Team 34 Dalat

MACV Team 34 – Dalat

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 34 located in Dalat.

15 thoughts on “Team 34 Dalat

  1. I was in Dalat Dec 66 to May 67, as an advisor at the VNMA. I recall Chuck Radler, and an AF LTC, first name Larry. There was also a CWO who gave “lessons” in bridge. I remember our French-trained cook who gave us fabulous meals. Our villa was not too shabby either, private bedrooms, tiled baths. Coming from a field assignment with VN Rangers I thought heaven was near. Anyone out there from this time period??

  2. My Dad was SFC E7 Bob Burk, Operations/Intelligence Advisor Team 34, Don-Duong 65–66. He served with now BG Forrest T Gay III Ret. I have several pictures that I digitized from the area if anyone has interest.

    • I was stationed at don duong in 1967 I would like to see any pictures you have of the place, your dad must have been there when the Seabees were there, they left after I was there for a few months, thanks

  3. In 1972 to 1973 I was living in the enlisted men’s compound which was a French Villa on Tran Hung Dao Street, Dalat. There were only a Sargent and myself in this compound. Most of the Americans were gone by this time.

    • Sam, would you happen to remember an incident where the Air Force crew chiefs were ambushed driving down from the air field? I don’t recall the date but this happen in 1968.
      J V Ramirez USAF Ret.

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