Team 107 Vung Tau

MACV Team 107 – Vung Tau.

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 107 located in Vung Tau.

9 thoughts on “Team 107 Vung Tau

  1. Hi Guys, from Ernie Chamberlain (LT – 1st Australian Task Force rep in the Baria PIOCC 1969, Viet linguist – and Van Kiep resident with MACCORDS Team 89).
    I’ve written several non-commercial books on the NVA/VC in Phuoc Tuy (ie on D445 x 2, D440, 33rd NVA Regt x 2, 275 VC Regt) and also a “more-digestible” 75-page Note (with photos and maps) on “The Fall of Phuoc Tuy and Vung Tau – April 1975” – that begins with the 18th ARVN’s valiant defence of Xuan Loc and ends with the attack on Vung Tau. As with my books, “The Fall of Phuoc Tuy …” is free-to-read on Scribd. However, I can also email a complimentary pdf copy of “The Fall …” to interested Team 107 veterans – you can contact me at .
    Best wishes, Ernie

  2. I was assigned to 765th Transportation Battlion February 1971 & shortly there after reassigned to MACV & AFLS in Vung Tau thru March 1972. Worked with numerous good guys/friends for life. Wish all well.

  3. I was with the HHC, 2nd Maintenance Battalion in Vung Tau during 67-68. I regret not keeping track of the guys I served with so if any of you relate to this time and location, I would like to hear from you.

  4. I am looking for a very close friend of mine from that time frame at AFLS in Vung Tau named Jerry Manley I’m quite sure of the name. He and I were good buddies, he was from Mississippi and it would mean so much to correspond with him again.

  5. I was Lt. with the 528 th QM Co. we were a petroleum supply outfit, we ran a large tank farm and drum yard. We also unloaded boats and did all of the refuelling of all planes, boats and all vehicles. We had other platoons and satellite stations throughout the Delta. My name is Joe Caesar

    • Joe,
      What year were you there? I was with the 765th Security infantry platoon from December 65 to January 67, our platoon has been searching for information about us but there’s very little.
      Art Simmons

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