Team 74 Gia Dinh

MACV Team 74 – Gia Dinh.

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 74 located in Gia Dinh.

5 thoughts on “Team 74 Gia Dinh

  1. I was attached to Team 74 at the ARVN Training Center from summer of 1966 to summer of 1967. The team was always commanded by a Colonel and had an assortment of officers and NCO’s with various skills. We lived in a former French compound at the edge of the Training Center right on Route 1 (the road to Tay Ninh). The Commander for a time was an Army Colonel McCain who had previously served as an advisor during the Philippine Huk campaign. He was a straight shooter and a true soldier. He was transferred (because of high level pressure) to HQS MACV after he exposed the corruption and misuse of funds by the Vietnamese Commander of the Training Center. One of the interesting projects was the training of Vietnamese with BB guns in an effort to shoot quick and straight without using iron sights. I don’t recall how much success it had but a civilian expert in “Quick Shot” had been sent over from the States. He could shoot a BB through the middle of a washer just by point and shoot technique. I lost touch with these good men who worked hard to assist the ARVN train mostly poorly motivated draftees.

  2. Team 74 was stationed at the ARVN Quang Trung National Training Center, just north of Tan Son Nhut Airport in Gia Dinh Province. in 1965 it consisted of 13 advisors commanded by a full colonel.

    • To S. Jopling. Were you assigned to Team 74 or are you providing additional information for this site?
      Edward Donohue, U S Army Retired.

      • Team 74’s primary mission was to advise on basic training at the Quang Trung Training Center. Col Armstrong was the sr advisor to the Center. I was assigned to Team 74 from Jan-Dec 1967 as asst advisor to the Quang Trung Defense Battalion (part of the Capital Military District command) which was stationed at the Center and operating exclusively in Gia Dinh province with a counterinsurgensy mission. Maj Burl McDaniel was Sr Advisor to the battalion during the first half of the year. Sergeants Young and Bill Krilling were team sergeants during the year. There were a couple of successor sr advisors for the battalion during 1967 whose names I don’t recall. Units of the battalion operated in the field 24/7 alone or occasionally with C/2/199th Inf. interdicting local VC. During Tet 1968, I was pleased to hear from MSG Krilling that the battalion performed very well in repelling attacks by NVA/VC units on their way to Saigon.

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