Team 125 Ban Me Thuot

MACV Team 125- Ban Me Thuot.

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 125 located in Ban Me Thuot.

16 thoughts on “Team 125 Ban Me Thuot

  1. I was in ban me thuot in 70-71 I was a switchboard operator at 25th arial support. had a SB 249 on the airstrip. was in 459th sig BTN. cant remember many names, think maybe Capt. Terrill, jerry Reager Donald moss, Sgt. Papric I taught Capt. Terrill how to play a 6 string guitar. if anyone remembers me please get in touch. I was Ban me thuot 20. and I also had a lot of back and forth calls from the mars station located across the airstrip from me. please get in touch if you know me or any of the things I talked about. good to be back in one piece. also use to run convoys back and forth to nha trang , camron bay, sorry about the spelling on these crazy places. I really need some info on these convoy runs.

    • I was a member of MAC-V Team 125 1967-1968, Ban Me Thout. I am looking for people who were there at the same time, especially MILPHAP Team #33 members, 5th SFG or anyone who worked with the Rhade. Please contact me.

      • I’m trying to find people who where there with my dad, Guy Eddie Boucher. He’s from Texas. Hope you or someone else knows him.

  2. Was in Ban Me Thout 5/67-5/68. For Tet I. MILPHAP. Provincial hospital. Bungalow. Medic. MAC-V #33. Mike Benge. USAID. Y-Jan, H-Djot, Yancy, Travis, PM, Joe, Rod, more whose name I cannot recall.Worked with 5th SF, Buon
    Ho, Lac Thien. 23rd ARVN Inf. Div. Will someone who recognizes any of the above contact me ? Cannot find anyone.

      • Yes. Was with MILPHAP # 33, 67-68. For Tet. Lt. Willis, Rod, Y-Benge, Travis, PM, Yancy, Libby, John Otha Graham (Joe). Was a medic, at provincial hospital in BMT, also in field wit 5th SFG, Buon Ho, Lac Thien. Worked with many Rhade Montagnards. FULRO. Cannot find anyone there at same time.

    • Jim, Not there when you were but Mike Benge is still alive and goes to 155th AHC reunions. I was a Crew chief in 155th 70/ then 92nd Dong Ba Thin in 71….155th is mainly on FB…..Bunglow had burned down before my time by Teddy Roosevelt’s photos still at Lac Thien

    • I had a buddy with the MACV team in Ban Me Thuot. First name was Frank, but don’t recall his last name. He was assigned there in January 1967 as a clerk-typist I believe. Was an E4 when he arrived there. Anyone know him and recall his last name?

  3. Looking for anyone that knew Cpt Jack Reeves he was with the 8th ARVN Cav (MACV) 1970-1971-
    and S/2S3 Air (MACV) ll Corp

  4. I found this patch today while thinking about my brother I googled it of course and found out what it meant and now I just went down the list and found the group or the area that my brother was in
    His name was frank gill I posted photos of him and the patch on Instagram ( janegill24 and Facebook Janekgill
    I would love to hear any stories that anyone in this group is willing to share. He was in Ban me Thuot
    Thank you
    Jane gill

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