Team 112 Pleiku

MACV Team 112- Pleiku.

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 112 located in Pleiku.

8 thoughts on “Team 112 Pleiku

  1. I’m trying to find anyone who may have known my father Willie Lee Stephens. He stated he was in Pleiku from 1966-1967. He can’t remember too much and I’m not sure what team he was on. Thanks

  2. During TET I was a medic with the 4.2 mortar platoon near the Oasis. Our perimter was next to a MACV compound. Do you have any information on that place? I was only there a month or so and then went back to my unit in boonies.

    The attack came from the blue line, between us and the Oasis. Our mortars were useless having a minimum range.

    I don’t remember much. I can’t even remember going home.

  3. I am looking for anyone who may have known my grandpa, SFC William h Llewellyn jr.
    5th special forces group a-112.

  4. I was with the 23rd ranger bn in pleiku starting Feb 66. Lost all my memorabilia in a fire a few years ago and trying to get in touch with any of my former team members. Please respond if you have any info. Thank you.
    Larry Johnson

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