Team 34 Dalat

MACV Team 34 – Dalat

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 34 located in Dalat.

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  1. I was walking thru my local cemetery and saw the head stone for Major Charles Wilkie….Advisory Team 34. Date of Death 12/08/67.

    I presume he belongs to this group…not sure if anyone served with him.

    His gravestone was well cared for and will be checked from time to time!!


  2. I was on convoy cover at Lien Khoung airport in a single UH-1C Huey gunship in July 1969. I was alerted to a possible attack at project concern and flew out there and checked it out. A reaction force convoy was on the way when they were ambushed. I made radio contact with the American advisor and commenced an aerial assault on the enemy ambush position. The enemy ambush was neutralized and the convoy proceeded on there mission. I flew to Dalat Cam Lee airfield and rearmed, refueled and returned to standby at Lien Khoung. Does anyone remember this combat action? I always wondered how about the casualties in the convoy and if they made it back to their base.

  3. Brian Speich says:
    July 27, 2019 at 4:33 pm
    I was assigned to AT 34 in Dalat, 1965. Spent two years there and have been back 8-10 times.I remember most of the places you guys are talking about but not any of the guys. We lived in a villa until 31 Dec 1965 when the VC blew it up and killed Krause, we then moved into the modern hotel right by the steps and across from the main market. Moved in Krause compound about March of 66.

    • Hi Brian. have not heard from you in many years.. You 2 years in Dalat, I’m searching for the 362nd tropo trial site from BMT AT33 rigged up in 1963-64. did not pan out so taken down. was there LBM later, in new years day 1965-66. Matsudo up stairs, Akana and I down stairs on opposite side of bombs. Please contact me on email at; Thanks Brian and have a Happy New Year, for sure!! harold Shiroma

    • do you remember the signal out post, the small army base foot o fthe high ground and vietnamese military academy or madame thi french restaurant

  4. I was in the 362Signal Co. Dalat, during TET 1968. WE were converted to11B and did S&D. We secured the MP Villa and vehicles. Also I was on a “Reactionary Team” that retrieved people from the Embassy, downtown. Not much written about our activities during the 1968 Offensive(classified??). My DD-214 has no record of my time there!

  5. My brother and I sent Christmas card and cigarettes to a Captain W T Cooper in 1965. He replied in March 1966. I was in second grade at Catholic school in small town in Ohio. I have always wondered and prayed that Captain WT Cooper made it home and had a good life. Does anyone have any information on this man ? God Bless..

    • I was an advisor at the VN Military Academy from Dec 66 til April 67. Did not encounter Cooper. Sorry.

      • Captain W T Cooper was an advisor to a Vietnamese combat engineer battalion . 1966, Thanks for any information. And thanks for your service. God Bless you all.

  6. I was in Dalat Dec 66 to May 67, as an advisor at the VNMA. I recall Chuck Radler, and an AF LTC, first name Larry. There was also a CWO who gave “lessons” in bridge. I remember our French-trained cook who gave us fabulous meals. Our villa was not too shabby either, private bedrooms, tiled baths. Coming from a field assignment with VN Rangers I thought heaven was near. Anyone out there from this time period??

  7. My Dad was SFC E7 Bob Burk, Operations/Intelligence Advisor Team 34, Don-Duong 65–66. He served with now BG Forrest T Gay III Ret. I have several pictures that I digitized from the area if anyone has interest.

    • I was stationed at don duong in 1967 I would like to see any pictures you have of the place, your dad must have been there when the Seabees were there, they left after I was there for a few months, thanks

  8. In 1972 to 1973 I was living in the enlisted men’s compound which was a French Villa on Tran Hung Dao Street, Dalat. There were only a Sargent and myself in this compound. Most of the Americans were gone by this time.

    • Sam, would you happen to remember an incident where the Air Force crew chiefs were ambushed driving down from the air field? I don’t recall the date but this happen in 1968.
      J V Ramirez USAF Ret.

      • Was this when they were going to or from a party? I remember visiting one of these guys at the field hospital in Nha Trang. Shot thru one thigh and into opposite calf….

        • From what I recall they were headed down from the airfield. I was ordered to Dalat the same day to replace the crew chief that was wounded. I remember purchasing a snub nose 38 that belonged him. Stayed there for 2 or 3 days before they sent out a permanaent replacement.

    • Sam, I was in and out of Dalat from 21st TASS Nha Trang from Jan 68 – Aug 69 maintaining MRC-108 radio jeeps and MD-28 generators. Was at the Duy Tan Hotel several times (lighted glass tiles in the dance floor). Was told of a “bithday party” for one of the FACs at a villa and worked my way over. To my surprise it was one of my high school friends from Spain, 1st Lt Bud Bennet. We had been Air Force military dependents, he in Madrid (Torrejon AB) and me at Zaragoza AB ca. 1960-62.

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