Team 66 Dihn Tuong

MACV Team 66 -Dihn Tuong.

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 66 located in Dihn Tuong.

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  1. Hello all. FNG here. I’m Trying to find some info out about my uncle. My father was a green beret in the tenth special forces. We chat military history quite a bit. We were talking about my uncle (great guy) who died from cancer, attributed to agent orange, about 15 years ago. My dad is in possession of his journals and he sent me this info.

    Hi Bret,
    I have Crick’s original journal from his Vietnam days. Ellis loaned it to me a year ago so he’s in no hurry to get it back.
    From the journal on July 31,1967 he received orders from MACV “to go to IV Corps 7th Division Tactical Area-GIAO DUC Sub Sector in Dinh Toung Sector as an assistant sub-sector advisor.”
    The next day he caught a chopper to sector HQ in MY Tho in Long Dinh District. As I said the other day Vietnam was divided into four sections. I Corps was in the north along the DMZ. Crick was in IV Corps in the Mekong delta area in My Tho. In his team was one Major, two medics, and one radio operator. They had two regional force companies (200-300) and about 400-500 Popular Force personnel.

    His name is Lothrop (Cricket) Withington. He was dearly loved and is still deeply missed. If anyone has info or could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Thank you!

    • My name is David Priddy and I served in Dinh Tuong from December 1970 to 20 May 1972. Advisory Team 66 (this site) w. If you know when youras the team advising the province. There was another Advisory Team there advising the 7th ARVN Division (Vietnamese). If you know what I hen your uncle, it would be helpful; you may wish to post your search on the Advisory Team 75 site, as well.

      I served on Mobile Advisory Team 25 in Sam Giang District (formerly Long Dinh District. Our team replaced a Special Forces team A-416 at My Dien II in the Plain of Reeds in early 1970. There is a former District Senior Advisor from Long Dinh still around—George Bonville . He wrote a book called “You Ain’t Nothing but a Paddy Rat” about his two tours in Dinh Tuong before my time there.

      Good Luck!
      Dave Priddy

  2. TEAM 66 also had civilians who worked in development. “CORDS: Civil Operations and Rural Development” which were employed by The United States Agency International Development”. I arrived in My Tho Sept 73 and stayed through the Ceasefire in Jan 73. Was transferred to Vinh Long Team 52 in March and left VN in Sept 73.. Team 66 had 250+ advisers and staff in Sept 71. When I left we had 6 civilians and no military. (CIA was still there, but we had little to no contact with them.) Here is a link to photos of My Tho and Dinh Tuong Provnce.

    Have some more that I will add later.

  3. Sorry for your loss. Those were the early days of the advisors in Dinh Tuong. I want there until five years later.

    Your dad would have led the framework for later advisors.

  4. Any know my father, Hollis Hibbitts, SSG
    Did 3 tours in Vietnam,
    Passed away year ago,
    Found plate that says
    Presented to ssg hollis Hibbitts by
    The officers and men of Dinh-tying. Sector advisory detachment
    Oct 65 – oct 66

    • Hi Steven, I hope you read about your dad in the book I wrote, “You Ain’t Nothing But a Swamp Rat” available at the 82nd Airborne Museum Gift Shop on line. He was a hero medic to our small district team in the Delta. I sent him a copy in 2017 and I know your Mom probably still has it with his picture in it and fairly extensive stories of our exciting times together. The book is a top seller, btw. I donated all proceeds to the museum and also to the Special Ops Museum which sells it too in their gift shop.

    • Hello…I learned of this page today. My name is Vance DeBilzan. I served on Team 66 from Jan. 71 to Mar. 72. First 7 months at Giao Duc. next 8 months at the ‘hotel’ in My Tho. Of the time in Giao Duc we had a 7 man team. I was the lowest rank, Sgt. E-5, but they were outstanding soldiers and made me part of the team. I remember Capt. Ted Dennis, SFC McKinley James and SSGT James Artis. We called it “The Duckker”
      I read all of the posts and regret to say that none of the names mentioned are recognizable to me. My first tour was with A Co, 4/31st, 196th Inf Bde, Americal Division, May 69 to May 70.

      • Vance i was at cho gao oct 71 to dec 71 then chauthan until you left. Might have crossed paths in the club at the hotel. Take care

      • Hi Vance,
        I had the civil affairs platoon attached to Team 66 from March to June 1971. Then was assigned to the province team HQ when the civil affairs unit was inactivated. Was at the hotel my entire tour until going home in late February 1972. One of my friends was Pat Enck from Findlay Ohio. I worked mostly CORDS stuff — village and hamlet sanitary water projects, midwife clinics, road and bridge construction and maintenance, food for peace program, and financing Phoenix activities. Some of the most interesting work in my 3 year enlisted reserve and almost 29 year active commissioned career. Thanks for your service. Best regards, Gordon Hagewood

  5. My grandfather lost his life in Vietnam, 1968 in Dinh Toung. Did any one serve in the army with Thomas Lamar Lewis? Known as Tommy Lee.

  6. Hello Gentlemen.

    My name is Kevin Rios
    USMC OIF 2003 Veteran

    My father did two tours of Vietnam. He was a member of Advisory Team 66 while in Vietnam during at least one of his tours.

    Did anyone here serve with or know my father, SSGT Richard Rios?

    Thanks for any information.

    • Sorry I don’t, do you know what MOS or duty he performed? That might help narrow down where in Team 66 he served as Dinh Oung Province has several Districts, with My Tho City the location of team HQ, but that was the support location for many team members in the field.

      DDSA AND DIOCC advisor

      • I do not know the specific area he served while with Advisory Team 66.

        I do know he was in the 9th Infantry Division while in VN in 1968.

        After his return to the states he received a letter from a Vietnamese person(Doan Van Tiet) Thanking him and wishing him well. It was sent from the “My Tho” area, 140/13 Iran Hoang Quan, My Tho.
        It was mailed to my father by SP/4 Robert Marcoux with Advisory Team 75. I still have that letter.

        • I found another document.

          A war trophy document. On that document it lists:
          Advisory Team 66 Mat IV 24 House 1 APO 96359 as his organization.


          • The reason a member of Advisory Team 75 likely sent the letter it also operated in the Province. The IV on the trophy likely refers to Region 4 which was the Delta, I have the same designation on a trophy I got.

            MAT teams had numbers too.
            I was a military intelligence captain over there and served an infantry assignment as a Deputy District Senior Adviser and an Intelligence assignment as the District Intelligence Operations Corridnation Center as part of the Phoenix Program, a CIA intelligence program.

            So I was briefed by many MAT guys when they came in from operations.

            I was

          • I was attached to Team 66 as part of the 2nd Civil Affairs Company. Arrived March 1971 and 2nd CA Co was inactivated in June. I then was assigned to CORDS Team 66 province staff doing essentially the same duties — food for peace program, agricultural support, sanitary hamlet programs, and myriad other aspects of the pacification efforts. Also administered the Assistance in Kind (AIK) program. This was part of the Phoenix effort to identify VC sympathizers by bribing citizens to rat out the bad guys. District advisors would deliver “receipts” for building materials purchased in their districts. I would bring back a briefcase full of money from Vihn Long province monthly to reimburse the “expenses”. Informers we’re then paid off. Departed RVN in late February 1972 just as My Tho was being mortared at the start of the Spring offensive. Was proud of my service but devastated that we lost over 58000 Americans in a tragic display of inept civilian leadership.

        • A MAT team like your father’s was an small infantry advisory team, usually a Captain, First Lieutenant, and two or three NCO (usually weapons, engineer, medical) that would go on operations throughout the Province with Regional and Popular Force elements of Vietnamese as opposed to regular Vietnamese Army units.

          Either inserted by boat as part of the Mobile Riverine Forces of the US Navy or by Helicopter.

          Dong Tam Army Base just outside My tho would have been his home base.

          These advisers lived with, ate with, regular Vietnamese people.

          It was a very dangerous but rewarding job.
          You can be very proud your dad was a MAT.

          • Thank you so much for this information Mr Nelson. I love War history and wish I knew much more of my father s Military history. Like many other he never spoke much of his time in Vietnam. And I completely understand why.

            Thanks again for thr information Sir.

            • Thank you as well for your service. My dad and uncles and an aunt served during WW2, the shared service commitment families make is an important tradition no one can take awsy. Take care.

              I am in Thailand at pesent, my Thai wife of 40 years and I have a retirement home here 6 months each year, and our Seattle home the other six.

            • My name is David Priddy and I served on MAT 25, a sister unit of MAT 24, from DEcember 1970 to it was disbanded in March 1972. I did not know your Father, but I am familiar with MAT 24. Advisory Team 66 was the MACV/CORDS representation in Dinh Tuong Province. Advisory Team 75 was stationed in Dinh Tuong, but they were assigned to the 7th ARVN Division and worked with that military unit. The province had 7 military districts; in December 1970, there were 15 mobile advisory teams operating in Dinh Tuong, three were assigned to Sam Giang District: MAT 24, MAT 25 and MAT 133. MAT 24 was assigned and stationed with a PF platoon just North of QL 4 and about 5-10 kilometers East of the Sam Giang and Cai Lay Districts line. I visited MAT 24 team once in early 1971, but do not recall any of the team members’ names, nor do I recall any specific details about their mission.

              I May 1971, the decision to reduce the advisor presence in Vietnam took effect in Advisory Team 66; the number of MAT teams was reduced to three, MAT 24, MAT 25 and MAT 80. Each district team was also reduced in headcount; normally a district had the District Senior Advisor (MAJ), Deputy (CPT), DIOCC (Intel-CPT) and 3-7 NCOs and enlisted (NCOIC, INF, medic, RTO, etc., the numbers varied, depending on how hostile the area was and attrition.). The district ultimately were reduced to three: Senior Advisor, Deputy and NCOIC. The MAT teams were also reduced to three, Senior Advisor, Deputy and NCOIC. MAT 80 did not change their mission; they advised the 402nd RF Battalion, based in My Tho (province capital city) and were responsible for the security and protection of the city, Province Chief, city roads and bridges, municipal facilities, and as reinforcements to other territorial forces within Dinh Tuong, as needed.

              MAT 24 and MAT 25 did change missions: we both were to be assigned as advisors to newly formed units within the province. The senior advisor of MAT 24, CPT John Wallace Haynes and I were scheduled to attend a week long aviation class at Vinh Long, Airmobile Task Force Commanders Course June 20-25, 1971. The night prior to departure, CPT Haynes was driving his jeep along with our Province’s fixed wing aviator, CW2 Randy Victor Hines. They had an accident and both were killed on 19 June 1971. I left early on the 20th for Vinh Long via an Air America flight from My Tho and didn’t know of the accident until my return; all I knew was John didn’t make the flight. The plans for MAT 24 changed and it was gone when I returned. MAT 25 went on the advise Lien Doi 15, a five RF company strike force that served as the quick reaction force for the entire Dinh Tuong Province, until March 1972 and MAT 25 disbanded. I was then assigned as the Deputy to Cai Be District, then served as the District Senior Advisor from March 1972 until I rotated out in late May 1972. If you send me an email, I will send you some map info on Dinh Tuong,

              I have contacted a couple of other guys who served on Team 66 about your Father and, hopefully, can help you further. One served on MAT 80 and the other was on the Province Team staff for 5 years. Good luck with your search.

              • I followed you at Cal Be. I had been at both Cho Gao while the bridge was built over canal Oct 71 Dec71 then to Chai Thanh until June 72 and finished tour at Cal late June to Oct 72.

                Major Henderson (or Harrison) was senior, I deputy, and we had an E7 for a !longhand replaced by E5

    • Kevin,
      What were the dates of your dad’s two tours? I was part of Team 66 MAT IV-3 from 11/68 to 11/69. Would your dad have been an E6 at that time? I was the CO most of that time period and he was not part of my unit, however I do remember his name. He may have been part of the District Senior Advisor’s team.

      Bill Tait

      • Yes sir Mr Tait. Dad was an E6 at the time of his tour in 1968. I did find his Financial Data Records Folder which included HQ MACV July 1-31 1968, HQ MACV ADV TM#75 AUG 1-31 1968, and MACV TM#66 SEPT 1-31 1968.

    • Kevin,
      Do you know what your dad’s rank was in 1969 and what month/year he left Vietnam on that tour? I remember the surname Rios being in Dinh Tuong province HQ in MyTho toward the end of my tour. (11/69). I was the CO of MAT Team#3 in Ben Tranh District. I don’t recall him being at the District HQ,

      Bill Tait

    • Kevin,
      Your dad’s name rings a bell with me. Do you know what his enlisted grade was in 1968 and what months he was in VN? I was in VN from 11/68 to 11/69 and the CO of Team 66 MAT#3 Ben Tranh District. I seem to remember the name.

      • Not sure about 69 sir. He would’ve been E6 throughout his times in Vietnam.

        SSG Richard Paul Rios. Originally from Los Angeles, CA.

      • Dad was an E6 at the time of his tour in 1968. I did find his Financial Data Records Folder which included HQ MACV July 1-31 1968, HQ MACV ADV TM#75 AUG 1-31 1968, and MACV TM#66 SEPT 1-31 1968.

      • Bill, I was a 2LT Infantry Platoon Leader in C, 3/39 INF, 1st Bde, 9th Inf Div. I was stationed at FSB Moore just East of Cai Lay on Highway 4. I was there from Feb 69 to Aug 69 when we were reassigned to Schofield Barracks, HI. We operated all over Dinh Tuong Prov. Where was MAT Team 66 located? There was an Officer in Team 66 with the name “Hale” that was killed. Did you know him? Gary P. Hale, Dripping Springs, TX

        • Gary,
          I am so sorry to take so long to reply to you. I just saw this post. My computer or the site does not display the messages in chronological order, so I just happened to see this. I did not come across any officer on Team 66 with the last name of Hale during my tour (11/68-11/69). Team 66 was much larger than I realised and I was in Dinh Tuong Province mostly in Ben Tranh District. We rarely got out of the field and met very few people from other MAT units.

          • Hello,
            You said you were mostly in Ben Tranh , so do you know Sgt Ho van Hai, who served as interpreter at Ben Tranh Advisory Team (11/68-11/69 )

    • Kevin,
      I am sorry to hear of your dad’s passing. I was in charge of MAT Team 3 which was part of Team 66 in Ben Tranh district. Major Thoms and subsequently Maj. McDaniel were the District Sr. Advisors. I was there from 10/68 to 11/69. If my memory serves me correctly, toward the end of my tour the District Sr Advisor got a new Communications/Recon NCO whose last name was Rios. I only met him once or twice on the ever so few times we came in from the field. I believe he was an E5 at that time. Hopefully, this is of some help to you.

      William P. Tait (Bill)
      !LT F/A

  7. I was a Captain at the time in Team 66 at My Tho from Oct68-Oct69. Worked with Colonel Amos and took over from Captain Dan Vooys who rotated out. Still remember the Philippine Independence Day party roast pig and all. Oh, yes, and finding chicken heads in my soup at a local eatery. Never wounded in country but discovered Hodgkins Didease from Agent Orange after DROS. 4 months at Walter Reed then separated. Now 75, living in Scottsdale AZ. Took gobs of pictures which are fortunately now digitized.

    • Hi Ed. I was there very early Nov 1968 to late Oct 1969. I worked in the Phoenix Program under Major Wolfgang Hertwick and with Captain John Kozak (a West point man). I to took a lot of pictures, too, which I posted on FLICKR under the name “Lance and Cromwell” (Cromwell was my faithful Dalmatian, died in 2014). You could open up a FLICKR account and post your pictures there to share with us. If you want to restrict access to your pictures you can designate them as only being accessible and viewable by “friends”. Anyone here on this site who wants to see your pictures could request you designate them as a friend on the FLICKR site. They would, of course, have to open a FLICKR account but that is free and a relatively simple process. I’m now 74 and I retired at age 59 (health issues) but still going strong. I hope all is well with you considering your service related conditions. Cheers !!! Lance

    • hi ed I was with team 66 form aug 68 til sept 69 spent most of year at the embassy house (until about 2 months to go returned to the team house)working with vietnamese militia I,m sgt brian Cunningham worked with sgt carl hachmeister and capt larry simco hope all is well with you.we where known as (“paddy rats)

        • hi john wow its been a long time how are you doing well I hope have you ever been in touch with larry my old boss ? i dont know if you remember carl Hachmeister he was a fellow paddy rat he died a number of years ago

          • Brian, good to hear you are still above room temperature. I was briefly in contact with Maj Wolfgang Hertweck years ago. Your best shot at contacting Captain Larry SIMCOE is to GOOGLE
            “Larry Simcoe Air Force” He appears to be retired USAF and is on LinkedIn. You may have to register with LinkedIn to send him a message.
            Where are you? How are you doing? I do remember Carl. He used to go to Dong Tam 9th Division mess halls begging for us. I recall we ate for the entire month for $17 !!! He used to take captured AK47s to trade with the cooks. Kozak out.

            • Hi John and Brian. With regard to Hachmeister I loved that man. I remember at least once he brought us back some ice cream. And once a big can of cherries. He instructed the Embassy House cook on how to make a cherry pie. Something went wrong in the translation and she cooked or heated the cherries in fish oil before putting them in the pie crust. Yum (not) as we waited in anticipation for our slice of that pie after dinner. And when I first arrived at Embassy House (very early November of 1968) I remember we had that big M2 .50 cal machine gun up on the roof. Somehow Hachmeister traded it for a more practic
              al M60. Always fun to hear what that man had to say on most any topic.

              • Lance, is there any other way than FLICKR to share photographs with MACV Team members?
                Brian were you able to track down Larry Simcoe on LinkedIn?

    • Hi, This is Jon….In My Tho I was assigned to river patrol boats and did more than a few missions with Both team 66 and 75, I spent TET at the Provinical Hospital with a LTC Scholwalter, and the USAID nurses.
      The Col got hit the first day, but none of the nurses got as much as a scratch.


    • Good Afternoon Sir,

      Would you happen to know my late father SSG Richard P Rios?

      Dad was an E6 at the time of his tour in 1968. I did find his Financial Data Records Folder which included HQ MACV July 1-31 1968, HQ MACV ADV TM#75 AUG 1-31 1968, and MACV TM#66 SEPT 1-31 1968.


      • If you want to know more about the gathering, just go to You will find all of the particulars there. Look forward to seeing you.

          • Don,
            No I am not that Guy. I was with the RD Cadre (RDC) and the Peoples Self Defense Force (PSDF) 69-72. I believe I remember you, but time plays a lot of tricks on me these days. If you want (or other Tm 66ers) to get in touch give me a call. Do a search for Ray Robison or Ray j Robison Killeen TX. I am the only one and my number to call is there. Address is wrong, but calling number is correct. If I send my email address or phone number they will block my post.

            Ray Robison
            SGM US Army (Ret)

  8. Was there in 70.looking for capt Jack Hoeft,Maj Wildermood, maj John Ruskiewicz or anyone associated with Kit Carson Scouts..Best regards to all..Don Taylor

    • Don,

      I have no contact info for Wildermood or Ruskiewitz. I did report to Wildermood for a few months in 1971 and did go on some operations with the KCS and Ruskiewitz and have some black & white photos from those operations. I will have them at our Counterparts reunion in April at Pensacola if you are attending.

      • I have been looking for Cpt Joseph A. Best, who was an advisor at Team 97 , Cao Lanh training center during 1970. Does anyone of you know him ?

    • Don,,
      i remembered you from the days a the Sea Bee Compound. I was the RD Cadre Adviser and wore civilian clothes. I get together with Dave Priddy and Tom Soles every year at the MACV reunion. The next one will be in Houston in April. If interested give me a call 254-534-2506

      • Sgt Yearout was my intel Sgt during the last three months of my tour in 1971. He is in the picture on the cover of “MY Vietnam Anecdotes” which I published last year. If you send me tour address I will send you a copy along with one or two other photos I have of him.




  10. Hi I was there 0ct 71 to 0ct 72 can you.put more context on his role. I was a captain and advisor in intelligence and operations. Do you know what district or assignments he had? Rick Nelson

  11. if it would help, I was the guy that stayed with the USAID nurses at the Provincial Hospital on the first night of TET and I was the one that found the children at the orphanage.
    I have no problems relaying some of that night.
    if interested let me know

  12. I was the District Senior Advisor in Cho Gao in 1966 (Team 75 then) and District Senior Advisor in Long Dinh District (Vinh Kim located there and later named Sam Giang District) June 1968 to June 1969. A number of my brave E.M. and young officers assisted me in writing a memoir of those two years for my family and their progeny. It contrasts Dinh Tuong Province (My Tho area) before Tet ’68 and after, speaks of some of the real Army/ Navy heroes we knew, acknowledges the many competent RF/PF leaders we served in combat with, lays out the many successes and troubles we had with coordinating the activities of the U.S. Ninth Infantry Division Units and other allied forces in the Rocket Belt surrounding Dong Tam Base and our heavily populated villages like Vinh Kim. None of us thought it would become a popular narrative with its many reflections on personal family life, the foibles of a small, mixed-rank team sharing close quarters in a tense war situation, and the narration of our activities vis-à-vis the strategic war in Saigon and Washington. We are surprised to see that the book, “You Ain’t Nothing But A SWAMP RAT” is now the Book of the Month and best-seller at the Airborne and Special Operations Museum near Ft. Bragg, N.C. All proceeds go to the museum which really needs the income as government funding of the museum has been cut. All of us need to write down our memories about the advisor role and the fine men who manned these teams or it will all be lost to history and nothing but “official archives”. Ours is a long read of 680 pages and fifty photos.

    • Terrific. I was the final advisor in Cho Gao in 1972. Served alone as they finished the bridge. A pretty big compound just for me and my mmasan cook!

    • I obtained and read your book. Some I could relate to and some I couldn’t. I arrived at Team 66 in late December 1970 and assigned to MAT 25 at My Dien Hai (2) and we relocated to the Sam Giang District Team house for several weeks and until the Seabees rebuilt the road and bridge west of Vinh Kim. Our MAT then moved in with a PF platoon at the base of the “Y” for 5 months. I have some photos and articles about the local area you might find interesting. Major Teddy J Hary was the Sam Giang DSA when I was there and he left in late March 1971 for Camp Smith in Oahu, replaced by Major O’Brene Richardson. COL Joy K. Vallery was PSA until March 1971, then replaced by John D. Evans, Jr. (COL, RET. USA) FSR-2 and close friend of J.P. Vann and Wilbur Wilson. I can be reached at or 703-627-2109.

    • Read your book. Enjoyed it. Bought back memories. Was intel Sgt worked with Cpt Gordon on Province team.

  13. Trying to get in touch with or info on:
    SSG Richard Doyle MOBILE ADV TEAM 130, ADV TEAM 66
    SFC Gilbert R. Mumford MOBILE ADV TEAM
    Sgt Major Jesse Joyce MOBILE ADV TEAM

    • Circling back through this thread. My father, Jesse Joyce, was close friends with Don Cordle. He mentioned him frequently throughout the years.

    • Dear Mark,

      As I write this my father, Jesse Joyce, is transitioning through the sunset of his life. Though he is unable to answer questions at this point, I can tell you that he spoke fondly of Don Cordle. Every time we were in DC, my dad would have me sketch Don’s name from the memorial and he tucked them away in a photo book from his days in Vietnam.

      Lisa Joyce

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  15. My name is Don Taylor.Was in team 66 70-71.Trying to locate jack hoeft,John ruskiewicz,or anyone else who was there during that time..also interested in finding out what became of our kit Carson scouts and interpreters (hue and trong)

      • Hi BA,
        I knew him in Chogao dist in 1969,also he is my partner on Dinhtuong Macv team.
        What’s happening and where is him,would you give me morE detail about him,thank’s.

    • Hello…Im Captain Bill Rees, Tm 66 from April 70 to Oct 71. Started as Dep Dist Senior Advisor in Cai Lay for 7 mos then Asst Ops til departure. Would love to converse with anyone who was there. Some aspects were memorable…some forgetable. At 75 yo my memory is not so good but all with whom I served were terrific. Fraternally…

      • Bill I got there just as you were leaving. Also captain. I was first at cho gao, then chauthanh, then my tho Hq, and finally in Cao be. Oct 71 to Oct 72. Cheers

  16. “Nicely” was her nickname. Her real name is Nancy. she had a younger brother with a speech impediment and that is how he pronounced it, so she became known as “Nicely”

    Email is just fine, sent it to

    Thank you for all of your help.

  17. I probably ran across at least one or two of the three but I’m not good with names unless I spend some time with the person doing something memorable. I logged some hospital time about June of ’69 . . . not particularly a fun experience except for Nurse Nicely (her real name).

    I found the My Tho map. Locations of Embassy House, Hotel 1, etc., on the map but no street names. But maybe I can find an on-line map with that information. More later if I am successful with that endeavour.

    • Was she short, about 5’3″-5’4″ or so, shoulder lengths brown hair?
      About the Map could you send me what you found, I have found a map with some street names
      anything would be helpful

      • The brown hair fits but I don’t remember how tall she was . . . too long ago and I pretty much only saw her from the low angle of a hospital bed.

        Exactly what I was thinking . . . I can scan my map and e-mail it you. Or mail you a copy . . . whatever works best for you.


  18. I shipped out for home at the end of October 1969, Brian. I thought it was stupid that they moved me to Hotel 1 as I was always getting pulled to do rush jobs and special jobs for the various bosses at Embassy. My immediate boss, Major Hertwick, was really pissed about that but the Colonel in charge of Team 66 seemed to be a “by-the-book” officer. They should have left you at Embassy too.

    I posted some more pictures to my Embassy House album on FLICKr. You might find them interesting. They are of one of the SEALS at Embassy when we took the Embassy boat across the river to pick up Captain Kozak over at the Coconut Monk’s island. I can’t remember that SEAL’s name but I remember that he and the other SEAL at Embassy were both kind of crazy at times.

    • yes I remember the seals where crazy.the had a party one time and one of them bit the head of a snake off.
      I agree about them moving us out no reason whatsoever.when I moved back into the team house the officer that was assigned as my new boss didn’t like the idea of me going into the field without a radio.
      I left the early part of October almost got killed twice in the last 10 days.
      I never got along with the top sergeant in the adv tm he got some bad info on me from 2 officers the 2nd day I was there and he didn’t like me until just prior to me leaving and I had a chance to have a good chat with him and he got my side of the story
      seems so long ago I will check on those pics and thanks for taking them its always fun to see them.

    • For Lance and Brian:
      I don’t know if we ever met, my name is Jon and I am a River Rat (PBR Sailor) What I am trying to do is put some things together and need to pick your memories. I remember driving around to the various houses but trying to locate them on what maps are available I am running into a stone wall. I do remember once stumbling across an interactive map that displayed just about every location in My Tho.
      Anyway do either of you remember the streets that Hotel 1, the Embassy House and the Phoenix compound were located?
      any help would be appreciated.

      • Hey, Jon, I will look among my memoralbilia. I may have an old map of My Tho. I’ll try to get back to you in a day or three.


        • Lance: that would be great. I have looked at what is online but they are completely lacking factual information.
          BTW did you ever run across LTC Lord (Go Cong) or LTC Schowalter (Team 75,) or Peter Brownback (USAID/CIA)?
          FYI: I am the guy that spent the first two days of TET at the Provincial Hospital with the USAID Nurses.

          • I served as LTC Schowalter’s S-4 Advisor on Team 66 (originally Team 75 House 1) from November 67 to shortly after he was wounded during TET. Loved the man dearly and he was a role model for my life. Many stories about him. The Mission was clear, Keep Highway 4 Open. He was a no BS guy with only two answers, Yes or No. Best to always have a Yes. Brownback was also a great person, well respected by both military and civilians on the team. He was the Acting PSA until Schowalter’s replacement arrived, who, which for me was a very sad case. Do not want to mention his name because that would be giving him too much respect. As a side note Col. Schowalter was awarded the CMH for heroism in Korea. The guy had no fear. He passed in 2003 and is buried at the Ft, Benning.

            • My name is Richard Burns, I was a sector pilot in Dinh Toung with the 199th RAC. My call sign was Swampfox 17. I recently rediscovered a plaque I was given from Advisory Team 66 DinhToung Province, with the inscription ‘CW2 Richard Burns, Sector Pilot, Dec 67 – Jul 70’. I was at My Tho from ~November 1967 until I was shot down on July 2, 1968.

              I vividly remember standing on the street in front of our billet with LTC Schowalter in the early morning of TET, with bullets whizzing through the trees. I was a little ‘apprehensive’, not knowing exactly what was going on. The colonel arranged transport for my crew chief and me to go to Binh Duc Airfield. I flew 11 hours that day in support of My Tho. I remember later seeing the colonel with his arm in a sling and hearing how he was standing up encouraging the troops amid the shooting from the VC.

              I had forgotten his name until I found this site, but I have never forgotten his deeds. May he rest in peace.
              Rich Burns

  19. Yes, Cecil, I remember Vaugh very well. A real nice guy, I liked him a lot, and I remember he was a pretty good barber, too. I do have pictures of both of you. I will be scanning them eventually and posting them to my FLICKr site. I’ll let you know when that happens. I wish they would let us post pictures to this site . . . would make it a lot better for reliving memories . . . a picture is worth the proverbial thousand words and usually a lot more.
    The former Spec4 Lance Nix

    • Thanks lance, I look forward to the pictures and hearing more. I was starting to think it was all a bad dream. :-[ be safe

      • Hi Cecil. I posted several pictures from Hotel 1 to my FLICKr site. You should be able to get to my site using my screen name “Lance and Cromwell” or my real name Lance Nix. Look for an Album titled “HOTEL 1”. Somewhere I have more pictures which I will add when I find them. If you remember the names of the guys in the pictures leave a message with a comment with that picture. Memories from over four decades ago.

          • Hi, Louis. When you get to my Flickr site you will see a picture across the top of the screen. Right below that picture are options listed across left to right. One of the options is albums. Click on that and all my albums (there are a lot) will come up. You just scroll down through them til you find Hotel 1 and single click on it. And your in. Lance

    • Lance, I believe you mentioned you have a map of My Tho. Can it be copied and emailed? I am leaving for Vietnam on March 1, 2018

      • Lou
        I have friends that spend nearly every summer in My Tho. From what understand with the constant changes and coutinious reconstruction the best map would be “Google Maps” they would be most current
        Also you may run into a guy named John Donovan. he is a retired River Rat and spends a good amount of time in the city building homes for surviving ARVN’s and their families.

        As for the Col and Brownback, I am the guy that spent the opening house with them at the Provincial Hospital with the USAID nurses. The morning that the Col got shot I was with one of the nurses at the orphanage trying to get some of the kits out.


        • Hello Jon,
          I was based at Bind Duc airfield with the 199th RAC (SwampFox 17). On July 2nd, 1968 I was shot down wit my ARVN Observer. I have tried to locate him without much luck. You mentioned a Mr. John Donovan living in or near My Tho. I am wondering if he might be able to help me locate my counterpart. He saved my rear end. I know he survived and went back to flying . Is there a way to contact Mr. Donovan?

          Rich Burns

            • Please remember that My shipmate married a Japanese lady nearly 50 years ago, and they live just outside of Sapsago. He is not dong well (according to his wife) but I will try to get what ever I can from him.
              Please contact me directly at ‘”

              • After first light I went with one of the USAID Nurses to the orphanage to help collect the children there and bring them to the hospital for safety. There was an Army SSTG that joined us. What we found fostered nothing less rage. a total of 62 girls and babies slathered, most tossed out the windows into the ditch below. While trying to find survivors we were at the intersection between the Catholic Church and Orphanage and saw LTC Schowlater get hit. He was in the street trying to get the ARVN units out of the side streets to retake the “Y” and get to the bus station. two GI’s ran out and dragged him out of the line of fire.

                The Col had no fear, he stood up tall in the middle of the street, taking fire to muster his troops.

                I realize that this may not be the venue for my comments, but facts are facts.

                The Col is and was an inspiration

        • Jon, I visited My Tho last year with a tour organized by Th e Pittsburgh Veterans Breakfast Club. I was able to spent two days in My Tho . Even though the changes have been unbelievable I was able to orient myself from the reservoir (helipad) and found the general location of House 1 and Hotel 1. The province headquarters gone as Dinh Toung was merged with Go Cong. The Buddhist Cemetery is gone replaced with a sports complex.

          The Breakfast Club is having another trip in February next year. The trip details and itinerary are located at The Veteran’s Breakfast Club website The literary can be adjusted to incorporate 2 to 3 days in My Tho. I am considering going back next year.

          • Lou
            Thanks. I have heard some of the same from just about everyone that has gone back. The only thing that seems to have survived all of the reconstruction is the Church. However I have been told it has a new bell tower.. the original one was badly damaged during TET when the church roof caught fire. Funny part (fi there is a funny part) we set it on fire; Para-flare. Did you know that other than a few bullet holes every stained glass window survived in tact

            Again, thank you for the info.


      • Lou, my office is pretty cluttered . . . too many projects underway. If I can find the map in the mess I’ll scan and E-mail it to you. It does not have a lot detail but it might be a good start. I was contacted by a My Tho resident from the old days (he now lives stateside) who had seen my My Tho pictures on FLICKr and he noted massive changes in much of My Tho so trying to find some of the places you remember might not be possible. Been some urban renewal there in My Tho apparently and now a bridge across the Mekong to boot. Lance

  20. Anyone know what happened to interpreter ‘Ahn’? He was at Matt 81 My Phuc-tay, North Cai-lay?

  21. I am so glad to hear from you. I am pleased that you have survived. How is your life under the government of the North? Have you a family?

    • Hi WEBB, how are you feeling,and your family?
      with me !!!oh no!!! says: terrible life when nva come!!!!
      almost,we lost house,out city to move many place to alive!!family are broken,sell everything we have to keep alive,you know why???becauce,my family& me are ex.enemy of them….
      In last 10 jear,,the people like us feel good better in a life,
      having a little big manright. I still a single!!! broken man!!!
      41 years pass,now,i m feeling very tire,i need money for a restting life.That is!!!! GOD bless you.In next letter , you can mail to my email (maybe safe better) bye now.

  22. I was there in 68/69 at the head office in My Tho. Col. Harry Amos was the province senior advisor. Master sargent George W. GOINS headed up the office with captain ken turnquist. It was adv. Team 66, Macv. Great place to visit

    • I was there. 68-69. In the S2 office worked with Lt Tooke and Cpt Gordon. Dodd Caudill, SGM, USA retired. I remember Col Harry Amos. Remember when his helicopter got shoot. He survived. I also ran the HCO club. Remember being under attack Tet 69.

        • Do you remember Charles Bessenbacher? I came back to Vietnam in 1971-72. Worked J2 Saigon Macv Hqs. There is a good book written by George P. Bonville who was district adviser for Long Dinh District. Title—
          You ain’t nothing but a swamp rat. Got my copy from 82d Airborne Div Museum Fort Bragg Gift shop. Do you remember the S4 . You living in New York? I have been in real estate for 26 years. Have my own company Dodd Caudill Realty in Radcliff, Ky just outside Fort Knox. What have you been doing?

          • Hey Sarge good to hear from; yes I remember Charlie B. He was a unique person and I hope he made it home. I was briefly in touch with Capt Gordon a few years ago. I thought you were staying in the Army until retirement. Stay well my brother

          • Sarge I should add yes I remember some of the S4 guys. I spent close to 45 years working for insurance and brokerage firms and retired as Vice President of systems for Smith Barney. After Nam I got into computer operations then programming and management. Now at 71 I spend most of my time on my recliner or walking my 2 wonderful dogs. Stay well

            • I stayed almost 24 years in. Retired 1985. Selected for CSM but decided to just retire. You have done really well. Glad we made it back.Best to you and your family. I had four Yorkies but down to one now. If you have not had the love of a dog you have not been loved.


    • This is Bobby Palk’s son. Sorry so late. I do have a letter from an individual in the unit describing the events of that day. He said that nightfall came when they were attacked so they attempted to defend themselves. He visited once and mentioned that my father had made it over the hill when Donald ? got hit. Not sure if it’s the same Donald. He turned around and went back to help him then got captured and found dead next day. I think that this Donald was buried at Ft Donelson TN. Does this sound the same as what you know?

    • I just looked at Donald’s info on Internet. Guess he is the same person I heard about in the stories of that day. The Ft. Donelson was the key. I have been there and seen his gravesite. If you interested, I can copy the letter from the individual in the unit and send it to you. Please let me know.

      • thanks for getting back to me. I just can’t believe in this day and age that I can’t track down Sp4 William Vaughn. We did just about everything together while over there, now, nothing. maybe he doesn’t want to be found. thanks

    • hi cecil I was with tm 66 same time as you but the first 10 months or so I was at the embasy house around the corner I was assigned to the militia tms in dinh tuong you will probably not know me

    • Hey Cecil, I remember you and Vaughan- I was attached to S2 aug 68 – oct 69- I know you were part of our all night card games listening to Sgt. Peppers lonely hearts club and how about watching PUFF up on the roof at night.

      • i was in tm 66 from aug 69 thru aug 69 i was a paddy rat worked with Vietnamese militia with capt lary simpkin and sgt carl hachmeister was in the team house early on in my tour and then the last couple of months at the end.In between worked out of the embassy house around the corner FROM THE TEAM HOUSE.

  24. Anybody know my Father Capt. Bobby L. Palk (KIA 18 Dec 1970)? Don’t know much about him. I was only 6 when he was killed. Any info would be nice. Thank You…

  25. For Lance Nix: Lance were you in My Tho for TET? I seem to remember a guy with glasses on the roof of the house.
    Anyway, I am looking for information concerning some of the events that night. if you are the same please let me know and I will provide you with my email address or phone number.

  26. My name is Dave Priddy and I arrived in Team 66 in late December 1970 and left late May 1972. I served on Mobile Advisory Team (MAT) 25 in Sam Giang District until May 1972 and we transferred to My Tho and advised Linh Doi 15 until the MAT teams dissolved in March 1972. I then was assigned to Cai Be District Team until leaving Vietnam in Mat 1972.

    During my time there, we worked with a lot of interesting groups including the PRUs, Embassy House, Kit Carson Scouts, Seal Team 2, Digger/Kiwi training school team from Dong Tam, Seawolves, Black Ponies, Seabees, RDC, AID and was visited by a lot of foreign dignitaries, including Sir Robert Thompson,

    I would like to connect with anyone who was there during my time and who may be looking for someone.

    I’m know Ray Robison and JC Fischer,

  27. I was there with Team 66 from November 1968 to October 1969 assigned to the Phoenix Program under Major Wolfgang Hertwick, Check my photos posted in my albums on FLICKr. My FLICKr name is “Lance and Cromwell”,

      • Hi, Brian. Yes, I remember you very well. As I remember you, I and Sargent Hackmeister were the only U S Army at Embassy House who were not officer rank. I wonder from time to time what happened to everyone there at the time; I remember Hackmeister was good at going out to Dong Tam and coming back with a load of goodies. I remember those two crazy Navy SEALS. And I recall a couple of Australians their at the House for awhile. And all the guys in civilian clothes involved in who knows what. I’ve tried several times to find Major Hertwick and Capt Kozak but no luck. Hard to believe its been 46 years since we were there. I hope all is well with you and everyone

        • hi lance forgot all about this website I hope are well.i have sad news carl hachmeister passed away about 3 years ago.i have a strange question for you do you remember the exact name of my boss it was something simpkin or close to that and you mentioned on your lance and Cromwell pictures that you had other photos of me

          • Sorry to hear about Sgt Hackmeister, Brian. Although I did not get to know him real well I very much enjoyed his sense of humor. I remember him calling our weapons “Bullet Launchers” and saying some of the Vietnamese didn’t know how to use what he called the “iron sights” on their weapons and thus he said they were not at risk of ever hitting their targets.
            Yeah, I thought your boss’s last name was Simco. I remember someone told me he was an Air Force Captain but I can’t remember his first name either.
            I recently posted some new Embassy House pictures on my Flickr site. They are in an Album named “Embassy House”.

            You’ll find you and Hackmeister in several of the pictures. Also your boss. The pictures were taken when your boss was leaving after completion of his tour of duty.

            The very Best to you, Brian,

            • hi lance very nice to hear from you I will check that out its always good to remind oneself that we where young once haha all the best to you too lance I hope you are well

            • I went to flickr and typed in lance and Cromwell then clicked on embassy house but I didn’t see any pictures of the ones you mentioned in your previous post

              • They are there, Brian, but just hard to find. Go up to the search box at the top right and type I “EMBASSY HOUSE MY THO” and hit the search button for my photos. They all should come right up. Also, if you can find “ALBUMS” in the menu at the top you will see the album “Embassy House” on my list of albums. You have to click on the menu words at the top and that will bring up sub menus where you will find “Albums” as one of the choices. Let me know if you are successful.

                Also, I have an excellent printer and I can send you prints of the pictures if you would like. Let me know if you are interested . . . no cost to you.
                I’m on the road right now but can keep in touch via Wi-Fi.

                • found the pictures lance I printed them out here at the library I don’t have a computer at home so I go to the library 3 about 3 days a week.The other picture I have is the one you took of me at some reception in one of the local buildings in my tho. Those pictures sure bring back memories and wow did we look young then.
                  I remember the officers and some of the embassy staff.
                  I often wonder what happened to them once we pulled put.
                  take care lance

                  • So very glad you found the pictures and could print them out, Brian. The pictures proof we were there back then even if our memories are foggy about those times. My mother saved all the letters I sent home and when I read them recently I don’t remember a lot of the things I wrote about.

                    I think you are right about your boss’s name being Larry. I seem to remember his full name was Larry Simco. But I could be wrong.

                    Best to You, Lance

                    • yes that does sound like his name I didn’t know he was an airforce capt until the day I took him too the airport cos he always wore civilian clothes.
                      although I,m not very good on names I remember some of the personnel like the 2 aussies and the navy seal. Not too long after larry left I was transferred back to staying at the team house.
                      when did you ship out of nam ?

  28. Hi: I was DSA in Cho Gao 1966 and came back in 1968-1969 after TET as DSA Long Dinh District, later named Sam Giang District. Writing a book on those two years with team members help that I have found: 1st Lt. Jim Jeter, Captain Enrique Pujals, SP. 4 Dick Bond. Also in contact with Cpt. Lynne Mike Patten, SSG. Hollis Hibbitts, and Major Jim Gilbertson from 1966 in Cho Gao. We were Team 75 in 1966, changed sometime after. Any body recognize any of us??

    • I just read your book. I was S2 Sgt 1968-69 Dinh Tuong Province. I knew alot of the people in the book. Still remember Coal Bin Willie. WE had to go out on ambush, guard equipment on MR 4, stay at outposts. I got a award for successfully predicting when the VC was going to attack. My second tour was with Estimates Branch, J2 in Saigon. 1971-72. Retired almost 24 years as SGM. Thanks again for writing your book. It bought back many memories.

  29. My grandfather, SFC Felix D. Knutson, was KIA September 4th, 1969. I was wondering of anyone knew him and/or had pictures of him. Thank you very much gents!

  30. I was with Tm 66/75 My Thon in 68 as a Naval Advisor. The ARVN Boat unit was just out side My Tho by the rifle ranges. Our Tm 75 Medic lives near here and I know another that was with Cords in My Tho. A group of us fromer Advisers have form up an odganisation named Counterparts. You can find us on the net under the name. We have members from many Teams and many eras in Vietnam. We are planning a reunion in April 2015 in the DC area.
    Thanks to whom ever put this site together. You need to contact us. We have about 600 members.

    • Hi, I don’t know if we ever met, I was on PBR’s in My Tho in 67/68. I was also at the Provincial Hospital for TET. I would like to contact you with some questions about the first days of the offensive.
      Respond here and I will pass you my email address

    • I was Senior Advisor to MAT81, My Phuc-Tay, Cai-Lay District. (Captain William Webb ) 1/1970-11/1970

      EMAIL (text okay)

      • Hi capt Webb,did you remeber me,sfc/interpretter/Tri service in your team in my phuoc tay when CIDG return to RF 19th group in cai lay dist.That time,DSA are major Brown,and I left , sgt/interpretter/ANH are replace my position.ok,i still alive in VN.Hope you will contact or relation with me on my email
        Ps/i am last one left dinh tuong macv in 3/1973 .

    • Your name rings a bell with me. The last two or three months of my tour (about August thru to October 1969) I was housed at Hotel 1, top floor. I have a few pictures of the guys living there at the time and I believe you are in at least one or two of them. I shall try to get them scanned and posted to my FLICKr site this winter.

        • Hi everyone !
          My name is Ho van Hai. I was an interpreter at team 66 Cho Gao District during 68-69 and then I was transferred to BenTranh District, serving there until 1971. Looking for all the American advisors and Interpreters who were once working together. The email below is my young brother’s.

      • Very familiar name. Mine is Cecil Allen Sp4, hotel 1 top floor. I was a clerk at the headquarters bldg. just around the corner. Do you remember William (bill) Vaughan, also a clerk, African American, that was on the same floor?

    • Hi Frank! Ron Hicks I was with the supply unit from Sept. 69 to Nov. 70. Been wondering if I would ever hear or see anyone that I knew from there. Often wondered what happened to a lot of the guys. Hope you get this and reply back.

      • Hello, Tri, I,( CaptainThen) William Webb , was Sr. Advisor to My-Phuc-Tay camp in the far North of Cai-Lay Distrct from January 1970 – November 1970. I more than likely don’t recall names well. Blessings to you.

      • Hello sir,how you doing?you get any answer from your parnert in team #66 also mat team in cailay dist in that time,when i left your team i was tranfer to cho gao dist,when cho gao dist team go back US,i tranfer to J2 team#66 until macv team#66 leave out VN in 1973,so i have tranfer to arvn with signal corp in saigon service in there to 1975.that is finish.


  31. I am trying to put a time line together concern events on the first night of the
    TET offensive. Was there an assult on the Team 66 TOC that night? were the guys from the 148MP able to get there? I know they were staying at the Armor House and that they rescued a group from team 75 that got trapped somewhere in the city.

  32. Was on MAT 80, Adv Team 66 May 1971- March 1972, Dinh Tuong,, province, Light weapons
    advisor. Looking for Capt Miller whom later married a girl from Sydney.SFC Lewis was on the team with us and I would love to talk with him also.MSG Soles

  33. I was a member of team 66 , from feb 71 to jan 72 . I would like to meet other member and one SSG Connor or O’connor.

    • I was there as the Admin NCO and left in Feb 72. 1LT Wallace Schnee was the S1 and LTC Troy Baxley was Asst PSA. and there was a civilian FSO. Schnee from what I can tell is buried at Arlington. I never got along with him so I spent a couple weeks on leave in Bangkok and when I got back to Tan Son Nhut, I stopped into MACV personnel and they said I should have already departed home. I had them amend the orders so I could clear. Went back to Bangkok for 30 more days.

  34. Trying to locate anyone that was in My Tho during the TET Offensive. I am looking for informaiton concerning the events around that night at/near the Provinical Hospital

  35. Captain Rickey G Nelson, DIOCC and DDSA, Cho Gao, Chau Thanh, and Cai Be districts, Dihn Tuong proviince, The Delta, Team 66 Oct 71-72

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