Team 125 Ban Me Thuot

MACV Team 125- Ban Me Thuot.

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 125 located in Ban Me Thuot.

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  1. I was part of the MACV team at Ban Me Thuot from July 1964 to June 1965 and served as the Sr Advisor to the 2nd Battalion, 45th Inf Regt, 23rd ARVN Div. Regt Advisor was Maj Bob Ecklund. Lived in the Grand Bungalow.

    • Do you remember where the Special Forces B Team moved to BMT end of 64? I think it was adjacent to the Grand Bungalow. I was there until Feb 65 but don’t remember where the camp was located in BMT or the name of the hotel we lived in.

  2. My name is Stuart Tropp. I served in Phubai with the 82nd from 6/68-12/68 and then served with MACV in many positions. I was a 1st LT with a MAT in Buon Kram hamlet near Ban Me Thout from 12/68 to 4/69. Promoted to CPT in 4/69 and had a team south of Ban Me Thuot still in Darlac province. Left Darlac Province to work in Office of Territorial Forces until late 69. Worked in Pleiku from 4/70 as senior advisor to II corps provincial forces inspection team. Moved to Dalat working for LTC Paul Hilty as senior advisor to LTC Le Van Ton, who was the deputy mayor and garrison commander of Dalat. This is my first attempt at finding anyone who may remember me or who has memories of others who served on these teams. I also remember Major Obradovich who lived in the same villa with LTC Hilty , me and a number of other advisors.

  3. Was with Mobile Advisory Team II-65 Ban Me Thout 1969-1970. Team leader was LT Heinrich Schmidt. We had 22 Montagnards Villages and 3 RF Companies (1 ARVN and 2 Montagnards).. Billeted on a Montagnard compound in Ban Me Thout.. There were only 4 of us. Does anyone have ant information on LT Heinrich Schmidt, Infantry Officer?

  4. My dad, LTC Frank Mayo was the Deputy Province Senior Advisor 1969-1970. COL Tim Gannon was the Senior Advisor at the time. My dad told many stories about his time there including the fire burning down the bungalow. He held a deep respect for the Montagnards. He passed away in 2017 and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

      • I was assigned to MACV TM 32 in Quang Duc Province Oct. 67-Oct. 68. I spent quite a bit of time in BMT at the Bungalow. I just checked this site to see if there were comments concerning people I knew at BMT and just heard of the fire. Can someone fill me in on the details? I’m sure there are folks from other teams who would be interested in hearing about this.

    • Mr. Magruder,
      Thank you for your email. I have attached a document regarding the death of my 1st cousin WO1 William Reid Hight (known as Reid). Please understand that this document is a work in progress. The attached document will provide information that may help your memories of Reid and his MACV passengers. This incident took the lives of 7 individuals on February 23, 1968, some who were attached to MACV. I would appreciated any information, documents, photos, contact information or memories of those involved or associated with the recovery of individuals/equipment or investigation of this incident. It is my understanding that the flight was administrative in nature “ash and trash” and was supposed to be from Plieku to Ban Me Thuot and return. Given the passengers aboard and their ranks and functions, raises questions about the mission and the final destination. I’m not sure what happened, but I am attempting to give a full account of their sacrifices and closure to their families. Please feel free to contact me at any time.

      Thank you for your response and I look forward to hearing from you,

      Ronald Anderson
      (573) 355-0328
      1811 Trellis Lane
      Columbia, MO 65201

    • Hello Robert. My name is Brandt Lange. I am the son of James Lange (E4 – Specalist (Medic)) 5/12/67 – 5/12/68. He was also attached to MILPHAP 5th SF. He states that he was in the Central Highlands & Ban Me Thuot while in the field and at the Hospital in Darlac. He’s given me several different numbers and I apologize, but it is all very confusing to me. He says he was a medical advisor to Team 33 ARVN, but based on this website it looks like he could potentially fit into three separate groups. Do you know of Jim?

      Thank you sir.

      • Name sounds familiar, I was so/4 with advisory team 33 MilPHAP medics. Left 10/20/67 from Buon ama thuot

      • My roommate, Samuel Van Scoyoc, was our medical advisor during my tour of May 1963 – May 1964 – He and I were members of MAAG Tm #33, stationed in BanMeThuot – super medic and all around super guy – He and I played against each other on the tennis court there at the Grand Bungalow which we built after I got the specs – As of this writing, I have heard that tennis court slab is only thing left after a horrid fire which consumed the bungalow/all buildings – fire was started, and there is no fire department available in the village and it burned to the ground due to the carelessness of a fool and his can of sterno

    • The first guy I met, a commo man when I got to the 10thSFG at Ft. Devens, Mass. was Karl McCoon. He was at Ban Me Thout the years you were there. I’ve been trying to find him for quite a while, I was his best man in his wedding. After I got out in Feb. 70 I heard Karl was picked to be on Charlie Beckwith’s team training police and state police terrorist tactics.

  5. I am the son of Capt Edwin C Hodges who served on Advisory Team 33 (June 68-May 69) II Corp, MACV. Does anyone on this thread recall meeting or working with him during this period? I would like to know more about his time there…he passed in 2007.

  6. I was in ban me thuot in 70-71 I was a switchboard operator at 25th arial support. had a SB 249 on the airstrip. was in 459th sig BTN. cant remember many names, think maybe Capt. Terrill, jerry Reager Donald moss, Sgt. Papric I taught Capt. Terrill how to play a 6 string guitar. if anyone remembers me please get in touch. I was Ban me thuot 20. and I also had a lot of back and forth calls from the mars station located across the airstrip from me. please get in touch if you know me or any of the things I talked about. good to be back in one piece. also use to run convoys back and forth to nha trang , camron bay, sorry about the spelling on these crazy places. I really need some info on these convoy runs.

    • I was a member of MAC-V Team 125 1967-1968, Ban Me Thout. I am looking for people who were there at the same time, especially MILPHAP Team #33 members, 5th SFG or anyone who worked with the Rhade. Please contact me.

      • I’m trying to find people who where there with my dad, Guy Eddie Boucher. He’s from Texas. Hope you or someone else knows him.

        • I think I took your dad’s position over when he finished his tour. Was he on a 6 or 7 man MAT base camp? We had 4 mobile teams under our command.

          • What time frame were you at Ban Me Thuot? I had a friend, first name Frank, can’t remember his last name, who was an administrative specialist with the team in 1967. Trying to find anyone who might have known him.

          • He said yeah, but can’t recall if it was you or not. Doesn’t know who you are. He ask if Major Potter was your commander.

            • Yes, Major Potter and his monkey. I didn’t care for his monkey on radio watch. Seemed like everyone called your dad Boucher. He was very happy when he picked me up at the airport. Happy to be going home……….Terry

              • Actually I think they referred to your father as butchy and our medic Jackson called him uncle butchy. Gosh it’s been 60+ years so I may be off a little. Ask your dad if Jackson was the medic.

      • James I lost my 1st Cousin WO1 William Reid Hight when his helicopter crashed while transporting Vietnamese dignitaries. The crash occurred on or about February 23, 1968. I am trying to find out more about his mission on that day. Several passengers were part of MACV out of Ban Me Thout and the crash occurred in this area. I have attached some data that might be useful. I would appreciate any information or potential points of contact.

        Fatalities: According to Incident Report # 680223131ACD and Incident Case # 680223131 (updated on September 20, 1998 and February 22, 2000 respectfully), two crewmembers were killed in the crash with two surviving. The two crewmembers killed were WO1 William R. Hight and Crew Engineer SP4 Robert Earl Green, both were listed as KIA (Killed in Action). The two surviving crewmembers were pilot W1 Kirby and door gunner Sgt TM Holbrook. All seven passengers were reported KIA. MACV was a joint-service command of the United States Department of Defense controlling advisory and assistance effort in Vietnam. MAJ (Major) Charles Edward Purser, CIV (Civilian) R.N. Hamblin, COL (Colonel) Manh and three additional passengers with no names listed.

    • On your question on the convoys…I was convoy commander on most all of the convoys that originated out of Cam Ranh Bay from September of 68 until June of 69…670th Trans/ 36 Trans BN….If you remember the gun trucks that had bunkers on the back…Chuck Williams was a gun truck guy…we spent many nights there…some next to what I think was the FOB #5…Bao Loc was my least favorite place to support and Ban Me Thuot was next and then Dalat…running without bird dog and chopper cover in bad weather in those areas made for an interesting trip…with weather and road wash outs we had occasion to be on the road for five or six days one time…we never had a major ambush like the convoys to An Khe…the locals VC tried to hit me with snipper fire several times and just missed with a mortar…They were very good and but missed the jeep by about 10 yards…I actually heard it go down the tube they were so close…no armor on the jeep…one sand bag on the floor…

      • I reported when first in country to the sig co there on east field ban me thout ,however they transfered me to the mars station and on the night shift for about 3 months I think I rember July 1971. From there I got sent to a Arvin unit,north of ban me thout.i was staying on a macv compound also north of ban me thout.december 1971. I got a education there,I’ll never forget, I was with macv I don’t knowwhich team I think 125 after about 7 I transfered to phu Bai to a unit in 1 core….called 26 gen. Support group to 101st we supplied about anything for operations on the dmz to ashaw valley,and lam song 719 we were preparing for the nva Easter offincive when I left there I left out actions and war stories

      • Anyone assigned to MAT II-65 located on a Montanard compound. on the outskirts of Ban Me Thout An abandon Engineer Fort was nearby. I was assigned to this five-man team 1969-1970, but we only had four team members (short one officer). Responsible for 22 Villages and three RF Companies (two Montanard, one RVN).

  7. Was in Ban Me Thout 5/67-5/68. For Tet I. MILPHAP. Provincial hospital. Bungalow. Medic. MAC-V #33. Mike Benge. USAID. Y-Jan, H-Djot, Yancy, Travis, PM, Joe, Rod, more whose name I cannot recall.Worked with 5th SF, Buon
    Ho, Lac Thien. 23rd ARVN Inf. Div. Will someone who recognizes any of the above contact me ? Cannot find anyone.

      • Yes. Was with MILPHAP # 33, 67-68. For Tet. Lt. Willis, Rod, Y-Benge, Travis, PM, Yancy, Libby, John Otha Graham (Joe). Was a medic, at provincial hospital in BMT, also in field wit 5th SFG, Buon Ho, Lac Thien. Worked with many Rhade Montagnards. FULRO. Cannot find anyone there at same time.

    • Jim, Not there when you were but Mike Benge is still alive and goes to 155th AHC reunions. I was a Crew chief in 155th 70/ then 92nd Dong Ba Thin in 71….155th is mainly on FB…..Bunglow had burned down before my time by Teddy Roosevelt’s photos still at Lac Thien

    • I had a buddy with the MACV team in Ban Me Thuot. First name was Frank, but don’t recall his last name. He was assigned there in January 1967 as a clerk-typist I believe. Was an E4 when he arrived there. Anyone know him and recall his last name?

    • I was one of the doctors in the MILPHAP team stationed in Ban me Thout from March 1967 to end of January 1968. The Rod you refer to is likely Alberto Rodriguez, with whom i remain in touch. Also in touch with doctors Larry Climo who was there in 1966-67. I seem to recall you, Jim. i am also in touch with my Vietnamese interpreter who made rounds with me every day at the BMT hospital.

  8. Looking for anyone that knew Cpt Jack Reeves he was with the 8th ARVN Cav (MACV) 1970-1971-
    and S/2S3 Air (MACV) ll Corp

  9. I found this patch today while thinking about my brother I googled it of course and found out what it meant and now I just went down the list and found the group or the area that my brother was in
    His name was frank gill I posted photos of him and the patch on Instagram ( janegill24 and Facebook Janekgill
    I would love to hear any stories that anyone in this group is willing to share. He was in Ban me Thuot
    Thank you
    Jane gill

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