Team 109

MACV Team 109 – ???

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 109 located in ???

5 thoughts on “Team 109

  1. SFC Carson Morefield (Retired). Served on MACV Team 109 and now lives in the Columbus Georgia Area
    (334) 297-9037 he has pictures from that time I will work with him to get these posted. I can’t remember the years he told me but I will work to get that posted as well.

  2. I was with team 109 from 1971-1972.. We were there at the end. I would love to hear from anyone from TM 109 any year.

    • I served Mat 109 (Toi-Bien), . 71-early 72, built the last outpost on the French Cut that I know of. My email is , phone 360-402-0176 leave message if don’t answer. Al

    • Hello Gerald, I served with your dad on MACV Team 56 in Phong Dinh Province In 1968-69. I have information for you Contact me at ;’”.
      Regards, Patrick Gillis

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