Team 76 Vinh Binh

MACV Team 76 Vinh Binh.

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 76 located in Vinh Binh.

2 thoughts on “Team 76 Vinh Binh

  1. I am assuming that these number designations refer to MAT Teams and not District Teams. I served on MAT 76 attached to Lien Doi 82. We operated out of Vinh Binh and were assigned variously to areas around Cang Long District. In March through May, 1971 we particpated in aggressive operations against the VC 306 main Force Btn. aft5er the paddies dried up.
    Originally our team was assigned to a PF fort inTan An but we were moved to the more active area I think in September or October, 1970. My memory plays tricks on me.
    MAT 76 was comprised of myself, E-7 Rafael Martinez, E-6 “Doc” Tully, Captain John Turano (now lives in Rhode Island), Lt Roger Corrado and another NCO whose name escapes me. Corrado and the NCO were blown up on an operation and sent home in December (?), 1970. Martinez was blown up in an operation the day after I left was and sent back in early June, 1971. Turano went home later, and Lt Ed Wyse took my place in late May, 1971. At that point MAT 76 consisted of Wyse and two replacement NCOs (SSG Heater and SSG Broughton – never met either man). We had known Captain Bullock of MAT 85 (they operated around Tra Vinh) and apparently he was brought in to round out the team. I was gone at the end of May.
    We had VN 105s for artillery support and American airlift support, and we had Australian “Black Ponies” for close conbat support. Beyond that we never saw another Amercian combat soldier for the entire year we were there. We had all gone to language school at DiAn, and then lived with the VNs in the swamps of the Delta.
    I kept the Team log and I took considerable journalistic license in my essays. I would love to know what happened to those; I wonder if they ever made it back to The World.

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