Team 5 Phu Bai

MACV Team 5 – Phu Bai

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 5 located in Phu Bai.

24 thoughts on “Team 5 Phu Bai

  1. thx for the up-date; explains why haven’t been able to find the “villa.” Means a lot your up-date.

  2. thx for input. We had same arrangements (the building, the stables, etc.) We were hit on Feb 6, 1968 and the top floor of the big building was destroyed, 7 Army, 2 USAF serious injuries. No KIA. We had to find an area in the trees at the SE end of the field and build our own hootches. Amazing what everyone accomplished (when you look back). If you find a pic of the building, let me know (I think there is a Cemetary there now) FW

    • Was at team 5 during tet offensive, in fact the OD the first night we got incoming 31 Jan. The AF CO was 1Lt Cole I think. Sorry, no pictures of the bldg exterior but I have a pic of the room that got blown up early Feb, belonged to Capt Latos (retired as LTCol).

      • This is great info. The AF Det Cmdr in Jan 68 was Lt. James Corbett. The building got hit bad on Feb 6, 68. The first major hit was through the dining area. Would like to see that pic if possible. I was in that area.

  3. Would like to locate an Army Officer assigned to MACV Team 5 in ’68. He was, at the time, Lt and then Capt. Russo. (not sure of the spelling) He commanded our ‘South’ Bunker during the ground incursions. Really great Army leader and West Point Grad. USAF Det 4, 15APS

  4. Thua Thien province. MACV spook house near the very large Marine Base 1967-68. There for the TET party. Still looking for John Boyd from LA Calif – wore all kinds of uniforms to move about – Green Beret; 2 or 3 tours (John – not me) Thanks for any response. stoney burke – Texas

      • Hey Jeff – saw ur notice regarding John – ur brother. been waiting a long time to hear about him. if we are speaking about the same person, i hope u can update me as to what happened to John. He told me that his plan was to stay in country forever. please update me as much as possible regarding ur brother. thanx; look forward to ur mail. lee (stoney) burke – Phu Bai/Hue – 1967-68

        • Hi Stoney,… yes i believe we are defiantly taking about the same person, I really need to speak with someone that knew him in country. Can i get a phone number and call you?

      • Jeff, I don’t mean to play Tag, so try again this eve. I am moving to another location for the day and nite, and should be able to hear the phone. stoney

        • Hi Owen, i don’t mean to play tag back at you,but i have had a busy day, and it’s still going can i call you at 9am central time? also if you get a chance can you send your email address to so i can send you a photo of John in uniform when he came back from Vietnam



            • Hi Owen, i really enjoyed speaking with you yesterday, I sent you an email, could you pls ck your inbox and if you didn’t receive it, then please send a link to your email address to i would like to start sending you some photos

  5. I was in Moc Hoa in 1969 Could not find team number which I have forgotten. I recently realized that my DD 214 does not have any mention of my time in the Delta. I was with the Big Red One until they deployed back to the states then I was assigned to Moc Hoa. I would appreciate any advice on how to get a corrected copy. thanks ?

    • Same problem 214 makes no mention of my time in Dong Ha , small USAF unit , six of us one tent underground bunker ( Dong Ha ) was very hot. We were fed by the villagers and felt like the forgotten few 1967.

      • Visited Dong Ha in 1968 from Hue/Phu Bai, Det 4, 15APS. Rough for all AF Detachments (on your own) Not 214’s but your military file shows “Counter Insurgency Experience, Viet Nam”. Only the Country is entered, not the Provence or post. We lived six months with MACV 5 and six months ‘on our own’! Except for 130’s, we never saw the USAF and we were nine Airman.

        • was assigned det 4, 15thaps, Hue phu bai, adv. team 5, macv – only 3 af at the time sept 1965-aug.1966. started building up with a few more af personnel late spring ’66. trying to find pics of the french villa the advisors stayed in; we billeted in the horse stalls next to same- 2 cots per stall. I was afsc – 60551 – usaf – e-4, bob bates. we worked out of a conex box, inside, at the end of the old hangar where usmc repaired helicopters – army at other end from us repairing, etc., fac planes. unloaded/loaded ac; helped direct planes where to park on tarmac.

  6. On my plane ride over to Nam in 66, I sat next to MSG Ward. He went to MACV Team 5 (I believe) He won a SS or? while there. We also flew back together. I was way down south in the Everglades of the Mekong.

  7. MACV Team housed a special small USAF detachment assigned to the Marines. Looking for photo of the old two story building MACV used at Phu bai.

  8. Team 5 was next door to Dong Da ARVN National Training Center. In 72-73 the team house was home to various Marine Corp advisors and special teams along with Army team 5 members.

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