Team 35 Nha Trang

MACV Team 35 – Nha Trang.

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 35 located in Nha Trang.

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  1. Trying to find out more about my fathers service who passed away in 2019. His name was Tim Mitchell and he was stationed in Na Trang. In or about ’67-69. Here is all the information I have about him and his service.

    Like most Vets, he wouldn’t talk about his time in country and I didnt push out of respect.

  2. I was in Nha Trang during part of 1969 working for Office of Territorial Forces under Colonel Wheeler. Primary responsibility briefing Joint II Corps staff and MAT orientation. Many other MACV assignments during 1968-1971. Anyone familiar with OTF?

  3. Good evening. I am trying to locate some information avout my Father who served in MACV in the late 60’s. His name was Martin Pierce. He spoke fluent vietnamese and I believe was an advisor somewhere in the Delta. I was hoping I could get some help finding information about his service such as the MACV Team of which was he part and was it a MACCORDS advisory team. Thank you for any help you can provide.

  4. If anybody knew my dad during this time please contact me. He passed last Dec 2019 from leukemia. He didn’t talk much about his service to me at first, not until the last couple of years.
    Joel K. Mitchell

  5. I was the Hotel clerk at the King Due tan Hotel in Nha Trang….. the Hotel along the beach with one guard shack in front. It was a Hotel for field grade and above officers. I was there September 1968 to April 1969. I stayed at the MP compound just around the corner.

    • Do you remember ‘Jackie’? She was quite a hit! Also I can remember the band singing ‘Hey Jude’ on New Years eve. Quite a performance.

  6. I was with Team 35 from around May 1968 to November 1968! Stayed in the hotel and worked at Provençal Headquarters! SP5 Army!

  7. I was an Army Staff Sergeant in MACV Team 35 assigned to the CORDS/POD (Psy Ops Division) in Nha Trang. In September of 1968 I received a commendation from the Naval Training Center Advisor, Commander R.T. McDonald, also Team 35, for assisting them with reproducing training materials for the Seventh Fleet Orientation Cruise for graduating midshipmen at the Vietnamese Naval Academy. I was in charge of logistics for all of II CTZ (12 provinces) and also ran a dark room and printing shop for CORDS.

    • I was an RM2 with Team 35 in Nha Trang. We did live in the old french hotel across from the train station. We had a transport problem so some (a hole bunch of em) AF vehicles magically turned gray with Navy numbers (uh sort of Navy numbers) and beautiful white racing stripes, party time. Got my hair cut and beard trimmed under a tree in front of the hotel. One day as I was getting my trim one of my shipmates pointed out that the barber was smoking heroine. Oh! so that’s what has been in that tooth powder tin. God I was young.

  8. Iwas on adv team 46 located in Nha Trang 1969-70. I was the leader of MAT II-20 at ninhhoa and dien khanh my name is Lt. wolf. looking for people at that time.

  9. I joined mat III-35 located in Hoc MOn about 10 k east of cu chi towards Saigon. I had been a 2lt with a section of dusters out of Phu Loi with 1st Inf Div from sept 68 til feb 69, when I was sent to Dian then Hoc Mon. It was a totally different experience. Capt McGinn was team leader. We had sets Sprouse & Vickers, & spec5 warren Bayne. My excellent & loyal interpreter was Sa..ok
    My reason I’m alive is due to Sa & a young RF theiue that stopped me walking on a dike on patrol. Almost tripped a booby trapped Chicom grenade up in a tree adjacent to dike with trip wire strung across dike, but they grabbed my shoulder & stopped me. My name is Jay Braunig. If anyone reads this & knows of any of my team mates I would appreciate contact at article on advisory teams .& their mission is dead on. The designation of III-35 means three Corp team #35. Vietnam was divided into 4 corps or divisions, the delta being I4 corps.

    • Small world, Jay! My 1st tour was arty… with 1st Inf, 8th btn, 6th arty, Sept 65-Sept66. C btry, 155 howitzers, towed. We may have kept you up at night. We started out at Bien Hoa but before Christmas moved to Phu Loi, beside the Air Strip which was originally occupied by the Japs in WWII. Remember “Sherwood Forrest”? LOL nuff said. Our trucks and many others in convoy set up Cu Chi in fact…I was a canoneer and driver then, I swiped several cases of captured Russian hand grenades right off the bat at the staging area once we got to Cu Chi and hid them in my truck. Those, after emptying the powdered TNT to disarm them, were traded in Saigon by a skillful battery scrounger for 100 steel bunks (we used cots), a lowboy full of plywood, a case of steaks and a fridge at the docks at Saigon. Captain’s orders. We had a sign at the front gate, right close to the chapel, we made for our capt, Dainis Lauris, “Lauris’ Battery”. Just to say.

      We built barracks out of local wood and corps of eng. Concrete and used a brick prezs and cement/sand for the walls…a really up town compound. The GP large gun sectiion tents were so full of morter schrapnel holes and bullet holes, we gave up and built permanent 1 floor barracks. Yep, good ole Phu Loi…remember it well.

    • I remember navy guys had a hotel across from the train station , we would swap weapons, grinads, ammo c4 ect. For stakes, beer, liquor really a good bunch, some roudy dudes

  10. I think my Father was stationed out of Pleiku. He was an advisor not sure which detachment anyone know how I would find this out? He was 82nd ABN also.
    Melvin Wright
    Cincinnati Ohio

  11. I was there from 1/71 to 12/71, YN2, all we did was move a lot of information, people and equipment. The city was open and we had a ball downtown. Almost got married.

  12. I was stationed at MACV Team 42 / Nha Trang in 1972. Walter Martindale was the Deputy Province Advisor at Team 42 during this time time. I was wounded in an ambush in the Xe My pass ( between Ninh Hoa & Ban Me Thuot) on April 19th, along with SSG Melvin Smith. I am looking for other personnel that were stationed at Team 42 during 1972.

  13. Writing articles about U. S. Navy contingent at Nha Trang from 1968 to end of 1970.
    Would appreciate any responses. Thanks

  14. I was on adv team 35 from dec1966 to Nov 1967 as a radio operator at sector HQ’s. Remember Larry barnes and Niel Rosenbaughm. Bob Heidrick was the clerk. I know Neal is dead from L G D.any body else still around. Call me 931-315-9023

  15. In early Jan 1967 was sent to adv tm in Nha Trang from tm 95 in Bien Hoa because they needed interrogators? Met a couple of my class mates from intel school while there. Compound was across street (hwy one ?) from ocean. No weapons in compound, except guards–all located in centralized place & were to be issued if needed. Hung around 2-3 days & they said didn’t need me & sent me back to team 95. Ran into classmates back at Ft Holabird after tour–Said person with key to weapons was in town when Tet started. Questions: which team did I temporarily visit (there were two in Nha Trang), & was Tet story true?

    Steve Sims

  16. I was assigned to Team 35 in Nha Trang (CORDS/IPOD) and was there during TET ’68 when we had to defend the MACV compound. I took hundreds of slides of the action.

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