Team 10 Can Tho

MACV Team 10 – Can Tho.

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 10 located in Can Tho.

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  1. Looking for any one who might have served with my cousin, LTC Victor E. Clark, Jr., USAF. It is my understanding he advised an ARVN Air Wing in Can Tho 1970 or after.

    I served with Tm 75 in MyTho in 1969!

  2. Hello,
    I am not sure if this would be the correct team to respond towards but as having served with the 21st Division ASA stationed in Bac Lieu 1970-1971 thru Can Tho, I would like to be directed and hopefully locate some of my friends if they are still alive. To be more specific, I was a Radio Teletype (05C) operatator working thru 21st Division Army Security Agency staying with MACV Cords Compound. Guys like Charlie Brannon (San Diego, CA) and any others. I have photos from this period of time but dont know where to post them. Please advise.

  3. I was assigned to MACV Team 10 from Oct 69 to Feb 71 as advisor to ARVN ammo deposts and EOD teams in IV Corp. Worked for Maj Rod Syczylo.

      • I was with the MACV Phoenix program in Kien Van District, Kien Phong Province in 1970. Was anyone else in the Phoenix program in that area?

    • Searching for anyone who might have known my father, John Brosnan. He died in 2015 and I have been trying to learn more about his service. According to his DD214, he was a “Sr. Mat Team Leader” in Can Tho from 71-72. Many thanks!

      • Sorry, the name does not sound familiar. Was he in Team 10? Any ideas where he lived or what he did? Any thing that might jog my memory.

  4. Just curious if anyone here may have served with my father, Rodney Toler from West Virginia.
    He was in Can Tho from late 68 to early 70.
    Staff Sargent, Army. Sorry I don’t have many more details than that.

    • I was assigned to Team 10 in 1967 with further assignment to Team 63 in Soc Trang, as advisor to the VN 843rd Maintenance Co. Cpt. Joel Leson was also assigned and we were room mates along with Navy Dr. Jerry Mayer.
      Do you have any information concerning Joel and how I could contact him?
      Jerry Butt
      801 292-6048
      171 Country Springs Dr., Bountiful, Ut. 84010

  5. Greetings everyone, My name is SFC Pedro Vangas I served with MACV Team 72 in Vinh Binh Province. I am trying to find out the name of the IV Corp Advisor in Can Tho during 1971 – 1972. If any one has any information please advised. Thanks.

    • I was team 96/Eakin compound—I know in 70-71 Major General Jack Cushman was the XO under a Lt General who I just can’t recall his name—-John Paul Van was the Sr. Advisor of 4corps—there is a movie/book about him titled ” a Bright shinning Lie” about his time in VietNam. Had he and his programs come into the fore in the earlier days—there would have been a much different outcome

  6. Is anyone from the 1607th Air Transport Wing (Communications and electronic maintenance squadron) in South Vietnam who could’ve possibly known my father SSgt Sergeant Patrick Williams radio technician. Other members who were station with him or Chuck Giles,Robert Carns, Edward Conley,Paul Mignosa, Thomas Darden, Allan Duld, Alvin Myers. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you Kindly.

  7. My Father passed away in 2011. He was MACV from Jan 1969-Jan 1970, out of Can Tho. I know he lived in what he described as a villa / hotel and he worked in his off hours as a bartender on the economy. He didn’t speak a lot about his service until he got sick. Joseph E Douglas, Jr. Arkansas.

      • Thank you for your reply. Dad (Joseph E. Douglas, Jr.) his rank was Sgt. (E5) I have a picture of him from when he was in Can Tho, but I don’t know how to post it on this site. I also have a newspaper clipping of Dad and others from MACV filling sand bags that was in the military newspaper that he sent my mom while he was in Vietnam.

    • The only military Villa I was aware of, was the Pink Palace within Can Tho. Called the Pink Palace because it was painted pink when it was a hotel before the military took over the Villa and Compound. It was was Charlton Heston stayed when he visited Can Tho. I believe the 4th PsyOps managed the Compound because when I lived there, I had to follow their rules. I have photos of the Villa.H.S. Steltzer, 1SG USA Retired

    • I also was at the Pink Palace, Can Tho from early 1970 until medivac back to USA in latter November 1970. I had a bunk in the front room, second floor above the double entrance doors to the building. H.E. Steltzer, 1SG USA Retired

  8. Trying to find any info on my Brother who I believe was assigned to a MACV unit in Can Tho in 1968-1969. His name, SSG/SFC Charles M.(mickey) Thomas from Pennsylvania. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

  9. Was with 51 from March 62 to May 63. Lived in a hotel ate in a restaurant next door. 2 radio operators (can’t remember names) injured in a grenade incident in the bar at the end of the block. Finally able to move to the US compound next to the soccer field. The 21st Division advisors lived in the old bank building. When we could no longer drive to Saigon,Air America Helped a lot. Went bac to Nam August 70 as 1sr Sgt ADMS Company Phu Lam

    • I was the finance specialist that handled pay for the SF units in IV Corps. I was stationed at Vinh Long visited the entire delta by chopper the 114th and 175th AHC took me to the field to work on pay issues with those who couldn’t make it into the 292nd Finance Section visited many of the small SF camps in IV Corps area served 1970.

      • You may be able to help me find a guy named -“jim” uses to deliver mail in the area. dont know much about him but he had may have stayed at the hotel there.

    • Communications at Can Tho went to Tropospheric Scatter, but I can’t remember the Unit or Names of members. I believe some were killed by grenade while going back to their quarters. Can anyone comment on this incident?

    • Don Bales
      Don I found a photo of us in civilian cloths behind a 2/12 ton truck. I believe it was taken when we got to Saigon from can tho. I was assigned to advisory team 51 MAAG and then advisory team 96 MACV in can tho and then in Jan 63 was transferred to 232 no signal company 39th signal bn. I stayed in the bank building when I first arrived in can tho for a few weeks and then they moved a small group of us to a commercial building on the road to the can tho airfield. Shortly after pfc mc fetridge was killed near the “townhouse” November 4, 1962. U S troops were moved into the compound that would become Eakin Compound” We set up the comm center in the MAAG Headquaters about two blocks from the bank building March 1962.
      Ron Arndt (pfc) now living in Surprise, Az

  10. Hello,
    This is Noel Coppedge from Westlake High School in Austin, TX. We’re doing a research project to honor veterans who died in vietnam. I’m honoring Sergeant first class Raymond Alvin Adam. I’m aware he was part of team 52 when he died on April 21, 1964 but he visited you, team 10 in Can Tho. He was on his way to Can Tho from Cai Son when he hit a land mine.
    I was wondering if anyone knows anything about him while he was there. I would love to see any pictures you may have as well. Also, could anyone give me a summary about what Team 52 or even what team 10 did while there as far as objectives go?

  11. I flew many missions with a MACV advisor and his ARVN counterpart on what were called Phantom 3 missions. We sometimes flew out of Eakin but mostly just picked up the packs at various locations. Anybody remember these?

  12. I too was at Eakin Compound as the Engineer office (Captain) and responsible for all generators at the MAAG outposts south from Saigion to Camau. On Eakin, I designed and had built with my four man (including RVN SGT Twee) Vietnam force the expansion of the mess hall, and two Officers Club separate buildings into one by designing and constructing a unique joining of the structures into one large structure. Colonel Homan and Colonel Juskalian were the senior advisers. A live-in news reporter exaggerated the war at the compound by stating machine gun and rocket fire was over head and some rounds landed in the Compound during the ten months I was there (63-64). Also I was the library and movie officer responsible for book and weekly movies sent around IV Corps area. Too I was aerial observer officer for the IV Corps in my “spare” time. That assignment was interesting and unique to me in my 22 years of service. I would go to that assignment again at any time, but at age 84 I doubt I could be assigned to such fun position. Donald E. Wuerz , Lt. Colonel, P.E., P.L. S. Essayons. Retired.

    • I have a picture I believe that a guy named. Hurt when first got to Eakins around October 1970 the called me Cecil also their a guy name terry bliss. Snoopy tower 7 my real name was jack. Durham. Bliss nmed me Cecil also new Craig truce I have a photo of he and I at the message center. Where I worked with Ron. T. From D C and serge Harrison

  13. Did you know my father SSgt Patrick Wiilliams. He was Radio Operator working in a hangar when there was a tragic accident causing his death Aug 1965.

    • Additional details about my father, he was in the hangar and tragically walked into the running propeller which decapitated him. I have since met and United with my sisters ( different mothers) who live in Detroit. Just want to know more about him and any photos are greatly appreciated

  14. My name on my birth certificate papers was Nyugen Thi Xuan Mai. I was injured by schrapnel and brought to an orphanage in Can Tho. (1969-1970). Supposedly an uncle brought me to the orphanage. I was taken to a US military field hospital so they could operate on my left hip. I was adopted by an American family with the sir name, Bertolet. I am looking for any info about my background and history.

    • On my first mission as a crew member on a helicopter we picked up a young vietnamese girl who had been wounded in a mortar attack. We took her to Can Tho Airfield where she was transported to the hospital I believe. I think about her daily. It probably wasn’t you–your story is a little different, but know that I am so happy that you are well. I will never forget those frightened eyes….

    • I was at Can Tho Army Airfield 1970-1971. The hospital you were taken to was most likely the “3rd Surgerical Hospital” located by a navy base called Navy Binh Tuey. I hope this helps some. The nurses may have a facebook..

  15. Lt.Barry Taylor was the L-19 Sector pilot based in Can Tho between Spring 1965 and Spring 1966. He was an African American and may have been from New York.

    • more from team 10 Clinton Jones Jr SFC,JC Vinson SFC,Mike House SGT,Jack Hurt SP4,Johnny White MAJ,,Paul Ware 1st LT,James Bindon CW4,James Sisak Maj,Danny Barnes SFC,Donals Behrens SFC,James Sikes SFC,John Martin LTC,Frank Petrey SFC,James Young SFC,Edward Rasmussen SFC,James Raymond SFC,Kieth Davidson SFC

      • Mike I was on Team 10 84th Ordnance Corp, Senior Adviser was Maj. Rodney J, Syczylo. also known a Maj, Cycilo. I was a Cpt. and SFC Sikes and I worked together. I remember SP4 Hurt,

        • Hello Tom. I remember you clearly as a member of the MALT. Do you remember MaJ. Ken Glaser, Capt. Dave Wolf, Capt. Tom Lytle

          • Bob I was on Team 10 in Can The Oct 69-Jan 71 for 5 months on the MALT team and 10 months in Vinh Long at AVRN 64th Signal BN the name Sikes sounds familiar

      • I have some pictures from Nam mobile advisory team 10 . Can I send them to you . I would like to know if any of them are familiar to you .


  16. I was on Team 10 in CanTho(MALT team) from Oct 69 to Feb 70 in Vinh Long Mar 70 Jan 71(64th ARVN signal battalion)

  17. I have a web page on facebook search for Vinh Long Army Airfield, it has lots of photos and personal stories from its members and have even connected those who served in IV Corps.

  18. Some of the names of the guys in the Maintenance Team 5: SSG Brooks, Detachment First Sargent; SP5 William “Bill” Cody, Sp4 Jack Beavers; Sp4 Branch, Sp4 Donald Shinoski (? spelling). I have not had contact with any of these guys in 50 years.

    • Mr. Benfield, I am looking for anyone who may have known my father SSgt Patrick Williams USAF Radio Operator. He died from a propeller accident in the hangar in Aug 1965 and was attached to Quang Tri. Contact me at

  19. From Dec. 1963 to Nov. 1964, I was assigned to Can Tho, IV Corp, Area Maintenance Team 5, Detachment 5 of HHC 39th Sig. Bn. We were attached to the MAAG team there, and were quartered in the Eakin Compound. We worked out of the old bank building down at the water front. We traveled all over the delta to support and repair communications equipment. I was unaware of any team number when I arrived there, and if there was one assigned in the latter months of my tour I do not remember knowing it.

    The nurses spoken of above, lived in the top floor of the bank building, and worked in an internationally funded hospital just across the street. I used to do maintence on their tape recorders, and they would share their good scotch. Their organization was kind of anti-war, and they let us known that if we ever need medical help, not to come to them as they would not be allowed to treat us.

    So far I can find no records for a Detachment 5, or Area Maintenance team 5. Also I latter found out that the passports that we had to have were diplomatic passports, and is the reason we did not get to keep them in our possesion.

    I arrived in Can Tho as a PFC and left as a SP4. Being such a lowly peon, I am sure there were many things that I was not aware of. I would appreciate any additional info on this unit and any vets who may have served there in 63 – 64.

    • Larry: Just searching thru this cite and saw your note. I was assigned to MAAG at IV corps from May 63 to May 64. Worked in the S-2 shop advising the ARVN S-2. I also was a lowly “peon”. I was a Sp4 and my direct boss was Cpt Howard Eakin until he was tragically killed. I also lived in Eakin compound , I was there in the ceremony when it named after Cpt Eakin. Left there in May 64 and went to HQ 1st Army , Ft Jay, NY. Made Sp5 there and volunteered in Aug to go back to Nam, Went thru the MATA course at Spec Warfare School and joined TM 89 in Phouc Tuy in Dec 64. Left there as a SSG in Dec 65 for Ft Bragg. Went to Infantry OCS in 66 and returned to Nam assigned to the 173rd Abn Bde (Sep) in Apr 67. Retired in JUL 90 as LTC and worked on DCSINT Pentagon staff for 10 yrs. Retired as GG-15 in Apr 09,
      Fondly remember the year I spent in Can Tho. Enjoyed working with the Vietnamese, Hope all is well with you these days.

      • ED – Coincidentally we both were at the small staffed locations of IV Corps RVN, and Governors Island. I was a 1st Lt Ass’t Post Engineer at Governors Island 59-60, and Catho Eakin Compound (Captain) 63-64 plus RVN 68-69 as Lt Col in Engineer Section MACV and CO 172 Engineer Detachment in and near Camp Eagle (I Corps). Donald E. “DOC” Wuerz , Aurora, Colorado.

        • Don: I guess it is a small world! I don’t remember meeting you at Can Tho. Then again, you obviously traveled in a higher level of social circles than I, Officer vs “peon”. I was tickled to see that you reside in Aurora. My brother retired from the Army in the 70’s and settled there with his family . Both now deceased but I still have seven nieces and nephews in the general area. I used to go to Aurora a lot to visit with them as my civilian job on Army staff used to get me out to Colorado Springs and Fort Carson a lot. I also currently have a son and family living up in Fort Collins. He and his wife have been nurses at Poudre Valley Hospital for almost two decades. As I stated earlier a small world!

    • Larry. Please see my longer posting here. Too, FYI, I was assigned to RVN 63-64 and 68-69. Both tours included the times both Kennedys were assassinated. My brother said that is unusual and hopefully you (me) are not assigned there again as the Kennedys have lost four of the siblings; two were US government officials, Joe a pilot shot down in Germany in WW2 and Eunice.
      “Doc” (Donald E. Wuerz, LTC, CE, USA-RA, P.E., P.L.S., Retired and 100% VA disabled)

      • Don , I believe we were stationed in Can Tho together. My first assignment on team 10 was to Sa Dec as a unit advisor, then to CanTho, as Senior Ordnance Avisor, was picked ( dragged ) to MACV Hqs to work on the ARVN Vietnamization program, was able to escape and return just in time to be stuck with the actual transfer of US equipment to ARVN forces.
        Roger A Schuhle LTC Ord ( ret) , also 100% VA disabled )

    • Larry, I served in the same unit and location 63-64. I was Field Radio & Carrier Repair and Mainenance under SSG Mercier and Brook. We took a group picture with of the members of the first maintenance team which is now part of the National Archives. I would appreciate info of others vets who served in this unit during this time period.

    • I was with the RF/PF advisory unit at IV Corps HQ, 1965-66. We would get Hueys once a week so that the ARVN staff could visit the provinces. Cao Lanh Training Center was, at that time, “the warmest welcome in the Delta”. Sr Advisor was Lt Col Clayton Lamberth, assisted by Captains Gomon and Moore.

  20. I need some help from you IV Corps (Mekong Delta) Advisory Team vets.

    I am trying to piece together my brother’s experiences in Vietnam (June 65 to June 66) for the benefit of his boys and the rest of the family.

    A2C Tom Toussaint was a USAF reciprocating engine mechanic. For part of his time he was on Advisory Team 53 at Long Xuyen or Can Tho. He spent time at Soc Trang and Chi Lang. And he had been in both Thailand and Laos.

    I think he was a crew chief on a Forward Air Control 1-E Bird Dog. He had hundreds of slides taken from the rear seat of the FAC plane of air strikes in the forests below. But the few pictures I have of him show only Bird Dogs with US Army markings, not USAF.

    How were these Advisory Teams organized? Who did the members report to?

    Could he have been working on an Army plane?

    He talked about having an M60 mounted on the door of the O1-E. The FAC’s I have talked to said that the Army O1-E’s did this, but not the Air Force.

    What was the role of these USAF people on these Advisory Teams in the Delta?


    Ed Toussaint
    Potomac, MD

  21. correction/addition to my earlier comment…I was assigned to the ARVN IV Corps MAAG Advisory team located in Can Tho from May 63 thru May 64 (not 65)…..arrived from Ft Monmouth as a Sp4 Intel Order of Battle Analyst …worked in the intel advisory shop…my boss was Cpt Eakin who was KIA in Jun 63…Eakin Compound was named in his honor…MAAG was integrated into MACV in Feb 64 but i still can’t recall what our team number was…. I left as a Sp5 in May 64 for an assignment in HQ 1st Army on Ft Jay , N. Y. ……took Military Adviser Training Assistance course at JFK Spec Warfare School at Ft Bragg and returned to VN as an Inf Intel type and was assigned to MACV Tm 89 in Dec 64……returned to Ft Bragg Dec 65 while awaiting Inf OCS in 66 and went back to VN as a 2LT “brown bar” with the 173rd Abn Bde in Apr 67………

  22. I was there in 66 for awhile I remember there were some American nurses there.For officers only though.anybody get to know them?

  23. Served with MAAG Advisory team at ARVN IV Corps in Can Tho from May 63 through May 65. Not sure of the team number once we came under MACV in Feb 64.

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