Team 23 Kon Tum – Tan Cahn

MACV Team 23 -Kon Tum -Tan Cahn

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 23 located in Kon Tum -Tan Cahn.

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  1. Was assigned to MACV Relay just outside of Tan Cahn from 1968 to 1969 .
    We were based just passed the copter landing pad near the advisors HQ.
    We dined in the dining room and used the bar there.
    Survived numerous nightly armor attacks .
    Our platoon (3rd) was located in Pleiku.
    Left in June of ‘69.

  2. Hello Gary, Good to hear from you again. Hope all is well with you and your family. Major P was Sr Adv at Tan Cahn when I arrived on 16th of June, 67. Lt Fitch was also there, he was second to Cpt Bosma, who was Sr Adv to 1st Bn 42nd Inf Regt. Maj P left shortly after our return from field in late June. Cpt Bosma and Lt Fitch both left in Aug 67. Sfc Sizemore was with the 2nd Bn 42nd Inf Regt in Kontum. I never met your Dad as well as I can recall. After these 3 Officers left, the team was at its lowest # of team members. Myself, Fred Weston and rto Robert Bennett. Cpt Brown arrived in late Aug or Early Sept. The person that could have answered many of your ?s died a few years back. His name was Kenneth Ripple. His jeep hit land mine in June 67. He was hurt bad in his hips, spent 90 days in hospital. Came an there was no record of him ever being injured or in hospital. Fought VA in AZ for years, they agreed to operate on his hips. They did, sent him home on iv pain killer, his wife called and told them it was not working, so they delivered the one he was on in hospital. She hooked it all up, and within 3 min he was dead. I was on phone with him when he died. Gary God Bless you all

    • Sorry to hear about Ripple. I’ve never heard many good stories where the VA was involved.

      I’ve run into a few guys that were with the 24th STZ in Kontum. How did they fit in with the Advisory Teams?

  3. I was with the 1st Bn Tan Cahn 1st operation JUNE 67, 2 days after my arrival at 42nd. SFC Dagwell was wounded on first day out. Sr Adv was Cpt Bosma, his 2nd was 1Lt Fitch. I did know Cpt Brown, (Maj Brown). He was Asst Regt Adv under LTC, cant recall his name, stayed in his room all the time I was there. Dont recall that I even met the man. Was with 1st Bn in Aug 67. Rest of my time was with 3rd Bn. Joint operatios with 173rd Air Borne, 4th ID, 1st Cav and 1st Air Borne, (ARVN) 1st 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 8th Bn’s.. I left May 68. Can you recall name of Sr Adv with the 3rd Bn after Aug 67. Bosma and Fitch left in Mid-Aug. No officers from mid-Aug until Cpt Brown arrived. Fred and I talk often. Can you recall RTO Mike Howard?

  4. I have very few memories other than Ron Crandall with whom I visited in Joplin, Mo a little more than 2 yrs ago. I do remember you as our interpreter as we interacted a few times and have seen some pics from that time.

  5. I did not know him was Team 24 1970.
    I do know the son of the Sargent who was in the jeep with Anthony when they were ambushed and killed.

  6. Jesus,
    I am the son of SFC William D. Sizemore, He was with Lt. Borrego when they were ambushed 28 June 67. If you will send me your email address, I will be glad to share what information, I have been able to gather. My email is g.size at Switch out the “at” with “@”.
    Gary Sizemore

  7. SP5 Fred Weston, Jun 67 – Mar 68, assigned to Tm 24 with duty at Tm 23 as the only medic to have served with the team. Left for the Dak To Subsector after TET to finish my tour……………..Welcome back!!!

  8. (Lt) Bill Plaut here. Just found this site. Was with Tm 23 in Tan Cahn from July 69 – Jan 70. From Feb 69 to July 69 I was down in Lam Dong where my team took over a Special Forces camp and the “Yards” left with the SF “A” team. We turned the camp into a RF/PF unit.

    Was the Acting Snr. advisor to the 1/42 ARVN Battalion. When Major Noll was assigned to 23, I served under him. LTC G.H. Hubbard was our senior advisor until Col. Miller died when his chopper went down along with his VN counterpart and the entire crew. Hubbard then went to Kontum. SFC Martin was my senior NCO along with SGT Fontenot (sp?) Major Elliot was our S-2 before he went into the field and was captured. On the news, I watched him get off the plane at Andrews AFB outside of Washington, DC when he was freed.

    Hubbard pulled me out of the bush about three weeks before DEROS when a new 2LT was assigned to the team. While playing basketball, I tripped him and he broke his arm. Hubbard put me back in the field. Pucker factor waaay up those last few weeks.

    Just learned this morning that Col. Hubbard died this past January, 2016. He was 88 y/o.

    Anyway, glad to be in touch after all these years. Email is


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    • Welcome home. Ben Youmans Jan 70 to Jan 71 Sr Advisor 4/42 the whole year. SFC Martin was kind April 70 , good man. Email me we have a reunion planned. Did sept last year. 813 748 7294

  9. (Lt) Bill Plaut here. Just found this site. Was with Tm 23 in Tan Cahn from July 69 – Jan 70. Was the Acting Snr. advisor to the 1/42 ARVN Battalion. My counterpart was Major (Tieu Ta) Lim. When Major Noll was assigned to 23, I served under him. LTC G.H. Hubbard was our senior advisor until Col. Miller died when his chopper went down along with his VN counterpart and the entire crew. Hubbard then went to Kontum. SFC Martin was my senior NCO along with SGT Fontenot (sp?) Major Elliot was our S-2 before he went into the field and was captured.

    Hubbard pulled me out of the bush about three weeks before DEROS when a new 2LT was assigned to the team. While playing basketball, I tripped him and he broke his arm. Hubbard put me back in the field. Pucker factor waaay up those last few weeks.

    Just learned this morning that Col. Hubbard died this past January, 2016. He was 88 y/o.

    Anyway, glad to be in touch after all these years. Email is

    Welcome home!

    March 15, 2016

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    • I asked him and he couldn’t remember teammates names. He and another soldier were the only two who survived the hit on the helicopter they were in. The other surviving soldier was left paralyzed. Worked with the Monteyards (not sure of the spelling) but they were Indians. Wasn’t assigned to any particular ARVN unit, but worked with more than one.

  10. Thanks, Gale; I believe we k now each other. At least your name sounds familiar. Did you wear a helmet? LOL

  11. TEAM REUNION — All Teams serving the Tan Cahn/Kontum Areas of Operation; including Teams 22, 22 (Fwd), 23, 24; Advisors with the 22nd ARVN Div, the 4oth, 41st & 42nd Rgts for example. ***REUNION 17-18 SEP15 in CLEARWATER, FL *** for Registration & Details go to: *** Current registered attendees range from 1963 thru 1971. Catch-up with old friends and maybe collect an old debt!??! PASS THE WORD!!!

  12. Greetings ,

    I am searching for someone that may have served with an Australian adviser ( AATTV ) on teams in Kontum province WO 2 Ray ” Simmo” Simpson ( Victoria Cross, Distinguished Conduct Medal, US Silver Star, US Bronze Star ) Members of our Australian SAS Association are now writing his biography and seeking information from U.S Team members who may have operated with Ray in Vietnam.

  13. Last I heard, Bill Rose, the missionary living in Tan Canh was somewhere in the Tampa Bay area over on the Gulf. Coast.
    Remember all you are invited to the Reunion for 22, 23 and 24 Sept 17&18 in Clearwarter, more details to follow, also all MACV out of Kontum, Dak To etc all are welcome, hell we all worked the same AO.

  14. Sorry to hear that. Was that when Sizemore and lt. Borrego were killed? Other names have been added to the Wall under similar circumstances.

  15. Ben, Ken Ripple was a member of team 23, 1966-1967. Had the pleasure of meeting him and his family several times. He was injured when he and a LT (cant remember his name.) hit a mine between Tan Cahn and Kontum. Spent 3 months in hospital. Never received any compensation from VA. VA did operate on his hip several years back. Was talking with him on phone after he got home. VA changed his pain meds that day I called him. His wife went to the VA hospital and picked up the new meds. As I was talking with him she was giving him the meds. He shouted and he was dead, massive heart attack, caused by Morphine injection. Not killed in VN, but died of injuries he received their. Your brother ron

    • I just found this site and was saddened by Kens death. I started in Vietnam in 1965, team 21 at Pleiku. Transferred to team 23 at Tan Cahn in late ’65 or early ’66. I remember Ken and some of the other team members but not all. I remember the faces not the names. Was in several operations and operation Hawthorne where I got loaned to the 101st.. Left in mid ’67. Have lost track of team members. Is there a roster still available?

      • I arrived at Team 23, on loan from Team 24 as a medic in late Jun 67…….if anyone has a list or roster it may be Ron Crandall, with whom I served at Team 23.

      • Hello, My father recently passed and I trying to piece together some details. You may have crossed paths. I’ve been on the Team 21 site, which has been helpful (although I must say that this team is much more active). For his first tour, my father, SFC Jesse Ramil (ret. CSM), was with Team 23 from Jan ’65 to July ’65 but in Tuy Hoa (I recall reading some where that Tuy Hoa was being prepped for the air force to take over). Is this group the same “Team 23”? If not, I apologize for posting. He then transferred to Team 21 in Pleiku until his return to the US in Jan 66. He passed in Dec. 2015. Thanks in advance.

        • The name, Sgt. Ramill sounds familiar but I don’t remember operating with him. We may have briefly crossed. You mention tuy hoa, which was team 28. That was on the coast south of Quin Nohn. Not anywhere near Pleiku, Kontum or Tan Cahn.

    • Hi, l think l know you l was interpreter my name is quin l worked with this 42nd arvn regiment.
      From 1966 to 1968, with US advisory team 23 apo 96499. Major Martin, lt col.Day, sgt. Dagwell,
      Sgt. Pressley….Contact at

  16. TEAM 22 KONTUM, TEAM 23 AND 24SIT-REP—Mark your calendars as the dates for the get together will be Sept. 17 & 18, 2015. Clearwater, FL. We have a recon unit checking for hotels, restaurants etc. Told them not to look for bars as any good Advisor can find one within 100miles.
    There two guys, Frank DeLong and Bill Grienke who have condo/lodging in the area. If anyone else does great. We will try to find a moderate priced hotel for all others. I know this will not be huge the first time but it is a start. Gentlemen we are not getting any younger. Remember we all shared an experience in an area that was part of the key corridor for the PAVN to win the war. We helped keep them from doing that while we were there with a lot of US units help. It does not matter what year or what job you did, we were all involved with the Kontum province Vietnamese especially the 42nd ARVN Infantry Regiment. Team 22 Div Fwd, 23 and 24 and any other US who supported supplied or assisted us are welcome also. This is a family friendly party. Tentative itinerary is Friday night meet and greet share stories photos history etc, Saturday Morning enjoy the local area and beaches or hang and share more “war stories (sometimes know as “you had to be there to believe it”. Saturday nite cocktails and dinner somewhere local. Short opening to honor our fallen teammates. I will look at the Coffelt Database and try to find team members. PLs send me via email any names of guys who died while with our teams. If anyone is interested in maybe having a nice Polo shirt with name team numbers years there etc let me know and will look for a vendor unless someone has one already and get us a good price. ALSO if you did not recently get an email on this then I don’t have your email on the distribution list, send it to me to stay up on the news.

  17. Jess. Ben here from 4/42, 1970. Couple of us talking about a get together for 23 and 24 and 22 and all attached guys in kontum and tan cahn. Looking at Clearwater FL area in Sept.
    Anyone who can make contact me.
    Fb page is MACV tan cahn

  18. Good to have reconnected. Don’t let Bill fool you guys he did a hell of a job at Dak Seang with the lead company trying to get up that hill to our sister unit that was surrounded. He is a and I am honored to have humped the bush with him.

  19. Good to have reconnected with Ben Youmans and pointed to this website. Greetings! I served with Ben as Asst BCAT Advisor beginning on the march into Dak Seang in Apr70. I distinctly remember jumping off the chopper and meeting this burly guy with the big grin and thick glasses and felt a bit of relief knowing I was with a seasoned leader. Ben has sent several photos which have started the memories flowing of faces and places — some good, some not so good. But I too look forward to hearing from those with whom I had the pleasure to serve in that time. I moved on to the 22nd Div (Fwd) Kontum in the later part of my tour. After Nam I spent 14 years active and retired from the USAR with 22+ years service. God bless you all!

  20. I did know Bruce when I moved from being a Bn Advisor in Tanh Canh to becoming G-3 Air advisor in Kontum, but not well.

  21. All 23 and 24 guys join our Facebook
    MACV tan cahn
    Tell you brother we trying to get a reunion together. I was sr Adv 4/42nd 1970

  22. To bring all up to date. This weekend I spoke with Danny Palmer, CSM, RET. He is SFC RAY MARTIN, s nephew. He escorted Ray,s remains home as he was at Long Binh when Ray was killed. I then reconnected with Frank Delong who was with Ray that day and put he and Danny in touch. Danny has been searching for years for people who knew Ray. Thanks to this website all this was able to happen. On official records Ray was listed as Team 24. Maybe because his Bn. Was based at Kontum instead of Tan Canh even though they were part of the 42nd. Piece of trivia the 42nd was a Separate Regiment under the 24th Special Tactical Zone. In certain campaigns the 42nd was OPCON to the ARVN 22nd Div. Also the 42nd was considered a hardship tour for the arvn soldiers. I guess that means we who were with the 42nd were doing a double hardship tour.

  23. Ben Youmans, it was great to talk to you this morning and reconnect. I’m delighted to hear that there is interest in getting the teams together for a reunion sometime in the near future. As you know, I joined Team 23 as a 1LT at the very end of Mar.1970 and was assigned to the 1st BN 42nd ARVN BCAT. I deployed with them in a helicopter assault just east of the SF camp at Dak Seang. It was unopposed, and we got to witness a B-52 strike first hand, on a nearby ridge. But that was the last time anything we did was “unopposed”. By afternoon we were in contact with the NVA. Eventually our luck ran out. My boss was MAJ Noll. He was seriously wounded by shrapnel during Dak Seang. Our senior NCO was SFC Ray Martin. He was killed by machine gun fire. Our Junior NCO was also seriously wounded by machine gun fire. (For the life of me, I cannot remember the name of our junior NCO right now, but I’m sure I would recognize it, if I could see a roster.) Our artillery forward observer, 1LT Tom Kelly (6/14th ARTY) also was killed at Dak Seang, and his RTO was wounded by an RPG. After Dak Seang, I served with senior advisor Jerry Yaney in the 3rd BN BCAT. I stayed with Team 23 until DEROS on July 31, 1970.

    • Frank really great to reconnect. I also got 2 new guys right at the start of dak seang in early april. New #2 Cpt. Gerhke and SSG. Larry St. Onge. Both fresh from states. Both good guys. St. Onge was on 2nd tour and a big help to me as well as later on teaching pinochle and taking my money LOL. Gerhke 1st tour but learned quick. Proud to have served with them and all of Team 23.

    • Frank: So good to hear from you. I agree if we could get the roster of all the team 23 members during Dak Seang, I am happy to partivipate in out reach for a reunion.

  24. Guys through the team 24 page I made contact last night with Danny Palmer, CSM, RET. Nephew of SFC Ray Martin, a fellow teammate with 23. Tough phone call but got through it. Duty, Honor, Country.

  25. Team 23 KIA’s. Lt Borrego and SFC Sizemore jul 67.
    SFC Ray Martin and SSG Michael Correa, april 70.
    SFC Salley, records say july 71. KIA during FSB 6 battle march 71.
    POW’s Maj. Art Elliott April 70–march 73. Sgt. Allwine March 71–march 73.

    Please add any I missed. Team 23 only. I know Team 24 and 22 had some also.

    • Ben,
      I am sorry I did not make last years reunion. I had planned to go but other business just would not allow me to get to Clearwater.
      I don’t know if I ever mentioned that my Dad, SFC Sizemore and SFC Salley both served in the same Training Company at Fort Gordon,
      GA in 65 and 66. (B-5-2). They also hunted together, sometimes at Fort Benning. I spoke with SFC Salley’s daughter several years
      ago. She then lived in Columbia, SC.

      • Gary,
        I was with SFC (now MSG) James Salley a few days before he was captured. He had just arrived at the Div Has and we had a bbq that evening and I took, probably the last photos of he was in a group I was photographing and he was at their table. I located and sent copies of the photos to James’ son (although, now that I think of it, he might be his Grandson?) Larry then talked to him about attending the annual briefings that are help in his area by the League of POW/MIA Families – which he later did. Maybe you knew Larry from Benning…anyway here is his email address and I am sure that Larry would like to hear from anyone who knew his dad the few days he had before he was Captured on 31 March 1971 at FireBase 6, I believe. He is still unaccounted for, by the way. He is one of 1,587 missing and still unaccounted for from the Vietnam War.
        Here is Larry’s email address: Larry Salley

        COL Bill Fortier, US Army Ret…was a Captain at the time in 1971
        Div Signal Advisor, Team 22, Ba Gi
        ARVN 22nd Inf Div

  26. Ok. Found after action report on dak seang 1970. It is 100+pages. Any suggestions on how to get it online. Also found a short aar on fsb 6 op in march 71. Only 22 or so pages. Will scan and post on our Facebook page. Also have letter from Craig german about FB 6. Mentions a cpt. Uram. Also sgt. All wine who was captured and pow. Came home March 73.

  27. John I had rosters covering 67 thru 71. Recently mailed them to Patrick garland. He is going to scan them. I got message from Craig german when he left in 71 no one took over as advisor to 4/42.

      • I am curious now about Team 23 history. When did it begin and end? Was it only assigned to the 42nd. Craig said noone replaced him with the 4/42 when he went home in april 71. He also had no assistant team leader when he took over when I left in jan 71. Wonder if same happened with the Team NCOs. By the way we lost SSGT. Correa (BUDDHA) and SFC RAY??. During Dak Seang. Also Maj. Elliott was captured.
        my 1st tour, feb 68 to feb 69 after 6 months as a rifle platoon leader I was sent to MACV. I was team leader of Mobile Advisory Team IV-44 a new start up team. We formed the team of 5, 2 officers and 3 NCOs. Have connected with later team members thru this same site, Team 55, so have met the last of team before it was dissolved. That is why I am interested in history of 23 and also Team 24. Guys I am going to create a Facebook page for 23 and 24. Easier to commo together and post pics and documents. Will post here the name so all can find it. It will be open to public so maybe other team members can find it but also be a closed group so only members can post on it. With the rosters Patrick has we should be able to screen out wannabees.

    • If you have a roster of Teams 22 & 23 during our tour and overlapping, whatever you have, send that to me interested the mail as well. Memory is suspect, but I’m sure I will recall most of them. Thanks! So great to reconnect… John

  28. Fred hell yeh. All 23 and 24 guys. Does anyone know if 23 was always 23. Was the 42nd. Always at tan canh. Where did they move when kontum was lost in 75.

  29. Cool john I posted same thing before reading your post. Anyone a face book pro that can create one for us team 23 and 24.

  30. Yo Charlie, I was your replacement. I was ar Hunter army Airfield and couldn’t handle stateside duty so I volunteered to go back. Armor Branch assured me I would get nice desk job. LOL. Left Long Binh and by the time I got to Kontum I knew I was in deep doodoo. Grimsley was there when I arrived Tin Can Jan 70. When dak seang started April 1 we moved up to support and try to break through to relieve the camp. George was short, only a few weeks left. He had been thru Ben Het shit with you and he was big time apprehensive. I got Ltc. Stearns to have him extracted and he finished his tour in ops in kontum. I located him years ago and we spoke. He lives in CA. Didn’t really want to talk about Nam. I never called again lost his number. I sent one of the guys here some rosters. The later years have SSN and for a few bucks each they can be located phone and address. We could have them contacted and see if they interested. We should set up a email distribution list of us here. Little easier to commo together. Also set up Facebook page. Some guys might find it and get in touch. I only learned of this site by accident.

  31. cpt avila , sorry we haven’t met in person, i think i admire your energy and i support your desire to get all that we can together and meet in washington dc. i enjoyed our previous get together but we didn’t quite reach enough people to have a quorum ,joking. if we could get a list of people who want to go we could make a deal with a hotel and have a whiz bang affair.
    a dinner, and get down with war stories, it would be good to give all a chance to stand and be recognized. does anyone know who advised 4th bn of the 43rd regt. after i left jan 1970?
    Lt george grimsley was my assistant when i rotated stateside. from the comments read previously i guess lobster and black label beer are out. cpt retired charlie cade, leg inf. and i make no apologies for that, just glad i served and came home , would be nice to have input as to what every one thinks we should plan to make this a memorable event.

    • I agree, we get each other’s emails and make a list of all we know. I can do the research to find the guys in my part of the country. Everyone else can do the same. We are old warriors now, but were once young. I am for commerating our past. John

    • I am assuming that anyone who was assigned to Tm23 will be included in these plans. While I was there in 67-68, along with Ron Crandall during the Battle of Dak TO and TET. He and I have spoken several times on the phone and I was able to spend a few precious hours at his home in Joplin, Mo back last Aug. I used to make the supply run to Pleiku every month by flying down by chopper and returning by Caribou to the 1/4 airstrip.

      • I find all of this so interesting. My boyfriend was part of Team 23 from July 67 – Jan 68. Unfortunately he and members of his team were shot down on January 25, 1968 in the area of Hill 879 in Dak To. He survived with a brain concussion and eventually became a full legged amputee. Keywords he gave me for his time there: 1)The Highlands of Vietnam 2) Pleiku 3) Kontum 4) Dak To 5) Tet Offensive 6)Hill 879 7)II Corps Adv GP USMACV-USARPAC Adv Team 23 (on DD214). His name is Lowell D. Fuller. Email is

  32. I have to find it. I have an article about dak seang from years ago it was in the VVA. MAGAZINE. Will find it and mail u a copy. I also have the complete after action report on dak seang. It was declassified some years back. Email me your address.

    • We need to contact as many of our fellow veterans as we can. Gather in DC and start the beginnings is a book on Advisors at the Battle of Dak Seang. I will finance. What do you think?

  33. Brumley also only drank scotch. The tiki bar was loaded with scotch when the palace guard made the resupply run to pleiku AFB. I learned to drink scotch and did so until a few years ago. He didn’t play poker.

    • I would make the run to Plieku with a quarter ton trailer of weapons to pick up booze, steaks and one time our team dined on lobsters until we were in a food coma. To this day I can’t look at a can of Carling Black Label beer. Do they even make it anymore? lol

  34. LOL. I don’t recall if anyone else from our team went to cambodia. LTC. Stearns commanded 1 of the artillery bns up there before coming to 42nd. He liked poker and his whiskey.

    • Ah yes I do recall. Brumley liked volley ball games on the rock hard helo pad adjacent to the command bunker. also remember the Spades games which we all became experts in counting cards.

  35. LTC. Stearns was our boss during dak seang. After that I was sent tdy to go to Cambodia with arvn cav unit. Later went across with my bn for a few weeks. Long story about that fiasco will tell u some time. My email phone 813 748 7294.

    • LTC Sterns, that was him. He convinced me to become the 2nd Bn advisor. Remember you being sent to Cambodia. JA

  36. How ironic, Art Elliott was with the Texas national guard before he volunteered for active duty. Don’t recall Koons. Must have came after I left in Jan 71. Wonder why one of u guys didn’t get 4/42 when I left. German was a 1st LT. All in all I had 3 asst. During my year up there. I recall one new guy who came in nov 70 said they told him to stay clear of me as I must be crazy to have asked to stay with my bn. The whole year. They had been rotating guys out after they did 6 months. I always thought it was safer in the field.

    • Actually last name was Pace. Don’t know how Koons got in there. lol He was there when we were there, but for a short time. After the Dak Seang battle, my Bn was sent to Na Trang for refit and training. Really did not know why as we were the least affected having been sent to Rocket Ridge during the battle. I as the artillery advisor when 2nd Bn’s advisors were wounded and volunteered at LTC Summers ( think that was his name) request to become the Bn Infantry Advisor.

  37. Even though, for me it would mean a cross country trip (from Seattle) I think for a group of veterans Washington D.C. is the best place for a reunion. The best time is April or early May.

  38. hello all fellow tm 23 members. i am the former 1st lt charlie cade who served initially with jess , joel, dick, milton, and a few others whose names have escaped me. i was there in RVN 1969, was offered chance to move to kontum last part of tour but declined.i was in the dark about events and people for 10 to 15 years after but later made contact with joel ,jess and littlefield went to dc , the wall with same. went back to VIETNAM 2005 with my son LTC Steve cade, we flew into saigon,up to pleiku, kontum, tan cahn, and dakto. i often wondered what happened to ba ut and family, and the bn cmd that i advised. it would be great if we could get the majority of team 23 and 24 to a get together, i am 75 now and if it happens i hope i am able to attend. someone mentioned that we were somewhat forgotten in support planning, that means any history or stories is up to us to preserve since no one else will think we were important. welcome comments.

  39. I’m interested in a reunion, Ben. Our 68-69 team held a couple in DC a few years ago. Attended by then LTCs Jack Daniel and Dick Littlefield, CPT Jess Miller, and LT Charlie Cade, and a few wives. We had fun visitng the wall and mostly reminiscing and enjoying each other’s company and telling war stories. And drinking a little alcohol too.

  40. Ben, Sounds like TM 23 was up to strength with Advisors when you were there. After Aug 67 there was only 4 team members at Tan Cahn, Fred Weston (medic), CPT Brown, the rto and myself. In early Dec the MAJ (black), and a LTC (never got his name) heavy drinker arrived at Tan Cahn. In Operations after Aug 67, there was no after action reports on field operations. Sometimes I think maybe no reports of any kind. On Nov18, 67 the 3rd Bn came in contact with 24th PAVN Reg on hill 1416. After a feirce fire fight, we dug in and set up our premiers. 4 or five nite assults, the next morning another attempt to overrun us but to no avail. Air strikes were called in on our positions. We were reinforced by 2 ARVN Air Bourne Units. On Nov 20th contact was broken by the NVA. Ben I would like to see a reunion of Tm 23. Thanks Brothers, GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU AND GOD BLESS AMERICA. Welcome Home. ron

  41. John, art Elliott came home March 73. I talked with him some years ago. He passed away 3-4 years ago. Lost Jerry email and also LTC Brumley. Been in touch with Cpt. Gerhke a few years back, he was my asst. Team leader. I was with 4/42 for whole tour Jan 70 to Jan 71. I was 23 turned 24 Oct 70. Was on my 2nd tour. We should try to have some type reunion of all 42nd advisory guys one day soon. My interpreter was mia after Fb 6 overrun March 71. My other asst. After Gerhke was Craig German he lives north of Atlanta lost his email also. Others were maj. Chambers cpt. Bowers cpt. Long. Many others I forget. Email

    • Reunion, I’m in… Joined the Texas Guard on my return and enrollment at the University of Texas. Ready for this… 32 years total service. Final rank BG (Brvt), 49th Armored Division. Retired around 1999. Saw then LTC Chambers at Ft Polk when my Bn arrived for a weekend arty shoot. Told me about the Rocket Ridge fight of April 1971. Maj. Talon Pace Koons me with the 2nd/42nd Regiment, became his second. He returned to CONUS on a hardship prior to the Battle for Kontum. Remember him?

    • My DiWe was a youngster. I was 22-23, he could not have been over 30. Young BN Cmdr. Remember Ba well. She really took care of us. My interpreter was Dat. Heard he was killed after I left when FB 5 was over run. Capt. Jerry Yaney is in Houston. LTC Brumley was in Austin. Good to hear Maj Elliot survived, I assumed he was still MIA. Remember his Lt’s name who made it back to Tan Can when his BN was over run. Good to hear from you guys. I am well, 67 now, married, two sons and a daughter, 8 grandchildren, own and run a construction company in Fort Worth, Thjs S. Byrne Ltd., but the boys are soon taking over.

  42. Hi, John, and welcome to our discussion group.
    Was Dai Uy (spelling) U, VN CPT, still Bn CO of 2/42 when you were there? As I recall, he fought against the Japanese in WWII and Viet Minh in Indo Chinese War.
    Also, the discussion about funds reminded me that Tm 23 had a large slush fund of thousands “earned” I believe, from sellling beer to US units at Dak To. Or am I smoking (figuratively) some bad stuff? -8))

  43. Ron the rosters r in the mail to Pat garland. He will scan and share with group. Has team 22 22 23 24. Name and the District people.

  44. Ben, thanks alot for your troble. The rto at tm 23 arrived before Mike Howard left in early aug 67. I would like a copy of the rosters if it is possible. I served with a 1LT Dick Littlefield at Ft Wainwright, Alaska 70-72. Maybe son of LTC Littlefield. Thanks again, Welcome Brother. ron

  45. Ben:

    Be happy to scan & remove SSN’s then save in a file format everyone could access -PDF.

    Patirick – 1st Lt, MACV, G2 Air, Tm24, Kontum, 68-69

  46. Strange. In mid 70 we got a new asst. Reg. Advisor named Brown. It was his first tour and he was infantry. Black guy. We learned later he had been getting family hardship exemptions since rotc.commisionning. inf. Branch finally told him without a Nam tour he could expect no more promotions. Spent first couple months on staff at kontum hq. Col told him he better get field slot so he could get CIB. He was not good troop. Complained about everything in tan canh. Would take his meals to bunker mostly as he was terrified of possible incoming. Refused to go out on any opps. Quoted job description saying his place was in regt. Hq.only. LTc.Brumley finn all got him sent back to kontum and said he had not earned Cib. Due to no enemy contact. When I left for the world Jan 70 and was out processing at kontum I saw him in the club wearing a CIB. Freaking wannabee and he was prejudiced toward the viets. Go figure.

  47. Hi, Joel Gartenberg here. LTC Dick Littlefield replaced LTC Jack Daniel, who passed about 2-3 months ago. I believe the black MAJ was Brown. Dick was wounded in a mortar and ground attack soon after taking over, and was evacuated..

  48. Jessie, do you remember the RTO at tm 23 Tan Cahn? LTC Littlefield, did he replace a LTC or Black MAJ in 1968? Thank you Brother, Welcome home

    • Ron, roster has rto 6/68 to 6 68 named robbert bennet sp4.
      Okay I wrote previous I had pleiku, kontum, dak to, team 24, 23 rosters. I have not been able to get them scanned to send to couple of u that wanted them. I have no family who would want these if I go. Does one on u guys want to be the librarian?. I will snail mail to u, u scan and get copies yo others who might want copy. Post here who will volunteer. If more than one you guys work it out. Maybe u can black out the SSN. And figure how to post here. Maybe send copy to the texas college that is arching this type data so others may research it.

    • Joel’s account is correct The black Major was Joe Brown. I got to Tan Canh in August 1968 and Joe was the Asst Regimental Advisor. After I was wounded and sent to Duc My training center, where the 4/42 was in training, I returned to Tan Canh the first of Oct to get paid, Maj Brown was gone,replaced by Maj Milton Goo. It is my understanding LTC Daniel had him replaced.

      • LTC Daniel was my father and we (me and my 5 siblings) always wondered why he did not become a general officer? Very interested to know more about him. I was born in ’71 – the post Vietnam surprise (or, as my siblings say, the mistake)

        • Hi, Tyson:
          I remember you from Baumholder, where your Dad was 2d Brigade, 8ID, XO, when I was a company commander in 1/39 IN, ’72-74. My family used to come to your spacious home where your Mom, a very gracious hostess, made peanut butter sandwiches and other goodies for all of us. Your Dad was a “soldier’s soldier” and should have gone far but even then, I believe, political correctness ruled and your Dad spoke up often, and too many people don’t like to hear it like it is, despite asking other to tell them the truth. I served in combat with your father and know from experience and observation that he was a great and fearless leader, always leading by example and looking out for his people. I would like to talk more with you and others in your family. You can reach me directly at Best, Joel Gartenberg

  49. All you guys from Tan Canh-Dak To area do yall remember the American missionary who lived in Tan Cahn. He ran a small store and sold Montagnard souvenirs. He used the money to buy supplies for the yards. He was never armed and traveled to the yard villages freely. Cant recall his name but some years back I located him in St. Pete, FL. The Tampa paper wrote a story about him and that is how I ran across him.

    • I can remember a tall, thin redish hair guy maybe in his early thirties. He drove a beatup jeep and said he represented the Quaker church. He would come up to the advisors compound and than leave. Strangely within a day or so we would get mortared. LTC Daniel finally told him he wasn’t welcome. He never seemed to have a problem getting around the main roads, ever when we couldn’t.

  50. Capt Joel, I am lt Charles Bethard, I worked with you and Jessie in68-69 at Tan can, 2/42. Have some photos of you. W/ Parrot.

    • Hi Charles, Good to hear from you. As I recall you were from Illinois, I remember spending many hours with you on top of that bunker we were building filling sand bags. I’m still in contact with Charlie Cade and Dick Littlefield and of course Joel.

  51. Thank you CPT. I often wonder what happened to all the Advisors at Team 23. Fred came by the 24th of Aug. First time I have seen Fred in 46 + years. I was over joyed. He is one of the good ones you meet in life. WOW

  52. Jess, welcome home brother: I would sure like to find the RO that was assigned to Team 23 in Aug 67. Im terrible with names. I know he was a pretty big guy. If anyone remembers him please let me know.

  53. Hi, I’m Joel Gartenberg (CPT), Tm 23, Sr. Advisor 2/42 Regt Tanh Canh Aug 68 till o/a Mar 69 when I moved to 24 STZ in Kontum to serve as G-3 Air advisor. Worked in Tanh Canh with MAJ Milt Goo, CPT Jess Miller, LTC Jack Daniel, LTC Dick Littlefield, LT Charlie Cade, and others, More later..
    PS. Erroneously stated in another post for Team 24 that I served with them.

      • Ron, I can’t remember the RTOs name but I do have a picture of him outside the commo bunker. He was young SP4. For others on this forum I have a roster of personnel from the previous 24 STZ discussion group from 2000. I’m sure most of the information is no longer current but could be used to source names of Teams 23 and 24 personnel.

    • Did you know my brother? LT Bruce DuPuis.SA 3rd Bn with TM 23 from Mar 68 – Oct 69. he remembers SFC Norbert Goeke, Cpt Jess miller, LTC Daniels, Maj Goo, COL Cayhill (sp?). Jess Miller took over when Bruce was wounded . Bruce was reassigned to II Corps HQ, G3 sec. Remembers Maj Hunt’s death. — Bruce lives near Seattle.

      • Dennis, I remember Bruce very well. In fact I went out with Bruce and SFC Goeke on my first combat operation. On the 3rd day as we were leaving our night locations the NVA hit us with small arms and mortars Bruce, Norbert and I were all wounded. I was medevac”d to the 71st Evac Hospital in Pleiku. Bruce and Norbert were evac’d later when a relief team was inserted. I was in communications with Bruce a few years ago but haven’t been in contact with him for a while. He only lives about 10 miles from my home in Bonney Lake.

  54. What month in 71. Ssg Larry st. Onge transferred from my team at 42nd to dak to district late 70. Would have been there til around April 71.

  55. Fred, I’ll challenge that smallest claim since the Dakto District Team in 71-72 consisted of 2. I used to visit your compound when I needed intel and American faces. We may have met. I was the guy with the bright green NP Jeep – great camouflage! DD

  56. I was stationed there from Jun 67-Mar 68 as the only medic ever assigned. My official assignment was Tm24 with duty at Tm23 during that period. Looking back, I am only now aware of the situation we all were placed and some did not survive. I worked closely with Ba Ut on meal planning, prep, etc along with ordering supplies to include all the beer and liquor for the bar. Maintained the sanitation of fresh water and kept the rat population under control (almost). We were placed in harm’s way and exposed needlessly and in the end, the last members were left in a bad situation with higher command not knowing who was there, to include the faithful Vietnamese in our charge. A sad and under reported ending to all.

    • Fred, good to hear from you. When I was there ba ut bought a lot of our food in the ville. The major stuff and cigs, beer, booze we got from pleiku afb. Thr
      ey had a class VI store and px and big commisary. The 4th ID (my unit from 1st tour in 68) had moved all back to ankhe. We pooled our subsistence allowance for ba to buy in the ville and our purchases at pleiku. We had a box in the little bar in the team house and that bought our booze. Our ARVN wives made ho chi minh sandals and vc/nva flags with bullet holes and chicken blood on them. These got us beaucoup stuff from the AF supply sgt who had been there about 7 years. He did a lucrative selling biz with the stuff we brought him with the af crews and ground personnel. Whichever team that was on palace guard at regt base made the two run to pleiku.
      By mid 70 the new rule was once the 42nd units got out of 105 range the advisory team was extracted. Me and my teammates refused to leave and were given direct orders by the SA COL of the 24th STZ in kontum to get on the chopper or face a summary court martial. Same thing happened at the end of june 70 when we were in cambode.
      Do you recall the almost daily right at 5pm 122 rockets coming in from rocket ridge. You could almost set your watch by them.
      I often wonder what happened to ba ut and her two children. I grieve all the time for my ARVN soldiers and counterparts. I have to think very few made it. A few years ago someone told me the 42nd ended up at quinhon after the highlands fell to the dinks. I hope some of them and their families made it out. They were like the US Army Armored Cav units along the german border–only there to slow the attacking forces at all costs. I live in zephyrhills, fl if you ever get by here we will have a coffee and chat.

      • Hi Ben, May tour was from june 67 to May 68. LW advisor for the 1st and 3rd Bn. We fought in 2 major campaigns ln 1967 Operation Greely in summer and Operation McAuthur in the winter. We saw action every time we went to the field. The 22 Inf Div was mover to the South of siagon after the fall of the central highlands. They were one of last units to surrender. Go to 22nd Inf Div, ARVN. Welcome home brother. ron

  57. I was BCAT CO 4/42nd Jan 70 to Jan 71. By my own request I stayed with the Bn my whole 12 month tour. This was Tm 23 at Tan Cahn. Was in the Dak Seang SF camp battle the whole month of April 70. We learned that Vietnamazation would never work primarily because the supply/support network just did not exist to maintain the ARVN infantry in the field for sustained periods of time. Some of my team were lt. Grimsley, sgt st. Onge, cpt. Gehrke, ltc. Stearns, maj. Art elliott, captured april 70, pow for 3 years came home march 73. Many other fine officers and ncos. Spent time on FB 6 and beaucoup trips up and down the dak poko valley, ben het, dak pek, dak sut, and several trips on hwy 14 to trade for supplies at pleiku AFB. Our faithful cook ba ut if I remember correctly. Interesting note I learned while reading the after action rpt on dak seang is that the 42nd was considered a “hardship tour” by the ARVN. If that was true what was it for the US team assigned there.

  58. I was assigned to TM24 with duty at TM23 from Jul 67 to Mar 68. Then assigned to the Dak To subsector until discharge in Jun 68. TM 23 didn’t have an authorization for a Medic so there is no record of my duty there (only a photo on the wall by the bar). Ron Crandall was a light weapons advisor and left in Jul 68. He and I are in contact with each other even after all these years. Fred Weston

  59. I was a member of team 23 from Aug 68 to Jul 69. Up to that time I was the only advisor to accompany every battalion during an operation and that included the recon company. My primary position was SA to the 4/42. Other members of the team were LTC John Daniel, Maj Milt Goo, CPT Joel Gartenberg, LTC Dick Littlefield, 1LT Charlie Cade

    • were you stationed at dakto? I served from june 67-may68 at dakto. I was sa advisor with 1st and 3rd bn 42 inf regt. the names u mentioned dont strike a bell. im in mo, where are you from? did you know the RTO at dakto?

  60. I do have a picture of Cpt Brown and Lt Fitch. I can not attach to this email. Also you remember the black Major or Ltc who was the senior advisor for team 23? He was drunk in his room all the time.

  61. Joe Brown sounds familiar but a picture would be better to remember him & possibly Fitch. I was in Kontum from late ’68 to end of ’69 with MACV Tm 24 – G2 Air. Was there during the battle of Tan Cahn, supported in the command bunker there & going out to pick up prisoners with my VN counter part. We had a big show for the press about the Cu Hoi (sp?) effort with a prisoner who gave us info & we found a large cash of weapons – all laid out in Kontum for the press.

  62. I was a member of Advisory Team 24 in Kontum. Just wondering if anyone knows what happened to SFC Wolf. He trained me well.

  63. Team 23 was assigned to support the 42d ARVN at the village of Tan Cahn in Kontum Province. This team was considered the smallest advisory team in Vietnam. I was assigned to Team 23 from Jul 67 thru Mar 68 until reassigned to Team 24 Dak To Subsector. The garrison was not defendable and this proved correct in 1972 when they were overrun by NVA without any means of support from higher command.

    • Fred:

      Did you know Mike Harney? He was Tm 24, Kontum then up to Dak To in ’70. I just found out Mike passed away in 2010. Hartley Coursen was a Tm 24 Advisor friend as well. I was Tm 24 Kontum ’68-’69.

      Patrick Garland (1st LT).

      • Ron Crandall, Tm23 6/67-5/68. What BN were you assigned to in Kontum? I was with the 1st and 3rd Bn at Tan Canh. I served 10 months with Fred Weston. Took me 46 yrs to find him. I never knew either of these brothers. Do you remember Cpt Joe Brown or Lt John Fitch?

        • I knew lt.Fitch later he was promoted to capt..
          He is son of general Fitch , one star general by that time.
          He was skinny and tall always wear glasses.
          That was I remembered.
          I knew ba UT.
          I left Tan Canh in 1969 and went to OCS school then transferred to 18th infantry division.
          I am knew at this site.

        • I have a letter from a Cpt. Fitch written to my mother 5 Oct 67 regarding my Dad SFC Sizemore. He mentions a Maj Passailaigue who had been transferred. I also have a letter from a Col. E, H. Kauffman from July, 67. Sizemore was with the 2nd Bn in Kontum for a short period of time during June.

      • I left the Dak To subsector in Jun 68 so I didn’t know Mike, the bulk of my duty while assigned to Tm 24 was with Tm 23. Though no one will find a record of that.

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