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MACV Team 18 – Huong Thuy

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 18 located in Huong Thuy.

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    • I was LTC Z interpreter. We went to pay a visit him and his wife in San Antonio and he visited us twice in California. I know quite a few team 18 personnels both in military as well as civilians. Prior to my assignment with LtC, I was in Phu Loc Team for a year and before that I was in Phong Dien, Phu Vang and Huong Thuy.

      • Hi Phu Nguyen.
        With some guilt attached, I do not remember the interpreter’s name that was so valuable to me in Phu Loc. I was in Phu Loc about Jun 69 to Mar 70. I was a 29th Civil Affairs advisor assigned to the MACV Team at Phu Loc. I was a SP5 or SP6, but rarely wore any rank insignia. Sometimes I wore a US on my hat or uniform, but always my 29th Civil Affairs badge (plastic). Even though my primary MOS was 04B interpreter and graduated high in my class, I used my Vietnamese interpreter extensively. I had learned Saigon dialect and everyone in the Phu Loc District spoke Hue dialect. I was considered extremely effective in my district by the 29th Civil Affairs Co. I could not have accomplished all the missions without the help of my interpreter. I do not know if you are that interpreter or if you would remember me. One incident that would identify us is the NIGHT my interpreter volunteered to go with me by jeep to rescue LT Rudder, who was late getting back from his mission that day. LT rudder had missed his extraction time and didn’t have any transportation back to our District HQs. The District Advisor would not send anyone to pick up LT Rudder or his Nungs. I told him I would go, and my interpreter went with me. Anyone who went on that ride down Hwy 1 in the dark crossing guarded bridges with concertina wire across the roads with the VC still active in the district, and also American ambush patrols everywhere; would never forget that experience. That drive through Hai Van Pass was extremely dangerous during the day and foolish during the night. I do not attach any bravery to that night, only youth and poor situational awareness. I was 20 years old and was not trained in Infantry tactics. Wes Speers

        • When i was in Phu Loc (fall of 70 to Spring of 72) Maj. Miller was the DSA (Maj. Hooker was DSA until closing of the American advisory in Vietnam) Cap. Kidd was DDSA. I remembered that there was a Sp. 5 in the team. LtC. Zurbriggen (PSA) asked me to Hue and served as his interpreter. This is my picture in Phu Loc Compound with Cap. Medd.

          • Ong Phu Nguyen: Your timeline puts you in Phu Loc after I left. I left Phu Loc sometime in mid-March of 1970. No picture of Phu Loc was attached to your comment. If you would like to resend it, I would enjoy seeing it. In another post you stated you were in Phong Dien prior to Phu Loc. The SP5 you mentioned might have been Bill Boehm, also a 29th Civil Affairs Advisor. Bill worked closely with the MACV Team. Bill and I were in the same language class and in Viet Nam during the same time. Bill was at Phong Dien and Quang Dien. I was briefly at Huong Thuy and then the rest of my tour at Phu Loc (Apr 1970-Mar 1970. I only remember the two Intel officers at Phu Loc. Bill might remember others at his MACV Teams. I can probably reach Bill, if you have a question, specific to his two MACV team assignments. WES

            • I have a few pictures of Phu Loc compound with other team members, however there is no access for me to post it in this website as I have tried (or because I didnt know enough of IT). I still keep in touch with other members of MACV team18. This is my email:

  1. For LTC Ron Bower (retired) the name of the “Ranger looking” hard core LTC who shot the VC on the run is, LTC Darwin “Slats” Harbin. If I recall his CIB had two stars. I believe he was from the Phoenix area. Like many of you I remained in contact with COL later BG Thomas Willard Bowen. Prior to his death he was a stockbroker in Buffalo taking after his Uncle Willard, hence the common name. COL Bowen’s jeep was titled “Arkansas Traveler”. I was COL Bowen’s adjutant.

    • Daniel: Thanks for the clarification. Never have been very good with names but remember other details with little trouble. Now that you are up on line I do remember your name, not for anything special but just general recollection. Being at Phu Thu District I seldom had much to do with Colonel Bowen’s office. Do you remember a LT who was an AG Officer at the CORDS complex? He had been a State Department employee but got drafted and returned after being commissioned. He was assigned the same job at the same desk when he returned to Viet Nam. I always questioned how he got drafted in the first place. I do remember Colonel Bowen well enough since his last name and mine are of a common family branch of Englishmen. Always thought he and I might have been related, but that was before

    • Brad,
      Great seeing your post. It was a name from the past. I came in from Quang Dien to the provincesa staff and remember you well. I ultimately replaced CPT Bob Morris under LTC “Peacemaker” Miller.
      Bob Winzinger

    • Yes, Col. Harbin did have 2 stars in his CIB, he was a WW2 Ranger & was from Abuquerque, NM. & was at least 6’4. I was with him at Hue, 1968. My best friend Gary Garrison was on the chopper with Col. Harbin when a VC was hiding under a piece of tin in a rice patty & started shooting at the chopper. Col Harbin had the pilot to come back around & the VC took off running, so the Col had a easy shot with his 45. When they sat down the chopper the Col told Gary to check him for documents, but the VC was flopping around & Gary told me he was trying to put his foot on him when the Col told Gary to get back & the Col. finished the VC with his M-16 & they did get some documents off of the VC. Col. Harbin was the best & bravest soldier I was ever with. My mother & Lt. General Sink ( Col. Sink – 506th in Band of Brothers ) were cousins & when I was at his house ( here in Lexington, NC ) I never knew how powerful a Field Army commander was & I’m pretty sure he did & made some brave decisions himself. My favorite soldier of all was General Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of the World & when I go to Gettysburg & visit his home, I get a good feeling because this farm was my GGGgrandfather John Biesecker<s during the Battle of Gettysburg. Vance Biesecker

  2. Looking for a Maj Phelps or his SFC who were at Huong Tra Dist HQ working with District Chief Maj De during Tet 68 to Dec 68. Also looking for MACV records on Huong Tra Dist Jan 68-July70. Maj De was replaced by a Cat. Ham in Dec 68 when De was promoted to Assistant Province Chief of Quang Tri. I was the C.O. of the USMC Combined Action Company in Huong Tra from its inception in Aug 68 to Feb 69 , Currently doing some memory recall for a book I’m writing and looking for more info on De, who was one heck of a soldier.

    • Bob: I only had contact with CAC once in a Province Sr Adv briefing but thought I would pass along something that has stuck with me for fifty years. A LtCol USMC was briefing (you?) and he was giving a report on CAC opns the night before. He stated something like, “CAC Tm XX set up an L shaped ambush at coord XXXXX. At approximately 2:00 AM the team sprung the ambush on a group along the trail. Results were 11 VC dogs KIA, two Marines WIA.” Evidently the two Marines were at the extremes of the ambush and had accidentally shot each other. Thank God not seriously injured but the report got a few undecipherable comments from the audience. Although i was Army and had little interaction with Marines in Phu Thu District on the coast, I have been living and working at Camp Lejeune area for past 35 years and have had numerous occasions to re-tell that little story, always hoping someone would say, “That was me.” Thought I’d pass this on to you in case you know something about it or could use it in your book. “Semper Gumby” (Always flexible)!

    • Bob,
      I was sorry to hear of your Dad’s passing. I served with him in Quang Dien District from January 1969 to April 1969. He was a great man, a good leader and had a great sense of humor. I was a very young Captain and he helped me get adjusted to the advisor’s role. My first encounter with him was when I landed by helicopter and there was this man filling sandbags with no shirt on and he came over to welcome me. Little did I initially know that this was the District Senior Advisor Bob Taggs. That was your Dad leading by example. There was no task he would give another that he wasn’t willing to do, Fond memorieas.
      BG (then CPT) Bob Winzinger

      • Sir,
        Thank you for the reply. Hard to imagine my father with a sense of humor. Compared to my friends fathers growing up mine was very serious and did not mess around. When he did joke around it was very dry. Dad did teach me about having a very good work ethic and to never be lazy, and to help others when you see that they need help. Dad now has grandchildren and one great grand daughter that he never lived to see. Dad did tell me a bit abiut Vietnam and have talked to others that he served with on different tours in Vietnam. I found out from these men that my father had a side to him that only men like you and others that served with him knew. I have commented to family and friends that dad was rare and tough as bar steel. Dad had a special look that could put me in place quick. Dad commented to me qnce that I was too much like him at the same age, I took that as a compliment.

        If you wuld like to share anything you remember, please do so. I want my children and grandchildren to know as much about thier grandfather. I watched dad die and there is never a day that goes by that I do not think about him and the lessons he taught me. Thank you again for your email, it is very appreciated.

  3. Wes Spears, I was on Thua Thien Province staff for most of 1969. I remember Major Fred Telfor as District Senior Advisor at Houng Tra. He was also a big gambler amonst other activities in Hue. By the way, the menu on side of the page should list Advisory Team 18 as Thua Thien Province.

    • Hi Bob, The communists must have renamed Huong Tra somewhere along the line. I Believe it might be Huong Thuy now. Anyway, Huong Tra did have a Major as DSA. I was only there a couple of months in ’69 and did very little except speak with the local Vietnamese trying to learn the Hue dialect. I had spent 47 weeks in DLI at Biggs Field,TX learning Saigon Dialect. The dialects are vastly different and Hue (Central) dialect is only spoken and not written. Huong Tra was a “show piece” MACV team. If a dignitary in the AO wanted to tour a MACV team, they were sent to Huong Tra. After Phu Loc District was overrun about Jun of ’69 and then rebuilt by Jul of ’69, I was sent there from the 5th Platoon 29th Civil Affairs Co in Hue and “commanded” by CPT David Lyon(s) to upgrade the villages and hamlets in the District. I was DEROS from Viet Nam, first tour and first enlistment as a SP6 E-6. I later attended “Bootstrap” at UNO and later commissioned at Ft Benning, GA. I did not retire. I have finally realized that MACV Teams did not have individual numbers like SF Teams. All Thua Tien Province was Team 18. Do you remember the CORDS 1SG in Hue? I had to discontinue wearing subdued US on my “boonie hat” and collars, because he kept saluting me. I’ll bet you hadn’t heard that one in a long time. Talk to you later. Wes Speers

      • LtC Bower, you are absolutely corrected about macvteam18 was for the entire province of Thua Thien rather than just for Huong Thuy. I still have the document of it befote the last PSA, LtC. Zurbriggen passed on.

        • ATTN: MACV Recommend the Team 18 location be changed to Thua Thien Province, as the team was a Provincial Advisory Team, NOT a District Advisory Team. Team 18 HQ was located in Hue City; Huong Thuy was a District. I was assigned to the SIA (Sector Intelligence Advisor) Office Oct 69 – Aug 71.

            • Bob – Good hearing from you. I see you’re back in Cedar Park. We moved to Killeen way back in 1982 and are still here.
              My wife (who’s from Hue) and I are both retired. How about you? My email hasn’t changed. So you’re welcome to shoot me an email if you like! Fred

  4. Just found this site. As dates noted are 2 years plus, do not expect a reply, but here goes anyway. Was assigned as Phoenix Advisor, arriving at Phu Loc March of 70. June 10th, was Medevac’d to Camp Eagle, Japan and New York. There was a SSG wounded in our hooch that night. Do not remember a name from that time. Initially the Senior Advisor was a major with part of leg gone. After returning from Vung Tau,(Phoenix indoctrination) He was gone, possibly from a chopper crash. Looking for anyone who was there during that time. If you know of the happening on June 10th, would like to know of anyone who might be still around. Thank you for any reply, the 1st Lt MI.

    • Hi Tom, Your comment just landed in my email at I must have just missed you when you were assigned to Phu Loc. I left in Mar of 1970. I was the Civil Affairs Advisor in Phu Loc sent from the 29th Civil Affairs Co in Hue. Do you remember the name of the person you replaced? Was it Rudder or Spiller. One was a DIOOC or was it DIOCC, and the other a credentialed Agent. Were you there only Mar-Jun 1970 and then wounded and then sent home? Phu Loc was overrun the month before I arrived. I think I got there in Jul or Aug 1969. I was at Huong Tra near Hue when they were overrun in 1969. Talk to you later. Wes Speers

      • Hi Wes,
        I was stationed at Huong Thuy District located just South of Hue. Camp Eagle was on my West Flank and Phu Bai was located along my Southern Flank. I arrived in country in Mid January and was assigned as the Assistant District Senior Adviser. However shortly after I was assigned, the Senior District Adviser had to go home on Emergency Leave and upon his return was needed up at Province Headquarters with COL John Chism and was assigned there. I then became the District Senior Adviser for Huong Thuy District. That was my final assignment until I left Vietnam at the end of August, 1970.


        • Hi Tom, My mistake. I had believed that Huong Thuy was being used as the name for Huong Tra. I don’t think I had a reason to visit Huong Thuy. Huong Tra was located across the perfume River from Hue. From your description of the location of Huong Thuy, Huong Tra and Huong Thuy were two completely different Districts. Odd that Huong Tra is not listed with the District Teams. Col Chism was the PSA while I was in country. Does anyone know his 1SG’s name? Thank you. Wes Speers.

      • Rudder sound familiar, but wouldn’t bet on anything about Nam. This I member. I had been reporting that there was an NVA Battalion in the AO, even had their Order of Battle. No one believed me. June 10th (only the MACV area at Phu Loc) our compound was hit with rockets and mortars. I was medevac’d and next morning my interpreter brought polaroid’s. Only team area that was recognizable was my twisted jeep. Not one round hit anywhere else. (101st BnHg, RufPuf, Marine Cap team, or the district HQ) 1/2 dozen NVA bodies on QL1 next morning. Won’t go into my actions, but always thought I should have received Bronze with V. Now at 73, don’t really give a s*** any more.

        • Your story about attack on Phu Loc brought back a memory. I was the duty Officer at Thua Thien Province Military compound (across from MACV Compound) in January 1969. We were inside the radio shack, a CONEX container reinforced with multiple layers of sandbags. My radio operator, DNCO and RVN counterparts were sitting around when Phu Loc District Team called at about 2130 and said they were under mortar attack. We contacted FAC’s and alerted them to possible need for AC-130 gunship support. While we were talking with Phu Loc the radio operator was reporting what was happening and then he said something to the ‘effect” of “Aw S@#t!” They stopped transmitting, total silence, and we kept calling for about five more minutes before they came back up. We asked for a SitRep and said that an 82mm mortar round had hit the compound, right at “ground zero,” the compound latrine. He said the contents had been spread all over the compound. Thank God there were no occupants, no casualties. We later got a report that the place smelled like you can imagine for three days. War can be funny, if you don’t take it seriously!

          Thanks to all for keeping our memories alive.

      • Wes,

        I came to Hue 29th CA in Aug 1970. Did you know Paul Giannone. We worked together Also a high school classmate was there 1969-70 – John Urbanchuk

        • Hi Steve,

          I left the 29th Civil Affairs during march of 1970. I was assigned to Phu Loc District (MACV) from Hue. This was the 5th Platoon “commanded” by CPT David Lyon or Lyons. I would have to look up some old records to know if the last name has an (s). John Urbanchuk communicated with me in 2016 and then I lost contact. John was leaving Hue in April 69 and going to Da Nang. John has a post on this site dated may 30th 2016. Maybe he will see your post and respond. I do not remember Paul Giannone. We (Civil Affairs) had a great reunion in 2016.

  5. Hi Tom. I was assigned to Team 18 for a very short time and do not remember anyone on that team. I was the Civil Affairs Advisor (SP5). I arrived about Apr69 and left Jun69. I had remembered the team’s name as Huong Tra, rather that Huong Thuy. I still don’t know how I managed that error! I spent all of my time trying to learn Hue dialect after having spent 47 weeks learning Saigon dialect. I do remember the guys on the Team where nice to the “new guy”. I was sent to Phu Loc after the Team there was overrun. If someone is looking for a SP4 Sandova,who was 29th Civil Affairs Co, I have a copy of orders for a person of that name and a SSAN on the orders. Do you know the Team number for the Phu Loc Team? Thank you. Wes Speers

    • Wes: Your post brought me to think about the date you arrived. I was the PolWar Advisor for the Province after completing my six months in Phu Thu District (just east of Huong Thuy and south of Hue). I had been a graduate of the PsyOps Course at Ft Bragg (along with the 4 other courses offerred there) I had been assigned to the PolWar Advisor three weeks before I went on R&R to meet my new bride in Honolulu in late February 1969. After I returned, ten days later, I came back and was told that I was being transferred to the USARV Advisor School in Di An (outside of Saigon, in the 1st US Division Area). You must have been the one that came into replace me. Do not have any tales to tell but I do have one photo of a little fat ARVN Major who was the Province PolWar officer with a local priest taken up in the Quang Tri area. I also remember one RVN Aspirant (Warrant Officer) who once invited me to eat dog with him. He told me we would never meet in heaven if we did not share a meal of dog together. Also when I returned I went over to visit some friends in the Marine Security Detachment and got a great war story from them. They had gotten a small puppy form one of the indigenous compound workers. I saw it just once before I left. When I returned I was informed that all 24 members of the MSD were taking rabies shots. Thank God I never touched that dog. Maybe that was where the Aspirant was going to get the dog for “our meal.”

      • LTC Bower,
        I have removed my doubt about the District of Huong Tra existing. Maps that I have no longer show Huong Tra and I thought maybe Huong Thuy had replaced it after the Communist takeover. I am sure I was not at Huong Thuy, and Huong Tra just remains a mystery. I was at Huong Tra such a short time and I remember so little about the District HQ or anything else about the District. I was not your replacement at Huong Thuy, so I am unable to assist with any intel military or civilian. Sorry! Wes Speers 29th Civil Affairs Company

        • Wes

          Phu Bai was in Huong Thuy where I built a refugee hospital. It was behind the Catholic Church. BTW my wife’s family was given Phu Loc by the first Nguyen king when he was married to one of the Kings daughter as a wedding present. He was the kings top general. The Tong family was split half commie half Govt.


          • Hi Steve,

            I was in Phu Bai briefly. I thought at one time that Huong Tra had been renamed Huong Thuy. That thought was incorrect. Huong Tra does not seem to exist as of today. Where it went, I do not know. Huong Tra was a showpiece MACV Distict HQ. I was there about 2 months. I do know a little about Phu Loc, but nothing about Huong Thuy. Thanks for the family history.

  6. I do not know if this email is heading the right direction. I am replying to John Urbanchuk’s response. There are probably many reasons I do not recall people or events from my time in Viet Nam. I am not going to attempt a psychoanalysis, but just agree that I have forgotten most of my Viet Nam experiences, unless I have dialogued the experience with another Veteran. I remember David Lyon and LTC Lacy because I have letters signed by them. I remember we had a good staff of 1LTs and you were probably one of them. All the officers in Hue supported my efforts in Phu Loc District and I am not sure how I managed that feat! Your email you sent to me arrived in my inbox when I was enroute to the reunion in Ft Bragg NC. I do not have email access when traveling, although I did open yours at the hotel in Raleigh. You missed a great reunion and dedication for the three Civil Affairs Companies. Our “stone” was placed in the Special Operations Memorial Plaza at Ft Bragg, NC and the initial dedication speech was given by the Deputy Commanding General of the Special Operations Command. Hal Youmans (COL Ret) organized this reunion. It was awesome! The next reunion is in two years and being organized by person(s) located on the west coast. You would enjoy the time with our “Brothers” of Civil Affairs. Do you remember Bill Boehm? He was another interpreter from DLI that arrived with me. Bill was sent to Phong Dien and Quang Dien, I believe. I have contact with Bill. He remembers name that I have forgotten. Do you remember the Team Number for the Phu Loc MACV Team. Yes, I know it was 45 years ago. John, you can reach me directly at If this email is read by anyone else that has information about the Civil Affairs Team in Hue or the MACV Team in Phu Loc, it would be nice to hear from you. Sincerely, Wes Speers

  7. BG (then CPT) Bob Winzinger January 1969 – January 1970 with Quang Dien District and then Province Team in Hue. Served with BG (then COL) Tom Bowen, COL John Chism, LTC Richard Miller, COL (then MAJ) Jim Glaze, MAJ Bob Taggs and many others. Had the pleasure and talking with Tom Bowen before he passed away. He had settled in Buffalo, NY after retirement. He was very instrumental in getting BG (then COL) Le Van Than’s family out of Vietnam to California and susubsequently COL Than after his release fom the Reeducation Camps. The story goes that COL Than never submitted and upon his release was saluted by his captors for his integrity and loyalty COLs Bown and Than were like brothers and both have passed but will always be in my memory. My time in Advisory Team 18 helped shape my life and brings back many fond memories of comrades and experiences.

    • While assigned to Team 18 under Col Bowen I remember he had a real warfighter as an Assistant Province Senior Advisor, a LTC whose name escapes me but his picture is still in my mind (about 5’11, bald, Ranger type, and definitely near his mandatory retirement age.) He was out flying around down in the area of southern Phu Thu District in a Loach helicopter. They saw a man in the marshes carrying a AK47 trying to hide in the grass. They came back around and the guy took some shots at them and the pilot took the Loach down and came up behind the shooter when the LTC leaned out the door and shot the guy in the head, on the run. Another time we were having the weekly Team briefing when the Provincial Marine OpsO gave a report about a Marine CAP Team manning an L shaped ambush along a trail in the area of Nam Hoa District. He reported that at about 2:00 AM the ambush was sprung. Results, 11 VC dogs, KIA, two Marines wounded. It appeared that the two Marines on the ends of each leg of the L shot each other accidently, but fortunately not killing shots. I now live in the area of the 2nd Marine Division and never miss a chance to tell the story of how those Marines were wounded.

  8. I was with Adv Tm 3 when it was divided into Tm 3 and Tm 18 in 1968-69 time period. Tm 3 was with the ARVN and Tm 18, operating out of Hue City dealt with the Province and District Chiefs and their RF/PF forces. I was assigned to Phu Thu District, just southeast of Hue City with Dai Uy Doi. If I am not mistaken, prior to TET, Phu Thu was part of Phu Vang District as represented on the Thua Thien/Hue City map and was split into two Districts before I got there. Served with LTC Lopez, Dist SA; Col Bowen, Prov SA, Maj (later General)John Shalikashvili and had some involvement with the loss of Black Cat UH1 on Feb 6th 1969. I was also attacked by the MACV Goose (yes a real goose) prior to his demise on November 10th 1968. Prior to going over in July 1968, I had been C.O. of Student Company B, USASWS at Ft Bragg. Several thousand Soldiers, Sailors and Marines came through the MATA Sector/Unit and Corps/Division courses as well as PsychOps Crs while I was C.O.

    • This is a reply to comment left by LTC Ronald Bower or someone that has information regarding personnel of MACV Team 18. I was there only a short while and there was a Major as DSA. If I have the correct team, it was a real show piece MACVV Team. I was an interpreter sent there from 29th Civil Affairs Co as the Civiil Affairs advisor around Apr-May 1969. My medical records show Team 18 and that is why I am on this site. I was sent to Phu Loc after the team was over run about Jun 1969. I went there about Jul 1969 after the See Bees rebuilt the place. They did a real nice job. Does anyone know the team number for Phu Loc? CPT David Lyon was 5th PLT CO in Hue for 29th Civil Affairs. Pat Rudder was DIOCC Officer in Phu Loc and John Spiller was an agent sent out from 525 MID Camp Eagle to advise. Does anyone know these guys? I was a shining star to my company, but had not learned the team concept needed to be an effective member of a MACV Team. I pacified all my villages and hamlets in Phu Loc before my DEROS in late Mar 1970. Civil Affairs companies are being honored at the Special Operations Memorial Plaza Jun 3, 2016 for our contributions to the war effort in Viet Nam by a stone being dedicated in the Plaza. I will wear a MACV insignia to honor my assignment with my MACV Team. Maybe someone on this site will even remember me. I was the young guy with the US subdued on my collars that came into the CORDS office in hue sometimes. My name is Wes Speers. Thank You.

      • Wes:
        I do remember you and Dave Lyons. I was the Admin Officer (exec off) for the 5th PLT, 29th CA assigned to Team 18 in Hue from Jan to April 1969, just before Lyons took over. I moved from Hue to Danang to head up a Public Admin team and was assigned to CORDS I CTZ where I finished out my tour. Remember SFC Box or LT Sandy Hutchinson??

        • Hi John. I know it has been a while since we communicated, and I don’t know the reason the communication stopped. I have located the “guy” named Spiller and have talked to him. Spiller says Phu Loc was not over run in the Spring of 1969, and knows because he was there. I know I was told Phu Loc had been over run before I got there. I don’t think I could conjure up that memory. I believe I have read somewhere about Phu Loc being over run in 1969, but that everyone was able to escape and no casualties. Maybe when Civil Affairs says a place is over run it means a mortar round landed. I arrived in Phu Loc about Jun 69 and left about Mar 70. Can you add any intel to this mystery? Wes Speers

    • I was there Mar 69 – Mar 70. Col Bowen was commander of the team 18. I worked for an Army Major who was replaced by an Air Force Major in the Pysop unit (sorrow I don’t recall their names). I still have a picture of Col Bowen presenting me with the Air Force Commednation Metal. Wish I could remember names of the people I worked with both military and civilians. We had some great nurses and doctors assigned to our unit.
      MSgt Clyde Kitts (USAF)

      • I don’t remember the name COL Bowen. Maybe he was MACV Tm 3 Commander? COL Stan Chism was the PSA, Thua Thien/ MACV Tm 18 Commander when I was first assigned to the Sector Intelligence Advisor Office, Tm 18 in Hue in Oct 69. His replacement was an FS-4 Wenzel (sp?) who arrived sometime in 1970. Mr Wenzel was the Thua Thien PSA when I rotated to CONUS in Aug 1971. I lived at the MACV Dozema Compound and worked across the street at the RVN Thua Thien Sector Compound. I was a Sergeant First Class, NCOIC of the SIA Office and my counterpart was a Sergeant , who was NCOIC of the RVN Sector Intel Office. My boss was MAJ Paul Smith, SIA and his counterpart was MAJ RVN Sector Intel Officer. He also had OPCON of our RVN Sector Intel Platoon. ( CPT Ralph Spears and 1LT Frank Breeden were MAJ Smith’s predecessors.)

  9. Robert: Ralph – No word. But, I thought you might like to hear about Chief Bob McDonald’s passing 24 Oct. (KDH Obits 26 Oct). I didn’t know him, but I think you worked under him.
    Were you aware he was a paratrooper in the 82d Abn Div, retired CW2, & a Vietnam and Korean War Vet? Anyway, thanks for your recent reply. My email is: in case you’re interested.

  10. Looking for members of team 18 in Houng Thuy district, Thua Thien province from 1969 to 1971. Sp4 Sanddoval, Doc Miller, Capt De Young, Lt. Amis, Sp/4 Kashat. Any news of the fate of our counterparts.

    • I was with Team 18 Feb 70 – Jan 71. Served as S-5 Advisor to Thua Thien Provincial Staff and conducted PsyOps flights over province. Worked directly for Marine LtC, under Col Chism. Went to Fort Hood (78th Arty, 2AD) and was discharged 2 May 1972. Became a police officer; am currently teaching criminal justice at Midland College, Midland, Texas.

      Robert W. Peetz, Cpt., FA

      • Hey Dai-Uy – The last timt I saw you was in front of my 14×80 in Cedar Grove, Copperas Cove (mid-70’s). Did you ever get hired by the FBI? We were assigned to Tm 18 in Hue. I worked in the Sector Intel Office for MAJ Paul Smith and earlier for CPT Ralph Spears. It would be great to hear from you again!!

      • Robert: Nothing from Ralph. But I thought you might like to hear about the death of your former Chief, Bob McDonald. He passed 24 Oct (KDH Obits 26 Oct). He was CW2, Ret-USA, member of the 82d Abn Div and a Korean/ Vietnam War Vet. More info at if you’re interested. Thanks for your reply. If you feel the urge, email me at Fred S. P.S. I posted a similar reply about 1hr ago. So here it is again.

      • Robert,

        I recently came across my father’s calendar of his time in Vietnam….I don’t have much information about his time there but what I do know is he was assigned to Team 18 out of Hue in Feb 1970 and was there until Feb 1971. I was wondering if you might have known him? SSGT. William Rogers any information you can give me about him would be greatly appreciated.

    • Robert,

      I don’t have any photos of team 18 members, but I do have one photo made at 18’s HQ the fall of ’68. The teams motto was posted on the side of the “cupboard” –“Man cannot live by bread alone, he must have meat”. It has a pair of sheer panties attached over the sign.
      I’m with Team 3 Thua Thien Hue if you want to contact me.
      Capt Charles “Chuck” Thurmond.

    • I’m Tom Germer and I was the Senior Advisor with Team 18 from January 1970 until August 1970 and remember Sp4 Sanddoval, also SSG Edwards who was wounded when the NVA came in on the north side of our compound and fired RPGs at us killing some of the Vietnamese guards and wounding SSG Edwards. I came into the team as a new captain and the DSA went on Emergency Leave just after I got there. When he returned he was transferred to Province and I was assigned as the DSA. MAJ Tran Tien Dau was the District Chief, an outstanding officer whom I admired greatly. I heard he was moved down South after I left to another District that was right on the border.

      • Wes: Can only tell you that you would remember that night when the VC 82mm mortar hit the Phu Loc compound latrine. I was Province Duty Officer that night. Took a few days to get back to normal, at least through the nose.

        • Hi Ron, I was not alerted to this message in my email. Was looking at another email and scrolled down to find your (this) email. Do you remember the date Phu Loc suffered the outhouse casualty? Do you remember CPT David Lyon (29th Civil Affairs office in Hue)? Circa 69-70. Thank you. Wes Speers

          • Good to hear from you Wes. I often wonder if anyone reads what I write and you have just validated my efforts. I do remember (sort of) CPT Lyons. I can’t remember what my relationship to him was but I was reassigned in March 1969 from Phu Thu District to the Province Team as the PolWar Adviser for Thua Thien and I believe he was my predecessor. We had a young ARVN Aspirant (Warrant Officer) as our counterpart and a small, but complete repro shop in the northeast corner of the Provincial Military Headquarters compound. For the record, I did not stay there long. I went on R&R to Hawaii sometime around 14 March and when I came back I found that I had been transferred to the USARV Advisor School in Di An (located west, between Bien Hoa and Saigon) as an Instructor teaching MAT Team newbies. There had been a big increase of MAT Teams due to the rotation of some US units (e.g. 9th Div) which were being sent home and they reassigned personnel with less than six months RVN time left to man the new teams.. The incident with the outhouse if I remember correctly was sometime around early January (+/-) a month. I want to say it was about the time that Typhoon Annie hit the Vietnamese coast. The one thing I do remember is the face of the radio operator at the Provincial Advisory TOC. A real combination of surprise, disbelief and imaginary odors. I wish we could find him, because that one incident should be in the history books. Please have a memorable Memorial Day. We have a lot to remember about that time. Note: In case you have’t seen the e-mail I wrote yesterday, check out a new book, Honorable Exit by Thurston Clarke. An excellent detail of what happened in the years after we left and feature LTG Troung former 1st ARVN Div CG.

            • I was with the 29th Civil Affairs from early October 1969 until May of 1970. I was with Team 18 at Quang Dien District Headquarters. Capt Lyons was my boss and I remember a Capt Adams and a Staff Sergeant Turpin on the compound. As far as I know they weren’t 29th CA. There was also a Lt Smith on the compound who was responsible for verifying vc body counts. I have a picture of Capt Adams at an event in the district and a picture of Capt Lyons at the Cords compound in Hue. I also have a picture of SSGT Turpin working on a bunker we were building.

              • Hi George,
                We probably never met unless you would have been in Hue at the CORDS office. I did not spend much time there, but occasionally I had a need to talk with CPT Lyons about programs I was running in Phu Loc. I was a SP5 interpreter assigned as the Phu Loc District Civil Affairs Advisor on the MACV Team. I seldom wore any rank, just my 29th Civil Affairs Badge and maybe a US on my jungle hat. The CORDS 1SG kept saluting me and I subsequently stopped wearing the US on my hat while visiting the CORDS office. I was not a traditional member of my MACV Team. CPT Lyons trusted me to develop my own plans and programs. I would consult with him on large projects and support any resettlement efforts in the Hue AO. I was CPT Lyons personal representative in the resettlement of over 5000 refugees in one operation. I had my own jeep and radio and had a free rein in my District. I was considered successful by CPT Lyons, who promoted me to SP6 (first tour and first enlistment) and was awarded the Bronze Star. I was not the best team member, but I was the best Civil Affairs Advisor. You should have worked with a friend of mine at Quang Dien. His name is Bill Boehm. He was a SP5 Interpreter assigned to the MACV Team at Quang Dien and Phong Dien, I believe. Bill and I were in the same class and same section in Vietnamese Language School. Six hours a day, 5 days a week for 47 weeks. We don’t stay in touch much these days, but we used to find time to call or email. Bill would have been a traditional enlisted Civil Affairs Advisor in the support of the MACV Team. He was a college grad from upper New York State. I have forgotten most of my Viet Nam time at Phu Loc or the time in Hue, but you can ask me what you want, and I will try to remember. Sincerely, Wes Speers

          • Just looking through your post and I miraculously just had an mental eruptions and remembered CPT Lyons as the Provincial PsyOps Advisor. I was supposed to replace him but was reassigned to USARV Advisor School. At that time Army started cutting back on ground troops, 9th Division specifically, and newly arrived personnel to those units were reassigned to MAT Teams and had to go through a two week training program on how to be an advisor and how to work with the Vietnamese. The school was located at Di An down in Third Corps Tactical Zone, west of the 1st Infantry Division Headquarters and next to a Korean Army compound. At Di An we had a staff of about ten experienced Advisors of various backgrounds. We were commanded by a LTC Vernon Stamm and reported back to The MATA Department at Ft Bragg. LTC Stamm had been there for about two years and claimed to be the Father of the USARV Advisor School. He returned to JFK and finished as a Colonel at the Special Warfare School. We had a Logistics Instructional Team, a Language course taught by a 1LT who was very proficient in the Vietnamese language, and we had a tactical training team. The graduates would be assigned out to MAT Teams supporting District Advisory Teams throughout Vietnam. We were near a USAF field and I remember one day they had just received the OV10 observation aircraft. One took off and lost power about 500 feet up. The pilot ejected but at the wrong moment when the plane flipped over and he was ejected into the runway.
            For anyone who went through the MATA or PsyOps course at the Special Warfare School, an up-date. Ft Bragg has undergone a massive rebuilding program. My Company (Student Company B) office was across from the JFK Center, along with Student Company A. Th HQSvcCo barracks were up the hill from us. All those buildings have been torn down and are being replaced by modern multi storing buildings. The JFK Center, Moon and Hardy Halls and the mess hall are still intact. After I returned I lived in Fayetteville for about fourteen years, working with the Guard and being on Bragg about three times a week. Now every time I go there I get lost. Big changes!!!! My last trip there was four weeks ago.

            • Hi Ronald,
              I do not want to disturb any mental eruptions that you might be experiencing. They are always welcome at our age. I do not know if CPT Lyons stayed in country and moved to a Province level PsyOps assignment, but when I left Viet Nam in late March of 1970, CPT Lyons was running the 5th Platoon, 29th Civil Affairs Company with offices in the CORDS complex in Hue. I hope he got his command time if he decided to stay in the Army. He would have made a fine Company Commander. Sincerely, Wes Speers

              • Wes: Sorry if I misled you a little. I really did not know where he was officially assigned but I met him in the Province Headquarters building. Our meeting was brief but when I was assigned as the PolWar Advisor I was somewhat pleased since I had graduated from the PsyOp Course at Ft Bragg and I would then be able to work my Black/Gray/White magic. Unfortunately I too was transferred, to Di An (III Corps) to the USARV Advisor School where I at least able to teach PolWar/PsyOp . Whle I have your attention, did you know the Lt who was the Admin Officer at the Cords Office? He had a funny background in that he was a civilian employee there but without a draft deferral. He got drafted, went onto OCS and came back to Hue City as the Cords Admin Officer, sitting in the same office, in the same desk, doing basically the same job he did as a civilian. Can’t remember his name but if he showed up at a reunion I would recognize him immediately.

                • Hi Ronald, I did not know the LT that was the admin officer (XO) at CORDS in Hue. A strange story about him indeed. John M Urbanchuk , a retired Civil Affairs Major was the admin officer (XO) for 5th Platoon 29th Civil Affairs, which was located in the CORDS complex in Hue. John might have known him. They would have both been the same rank. I haven’t heard from John in years, but he has a post on this MACV Teams site May 30, 2016, if you want to track him down. If you find any information about the CORDS LT that relates to OCS, I am a life member of the OCS Alumni Association and have a friend/classmate on the Alumni Board. That is all I got for now. WES

    • I see this is a fairly old post, however I just found this site. If anyone connected sees this reply please contact me at . I do remember those named as well as SSgt Lopez, who I credit with saving my bacon when the vehicle we were in hit a pot hole during an early morning drive, to Phu Loc I believe, in a “light shower” and I was thrown from the vehicle. I have wondered if Sandoval was able to get his family ‘home’ ?
      I was DIOCC Advisor from Jun 69 – Jun 70.
      Who is ‘nudnic’ ?

      • I was there at Phu Loc as the team’s interpreter from the late part of 71 to 72 until the PSA, LtCol. Zurbriggen asked me to work for him. I worked for LtC Z to the end of the US military involvement of South Vietnam then worked for Mr. Cook, FSO 5 who took over the team. I didn’t anymore listed as above, but for Phu Loc team at the time was Maj. Miller, DSA, then Maj Hooker replaced him as DSA. I knew all other team member and still keep in touch with them now-a-day. I wonder if Capt Jacobelli, MI, was your replacement?

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