisor (my true mos was 13B) for me but alas my orders were cut for Qui Nhon where I spent the rest of my tour through Tet. See my posts on Adv Team 27.

      There was a Sgt Barfoot also a security sgt as well and a guard named Giddeon. The guys as a whole in the compound in general were fantastic amigos. I hung out in off time with another capt in charge of aerial photog interpretation, he had his shop in a large trailer, we developed film together.

      Am eccondor on Instagram, &
      Sgt Brown (Charley)

    • Hi Rick,
      Perhaps the best way would be via Dropbox. I don’t think you even need a Dropbox account to view pics. Of course I would need your email address to make this work. Just new on this site (last night) so don’t know how addresses are handled.


  6. Hi Guys,
    I was an Air Force Forward Air Controller ( FAC ) Bird-dog pilot operating out of Duc Hoa from April ’67 until the first day of the TET offensive in Feb of ’68. I was surprised that comments indicate that the Pohl Compound is no more. I was in Duc Hoa with my family in April of 2012 and about half the hooches were still standing and some were still in use as adult education class rooms. The north half of hooches had been replaced by a two story elementary school. The mess hall was still standing. We did hear that the hooches would be torn down to make way for new construction. We visited the laterite runway which is now lined with houses. The residents learned what my wartime job had been but showed no resentment and in fact seemed very joyous that we were visiting them. Of course everything west of the compound road was gone. I believe those buildings were old French buildings which had been used by the 25th ARVN and you US Army folks. I do have pictures of the old hooches and the runway as it looked five years ago. Loved our time visiting Viet Nam.

    • Charlie, I arrived shortly after you left. I flew as an observer in the bird dogs during the day and guided the fire flies in at night. I was a CPT at the time working in the G2 shop. While there I was able to wrangle B-52 missions on call. I cannot remember the FAC who replaced you, but I do remember what he looked like … maybe 6’1″ or 6’2″ in height, brown hair … MAJ Ellis, G2 Advisor, and MAJ Little, G3 Advisor, may have been there while you were there. Remember any of those names?

    • Charlie, were you the Fac that was shot in the leg on one of the operations? I was with the ARVN, 4-49, base camp just out side of DucHoa?

      Major Ellis and Maj. Little. I remember both names.

      Clifford W. Lanham

      • I arrived in May in the middle of TET II. On my first night in Saigon a rocket landed outside the hotel where we were housed and blew me about 12 feet in the air. By the time I made it to Duc Hoa, you had long gone. Maj Ellis was a fine officer; he had come up through the NCO ranks and that gave him a gravitas that few officers possessed. I had the deepest respect for Maj Ellis. Thanks for responding. bob

      • Great to hear from you guys… No, I never got hit, but it was my replacement that got shot. A little more detail: The word passed down from FAC to FAC was to stay at 1500 feet above ground level (AGL) to minimize taking ground fire—at least for a couple of months and until you learned the area well enough to know where the the most dangerous locations were. Well, my replacement—just can not remember his name—went out on early evening on the eve of the TET Offensive to check on reports of large VC numbers out west by the river. We thought these reports were “crazy” but of course they were not! He was down low and took two AK-47 rounds through the cockpit—one through the front window and a second just behind his head through the rear window. I was really angry with him because he nearly got killed and possibly could have put all of us in huge danger trying to rescue him if he were downed. And of course it was too late in the day to put any airstrikes into the bad guys. Well, we all know what happened later that night and thanks to that Army M42 Duster with the twin 40mm guns that just happened to park inside the Pohl compound, we were saved from an attempt to over-run us. To the point—I did receive a short note from my replacement a few months after I had left Duc Hoa. He said he didn’t fly low any more because he had been shot in the leg during a mission.

    • Hello Charlie
      This is from Clifford Lanham. I was with the 4-49th, 25th ARVN just outside of Duc Hoa I was the SA of the 4-49 until after Tet. I think you and I had a couple of flights around DucHoa. I think we went on a number of aeral recons arond the 4-49 base camp and of course the Van Com Dong River area. Be glad to send you a pic to refresh your memory. LOL It was only yesterday you know. Cliff

    • Frank I apologise for not keeping in contact with you a couple of years ago. I just wasn’t up to speed using Email technology. My email is Tomorrow I will clear out old messages and hopefully hear from you. Again I apologise for not getting back to you before.

      • Bob, I have now e-mailed you twice at the Verizon address you provided and have not heard back from you. In the e-mail I provided my phone number. If you need me to resend please let me know. Tks!!

        • Frank, I just saw your message on the team 99 web site. My daughter’s apartment is downstairs where my office and computer are. Please let’s try this again. I never got your tel.# because of my situation ,but today I received an email .. I receive emails on my cell phone now. 401 265 0797 or

    • Frank, I do not remember you, but I was there from May of 68 to May of 69. I worked in the G-2 shop with MAJ Ellis. I was a CPT at the time. I just though I would check in.

        • Rick, I do not remember you. What did you do? Where did you work? I have been trying to remember some of the names of the other guys I worked with in G2, but my memory is foggy. I remember a LT by the name of “Shannon,” whether first or last name, I cannot remember. He and I would take turns guiding fireflies into the rice fields each night.

          • Robert, I was the Admin Clerk, I was there from Jan 7, 68 to Mar of 70. So yes, it was me that did all your paper work. 🙂 I sure liked Major Little, he took me up on a night flight a few times and with search lights, we would go up and down the Vam Co Dong river, very scary. ha

            • Got ya!!! I never went up with MAJ Little; I was always going up during the day with one of the other guys. I wish I could remember some of their names. How long did you stay in after Nam? I remember the Vam Co Dong quite well … the horse shoe and the river boats with the Seals. One of the Seals bunked in my hooch; I did a couple of boat rides up/down the river with him. I wish I could remember his name; he was always singing this crazy little song: “Anna Banana, Fofanna …” etc. His build reminded me of a football player. After Nam I tried to find MAJ Ellis, but to no avail. I know he lived somewhere in VA. Can you remember any of the other names? What are you doing now? bob

            • I just answered your msg in my reply to Bruce Swander. I do not quite have the skills I need to handle this blog. Know of a good admin guy to help me out? Please read my reply to Bruce Swander…maybe below?

                • Hi Bruce. I was the Lt. with the 46th ARVN August 68 to June 69. We were headquarted at a school across from the side of the compound. I spent a great deal of time at the compound. I’m sending you an email with an attached picture (not great) of Maj, Phillips. I wrote on the back “the local boss”. Also sending some pics of pilots who I hung out with at the compound including a bird dog pilot Cy Johnson who I flew with often on down days. This site has stirred many memories after sooo many years. My wife and I visited Duc Hoa in January 2016. You would not recognize the town. Best wishes, Jim Warfel

                  • I was with G-2, 25th ARVN during the same period you were in Duc Hoa. How was the road to Duc Hoa when you visited? I do not know if I can handle a visit to VN … emotionally. I lost many close friends there. I did not know the MAJ. bob

                    • Hi Bob. I was replying to Bruce Swander about Maj. Phillips. The roads to Duc Hoa are very different than in 1969. Paved and bustling along the route we took. It was about 1.5 hour drive not due to distance put slow traffic. Very surprised to see the road in the village paved. I have pictures I can send you if you’d like to provide an email address.

  7. Steve, I am wondering if you are the same Sgt. that I remember from Duc Hoa and R&R to Vung Tau. I too was there April/68-April/69 w/44th Signal. You can email me if you like. Look forward to hearing from you! Frank Moeller

  8. I’m not sure how or by whom this site was created but THANK YOU. I first discovered the site in the fall of 2015 while planning a trip to VN to include a return to Duc Hoa. As a result, I first reconnected with bird dog pilot Cy Johnson who I accompanied on a number of missions over Hau Nghia Province (now Long An). Yesterday I received a post on this site from Rob Weamer, Jr. who was an RTO on our team. Today we had an hour long phone conversation. Sadly, these contacts also led to the confirmation the Cpt. Lou Susterick, who was our team leader, was killed in the fall of 1969 while on his third consecutive tour of duty in VN. I have often wondered about each of these men. VN was a defining moment in many of our lives. To have had an opportunity to reconnect after 48 years with those with whom it was directly shared is a true gift. Glad to hear the stories of some who returned and prospered.

    • Hi James, just in case you haven’t heard, there’s a Vietnam Vet reunion in Effingham, Ill in September 2017. For more info you can log onto 2017 Vietnam Veterans Festival. Jerry Wiese is the coordinator.

    • Hi James, I was a Navy LTJG attached to the NAVLE, Duc Hoa at the same time you were there. I too went up with Lt Cy Johnson, Bird Dog pilot, on numerous missions over Hau Nghia Province in support of our PBR’s on the rivers and canals. I believ his CO was Captain Frank Farnum, who put me in for the Air Medal, but it got shot down by the Navy as I did not have DIFOT orders. Crazy!. When in September of 2017 is the Vietnam Vet reunion in Effingham, IL.

  9. Hi Cliff, I do not have Duc Hoa pictures posted on my FB page, could be another member to the Team99 account. I sometimes think about going back to see what it looks like now.

  10. I was with the 145th Av Bn out of Bien Hoa. I was in Duc Hoa for about 6 months until Sept. of ’67. My self and my partner, (last name Spurlock) would spend the day refueling and rearming helicopters out by the short airfield. The few things I remember about Duc Hoa…During lunch a fellow had a seizure and we had to put a spoon in his mouth as he was choking on his tongue. He bit down on his tongue and spoon…Bloddy mess. I really remember the early evening basketball games. In our hootch there was a guy that was really trying to get home anyway he could. Well he made it. Word was he kept drinking water from a small ditch that ran on one side of the compound, He ended up with hepatitis and the whole camp had to have a gammagoblin shot in the butt. Man that was painful!!


  11. Again, sorry but I just don’t recognize the name and there were so many radio operators and people that managed the bar. Just been too long, any chance you can send a picture of him back then. You could send it to my email address

  12. I was there, but the name does not ring any bells. I remember faces, but have forgot so many of the names. What did he do there? Officer or non-com?

  13. I believe my dad was in Duc Hoa from 68-69, Don Brunn. Anyone remember him? I would like to try to connect him with some people he knew. He isn’t very good with the searches.

  14. JAMES LEE says JAMES SMITH YOU RECALL PLAYING TENNIS IN DUE HUE TE 43 I BELEAVE YOU WHERE MY SA. if so scoll down to your entery below forgive the typing getting younger.

  15. I was in Duc Hoa for over two years and met so, so many people, officers and non-coms, so although I always thought I would remember everyone, that didn’t happen. But when I see pics of them, yes I sure remember. Glad you made it home. I left March 18th of 1970.

  16. I definitely remember Ssgt.Smith.First team member I met.Spent about six months with him in the field until he was reassigned to Saigon somewhere.He actually saved my life more times than I can remember.One of the best and bravest soldiers I ever met.I think of him daily.I will try and locate some photos I have of him and our team leader Capt. Valasic.John.

  17. MACV Team 99, My grandpa (then SFC Robert (Bob) Smith) was an Infantryman assigned to MACV Team 99 in 1968 at Duc Hoa. I am currently in a graduate degree program and doing research on his experiences in Vietnam. I am looking for any person(s) that served with him or served in the same location and timeframe that could aid in my research. Thanks for the help.

  18. Was at both Duc Hoa (Pohl compound) & Duc Lap.. with Adv. Tm. # 99, 49th Reg, 25th ARVN.. from July ’68 – Sept. ’69. I have photos and 8mm films from the experience.. otherwise, very foggy memories & names

      • Wow! you’re right.. that was me that replaced you as RTO.
        Sorry for the late reply, but was searching for and found a couple of pics I remembered having of you.
        If you can email at, I can send them to you. Gary Oppenheim

  19. There was a building about midway of the compound, I believe it was brown, I would man the radios from 1800 to midnight. I went out on recon with the ARVN’S but not everyday. I remember we had on our end of the compound there was 6 105’s. One night after I turned in they started firing for an APPOINTMENT in contact. Nearly jumped out of my skin. Glad you made it home Brother.

    • I remember the ARVN reconn team – scary dudes. Occasionally they dragged some VC into the compound for “interrogation” and we advisors were told to “take a walk.” Glad the 105s were on your end of the TL – was occasionally bracketed by them when out on ops, lousy ARVN FO. Happy you, too, made it home.

  20. Jim, thanks for replying. I did find your Facebook. But, did not see any post concerning Vietnam? Not sure why??? My face book is Rick Rice, West Lafayette……………..or you can email me at

  21. I did not return to Vietnam. A friend tells me that today, there is no trace of the compound. I will send you a picture of the hooch ba when I find it.

    • Hi Cliff and others. My wife an I did just complete an amazing 13 day trip to Vietnam. On the last day we went from Saigon to Duc Hoa. It is unrecognizable. Paved roads, war memorials, a Central Park, bustling town, no compound and the airstrip is a narrow road with shacks and vegetation on either side. By chance our driver stopped at a church to seek information and it was the church where I attended Christmas Eve mass in 1968. The priest there summoned a 71 year old resident who had been a communications specialist in the 25th ARVN. He escorted us around town. I don’t know how to post pictures on this site. I did a daily journal on my Facebook page that tells the story of the experience including visit to Ho Chi Minh’s memorial and being in the home of a VC soldier. You’re welcome to send a friend request (James Warfel, Pa) or I can share pics to your email address. I loved the opportunity to expand my experience with the people and culture of this amazing country. It is certainly no communist gulag but rather an exploding free enterprise economy. The people were very welcoming and there was no hint of being watched or resented. Oh, the food was over the top! We finished with 3 days at the Angkor temples in Cambodia. Fascinating structures in a country still struggling to recover from the Khmer Rouge. Both countries confronted me with many flashbacks and reflections of the war. Poignant moments of remembering those who sacrificed so much.

      • Jim, tried to get onto my Facebook and find yours, but could not. Found a Jim Warfel that lives in Havertown PA, but nothing about Duc Hoa on that site. Would love to see any or all pics you took in Duc Hoa. I was there from Jan 68 to Mar 70………….so hard to imagine that Duc Hoa is a thriving big town with real roads. :):):)

        • Hi Rick. Search for James Warfel, New Tripoli, PA. There is a picture of my wife and I with 4 grandchildren. The post on Facebook will tell the whole story of our trip and includes a good selection of pictures, including Duc Hoa. There are many Rick Rice pages on Facebook. Is there a way to narrow them to you so I can try to connect form my end? Otherwise, I could send some pics to you by email if you want to provide an address. There does not seem to be a way to post pictures on this site.

          • Hi Jim.. sent you a friend request. served at Duc Hoa/Duc Lap form ’68-69..
            would love to see info & photos of your trip.. Thanks & welcome home brother

        • Hi Rick. I was assigned to the MAT team outside of a Cao Dai village near Duc Hoa. The Capt. was wounded two weeks after I got there and took over the team until June when I was sent to command a team out of Duc Hue (Sugar Mill). Had two great Sgts. in Duc Hoa and a medic. Do not remember names well but they were very patient with me while I learned the ropes..


      • Hello Jim it me again, Cliff Lanham. Do you still have your pictures on FB? Just went on FB but did not find your FB address. If you love ke you can come back to me at: or ring me at 2563253775, collect. Cliff

        • Hi Cliff. The pictures are still on my Facebook page. There is a daily journal starting on 1/6/16 through 1/20/16. It’s been a banner year, so you’ll need to scroll back through many posts to get to them. Look for James Warfel, New Tripoli, PA. I will contact you by email also.

      • Jim….This is Rob (Bob) Weamer Jr., and I was your RTO and worked with our team leader Capt. Susteric, Ssgt. James, Sgt. Doughty, etc., from Jan. 1969 to Oct. 1969 when I transferred to Cần Giuộc to work with Maj. Moss at TOC. The last time I saw you was your short visit to my hospital room in Tan Son Nhat as you, I believe, were on your way home to Pennsylvania. I would certainly enjoy catching up with you via telephone or email.

        Rob Weamer, Jr.

  22. Yes Cliff, I did go to Duc Hoa, but only to pick-up supplies and ammo. I was beating the bush with the 3/46th ’70 – ’71. I did get to spend the night in Duc Hoa a couple of times and in a movie and have a few beers. I only have one picture taken in Duc Hoa, we had asked the Hootch Ba to take her hair down so we could shoot a picture of her very long hair.

    • I found this site by sheer accident. If I have also reconnected with the infamous Cy Johnson, it would be a miracle of the internet. I too have pictures mostly from hooch parties in the compound. I’ll try to attach one to an email to the address provided.

      • James, Did you make your trip to VN? If so we’re you able to visit Duc Hoa?
        Would be interested in any pictures you have of Duc Hoa as it looks now. Would also like to see the bird dog recovery picture. Cliff Lanham,

    • Remarkably I have a confirmed contact with Cy Johnson. The Internet is a miracle. Looking forward to catching up a bit by email and perhaps a meeting at some point. It would be fun to review old
      pictures from Duc Hoa.

    • Cy, Nonstop 13 this is Alpine Tricker Sierra. John Shankel 317 339 3909 jashankel @ Call/Text or email when you see this. I heard your “big Iron bird” comment as you flew over us in Duc Hoa in late 1969. Hope you are doing well

  23. I was assigned to DCAT#99 MACV 5th Ranger Group in November 1970 as RTO. Everyone was Airborne/Ranger except me. We worked with the 30th,33rd,and 38th ARVN Rangers. Biet Dong Quan. We wore the ARVN Ranger Patch on our right shoulder. Lt Col Broady was the CO. He would be replaced with Lt Col Gillingham after he got hurt from a B-40 rocket that KIA 4 ARVN . I was with the Col when it happened. I called the Dust Off. We moved to Cu Chi in 1971. I remember Bien Hoa, Hobo Woods, Neui Ba Dien, We did night missions called Night Hawk. Pick up rotated between 2200-2400-0200. I was the only enlisted man. Major Hamm, Capts Daniel, Barry Kerr, MaCabe, Lts Vallenti,Hunt,Sgts Fowler, Magrown, Smith, Mayes. Some of the names I remember. I was PFC John Steck 21 from Brookville, Ohio. Any information would be appreciated.

    • I was the senior advisor of the 33d and 38th Ranger Battalions in 1970. Team 100. Moved then to special forces, Broady was senior advisor of 5th group. My counterpart in 38th Battalion was LTC Hong, who later came to US and we spoke frequently. With me in 38th was Lt Ken Plisse, MSG Ed Abbadusky, and SSG Malcolm Smith.

      • Glad to hear from you. Sorry it took so long. When I got there Nov 1,1970 5th Group was located at Ky Vinh the fish net factory. Fish nets where still being made in the back. We occupied some of the offices in the front of the building. ARVNs camped all over the property. Does that sound familiar? Malcome Smith. I might have known him. I have some photos of the team when a 1 star General from from the First Cav gave them some awards. I believe Sgt Smith is standing along with Col Broady and others. We moved to Cu Chi early in ’71. Col Broady died in 2011 but I talked to his son and sent him some pictures I had of his dad. I will send you some of the pictures I have of the team as it was when I was there if you like. My e-mail is Working with the Vietnamese was a different kind of tour. I found the Biet Dong Quan to be good soldiers and was proud to have served with them. I had many ARVN friends, as I was the only enlisted man. I often wonder how they are doing. If they are still alive. What it must have been like when America left. I’m in the Dayton, Ohio area.

  24. That compound was a little piece of heaven. Too bad the locals didn’t get to benefit from it. It would have been nice to know we left behind something of value to so many in need.

  25. A few years ago, I became friends (emails) with Rey Kaufmann. Rey was the officer in charge of building the Compound in Duc Hoa. Actually it was the Helipad and runway for the Vietnamese Army at that time. It was very interesting what he had to say. They would fly back to Saigon each evening during the building of it. I always thought the Vietnamese would take it over when we left and love using it for housing, but not so, North Vietnam wanted no trace of the US. But yes, hard to believe why this little village of Duc Hoa changed so much over the years.

  26. I’ll be happy to share my experience. We’re on a 17 day trip to include Hanoi, Hue, Danang, Hoi An, Saigon and Can Tho.

    • James: Would be really interested in your trip( who what, how, cost) BTW: do you have a brother by the name of Dale Warfel? he and I served together at Ft. Ord. I too was at Duc Hoa as the SA of the 4-49th 25th ARVN and also with 1-49, 25th ARVN, 1967-68.

    • Loaded many air mobile ops on that air strip. Also used to fly with a bird dog pilot named Cy Johnson when we weren’t in the field just to pass time. Seems like a very crazy idea today!

  27. Jim, how cool that your might get to see Duc Hoa again. My understanding is that Duc Hoa is no longer a dusty little village, but a larger type town. Everything that we had there, including all of the compound area is long gone. The NVA tore all of that down quickly. I would love to see if I could recognize anything again. Would love to see pictures of it if someday you do get there. I think possibly the only way it could be recognized is seeing the old grave yard in the back of the compound or figuring out where the 25th HQ once stood. Good luck !!

    • The 1/46 HQ was in a school outside of the compound. We could walk to the compound for flush toilets, hot showers and meals, mama san services and way too much booze! It will be very interesting to see how much it has changed. I’ll share pics if we actually get there. We’ll need to go off of our tour to do it but it shouldn’t be too hard to arrange.

    • Ric: Go to Google and look for pictures of Duc Hoa! I could not believe how much it has changed. I recognized some of the town, but like you said nothing of the compound is there. I could not even find remains of the latterite airstrip.
      Cliff Lanham

  28. I served as an advisor to the 1/46 Battalion, 25th ARVN 8/68 to 7/69. Planning to visit VN in January and hoping to take a side trip to Duc Hoa from Saigon. So many memories.

  29. To Christopher Floyd Rycheik, would love to talk to you about your uncle Floyd and will fill you in on the area that he was in.

  30. I was stationed there from September 66 to June 1967. I was the Sr. Advisor to the 34 Ranger Bn. and my unit was attached to the 2nd Bde. 25th U.S. Infantry Division for most of my stay. Spent some at the compound (had a room assigned to me) but slept mostly at the Bn. HQ located about 200 yards from the main gate down a side road. As far as I know we were at Duc Hoa

  31. Does any one know why Team 99 is listed as “Duc Lap”? The team headquarters was located with the 25th ARVN Division headquarters at Duc Hoa…

  32. When I first arrived in the field the 4th bn. was located on the road outside of Duc Hoa .That road was main road to Chu Chi.Senior advisor was Capt.Vladimir.He was a West Pointer and 5th Ranger.Great officer,medivacted out around July 1968.When I left in May 1969 we relocated west of That Nhiy at the old French fort on the border with Cambodia.We went thru 4 or 5 SA’s by that time and I was the only original team member.My replacement was killed the day I left the field.I have my old maps and some of those great AF aerial photo maps.Just looking at some old photos.I.Will scan some and send them.John.

  33. I was #2 advisor (Trung Uy) with 1/49 Dec. 69 to April 70. We were located at the old Ranger Camp at Trung Lap. Left just before Cambodian invasion.

    • Hey Patrick, we’re you with MACV TM 99 at Trung Lap. I was there Nov 69 to Mar 70. I was part of a 5 man laison team from the 25th Inf Div going out on recons with the 49TH ARVN. Do you remember Sgt Gary Brown, he was MACV 99.

      • Hi Don, I remember you guys – we used to have our cook prepare meals in your compound and used your toilets because they were the ONLY ones at TL. Yes, I remember Skip Brown – I had to go out and claim his body after he was killed, this was just before I DEROS in April 70. Our BN Advisor Major Keller eventually retired as a LTG – good leader.

      • Hey Don, This may be a repeat. I entered a reply to your question to Patrick. Something happened to lead me to believe that my response did not make it to you. Gary was one of my best friends. We went through the Ft. Sill Artillery NCO Academy together; we shipped out and arrived in Cam Ranh Bay together; we shipped out to our final destinations in III Corp together. Gary and I flew together to our respective base camps on the same chopper. The chopper pilot caused a mix-up in our drop offs. I was delivered to the 3rd of the 46th, Gary to the 1st of the 49th. On paper I was to be delivered to the 1st of the 49th. I did not know Gary lost his life until late in the day when it happened. My team lead saw my name on the KIA board in Duc Hoa, because of the mix-up he thought I had been the KIA. I had to go identify Gary’s body at graves registration. I often reflect on that experience. Gary was sometimes crazy, lots of fun, but always a good friend…..I miss him.

        • Jim I went to grade school thru high school with Gary we played on the same little league teams and graduated high school together in 1966. We just had our 50th reunion and was thinking of Gary again. I thnk of him very often and have always wondered. I was satationed at Bien Hoa in the USAF as a weapons loader on the F-100 and then the A-37’s the same time Gary and you were at Duc Hoa although I wasn’t aware of it at the time. I knew Gary passed but never knew the How’s and Why’s. Would you be so kind to e-mail and let me know. I will understand if you don’t. Thomas Cellars USAF Ret. E-8 My e-mail may come across as cobrajetjones
          Thank You for Your Service and Sacrifices.

  34. I am interested in contacting former advisors of Tm 99 with duty with the 1/49 and4/49 25th ARVN Div. I was was with both bns from 1967 to 1968.

  35. Not sure Ray; my memory is terrible. Did you take any pic there at Duc Hoa…..If you have a picture please post it and I sure hope so….been looking for some of the team and wondering what happened to them….

    Sp/4 Larry W. Miller

  36. Hi Larry. He was out of Bien Hoa 67-68 and out of Duc Hoa April 70-71. I’m beginning to suspect he was a ghost in country since no one seems to know or remember him. 😉

  37. Hello Dennis! Thank you for your note on the location of Duc Hoa. I would be happy to email you his photo. My email is If you would sent me your email, I will reply with the photo. Thank you for having a look at it!

    • Susanne; what year was your Father there at Duc Hoa: I was there in 1965 with Signal. I worked out of the com center….

      • hey; my name is Larry Miller. I was there in Duc Hoa in 1965 and also worked out of the com center. what is your name and do you remember me…..

      • Larry I think I remember you. Do you remember me. My name is Ray Moore. I Am the guy who fell in the well one night.

      • Larry. I was in Duc Hoa from about July 65 to Apr 66. Worked out of the communication center, in a maintenance deuce and a half before the compound was completed. Do I know you.

        • if you are SGT Callahan then you know me. I left in Dec. 1965; and left some handpainted glasses with you to send home for me for
          do you remember me now.I worked out of the same duce and a half com center .I think I have a pic of you there in the compound; somewhere in my Vietnam photos..good to see you made it out Ok. Would love to talk to you sometimes.
          SP/4 Larry W. Miller

          • Are you the one that used to beat me at rummuy game all the time? I do not remember anything about hand painted glasses. I went by the name as Pat. I you can contact me at my Email address, that would be nice. Do you remember the switch board operator that got promoted to Sgt the same time I did? Hope to hear from you.

  38. it was a green background with 25 on it and a red circle with a lightning bolt through it.I got a plaque when i left I think they mailed it to me so i just looked at it.I had forgotten it though and yes we had very little contact with each other i think that was because we got very close with the people in our hooch.

  39. I was at Duc Hoa in 1965. Part of the security detail and would like to hear from anyone else that was there at that time.

    • Raymond Moore, my Address is stickman205@yahoo,com I would like to see a pic of you and maybe I could place you. It was many years ago, and I have Parkinsons Disease from Agent Orange that was sprayed around our area. When you send me a picture; I am sure that I will recognize you. Contact me at my email and we will talk some more….

      Larry Miller


  40. susanne after thinking about it I remember they did have warrent officers in signal ; unfortunately the social things the way they were an enlisted man would not have socialized with a warrent officer.There were small units under us one was tay ninh I dont remember the others but he probably went to these other units to trouble shoot.I didnt work in the comm center and that is where I would have known and worked with your father.The patches could have been any thing but it may have been macv or any small unit patch I would have to see it to recognise it.I am glad you want to find out about your duc hoa we had cia air america air force infantry officers who went out with arvn and all of us worked on the same base but usually hung out with people who did the same things together.

    • Hi Jimmy! Happy New Year to you.
      Ha ha … my dad used to tell me that being a warrant officer meant that you didn’t have to socialize with either ‘side’ if you didn’t want to! Of course, he came up through the enlisted ranks and always felt more at home there.
      I do not think I will ever learn the whole story of my dad’s Vietnam service – but at least a few of the mysteries have been solved. This MACV site has been the one and only treasure I have discovered in the last 25 years.
      It is about time I come up with a way to put my dad’s things in a shadow box now. I was hoping to find that 25th ARV pocket patch through the Vietnamese Embassy … but they never even responded to my 3 emails. Then I found one on eBay … and it became VERY expensive, so I Iost the auction. Meanwhile, I sure appreciate what you have been able to share with me, and deeply thank you for your service to our Nation!

      • Susanne, I concur with you that this MACV site is a treasure. There are a lot of Vietnam service experiences and stories that remain untold since many of its service members were KIA, MIA or would just never talk about it after the war. Good luck on your search for information about you father’s service. Thank you veterans for service!

  41. duc hoa adv tm 99 was near cu chi if your dad was as cwo he was probably a helicopter pilot. they were advisory team for the vietnamese army unit 25th div.i was there in 67 68.the unit had army air force and cia and special forces.

    • Jimmy, thank you! I have discovered that the photo I have of him was taken on his FIRST tour, also in 67-68. I don’t suppose you knew him? The patch on his right pocket is of the 25th ARVN Division, and it looks like he has some sort of emblem (Vietnamese?) sewn right above his name. Although he does have an Air Medal, from many hours on helicopters, he was not a pilot. He was Signal and went out to fix comm units he once told me. So nice to hear from you!!

      • Mr. Lizotte,
        Hello, my uncle was Floyd W Pohl. The person your compound was named after. I just came across this message board.

        I am interested in any information you would be willing to share about that part of Vietnam.

        Feel free to contact me via my email address.

        • Can you tell me if Floyd W Pohl was a radio operator. We had a KIA in my unit in 1966 but can not remember the name.

      • Christopher Rychcik – You didn’t leave an email. Can you contact me at bruceswander@hotmail as I have some information for you regarding Floyd Pohl.

  42. According to papers I have, my dad, CWO Marvin Don Arnold, was assigned to Team 70 from May 70 to May 71. He always told us he was at Duc Hoa during this time – his 2nd tour. In conversations with a couple of former Team 70 members, I learned that Duc Hoa was not a part of their AO, and they suggested I try here at Team 99’s page. Could the papers be wrong? Anyone have an idea of where I can go from here to find out more? I have a photo of him wearing a pocket patch, but I cannot make it out. Would be happy to email it to someone with a better eye than me!

    • I was with Team 99 from Jan 68 – Mar 70 and yes, they had a signal unit. Everyone on Team 99 wore a pocket patch, it was the patch for the 25th ARVN Division, whom we were attached with, Thunder and Lightening. The patch would have a red background with a yellow lightening bolt through it. I’m not sure if the signal unit wore that patch? Although being at the same place, the signal unit kept to themselves and we to ours, rather strange with I think back on it.

      • Perhaps this is why no one seems to remember my dad … he was never an outgoing person to begin with, so if everyone kept to themselves, it would explain why not much is known about his time in country.

        I have seen the 25th pocket patch since my original post … and have been searching for an original one for the shadow box I am making. Now, that is one hard patch to find!

      • Rick, The signal unit was D/44th/86th Signal Bn. We wore the patch of the 86th Signal Bn from Cu Chi where we were based. I was Platoon officer then Executive Officer from early February 1968 through about July 1968 before they sent me to Cu Chi to take over as Bn S-4. If you need any other info, e-mail at

        • Hello Cliff, You can order a pocket patch on Ebay. I bought one several years ago, it came from Vietnam and it was the real deal, exactly like the one I wore on my jungle fatigues. I was with the 3rd of the 46th 1970 – 1971

    • Susanne,

      Advisory Team 99 compound was located at Duc Hoa next to the ARVN 25th Division Headquarters. I was there from September 66 to June 67 as the Sr. Advisor to the 34th Ranger Battalion.. There was a airfield located next to the compound where helicopters and small fixed wing aircraft flew from. There were army and air force personnel located there. If you can email me a picture of your dad in uniform I may be able to tell you the insignia he wore. Time has faded my memory of names but I may be able to remember a face.


      • Hello Dennis! Thank you for your note on the location of Duc Hoa. I would be happy to email you his photo. My email is If you would sent me your email, I will reply with the photo. Thank you for having a look at it!

      • I was leaving the field after my tour with the 4/49th in May 1969.After a stay at the Pohl compound I was on my way home. I hopped into a L-19 for a VR mission for my battalion.There were engaged in Tay Ninh.Long story short-We crash landed badly at the Duc Hoa runway.Anybody remember that?

      • Hi Dennis, would have known a Gary E. Bullock who died on January 31, 1967 from a ‘collapsed’ bunker ? He was 25 at the time, married and at the time was from Alaska.

      • looking for anyone with info on sp4 Gary e. Bullock from Alaska (by way of Holley, NY) who died on January 31, 1967 due from non-hostile incident, a ‘collapsed bunker’. He was with team 99, HQ. He was a watercraft operator.

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