Team 77 Trung Hoa

MACV Team 77 – Trung Hoa.

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 77 located in Trung Hoa.

3 thoughts on “Team 77 Trung Hoa

  1. Looking for anyone who remembers SGT. Lewis Milton King team 77 and 57 Radio Technology KIA 21 Aug 1968 married a local girl has a daughter 51 years old Nga

  2. I was at Trung Lap with my Battalion (43rd BDQ) in the Fall of 1966. We were upgrading from our World War II vintage equipment. Actually had my CIB pinned on by the Senior Advisor. Have a few pictures of the area and the staff. A great bunch. Many of the officers were Aggies.

  3. My name is Richard Carey. I was 19 years old when assigned to Advisory Team 77 in 1963-64. a Ranger Training Center. My first assignment in Vietnam was in the MAAG com center in Cholon,a suburb of Saigon before being transferred to Trung Hoa / Trung Lap. I was with the Team when Sgt W. Dunlap was KIA during an ambush while on a recon training exercise, and I remember that afterward, we had built a memorial to him in the compound. I still remember Sgt. Dupree a Medic, Sgt. Schober, Sgt Ames and Sgt Yont, as well as our CO; Major Ludwig Faistenhammer, Jr, It’s amazing how I can remember this more than 50 years later, that’s how much things impacted me back then. I did not know it then, but the time I spent with these men and those who I can’t remember, was a maturing experience that has impacted my entire life. God bless all of the men I served with over there.

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