Team 82 Ham Tan

MACV Team 82 – Ham Tan.

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 82 located in Ham Tan.

9 thoughts on “Team 82 Ham Tan

  1. My name is Charles Preston. I was a Air Force FAC assigned to MACV Team 82 at Ham Tan in April 1967 got there with the 19th TASS Headquartered in Bien Hoa. TRIVIA. does anybody remember Mylin and Deplum????? There was a Black Sergeant I believe his name was Fatrell or Catrell from Alabama if memory serves me right. At 73 that ain’t saying too much these days.

  2. I was a USAF FAC O-1 Birddog pilot at
    Ham Tan from Jan. 1967 to Dec. ’67
    The runway was not considered safe
    So we flew our 2 Birddogs to Vung Tau.
    Ham Tan was hit in May , a night attack
    By North Vietnamese . The hit several outposts and pulled out. Wounded were evacuated by a C-47 Flareshop.
    We were assisted by a USN destroyer firing illumination shells. Their pilot, Cpt.
    Aiello and crew were decorated for
    This as well as myself.

  3. I was at Ham Tan from August through November, 1965. I’ve posted several things in Team 48, thinking that was the team number I was assigned to , but found some old orders that indicated it was actually Team 82. I have many photos of the compound we had during that time, on Shutterfly. This site will not allow links, so if you want the IP address of the photos, you will need to let me know via email, bultena(at) (change the (at) to the @ symbol, of course.

    The compound, at the time I was there, consisted of two buildings, one the barracks and the other the mess hall/day room. There was also two out buildings that housed the generator, etc. The compound was on white sand about three miles from the coast. The ARVN compound was a ways up the road. There was a town there, and a nice park with a water falls and pagoda. Went to the park with the ARVN commanders kids.

    At the time I was there, there was no well to provide fresh water, as I understand was there sometime after I left. Instead, we had to go through a few small hamlets to a river, and pump water via a pipeline to a water tower in the compound, then had to add tons of chemicals to the water to kill all the parasites.

    Just before I left, a third building was built, to house some US troops who were brought in to provide security, as otherwise, there was virtually no security other than as provided by the 15 or some advisors who lived in the compound.

    Do let me know if you want the location of the photos on Shutterfly. I went to a lot of trouble to convert them from slides and color correct them as well as I could, so it would be nice to have others see them.


    • I was there March, April & May of 1965, as a E6 S/Sgt. Room was the end one – my r/mate was a black S/Sgt, really nice fellow but I forgot his name. He loved to play checkers, and always won.

      Tim Coughlin

  4. I too was in Ham Tan. Spent my time in the bush or out at the ARVN base camp west of Ham Tan and took a lot of sniper fire also lived in the camp with the ARVN company I was an RTO.

  5. Sorry i cannot write English clearly , My name is Manh Quynh, born on 22-5-1970, My Mother ( Quyen Thi Do ) she was a housekeeper at( HOAI DIC District 1969) , im looking for my father He was stationed in Hoai Duc District town of Binh Tuy ,near Tanh Linh , all I know that he was stationed in HOAI DUC DISTRICT 1969 his Name is (Hackett I’m not sure ) he African Americans , I just wants to know what my father looks like or if he is alive at all. If you can give leads, I would appreciate it so much ,

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