Team 112 Pleiku

MACV Team 112- Pleiku.

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 112 located in Pleiku.

9 thoughts on “Team 112 Pleiku

  1. I was on MAT 37, one of several mat teams that worked under the provincial Team 36 in Pleiku. 1970-71. I am not familiar with a team 112 in Pleiku. Was this a MAT team, and if so, where in Pleiku Province. My team’s home compound was in Le Trung, about 10 miles east of Pleiku City, and in Plei Do Lim for awhile. Our AO was from Mang Yang to the east, to the Cambodian border to the west, and north to the Kontum border, and south between Plei Do Lim and Phu Nhon. I wrote a book (written as a novel, but true and unembellished) four years ago about it Thanks

  2. I’m trying to find anyone who may have known my father Willie Lee Stephens. He stated he was in Pleiku from 1966-1967. He can’t remember too much and I’m not sure what team he was on. Thanks

  3. During TET I was a medic with the 4.2 mortar platoon near the Oasis. Our perimter was next to a MACV compound. Do you have any information on that place? I was only there a month or so and then went back to my unit in boonies.

    The attack came from the blue line, between us and the Oasis. Our mortars were useless having a minimum range.

    I don’t remember much. I can’t even remember going home.

  4. I am looking for anyone who may have known my grandpa, SFC William h Llewellyn jr.
    5th special forces group a-112.

  5. I was with the 23rd ranger bn in pleiku starting Feb 66. Lost all my memorabilia in a fire a few years ago and trying to get in touch with any of my former team members. Please respond if you have any info. Thank you.
    Larry Johnson

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