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MACV Team 30 -Ba Ngoi

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 30 located in Ba Ngoi.

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  1. Anyone remember Edwin Joseph Kendig aka “JOCK”. I found Mac-V Advisory Team #30 as his present address on his marriage certificate (1969). Is that the same as MACV Team 30? If so, I would love to hear from you. He is my father.

  2. I was with MACV TM 30 from maybe about Sept 1970 until May 1971, end of tour. When I first got in country June 1970, I was at the ROK compound just outside Su Chin (a few miles north of Ba Ngoi but south of the bridge to the peninsula). At the ROK compound I served under Major Moran from the 18th Eng Brigade. Captain Scott was at the CTOC in Ba Ngoi and so was Bob Manual. Major Meek spent most of his time on the peninsula. I was a Lt then.
    When I got off active duty, I spent 2 years in the Mn National Guard and then became a civilian again. I live in Crystal MN
    Gary Feyen,

    • Why were you at the ROK compound , It was the camp of ROK 30th regiment of the white horse div. ? I had some friend s who were serving at this regiment as Military interpreters.

      Vào Th 5, 14 thg 6, 2018 vào lúc 00:37 MACV Teams đã viết:

      > Gary Feyen commented: “I was with MACV TM 30 from maybe about Sept 1970 > until May 1971, end of tour. When I first got in country June 1970, I was > at the ROK compound just outside Su Chin (a few miles north of Ba Ngoi but > south of the bridge to the peninsula). At the ROK compoun” >

      • I do not remember why we went there. I left in June 1967. Did you know our interpreter. The girls said his name meant “bug” in English. Sgt. Thran???? Nice guy.

      • I was assigned there as a liaison officer, working in the operation center, plotting friendly positions (US, ROK, Vietnamese). We provided intelligence info for the 18th Eng Brigade and others in the area. It was a good duty station as we also operated a small bar and had daily happy hour. I don’t remember names of any interpreters but I’m sure we had them as I don’t speak Vietnamese of Korean.

    • Hi Gary. I just discovered this web site and am not sure how it works (i.e., will you get an alert that I replied to your posting?). If my memory serves me correctly, you were from Golden Valley and went to Hopkins High School; I graduated from the same high school. I was at Ba Ngoi on Team 30 around the same time and was also a LT. You may remember me as the guy with Scout, my German shepherd. I live in Mill Creek, WA now. On a trip last September to the Carolinas, my wife and I met up with Curt Piper and his wife for an enjoyable evening; Curt was with AID. If you’re interested in catching up, let’s exchange emails.

      Duane Huckell

    • Hey! After Vietnam I was out for some years and then signed up with the Seabees 26 BN for 15 years. Then I finished out 30 years with the Army National Guard.

      • Hello Rick, glad to hear from you MACV team 30 (1971-72),
        I’m living in Houston Tx for 40s years , just got retired in pass few months ago,
        if you don’t mind, I would like to have copy of those pictures in the good old day while we were young,
        C U on FB,
        Hung, Dang

        • Does anyone know Lt. Neidner who used to work at Bangoi Mac-V team 30 during 1969-1970. He was a MI Officer, He worked with The socalled City Intelligence and Operation Combined Center (CIOCC)in Camranh . He was about 25 year’s old and wearing moustach.If someone know him , please contact me.

          2017-02-21 8:47 GMT+07:00 MACV Teams :

          > John Dang commented: “Hello Rick, glad to hear from you MACV team 30 > (1971-72), I’m living in Houston Tx for 40s years , just got retired in > pass few months ago, if you don’t mind, I would like to have copy of those > pictures in the good old day while we were young, C U on ” >

                • Hi Hung,
                  I think I recognized you from your email’s picture. Were you and Sgt. Vinh hanging out together at the Ba Ngoi team in 1970-72? My name is Liem who was a civilian Interpreter/Translator at MACV Team 30, Ba Ngoi. I was working for Sgt. Gilbert P. Nelson in Rural Development program (RD Cadres) in 1970-71 along with Mr. son. I think you or Sgt Vinh filled in for me a few times to Binh Ba trip by boat? I remember Sgt. Giang, a senior translator sat across from me, he worked for colonel Ebbs and Mr. Fuller. Also, Ms. Su, a Ba Ngoi origin, who was Sgt. Nelson’s secretary and Ms. No, a Ba Ngoi origin who worked for Mr. Peterson. Are you keeping in contact with them and how are they doing? Also, have you heard from Ms Thanh who was assigned to a civilian advisor (Phillip? Not sure) who often seen together with Mr. Fuller and Ms. Hien who worked for a LT ( Nielsen? Not sure ) in a Phoenix program, Mr. Xinh was assigned to Nito, an advisor from the Philippine. Our 2nd level manager was Mr. Pete Peterson, reported to Mr. William F. Fuller. It would be nice to get in contact with some of my colleagues again!

                  • I believe Sgt Giang was our interpreter ’66-’67. The girls told me his name translated to “bug.” Can you verify?

                    • Yes, I was there in 1970-1972 with MacV #30
                      My contact info is jdang002
                      My Facebook acc# John dang

                  • Hello Co Liem. I saw your post on the MACV Teams website. I believe I remember you from my time at Team 30 in Ba Ngoi (1970-1971). You may remember me as the LT with Scout, the German Shepherd dog. I am interested in knowing what became of the people who were part of Team 30, what you did after the war, and where you are now. If you are interested in catching up, I can be contacted at

                    With Kind Regards,
                    Duane Huckell

                    • I was the 5th man assigned to MACV Team 30 in Ba Ngoi, 66-67. Our interpreter was (in English it meant “bug”). And the girl (maid) Leah. She was a cutie!



      • Oh, Hello Hung I am Van, I was interpreter for Cpt. Glick at the Phung Hoang committee, then I was transfered to ARVN Navy at the end of 1971. I had been working at the Bangoi Team for 2 years before trasfering to the VN Navy. If i remember correctly, You and some other guys like Loc, Chien were sent to Cam ranh from 4th division after it withdrawed back the States , Right ?Capt. Glick,my 2nd boss,died of sickness 2 years ago when he was working for a high school.He made a full colonel before he retired ,you know.I managed to get information about him from Google as i still remember his full names. .You can contact me at

        • Hi Văn,
          I remember you now, I’m glade to hear from you again since 1972 back in CamRanh, Vietnam.
          Are you live in United States?
          Give me a call on Facebook, my acc# John Dang 03304 ,
          See you there,

          • *fterHi Hung Dang, I’m glad you remember me again. I just tried to get on your fb under the user name John Dang 03304 but my computer could not find it , don’t know why. I’m now living in Cam Ranh,, VN, my hometown It’s great for me to hear from a old colleague from the far past of so many beautiful memories when working for the GI’s. Where did you go after the Branch of ARVN Interpreter dismissed. ? What about other guys ? OK, bye for now Hung. You have a nice evening.*

        • I remember Cpt Glick as I work with in in CTOC and help provide gunship cover when he ran into a ambush one night

      • I have pictures of Cpt “D” along with Hung as we used to drive to Na Trang. He carried a chrome plated 45 cal Thompson sub machine gun

  5. Great hearing from you as well, you mentioned my roomie Fernando E Sippy, he was a heavy drinker, he went on the wagon about the time I rotated I hope he continued, he was a good friend. Do you remember Mr Jones (?) I think he was CIA we use to go drinking in his compound a lot. If you remember I took a lot of moving film of us messing around in the bar area I have on tape set to music it is really funny. I hope other guys get on this web site it would be great to hear from them. talk to you again.

    • Rick, after the last post I made it dawned on me that the one guy we were referring to as “Westmoreland” was either “Westbrook” or “Westerbrook” – can’t remember which exactly. During the last 6 months of my tour on the team there were several “civilians” that came and went. I remember the police adviser was a white-haired gentleman from NY but I can’t recall his name – but then it’s been almost 50 yrs so I guess we can all be forgiven for not having perfect recall 🙂 There were even a couple of Air America “spooks” that spent a month or so on the compound. Do you remember the little tiny Vietnamese secretary – Miss Kim? She and Johnson were trying to get married. He rotated a week before I did and it hadn’t happened at that point – I’d like to think that he got her out of there.

      I don’t have many pictures from any of my tours in country. The one picture that I do have is one of the entire team (military and civilian) taken on the front steps of the admin building – I’m fairly sure you are in it. It’s in an album that I gave to my oldest daughter so I can’t check right now.

      If you want to take this one on one instead of using this website, my email address is shown above in an earlier posting to Nick Menechella. Just drop me a note at that address.

  6. Hi Curt- good to see that you are still alive and kicking. I think the last time I saw you was in 1969 in either Hoai An (Binh Dinh) or in a tea house near Waseda University in Tokyo. Can’t remember where it was. John Vann must have agreed with your assessment of Ed Tolle because he pulled him out of Ba Ngoi in mid-1971. I was moved from Team 42 in June and replaced Ed as Senior Advisor. My Deputy was the red headed Maj. John B. Drew, S-2 was Capt. Bob Guerra, and S-3 was Major Marvin Hafely. Bill Philips was the Public Safety Advisor, but he transferred to Dalat with his wife Sigrid in 1972 and was replaced by another Police Advisor just prior to the disbanding of the Public Safety Program that year. Following the Peace Agreement in 1973 the military advisors were phased out and I was transferred to Nha Trang in June 1973. After my departure, the Ba Ngoi compound was kept open and the VN civilian staff continued working with oversight from Khanh Hoa. I returned to Cam Ranh on March 27 to coordinate the evacuation of US and VN personnel from I Corps who had been landed by ship on the Cam Ranh peninsula. On April 1, I evacuated, by Air America helicopter, those Ba Ngoi staff and their families who wanted to leave along with some ARVN families. I also paid salaries and a very generous bonus to those staff, including the Nung guards, who elected to stay. The TOC on top of the rock was still manned by VN military on April 1.

  7. PS I also remember Major Meek. I remember a somewhat over weight cook. One of the interpreters threw a dead snake on him and he almost had a heart attack. I was the advisor to the RD Cadre. I played pinochle with Lts. Heckle and Morris. Does anyone remember the Marine Police Advisor named BILL PHILLIPS? He had his Swiss wife with him…Sigrid. Bill died a few years ago. Met Sigrid last year. Duane Huckell lives in Washington or Oregon. Does anyone know Lt. Skeet Morris? Would like to contact him.. HOW ABOUT CAPTAIN GLICK…?

      • Does anyone know SSG. Oath ? He worked for Capt.Robert C.Glick, the S3 and CIOCC advisor ? He took place for First Sgt Rummell .( CIOCC = City Intelligence and Operation Combined Center)

        2016-11-10 22:39 GMT+07:00 MACV Teams :

        > Hưng, John Dang commented: “Sgt Scott is the overweight cook At that time > and that Saturday( Vinh) The interpreter Had that snake ,” >

  8. I was in Ba Ngoi in 1970? There was another sr. advisor…a civilian like me with gray hair…can’t remember his name. Ed Tolle was a complete jerk. I am Curtis Piper. I spent my fifth and last year in Ba Ngoi. I lived in the trailer compound. Does anyone remember CAPTAIN DIBENNEDETO? How about LT Skeet Morris or LT DUANE HUCKELL?

      • I ran around with Cpt. D. He had the eye patch and drove a old jeep that was stolen from the Navy that he called Dilly Gaff. He worked with me up at CTOC. There was Reesa, Philps and a couple others shorty and Smallmicki (?) from Penn. I was there 71-72.

        • I just found this web sight, my name is Stan Smolnicky from Pittsburgh, Pa. I was stationed there from Jan. 2,1971 to Nov. 19,1971 I used to drive DILLIGAF in to Cam Ranh Bay to pick up the mail.I worked at CTOC and coordinated air and ground support. The Capt. I remember was Capt. Dibenadetta, we called him Capt.”D”.

  9. Hi Nick,
    Of course I remember you. I lost track of you shortly after the ambush in the refugee village. If I recall correctly you were trying to transfer out of the 6/71st to become a door gunner. The ironic end to my first tour in Viet Nam was that I got assigned back to the 6/71st at Ft Bliss in Jan ’69. Drop me an email direct to mikedoty at and we can trade lies 🙂

  10. Nice to see that there were other people that were looking out over the bay and watching the sharks at sunset! Just a few comments to introduce myself. I was a SGT E-5 on Tm 30 from Jan – Dec ’68. I was assigned as Sr Radio Op just before the start of the Tet Offensive. Senior Advisor at that time was a civilian (FSR-2), Mr. Hickey. Sr Mil Advisor was Maj Weldon and he was replaced by Maj Cousins in mid-68. About that same time the designation was changed from MACV to MACCORDS Tm 30 and sometime shortly thereafter we picked up a 4 member MATS Tm. I ran in to then LTC Weldon at Ft Bliss in ’69 and also had a quick encounter in 1971 with Jimmy Oakes at Ft Carson. Jimmy was my replacement when I left in ’68. I haven’t seen or heard from anyone else that was on the team during that time. The team members that I can remember were S-1: SSG Sippy, S-2: Lt Bolton/SP5 Rodney Johnson, S-3: CPT Sawyer/SFC Pat O’Steen, S-4: CPT Lint/SFC Blevins. All of them rotated within a couple of months of my DEROS.

    Speaking about the bunker, the top of the bunker/radio room when I arrived consisted of just being ringed with sandbags. The overhead cover was added by CPT Lint at the beginning of the Tet Offensive.

    I’m looking forward to reading posts from other team members. I know our ranks are starting to dwindle.
    SFC (Ret) Charles Doty

    • Mike I remember when you spent a short time at the 6bn 71 arty in january. I was in the bn civic action unit when we got hit in the dun loc valley. We lost s/sgt brubaker there,you also called in the helicopter gun ships for us. I derosed in september and spent 39 years with the New York telephone co.

    • Hey Doty one other guy you may or may not remember SSG Rick Oestereich NCOIC S-2 under Lt Bolton, I also ran the bar. I rotated in June 68. Johnson worked for me, do you know what happened to Cpt Lint? I retired in 85 as an E-8 living near Ft Huachuca AZ. I am not sure if you remember SFC Hall he was one of my drinking mates. How about SFC Westmoreland we helped him build the living Quarters above the Bar and dinning room.

      • Hi Rick – of course I remember you but you and Rodney spent most of your duty time down at the White Mice HQs if I recall correctly. I do remember a couple of poker games in the club as well. I still chuckle every once in a while over the young girl that worked in the mess hall – if you recall we received a case of tiffany style Coca Cola glasses and she destroyed the entire case dropping them in to the extremely hot water and watching them shatter. And I want to tell you that I also remember the smell of that sapper after you guys pulled him out of the wire in the bay! I do remember SFCs Hall and Westmoreland (Big Red!). I don’t know what happened to CPT Lint after he rotated. Wherever he went, as an Armor officer, I doubt if he ever got to play with the mortars again. Rodney and I actually were promoted to E-5 on the same set of orders and ended up as roommates in the NCO qtrs over the mess hall/club. I can still smell the Nuoc Mam stench that used to permeate our room from Cookie fixing it outside in the back of the mess hall every Friday.

        I also retired in ’85 (SFC) and the only two team members I ever ran into after rotating were LTC Weldon and SSG (then SP4) Lewellen. Lewellen was one of 4 guys that transferred in from Chu Lai sometime during the summer of ’68, either just before or just after you rotated. I know that there were other members on the team – CPT Gonzalez (the medical officer) and SP4 Swan (the medic) come to mind. After the team changed from MACV to MACCORDS things were pretty fluid as far as team members were concerned. We picked up 4 or 5 civilians and a MATS Team. I re-enlisted in late ’70 to go back to Tm 30 but when i got off the plane in Bien Hoa I was told my orders had been changed and I was reassigned to the 3rd Bde, 101st Abn for my second tour.

        Lots of years and more miles than I care to remember between ’68 and now, Rick. Great to hear from you!!

    • Mark Siegel

      I was there from April 68 to Aug 68, worked with Bolton. The Viet and American TOC were separated, my thought was to combine them, I was friends with the local CIA rep, Lionel Rosenblat. He could get me money to do it. Put together a plan, briefed MAJ Weldon, I said what do you think, he said, Mark, stop bothering me, take the rest of the war off. This was early June, DEROS was August. Spent time at the O club at Cam Ranh, beach time, and other fun things that you can imagine. My roommate was Sawyer, we made a jug of Rusty Nails every few days. I came from Team 21 Pleiku Sector, a little more action up there.

      • Hi Mark! I DO remember you – a tall, slim blondish 1LT that wore glasses at the time if I’m correct. CPT Sawyer was one of my favorite team members. He always had a smile and treated everyone with respect, unlike a couple of others I’ll not mention:-) Since I spent most of my time either in the radio bunker or in admin, my contacts with the majority of the team were mainly social in the mess hall or playing cards in the club.

        • I was there from sep 67 to May 68, My name is Rick Oestereich with the s-2 I remember LT Siegel and Maj Weldon, the big shot .Civilian was Mr Hickey great times even if it was in Viet Nam

          • Hi Rick, my name is Doug Erikson, wasn’t with Team 30, but interacted with them on occasion from Apr 67 to Mar 68, when I departed country. I was with the Central Registry Detachment, a counterintelligence unit, based at Cam Ranh, but with an office in Ba Ngoi as advisor to the Military Security Service. Moved to the MSS compound in Jan 68, about a 1/2 mile from the Team 30 compound. The morning of Jan 30th, when I got up, I drove to the MACV compound to replenish my supply of beer, had a Tet celebration with my cohorts the previous evening, and ran out. When I arrived at the MACV compound, in my unmarked gray jeep, wearing a pair of Bermuda shorts and shower shoes, I was facing a wall of you folks fully armed and ready. When challenged as to who I was and what I wanted, I replied that I was out of beer and wanted to purchase some. After a very brief recap of what had taken place, I about faced, returned to the MSs compound, packed up and headed for the ROK 30th Regiment base camp, and slept there, with their counterintelligence detachment, for a few nights. Fun times. I was in country from Jan 66 to Mar 68, eventually retired as a CW4, always in counterintelligence.

            Would be interesting if you recalled my very brief visit on that fateful day in 1968.

            See you’re in Sierra Vista, I live in Oro Valley, just to the north of Tucson. Spent my last six years as an instruct of Fort Huachuca.

            Best Regards,


      • Hey Mark remember me I was Lt Boltons NCOIC of the S2 Rick Oestereich Sep 67 to May 68 I remember you cool locking Lt balls to the wall. I am retired Army after 26 years living in Sierra Vista AZ By the way I have you in many of my films I took in the bar, you are famous in my family HaHa

  11. John,
    The only thing I remember about a bunker was on the other side of the Vietnames Colonels’ house high up on a rock and maned by his troops 24/7. Were any of the three people I mentioned still there? How was it that you were in country for 23 months?

    • Henry,
      Same bunker, different year (lol). None of the people you mentioned were there when I was. Ed Tolle was the Senior Advisor, and lived in a small trailer/mobile home on the site. The Deputy Advisor was a red-headed Major whose name I can’t recall. I ran the Civilian Personnel Office (CPO) at the 22nd REPL BN ( Cam Ranh Bay) on my first tour, and extended for another year to join Team 30. Since I was fairly fluent in Vietnamese, I ended up TDY all over the Province during my second year. They disbanded Team 30 shortly after my arrival in Ba Ngoi, and I went to Nha Trang as part of the Team 42.

  12. Henry,
    Do you remember the WWII Japanese bunker/pillbox that was on the edge of the compound overlooking the bay? I spent my last few nights there before Team 30 was disbanded, and I was “absorbed” by Team 11/42 in Nha Trang in 1972. I spent a total of 23 months in Khanh Hoa Province.

    • I remember that bunker and have pictures of it. All cement. I also remember the team number changing just before I left country. Were you a taller Dark haired guy with glasses? You knew Shorty out of FL and Phillps

  13. John,
    I was with Team #30 at Ba Ngoi from 6/66-6/67. I was the sixth man assigned to the team. Beginning to think I was the only one. Good to know someone else was there also. We had a father and son cook team, a very short grounds person and one of the maids named Leah. Other than that………! Oh, and a beautiful view across the bay to the mountains.

    • George Howell. Henry. George here. The tall radio operator in 67. the major name was simpson.i have a picture of all the team,not in good shape

      • George, I am very sorry to say that I do not remember you. When I first got there in June of 1966, LC Richardson, from Arkansas was the radio operator. He taught me as backup. Maj. Henry E. Simpson was commander starting about August or September. (He rotated back to Ft. Leavenworth, Ks. and was promoted to Lt. Colonel). I probably have the same picture. Wait a minute! Where you the guy who went home to Florida on emergency leave and did not have to return for family reasons? Or the guy who left the same day that I did? I remember shaking the majors hand and telling him it was a privilege serving under him.

        • Henry,If you have the same picture,major Simpson center front row you are standing behind captain Flowers next to sgt carter.i’m top row second from the right,next to the other radio operator allen I never left for Florida.My tour 02/67 02/68 when I left major Weldon was the commander,i forgot the one in between he was a real a– you know. hope you and your family is well

          • I gonna’ have to dig that photo out. I remember Alan. I stopped at his parents and girlfriends, in Hayward, CA., to let them know he was safe.

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