Team 104

MACV Team 104 – ???

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 104 located in ???

9 thoughts on “Team 104

  1. Greetings. I was the original CO of MAT-IV/104 in Kiev Thien District, Chuong Thien Province. I was a 1LT filling a CPT slot. We worked with two RF/PF companies while I served there from about 11/68-05/69, when I rotated home. Of the 5 Americans who I served with, all came home OK. Our interpreters wife was killed by an 81mm mortar in about March 1969. Lt. Col. Hamilton was Province Advisor and my boss.

  2. Hello to all Team Members – I was Team Cdr MT-104 Apl ’70 through Dec ’71. I would sure like to any other team members. Ray Spirlet

    • Mat # 104 was located in Kien Thien District, Choung Thien Province. WE worked and lived in many hamlets there.

      • Ray,
        Just saw this thread and reference to MAT IV/104. When the army initiated this organization, I was an infantry LT assigned to the 4th Division out of Camp Enari, near Pleiku. I received a change of orders (somehow an infantry LT had no combat credited service in Viet Nam), and sent to the 90RepoDepo and MACV. Before leaving for RVN, i did study the language in VA for about 6 months and that came in really handy. Where are you domiciled?

        • William- I live in Massachusetts. I arrived in IV CTZ , as it was called at the time as a 2Lt. I made 1LT sometime later and Cpt a year after that. I extended for 6 months- That is why the year and a half tour there.

          • Ray, did you stay in the military for a career? Where was MAT IV-104 deployed and what was the level of activity as to patrols, ambush activity, part of larger operations initiated by either RVN or USARV units?

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