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MACV Team 31 – Phu bon.

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 31 located in Phu bon.

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  1. It’s been a while since I tried communicating thru the Tea them 31 web site so I hope you’ll bear with me. I’m John Neighbours, Sp5, Hau Bon April 1963 thru June 1965. I passed on a pile of pics a few years ago, and still have a few stories to tell. In terms of ‘history’, Adv Team 31 was originally a MAAG Vietnam team before the advent of MACV, and was put together in Sept. 1962, under the 1st Senior Advisor, Major Clement Will (Arty) when Phu Bon province was created from the backyards of the 3 surrounding provinces. Originally under the 9th Div, based at a beautiful beach-side resort-like compound in Qui Nhon but was transferred to the 22nd Div, Kontum, when the 9th was sent to the Delta. For the first 3 years, at least until I rotated for discharge in June 1965, the Team consisted primarily of 13-14 GI’s, half officers and half EM. MOS’s were somewhat irrelevant in the early days. I did everything from participating in RF sweeps in Thuan Man, hauling water for the gravity-feed tower, building the 2 floor tents, with the ‘Yard guard crew, between the radio room and the Mess/Rec room, to clearing the septic tank (which resulted in pumping the contents out on the road and puddling some in the two 105 positions across to the north, and on down in front of the Prov HQ where, every Monday morning they would have a civ and mil assembly for the flag raising and VN national anthem. I accompanied my last Sr, Advisor, Maj. Robt. Ogg (Arty) on a trip south with the two 105’s and Reg. Force covering unit for a firing mission down towards Phu Tuc, just above Chu Dre pass, where the rusted-out ambushed French convoy lay – that was when he earned his Purple Heart from punji stake wounds. Over my 26 months with Tm 31, we had a few Sr. Advisors, some who had come earlier in lesser capacities and promoted towards the end of their tours; Maj. Will, Maj. Ben Lamond, Maj. Flloyd Judah, Maj. Rolf Giertsen, and Maj. Ogg. Bob and Bobbie Reed, and their kids who spent much of the year at the church school in Dalat, were there then, and Bob held Sunday services for both Spec. Forces and Tm 31 in the mess hooch at Boun Beng. Have more history/info to kick in . . . if this gets thru to you guys. One ‘Octogenarian’ to another, ‘gettin old ain’t for the weak. Later. John N.

    • My late father, Col. O. T. Lowe was among the 1st 100 advisors selected via Pres. Eisenhower to ‘advise’ on the situation in VN.
      His 1st tour ’57-59 ( with us kids ), 2nd tour mid-late 60’s. Numerous rare 35mm color slides capture many of his activities. I’m looking for the appro. facebook or other online site to start introducing images.
      Thanks–S. C. Lowe

    • I am putting together a photo album to chronicle Team 31 history for the Counterparts Reunion in Rapid City May 3-6th. If you have pictures that you can share with me, please let me know. Steve King,

  2. 65,66 would go with doc to leprosy colony, first time I asked him are we ok ,he said if we bring help we wouldn’t be . Help VC and all don’t ask questions! About 5 ks out

      • I was Lieutenant Ed Grant assigned to Team 31 as S-5 officer from February 72 to January 71. I visited the leprosy hamlet a couple of times and I’m even using those memories in a novel I am currently writing with flashbacks to the central highlands during the war. Working title of novel is Fugitives Return.
        Also penning a couple of chapters about the Convoy of Tears in March 1975 that passed disastrously through Cheo Reo when the North Vietnamese cut South Vietnam in half and led to its total defeat in late April that year.
        If anyone has information regarding these events please pass it on.
        Cheers/former first lieutenant Ed Grant, Team 31

        • Ed, have you had a chance to read my late husband’s novel set in Cheo Reo, “Red Flags”? It came out originally in 2010 and was reissued by Soho Press last year. His blog, with many of his photos and memories of Cheo Reo, is at I’d always love to hear from anyone who knew him (as “Big Smitty”) in Cheo Reo ’67-’68.

        • Peter,

          Please send me your email address and your mailing address. I will send you pictures. There is an Advisors reunion next May in Rapid City, South Dakota. Many of the former advisors from Team 31 in Cheo Reo attend.

  3. Hello, Wondering if anyone has photos or stories about my Dad, Col John Muzzy.

    I have an old scrapbook of his, do you all have a digital album somewhere? Perhaps I can scan and upload his photos?

    Thanks so much,

    • I was with the MAT 11 -9 team and worked with your Father, he replaced Major Lilly. Our 5 man team worked with Cpt. Muzzy as we help train the local regional/ district forces . Winning the hearts & minds of the Montagnards, these native indigenous people who loved Americans. He was well liked .
      I have some pictures that I will collect and send you.

  4. Honored Veterans this is, at the time in 1967 Cpt Mel Vogel commander SF A-224 Phu Tuc, has been a very honored pleasure to read this long email thread of memories of Team 31. I departed in Dec 1967 and a few months later the SF site was turned over to MACV. Several years ago I was sad to learn that my executive officer Lt (Cpt) Peder Lund passed away on a trip Finland. Based on his life and owner of Paladin Press I am not sure his passing was of natural causes. That was the life that some of us lead. After all Paladin Press offered a means to take out your adversaries. My contact to TM 31 was through Sam Garrison as he was at Phu Tuc. I am sure please some of the Montagards at Phu Tuc made it to North Carolina. Many have passed on.

    • Mel,

      Do you have any information on LTC Nay Hohn who was the District Chief of Phu Thien District while I was there from Dec 71 – Dec 72.

      Denny O’Neil

        • Since I was in a dual role as a District Advisor and A Detachment Commander I spent most of my efforts with the A Det and combat operations with the some 550 CIDG. The district forces were slight until the change over to MACV after my departure.

            • In the few times I saw him in North Carolina, he was still frustrated by the rapid collapse of the Viets and proud of making Phu Thien VC free. He was 16 yrs my senior. We had a routine where we would gather folks around us and he would say in that command voice “Tell me again how old were you when you were my advisor?” Everyone thought it was funny that I should be advising such a leader.

              • When I was assigned to Phu Thien, Nay Hohn told me that when he was in the French Army, every day at lunch the officers (I believe he was a lieutenant) would have a shot of Cointreau. The next time I made a run to the Class 6 in Nha Trang, I picked up a bottle and from then on Nay Hohn and I would have a shot together every day. Nay Hohn liked a cassette tape I had of German military music and when I left Phu Thien to work in Phu Tuc I gave him the cassette. (I worked in Cheo Res, Phu Then, and Phu Tuc, in that order, for about four months each. I was the Tm Adjutant in Cheo Res, Assist. District Senior Advisor in Phu Thien, and District Senior Advisor in Phu Tuc.) When I was getting on the helicopter to leave Cheo Reo at the end of my tour, Nay Hohn surprised me by driving up in his jeep, jumping out, and giving me two Montagnard mouse traps. I had admired some one day that we were out in the field together, and he remembered that and brought them to me as a departing gift.

                Max, I have a bunch of digitized photos and slides of Phu Bon. I would like to share them with Tm 31 vets. Do you know how I can do that?

                • Denny, great story. Steve King has taken on the role of curator of Phu Bon pictures. He has a library of our slides and pics. If you contact him I’m sure he will work with you.
                  Nay Hohn told me that when he was an Aspirant (third lieutenant) in Intelligence at PleiKu he learned from the locals that the Viet Minh were building reinforced bunkers in the Mang Yang pass but when he passed the info on to Qhin Nhon the arrogant French LTC dismissed his info and sent the Mobile Force One into the ambush that all but wiped them completely out.

          • Mel,

            My name is Steve King and I somehow became the “curator” of pictures from Phu Bon (including A-224 & A-226). If you have pictures from your time there, I would really appreciate having copies.


            Steve King
            Team 31 1968-69
            RVN 1966-69, 1971

    • I have a picture of Sgt. Scott singing and playing his guitar. I was station on Phu Tuc 1969 to 1970. Must be same guy, wasn’t aware he passed, I left in August.

      • Hello~ I’m Sgt. William Scott’s niece, or would be if he were still with us. My mother, his sister, still feels his loss daily. I can’t tell you how much a picture of him singing and playing his guitar would mean to her…. would you be willing to share it with me? If so, please email me: ebanathan@gmail. -Elizabeth

        • Hi Elizabeth, I am trying to determine if I have Alzheimers! I was the Phu Tuc District Senior Adviser from May 1969 to May 1970, but I do not remember you (or actually any non-male on our team). I thinl that I still “have it together” but at the age of 80, I may not!

          • Bill I was the S5 and s1/4 at Cheo rio from Jan to july 69 Originally I was to have taken over as Sr adv at Phu Tuc – Obviously it never happened Spent time out in the districts and got to meet most of the names I see run across here.. Who was the guy that you replaced there? Thanks – walt

      • were you by chance , the medic at phu tuc ? And also maybe my company medic with 6-32 at ft knox ? I have a pix of the 69 gang in a jeep w buff horns out front lemmie know _ walt muller

          • Did you know a medic name of Parrot e7 – there about that time . may have you confused w him , On an earlier post you mentioned that tiger killed by a AF fac DO YOU still HAVE A PIX handy Ran out of film while there HE WAS A BIG SUCKER _ Being a hunter I would love to see it again and show my buddies My e mail HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY walt

            • I got there some time in June 70 and CPT Muzzy was the team chief. My name is SSG Frank Gergely, i was on the MAT team. Our Medic was on older guy SFC. I dont remember names but there was a CPT & 1st LT and a SSG beside me on our Mat team..

              • There was a USAID compound next to the advisory teams . I think there was a guy there who was supposed to be a Nat Police advisor , bit I think worked for an ‘alphabet’ agency that I had contact with. Anyone remember his name? Also a Pacific Architect and Engineers (PA&E) guy who lived in town

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                • Hi Tom, I am glad that you are still “kicking” and hope you and your family are well. Do you by chance have any pictures from Phu Tuc? Unfortunately, shortly after I returned from Vietnam, my wife decided she preferred being single and she ended up with everything I had – – including everything from Nam. I remarried some years after that and my wife has been bugging me (for years) about what it was like in Nam. If you have any pictures you could send me, I would greatly appreciate it.

                  If I remember correctly, you told me Cpt. Muzzy got prostrate cancer. I hope you got away clean – – I have been fighting metastasied (SP?) prostate cancer, and lymphoma for about 20 years. Unfortunately, I am starting to lose the battle, but it is only by the grace of God that I have lived this long and I am grateful.

                  Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

                  • Hi Bill
                    I am still kicking, some health issues. Sorry to hear about your battle with cancer and lymphoma.
                    I have pictures, can put on usb drive and mail to you.
                    Did Max ever send his pictures?

                    I mention to Frank some time ago I had a picture of him and whole teams, didn’t hear back.

                    Drop me your address and I’ll copy what I have.

                    Merry Christmas and hope for the best.

                  • Hi Bill I am still kicking, some health issues. Sorry to hear about situation, keep the hope. Did Max ever get you pictures?

                    Send me your address and I will get a usb copy of the pictures I have.

                    I never heard from Frank on the pictures I had of him and our teams.

                    Merry Christmas and keep positive . Thanks Tom

                    Sent from my iPhone


                    • Tom, thanks for the prompt reply. I guess you have my address, now. I remain positive, because everything is beyond my control; besides, I have had a great life (far better than I could have dreamed) and I am 81 yrs which is older than average. I look forward to receiving the pics.

        • Walt – I was a 1lt and S5 with Team 31 from October 68-September 69. I remember you. A Captain as I remember. My name is Richard Horn. I was also Cheu Hoi advisor.

          • I was in Phu Tuc from Nov 70 until the spring of 71. After a month in the hospital I returned to Cheo Rio. I worked with Cpt. Presnal in the Phoenix program.

  5. I served with Team 31 from Jan 67 to Jan 68. Worked with Charlie Nason in S-3 ops. Wounded on a recovery mission for our AF FAC. Back to TM 31 for 3wks after some time in hospital in Pleiku. Left Saigon for the states the day before Tet offensive. Remember David Orso, Walt Muller and Forrest Woods. Spent lots of time in the backseat of a Birddog. Would like to know date and location of the next reunion and enjoy hearing from others who served Jan 67 -68.

    Dennis Westover

  6. Does anyone remember what the ARVN unit was that was headquartered in Cheo Reo in 1968 & 1969? My memory is fading for sure.

  7. Please tell me exactly When/Where the Team 31 reunion will occur in Houston in April 2019.

    Thanks/Ed Grant S-5/PsyOps Advisor Team 31 @ Phu Bon March-Dec 1970

  8. As some of you may know, my husband, Juris Jurjevics, who was a frequent commenter here, died suddenly on November 7th. The West Point Center for Oral History has just posted an interview they conducted with him in 2012, shortly after his novel set in Cheo Reo (“Red Flags”) was published. I would love to hear from anyone who knew him then, or who has gotten to know him in recent years.

  9. I was a team leader for both MAT II-56 and MAT II-112 in Phu Thien, as well as an interim DSA for Thuan Man District from Jan-Dec 1970. Would love to hear from you guys. Just found the web site – great stuff!! Bob Dillard

    • Bob,
      Good to hear from you. I was on Team 31 68 & 69.
      Hope to catch up with you at the reunion next April in Houston.

      Steve King

  10. I was with Team 31 from Dec 71 to Dec 72 and served as an Army advisor at Cheo Res, Phu Thien, and Phu Tuc over the year, as we were down sizing per President Nixon’s plan to leave Vietnam. I don’t see any messages from anyone who served during that period. Contact me 407-702-8921. I live in Orlando.

    • Denny,
      Good to hear from you. I was on Team 31 68 & 69.
      Hope to catch up with you at the reunion next April in Houston.

      Steve King

  11. Dick mowrey its me the same one who was with you and who had the visit with you at travis afb I live in oklahoma. If you read this give me a call at 580 467 4899 if you will give me your address i will send you a picture of you clowning around wearing capt nasons cap. Does anyone remember our dog Deros? Ihave pictures of him snd his dig tag is still eith my dog tag.

  12. Boyce, See you there, it is always good to reconnect. Everyone from our team who will be there is going to have a personal rememberance. Glad you are coming.

  13. Hi Don, Thanks for getting back to me. If you get them digitized let me know. I hope all is well with you, Tiny

    • Hi, this is Doc While from team 31. I just stumbled on this site today. I served there from Jun.67 till Oct. 71 as the Province medical senior medical advisor. I will be at the reunion this Apr. and hope to see many of you then.

          • Max, I live outside Nashville now and I grew up in Kentucky… so I just plan to attend on the 7th and 8th. I guess I need to pay someone the event fee (hopefully I can do it at the event). Was a 185 RAC aviator assigned to Cheo Reo Feb 68 ( got to spend Tet in Ban Me Thout ) through June 69. I have some pictures I am trying to get into a folder for people to see.

            • I was there from September 68 to September 69 as S5. The units there were not ARVN, but regional or popular units similar to our National Guard units.

      • Hi Doc: It is Fred Heather – is Pete Morosky still with us. where and when is the reunion. If you don’t remember I worked with Pete in Intel.

      • Hi Doc. Wonder if you knew my buddy 2LT Bob Falkenau on Team 31 who was KIA Dec 1969 in rocket attack? His name is on the Wall Of Valor.

        • Hi Rick, The memory of your friend is kept alive at our reunions. He is always remembered by those who knew him.

      • Hey Doc, I just found this site today. I was a member of the Doc White Club at Cheo Reo late 69,70 and early 71. I was assigned to tm 31, mat9, phu tuc as RTO, but spent time in Cheo Reo prior to that.

        • Richard, I was with you in Phu Tuc in 70, 71 until I got sick. Spent the rest of my time in Cheo Reo. Recently reconnected with Cpt. Presnal as he lives pretty close. I have some great pictures of you. Sgt. Larry Simmons

  14. Boyce,
    I’ll ask Ken Forrester here in Phnom Penh, he has done a lot of research on US KIA in Phu Bon. He may have more details. Was this the crash that involved a Major?

  15. Just saw Boyce Reeves’ note. Hi, I flew in your back seat quite a bit as Ass S-2. Many fond memories!
    Yes, I remember Slick, too.
    Let me have your email address and I will send a photo of the two of us. Bill Carleton

  16. My name is Boyce Reeves I flew O-1’s (185th Recon Airplane Company) from Cheo Rio Team 31 March 1968 thru June 1969. The three Army Pilots when I got there were Cpt’s. Bordeaux (liked to be called Slick ?), Don Williams and Bud Leonard…..I remember some names posted on here that overlapped my time there. I have a few picture I could share if anyone is interested. A lot of memories came flooding back as I read comments here last night. I returned to VN for 3 months in 1973 flying U-21’s out of Saigon (TSN). Dr White’s name just popped into my mind as I was typing 🙂

    • Boyce, I served at Phu Tuc in 1969. Our O1 bird dog pilot was Mike Gabriel of 185 AVN. He was treated by Doc white in Cheo Reo after taking a bullet in the leg, lost leg after evacuating. Several of us tried to locate him, I did track him ( guy with same qualifications) to Seminole Fl. And sent him pics of him and tiger he shot. No response but letter was not returned. Did you know of him?
      Thanks Tom

      • I know Mike from flight school and somewhere deep in my mind I believe he may have been in the company at Ban Me Thout while I was at Cheo Rio….. Phu Tuc was SF when I first arrived at Cheo Rio but transitioned to MAC-V in mid ’68. I had an engine lock up on me in flight (bad prop seal) ….dead stick landing at Phu Tuc …early ’69.

      • Tom if you were at Phu Tuc in early ’69 I am looking for the name of a friend that died due to O-1 crash in the mountains west of Phu Tuc he had been assigned to Phu Tuc and took one last bird dog ride before going home. May have been William Scott or William Smith….I still have a lot of issues with the crash and how it was investigated and handled…..

          • Boyce- You and I were roommates for a while in Cheo Reno. I was an Arm 1st Lt. and served as S5, Psyops advisor and advisor to the Chu Hoi program. I remember William Scott and the day he died. He was from Massachusetts

            • Hello Richard Horn, good to hear from you and yes we shared quarters at one time. I never understood how they assigned people to quarters. I got into country January 1968 and extended my tour six months so DROSed July 1969 intending to get out of the Army at the end of that tour. A slick talking LTC talked me into staying on in the flight detachment at Ft Monroe/Langley AFB. I never understood what was going on at Cheo Rio. I tried to fly 6-8 hours a day, report what I saw on the ground. By the time you arrived at Cheo Rio I had decided my responsibilities were to fly my areas, report what I saw, and not do stupid things. I returned to Viet Nam (Saigon) a couple of day before they signed the treaty. Spent three months flying U-21s, mostly taking US and also foreign negotiating teams around the country. Got surrounded and harassed by angry South Vietnam citizens and soldiers at Ban Me Thout (everybody was armed to the teeth except us). As I look back at my Viet Nam tours, it was more like MASH than anything else.

              I retired from the Army via the reserve system I got out of active duty in late 70’s , and worked on the Space Shuttle program in Houston, retired completely about 8 years ago as the Space Shuttle program closed down. I currently live outside Nashville TN.

              • Boyce – we have spoken before . However this is the first time I have heard my sentiments hinted at by a fellow team 31nner.

                Other than the team at Cheo Rio existing to exist I could never figure out our grand plan.

                When I first arrived as a capt. it took 3 days before the “leadership” even gave me the HELLO . That sucked . I started as the S5

                and was to replace Paul Manna at Phu tuc . Never happned . I did enjoy doing some work in the yard villages together with our eng

                officer , think Cpt Lt Scott died and I was his casualty officer , I then ended up getting the job he was to have had S4 ,we had

                movies , 3 squares a day, good bunks , mail , newspaper & a bar Real combat ! . The guys in the districts and MAT teams got dirty-I see

                whole episode as a pretty safe vacation , with lousy CORDS leadership – Walt LOTSA WANNABEES OUT THERE

          • Hey Doc remember you well. I was there may 68 may 69 first at Mai Lin then team HQ CHeo Reo .What was the Province senior advisors name then if you recall. Palmer I think.

        • Boyce, my name is Sam Garrison. I was the first Team 31 member to arrive at Phu Tuc in early April, 1968. At that time it was SF A Team 224 with Capt. Peder Lund, 1 Lt. John Bakody as exec, Sgt. Abraham Ruff as heavy weapons specialist, and Sgt. Smith as medic. We transitioned to regional/popular forces in august or september of 1968. I think I flew with you once on a recon flight. Did you have a sign in the passenger seat of your plane that said, “if you vomit in my plane, either clean it up or pay me $5? Eventually there were three of us first lieutenants there: me, William Gravelle Scott, and Frank Dimatteo. Eventually Scott was transferred to Cheo Reo. I remember the day we heard by our team radio about the crash and that Scotty was killed. Were you the pilot, or was it someone else? Scotty talked about his dad a lot. I believe he was his dad’s only son. It must have killed his dad.

          • Hi Sam, my mom was Billy Scott’s sister. His passing was incredibly difficult…. i would love the chance to speak with you about him if you have time? – Elizabeth

          • Sam you must have been flying with an AF FAC or a Headhunter (Army) …… our O1s had fix pitch props….feathering was not an option…… Have actually shut down the engine but mostly just throttled back. Crew chiefs supplied barf bags and signs…. I realized early that the Vietnamese observers could not see anything out of the back seats…. had to stack up flack vest for them to set on (eliminated a lot of barfing). We also sat on flack vest. We, the Pterodactyl crew, flew to Phu Tuc …at night no light until just prior to touchdown… to see a traveling road show for SF types…show included Caucasian dancing girls and singers. Some things are worth the risk when you are 23 and invincible 🙂

            • I could have sworn the ones I flew with were called Pterodactyl. The plane was aluminum alloy and canvas, I think. I guess 48 years fogs one’s memory a little bit. Do you remember any of the SF Team A224 members I mentioned? Capt. Mel Vogel commanded that team the year before I got there. He lives in South Carolina now. Peder Lund started Soldier of Fortune magazine after he got out of the Army. He then split off from his partner in that business and started Paladin Press, which he still runs, I think in Boulder, Colorado–either there or Colorado Springs.

        • Hi Boyce, my name is Elizabeth and William “Billy” Scott would have been my uncle. My mom, Patricia, was his sister. I would love the chance to speak with you about Billy. My mom still misses him desperately even after all these years. For some reason, he has been on my mind a lot recently.

          • I need a couple of weeks to pull my thoughts together…. and I’ll either post here or send you an email. I need to write it down before I loose anymore of my memory.

          • Ma’am my name is Jim Helring 1st LT U S Army and I was assigned to team 31 at the time of your uncles death. He was a fine young man I assure you and I had the task of carrying his personal belongings etc to Saigon and turning them over to MACV to be forwarded to the family. If I remember right he went to OCS at Ft Knox Ky in 1967 Echo company 2. If I remember correctly there was a sniper on a hillside near Phu Tuc and the birddog pilots had been over flying that area on a daily basis hunting for him. He only fired one shot a day and hit the plane everytime. On the fateful day he hit the pilot and killed him and your uncle was in the backseat. That is my memory and like most things 76 years old it may be faulty.

    • Hi Boyce: We might have overlapped for a short time – I flew a lot in the back seat with Slick (who passed away recently) and Jack Morris (FAC) who I have never been able to locate. Another pilot who left before your time, Paul Hickert also passed away recently.

    • Hi; My name is Forrest Woods, I was the Dep Asst Senior Pro Advisor In Phu Bon Prov from Mar 67 to late Feb 68. Stanley Howroski ( SP) was the senior Pov Advisor a COORDS Civ. Ltc Vorin Edwin Whan was the Asst Prov advisor, Until Feb 7 1968 when he and 1Lt Harmon L Remmel were Killed By hostile Fire in the village of Buon Blech In southwest Phu Bon Prov. There were 4 other people killed that day 2W1’s and
      2 Sgt’s E-5 all from and AVN Co. The 134th Assualt Avn Co If my memory serves me correctly. They had been on a mission for relocate a village of Montanyards (SP). When they received fire from the ground, The helicopter crashed in the village of Buon Blech and burned (all that was left was the Tail section). I received a radio call that a helicopter has crashed. I was in Phu Bon at the time, there was slick and a 2 gunships available. I and a DR (LTC) of the Korean MEDCAP team Immediately flew to Boun Blech to see if there were any survivors. AS I arrived in Buon Bleck it was apparent there would be none. I landed on the far side of the village and started making our way to the crash site.upon reaching them I discovered all had been shot in the head at close range. The Village was Deserted. By this time the CIDG that had been securing the village began to filter back in. All that was left to do was to call in Husky and evacuate to Graves registration in Pleiku,
      Maj Charles Mason was the S3 and a Cpt Westover (I think) was in the the Ops cntr. I also seem to recall a SFC Rivera was head of the security detail at that time. I am sorry but I don’t remember who came in to replace LTC Whan. We all are getting older (84) and memories are not as clear as they used to be.

      • There were 3 bird dog pilots that I remember. One was a Capt Vance from Okla, who liked to hang extra rocket pods under the wings of the O1, 12 at last count. A CPT Tracy, don’t remember where he was from and a AF Cpt Smith, Tracy and Vance were both Army.

        • I was a civilian spook ( Central Registery Detachment) who lived out toward the end the air field. And I remember an AF major? Who I think roomed next to you and always had a Gin Gibson each night are you the guy who used to work for a razor blade company before the service? I remember doing evening flights around the area with , I think Lt Vance, to check to if anyone was sneaking up on us.

          • Could be, I worked for the Gillette Co. in the state of KS during a break in service. Currently I live in north Thailand, just north of Chiang Mai.

            • Forrest….just checked into the site. Haven’t been on it for some time. I was Asst. Sr. Advisor at Phu Thien from May 68 to 69. Currently living in Phnom Penh. Next time I get to Chian Mai area would like to buy you a beer or two.

        • Forrest, what time frame were you in Cheo Rio…. 12 rockets 6 on each wing would have been a lot of weight, such a store would be mounted on a six rocket rotating pod….not common during my tour or my company….. may have been earlier. I have seen pictures of O1s Air Force…with six rocket pods on one wing and machine gun under the other wing (mostly in the delta area). Must have been before ’68 or after mid ’69.

      • Hi Forest. Thank you for your service. My cousin Sargent William Thornhill from Brooklyn NY served in Special Advisory Team 31. He was killed 2/68 during Tet. I visit his grave every Memorial Day at the National Cemetery on Long Island. He has no other family living in NY anymore so I took on the task of keeping his memory and service alive in my family. We know very little about his service. Could you or someone you know provide me with some info on what he did. I know he was awarded Silver Star and did multiple tours in country, but that is about it. Any info you could provide would help. Email is Thanks.

  17. Hi all, just found your link and wanted to chime in. I was with the Air Force at Cheo Reo from Dec,68 to Oct, 69. Does anyone have pictures of the aftermath of the Vietnamies compound which was hit in Feb or Mar. of 69. I had some pictures but after several moves they are gone.

    • Tiney – definitely remember you . Have a pic of you w that damn monkey on your shoulder . all I need to do is find it somewhere in garage. Do you remember lifting me 15 ft in air w your forklift ? ha

      • Hi Walt, I lifted alot of people over the year I was there, thanks for getting back to me. If you could copy and email me the pictures you have I would appreciate it. How have you been and what part of the are you in? Hope you have a great Christmas!

      • Walt- I remember you. As I recall you were an Army Captain. I was there Sep68-Sep 69. I remember that night we spent in a bunker which was Feb 10, 1969. I don’t have any pictures.

        • Hi – certainly remember you , as I recall you were the adjutant [paper sorter] and I was supposedly the S1/4 gofur
          If there ever was a text book example of lousy leadership P and M were it Luckily I managed to get out of there in Jine .Looking back at it I really see no reason for that team to exist except to pave the way for PAVN . Suppose we all had a good safe time except for a few unlucky guys
          On my 2nd tour I was sr advisor to arvn 14 armored cav operating in Bin Dinh prov keeping hwy 1 open– no problem ever finding a fight

          Great to hear from ya WALT MULLER LTC ret

        • Hey there Horn I was there on team 31 overlapping with you. Do you remember flying in the BS bomber over Chu Ju mountain while we were on a ground sweep and the VC kept firing at you guys? We had a hot news report of a radio operating on that ridge and were heading there ,you guys were broadcasting I think and I called you and told you that they were shooting at you!!! and asked you to keep flying over them to hold their attention.LOL Well we got there and captured the radio CEOI and everything and killed a couple of them. I think the pilot got a FLying Cross for that action. Anyway thanks buddy for once Bull Shit won the day LOL

    • Don Mercer here. I have photos of the aftermath of the attack. I was the S-3 advisor and a B-40 rocket impacted the wall directly behind my desk in perfect alignment with where my head would have been. Shrapnel tore through the thermite grenades on my safe, but didn’t ignite. Unfortunately all my photos are slides. I have never gotten around to getting them digitized. It is on my bucket list however.

  18. What a discovery, this Team 31 page! Wow! I was on the Team July ’70-Jun ’71, (MAT Team assignments) first at Phu Tuc, then at Buon Blech, lastly at Cheo Reo. Recognize couple names (Frank Gergely and Max Lund).

    • Pete, Jim O’Malley here, Tom Polston and I were the two LTs on the MAT Team II-9,in Phu Tuc, we left sometime in July of 70, Don’t know if I have met you or not, there were several new guys coming in just as we left. Capt. Muzzy was the District commander at that time in Phu Tuc, don’t know who took Polston and my place, don’t think they had arrived yet. is my email I’d like to know more of what happened after I left. I emailed Gergely but he never replied, I remember him.

    • Would be interested in information on next reunion, serverved as S2 NCO late 70 and 72 at Cheo Reo. Tom Dougherty

  19. Hi guys I was at Phu Tuc from Jun 70 – May 71 and I would love to see some pictures of the compound and area. Thanks and may God be with you.

    • Frank, I left Phu Tuc in Aug so 70 so we must have been there together, what was your assignment? I was the assistant team leader of MAT II-9 along with 1LT Polston, we left on the same day, not sure the exact date but it was after June. Tom and I are both members of Counterparts we found each other about two or three years ago and have attended the reunions ever since. Do you remember Sui Phan the Montagnard interpreter. We found him two years ago and he has since died. Get back to me at There are over 10 guys form Team 31 from Cheo Reo, Mai Lin, and Phu Tuc that come to the reunions. I have quite a few pictures.

      • Hi Tom this is Frank I don’t remember anyone by name just by their position. I am happy that you remember me, but the way I remember things, When I got to Phu Tuc I was on the MAT TEAM with a CPT a 1st LT myself and a SSG and i don’t remember the names. The LT an myself youssto go out Monthly on a 5 days operation to the Wind Tunnel. Tom when is the next reunion & when. My e-mail is

  20. I served at Cheo Reo Nov. 68 – June 69. If anybody has any pictures from that period, I would like to see them. For some reason, I can’t seem to locate mine.

      • Steve,
        My name is Steve Walker. Was in Signal Corp at Cheo Reo from Feb 69 to Feb 70. Interested in how to obtain copies of pics if possible? Lost all but just a few of my pics on way back to.states in ’70. Best regards.

      • I would love to have those pictures I was there May 68 May 69 I was on R&R in Hawaii when the HQ was hit and remember walking in a bar and hearing about it on the TV and thinking crap I’m here and the action is there.

  21. Patrick Whan please give me a call at 580 467 4899 I keep screwing my email up when I try to reply. I would love to talk to you about your dad or anything about life at team 31.

  22. Bill Carleton here. I was with Team 31 in Cheo Reo from March 1968-February 1969, following a couple of weeks in Qui Nhon with the ARVN 22st Div Hq there.

    • David I sent you an email, did you get it. I see there are 2 Ds in your email I only used one, I’ll try again If I don’t hear from you.

  23. my name is David Orso I was stationed at Cheo Reo Pho Bon, Province 11 corp from jan 67 to oct 68.I arrived in country by w ay of the 90th replacement depot at Bien Hoa. After afew days I was sent to the Kopler compound in the middle of Saigon I still wasn’t sure what the hell was going on I never heard of macv . After afew days of classes and afew evenings at the hotel across the street I thought I thought it woud be ok.
    was issued my gear and m2 carbine and up country I went. took my first chopper ride from Quinh Nhon to Cheo Reo. I reported to Ltc Whan and was assigned to the S-3 air/operations section. as a radio operator I also was Col. Whans driver and went with him on several operations as his radio operator. He was a good friend at that time our s-3 officers were nason and westover. our nco was sgt Jones, I flew with many of the Army pilots in the L-19 bird dog I went on a few flights with the Air Force o-1s watching f-100s and a-1 Es out of Pleiku put in strikes. capt westover and myself recovered the body of the air force major and his Vietnamese observer that went down. I went on r and r with Doc white.The pretty river we some times got our water from was the Song Ba. if I remember right the 3 sub sectors were Phu TUc it had a small air strip, Phu Thien had 2 105s My lien had a 4duce.
    since I was there 19 months I have many pictures, many stories, many memories most good some bad. my wife said I should try to go to a reunion before I get to dang old. p s. I had a good friend named Rainey I think from West Virginia we had a few good days in Saigon on 3 day in country R&R. If any one knows of a reunion of team 31 I would like a date from someone. Thanks, Sgt. David Orso

    • Hi David: we were there at the same – from July 1967 to about April 1968. I was the S-2 intel officer – so sad Colonel Whan went down the way he did. i have some information about that Paul Hickert told me. I have only about two pictures so would love a few from you if you could send via computer. Thanks, Fred

  24. I was with team 31 October 64 to October 65 with Major Robert Ogg & Major John Bard. I’m trying to find the location of VC/NVA ambush June 30 on road between Cheo Reo and Thuan Man. Captain Forest Lawton and I believe it was between 6 and 8 kilometers out of Cheo Reo. I hope to travel there in July 2015. I appreciate any help. Please contact me at Jim Gleason

    • Jim not sure what ambush you are referring to but between Phu Tuc and Cheo Reo there was a French column ambushed and the vehicles or parts of them were still there in 1969 along with a plaque, again this was on highway 7B which went from Plekiu through Cheo Reo, Phu Tuc and on to Tuy Hoa on the ocean. Maybe this is not what you are referring too though.

      On another subject are you a member of Counterparts? We hold a reunion every year this year it will be in DC and there is quite a lot planned. There were about 14 guys from Team 31 including myself at the last reunion. Go to the Counterparts site on the web for more information.
      Jim O’Malley
      Team 31
      MATT II-9 Phu Tuc

    • Jim –

      I’m absolutely delighted to see your post – while I was in the Siagon Field Hospital after being blastedby an IED on the way home in June ’65, I’d heard that you’d been badly wounded.

      You may not remember me – SP5 John Neighbours, MAAG/MACV Adv Team 31, Hau Bon, from April 1963 thru June 1965 – but I well remember the West Point Arty 1st Lt from Iowa, and still have a few pics to prove it.

      You questioned the location of the June 1965 Thuan Man multi battalion level ambush in Thuan Man.

      I only recently stumbled upon it, at the end of the book Triumph Forsaken, but in June ’65, right after I left, there were two battalion level ambushes in Pho Bon, one apparently on Rte 7 up toward Chu Tse pass, and the other, north of Phu Bon above the right fork going thru Thuan Man District, an old, almost disused road on the way to the An Khe highway between Pleiku and Quang Nghi. The book isn’t that specific as to location of the second conflict – seems to be about 20 clicks north of Hau Bon – but more info might be available thru the copius footnotes, many reflecting MACV and ISUM intelligence reports.

      I had seen one post, below, incorrectly suggesting the old steel coffins along Rte 7 just south of Chu Dre Pass, on the way to Phu Tuc, but that was an old French convoy from the 50’s.

      Good to hear you’re still with us(!), and look forward to hearing some of the details of your visit.

      Regards, John N.

      • John, Several of us from Team 31 are now in contact and have been keeping each other up to date on happenings of interest. Also, we have been getting together each year in April. Send me your email and I’ll keep you posted.

      • Now at 71yrs , I know I was there just some real clear and others not. I think all nam vets have same. Just put it out and said f.it1

    • not sure how to send an original message so replying to someone I don’t know. I was the intel officer from 1967 to spring of 68 and flew a lot in O-1 birdogs having gone to aerial observer school. Looking to connect with some of my comrades. Only one I have found is Paul Hickert, the ace pilot.

      • Hi,
        My name is Bill Carleton. I wonder if you are the guy whom I replaced as acting S-2 advisor in Cheo Reo in March 1968? (see attached photo, if that helps). Like you, I did a lot of flying in Birddogs, and I got some field time and a CIB, too.
        I was assigned to the ARVN 22nd Div at Qhi Nhon in Feb 68, where I was bored. I heard about a guy out in the boonies who wanted to get back to civilization, and we swapped jobs, if you are that guy. I remember how impressed I was by your knowledge and experience, and then you disappeared quickly to get away from Phu Bon, where I spent the rest of my tour (with no regrets).
        I left the Army as a young CPT after just over four years and joined the State Dept Foreign Service which sent me to Morocco, Iran, Tunisia, Bangladesh & the Philippines. I am now retired and living in New Bern, NC away from big cities and beltways. Our pastime is boating.
        My wife and I have been back to Vietnam twice. Wonderful trips, but we did not get to what used to be Phu Bon.
        Let me know if you are the right guy, and how you are doing. By the way, do you recall the name of the Province Chief when we were in Cheo Reo? I have some photos of him but don’t remember his name. Nor have I been able to find current info of any Vietnamese counterparts from 1968.
        252 571-0158
        Attachments area

        • Hi Bill: I just saw this – don’t go on this site very much, guess it has been a year. I was the S-2 from sometime in 1967 (probably September or so) after the captain who was the S-2 finished his tour. I was a 2nd Lt. After Col. Whan was killed in the spring of 1968 and most of my good buddies left and I could not stand the new commander, i asked to go to Division for the last 2 or three months of my tour. It was boring and very political but having spent all the time and action in Phu Bon i was fine with it. Went back and was assigned to teach at the Intelligence School until my commitment ended. I can’t see any attachment but if you have a photo i would love to see it. Thank you, Fred

      • Hello,

        My father Gerald Holt was an officer in Team 31. He was in Cheo Reo from Dec 69 to Oct 70. Unfortunately he passed at age 69 last year. My brother and I live in San Diego and would like to attend this reunion if we may. Please email me at with the details.

        By the way, I came across some pictures taken in Vietnam of people I don’t recognize. Maybe the team can help to place names on the faces.

        Blake Holt

  25. Hi Max, I appreciate your prompt reply re: the pictures et el. I would really like to attend the Reunion; however, it won’t be possible this year. We are planning to put our house up for sale around the first of April and with a little help from “above”, we will sell it and close at the end of April or beginning of May which will require my presence here. We are planning to move to Atlanta; so we will be back in the USA and then I can do a lot more. The weather out here in Californiastan is nice, but mentality wise, I don’t fit in with the “main stream”.

    This place is best noted for regulations and rules for everything, a complete lack of common sense and the drought. If there was common sense, we would not have such a big problem with the drought (among other things).

    Maybe we can work out some way that I can see the pictures in the future. I am really interested. Also, curious about the road from Cung Son to Phu Tuc and Cheo Reo. Is it paved or improved in any way?

  26. To: Bill Lilly

    I was the S-4 NCO on Team 31 in 1968-69.

    For last year’s reunion, I collected about 500 pictures from Phu Tuc, Phu Tien 7 Cheo Reo.

    I you will email me your mailing address, I’ll be happy to send you a thumb drive with all the pics.

    Steve King

    • Hi Steve, I missed your email about the pictures on the thumb drive – – I was bouncing in and out of the local hospital for most of the last 5 weeks with Pneumonia, and my head was messed up from the fever and then the antibiotics.

      My home address is: William Lilly, 403 Reindollar Ave., Marina, CA 93933.
      and my regular email is:

      I will be forever grateful if you will send the thumb drive.

      Bill Lilly

      PS The street really is spelled with an “e” as in Reindeer.

  27. Tom, If I remember correctly you left us for SF after you taught me how to drink Scotch Whiskey!!! I assume Phan Siu was called Sia Phan and was married to Na Chan. I had a little problem connecting the two names. I am very sorry to learn that he passed away. I would really like to learn a little bit of his story – – like when he got out of Vietnam and how he got to the states etc. I was not aware of this web site and have not had any connection to the team 31 or the Phu tuc team members. What happened to you after Vietnam? William Lilly Maj. Phu Tuc May 0f 1969 to May of 1970.

  28. Dear Tom Fowler, I am really glad you like the Team 31 novel. You are the acid test. It means a lot to have your stamp of approval. If you could give it a star rating and “review” it on Amazon (they want 20 words minimum) I would be most grateful. Juris Jurjevics

    • Hi Max, I saw your email to Tom Fowler and noted that you have pictures. All of my photos disappeared over the years and I would really like to get some of the Phu Tuc camp and people that were there. My wife and I were not married at that time; so that part of my life is a blank for her – – she is very interested in learning a little about that time period.

      Can you email some as an attachment or in some other form? I would be happy to pay for any costs incurred if you could send some to me.

      Best regards,
      Bill Lilly

      • Bill,

        I’m traveling in Cambodia just now, I can get you what you want when I get back. Better still, come to the reunion in April, I’ll have a whole travel log on what Phu Bon looks like today. The police actually let me cruise through from Cung Son to Plei Ku a couple weeks ago.


  29. i was with Team 31 from November 65- March 1966. Med Evaced out to Eighth field hospital and then to hospital in the states. Prviously i was with team 28 at Tuy Hoa June 65 – Novem ber65 Senior Advisor was Major Bard would like to see pics or hear from some who were

    • Tom, I was with Team 31 with most of my time at Phu Tuc from April, 1968 to May, 1969. We were the first MACV team at Phu Tuc and transitioned out Special Forces A Team 224. I was in Tuy Hoa a couple of times. We had a .50 cal. machine gun mounted on a swivel in a concrete tower at Phu Tuc that didn’t have a conventional but plate on it so we couldn’t fire it that way. I went to the Korean White Horse Division in Tuy Hoa and got a but plate for it. The Koreans were still using a lot of WWII and Korean War weapons. I was 1 Lt. Inf. My email is

      • Sam, I took over the Phu Tuc team late may of 1969; so I just missed you. When II Corps had the quarterly meeting of all advisors in Nha Trang, I would stay a couple of extra days to scrounge parts for the same 50 Caliber and the 105 Recoiless Anti Tank weapon and other items. When I first went out to Cheo Reo, I discovered that a distance cousin that I never before met was the head of Air America in II Corps – – I never had a transportation problem! I was a Captain on the promotion list at the time. My email is

  30. I was at Phu Thien for all of my tour, May ’68 to May ’69, as Assistant Senior Advisor. Titles didn’t really mean much. About half the time I was legging it in the bush. Spent some time at all of Team 31’s camps in the province at one time or another..


  32. I was Team Clerk last 6 months, as the clerk before me extended for 6;. forgot his name. I was in motor pool first 6 months and also run the mountain yards out to river and run block factory off and on. I remember we lost a Lieutenant at one of the outposts, think maybe Covell.;.not sure..only guy we lost while I was there.

  33. Larry C. Kelley here…Was in Cheo Reo as Company Clerk from March of 1969 until March of 1970. I have some pics some place mostly of poker and few guys. Colonel Hicks was our Commander then. Larry White was the Docotor about all I can remember..Phone 5174146589 email Live in Brooklyn, Michigan home of Michigan International Speedway..I will try to look these pics up..

      • I went to an Interpreters house for dinner one night but do not remember his name. I will look those pics up after deer season is over and things settle down. did we know each other? I remember a Rook and a Lamb and a Rose..Col Hicks and Doc White..Maybe a few others if i hear their names..Remind me after Dec 1 will you.?


  34. We are ready to have polo shirts embroidered for Team 31. If you are interested, please send your NEW polo shirt(s) & $10.00 for each shirt to me at: Steve King 1203 Cedar Creek Ct, Gillette, WY 82718 (307.689.6064). When I’ve received them all, I’ll get them off to the vendor.
    If you would like to see the logo first, email me at

    Steve King

    THANKS !

  36. All,

    I’ve designed a shirt logo for Team 31 and I’m having several polo shirts embroideried with the logo. If anyone else is interested, let me know & I’ll send you the logo to view. I’d also be willing to have shirts done for you.

    Steve King

  37. Max ,
    i have sent you a few emails recently and they bounced back .

    Barry ,

    I have still been seraching for your interpreter Pham Van Doi but no success yet . I will ask around at the Phu Bon reunion in San Jose , CA . Currently i am trying to locate another interpreter named Thai who worked for your Teanm 31 i believe . He is very tall and skinny figure and residing in Oregon now . One of our Phu Bon compatriot came across him but forgot to get his phone number ..
    Keep our finger across and hopefully i will locate your interpreter .

    Luyen Pham

  38. Hi Max ,
    I have sent you a few emails but no reply yet . Just to let you know we will have a Phu Bon reunion in San Jose , CA on August 16 , 17 & 18 . Please let me know if you and your friends will attend . Some of your Vietnamese counterparts whom you might know will attend
    Luyen Pham

  39. HEY GUYS !

    • Please come to Phu Bon reunion on August 16 , 17 , 18 in San Jose , CA . There are approximately over 100 attend and you might find somebody who have information about your interpretor . Email me at . By the way , I have recent contacted with Max Lund and sent him email about this reunion but no response from him.

  40. I was in Cheo Reo from June -Nov 1967. I was a ‘spook’ with the Central Registry Detachment (CRD) and had a house next to the air strip out past the korean med team. I had a Rhade ‘legman’ Y-Dak-Boun-Ya who lived with me. I took many meals at the MACV compound, and got to know some FAC pilots, Maj.Smith, Lt. Jack Morris. Also worked with SF A-Team A-226 occasionally, Istill have some photos of that camp and some of the MACV compound if anyone is interested. Just began to listen to Jusis Jurjevics book on tape “Red Flags” and it brought back many memories both good and bad

    • Hi Dan, Glad to hear from you. I followed in your footsteps. I was the first Pheonix advisor in 68. By then the spook house had moved downtown and was known as OSA or Special Assistant to the Ambassador. I am in contact w/ A226 and join them on occasion at the SF reunions. I would be interested in seeing your photos. Team 31 has been getting together lately as part of the larger Counterparts reunion. We would be glad to have you join us.
      Max Lund

    • Hi Dan,

      Hope you are liking the book about Team 31. I set it in 1966, a year before I arrived in Cheo Reo. I have a site up with photos and recollections: Pinging RED Flags will get you there too.

      I was with the team’s signal detachment from March, 1967, until April, 1968. A while back four of us reconnected: George Ruckman, the colonel’s clerk, and Harry Pewterbaugh, Jerry Rowland and Ellsworth “Little Smitty” Smith, my signal buddies.

      I also just bumped into this memorial page for Col. Whan, the CO we lost in ’68. tws.webapp.WebApp?cmd=ShadowBoxProfile&type=Person&ID=73968

      Juris (aka “Big Smitty”)

      • Hi Juris: I don’t remember you – don’t remember most people by name We were there at the same time – I was the intelligence officer. Saw Col. Whan the day he was ambushed and he asked me if I wanted to go with him – I said I had a recon flight scheduled and was in the air with Jack Morris – the FAC – when we saw the smoke from the Colonel’s helicopter. Terrible – and totally avoidable. I had to conduct the investigation into what happened. Turned out NVA knew they were coming – based on captured notes after a special forces ambush shortly after the Col. was killed. I have no pictures from my time there. Would love to see yours.

      • Loved the book. Is there another one in the works? Hope so.
        I was ass. S-2 advisor March 68 – Feb 68, following Fred Heather. Got promoted to 1LT in Cheo Reo. Sorry, but I don’t recall you.
        Bill Carleton

    • Hi Dan. I was the intelligence officer from July of 67 to April of 68 when I was transferred to division. I was in the air with Jack Morris – my roommate and great friend – when Col. Whan and his helicopter were ambushed and all killed. Would love to reconnect with Jack don’t know how. Fred

      • I also knew Jack and flew a few times with him to check out some things . I have a photo of him with his plane and in front of my house out st the end of the runway. I also flew often with the Army pilot ( a Capt) . I am sorry I don ‘t know Jacks whereabouts.

      • Dan: The army pilot may have been Paul Hickert who was the best. I stay in touch with him. He is in Arizona. There was another Army captain – nickname “Slick” who was Native American, think his last name was Bordeaux. he passed away recently. There was another whose name escapes me. Would love to get a copy of the photo of Jack. My e-mail is I flew about 100 missions and never new there was anyone living at the end of the runway.

    • Dan: Were you the resident agent who was the great poker player that lived off his winnings, or maybe you replaced him. I was with CRD RO in Nha Trang from April ’66-April ’67.

      • Bob, I don’t recall you (maybe a pic would help), but I was with CRD in Nha Trang from January 1966 to February 196y, when I moved to Cam Ranh to take over the Resident Agency there. I’ve got lots of pics from my time in country, of Nha Trang and environs. I’ve written a tome re my time in country and have talked with the Command Historian at Fort Huachuca about it, and they’re interested in info re CI activities during our period in Vietnam as apparently there’s little written about it. I retired as a CW4, spent my whole career, 28+ years, as a CI Agent/Warrant.

        Doug Erikson
        Oro Valley, AZ

    • HI DAN !

  41. I was Team 31 Supply Sgt. & S-4 NCO from Sep. 1968 to Mar. 1969. I had been in country 30 months before being assigned to Team 31. Previously, I had served as a security advisor with the ARVN 21st Transportation Bn. in Qui Nhon/Phu Tai.

    • William Scott died on the next day after I returned to Cheo Rio after my extension leave. And a couple of days before his DEROS. I flew over the crash site almost every day after my return. To put it mildly, I was very upset because I shouldn’t have happened.

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