Team 101 Cholon

MACV Team 101 – Cholon

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 101 located in Cholon.

3 thoughts on “Team 101 Cholon

  1. Does anyone remember a E6 Charles Cravens or Capt Gomaz. We worked with the SVRN in many areas but our headquarters was in Cholon. This would be in the time between 1967 and 1968

  2. MACV Advisory Team 101 supported the ARVN 40th Engineer Base Depot. My recollection is that the depot was on Duy Tan Street near Cholon. The Senior Advisor in the 1970-72 period was LtCol. John Harshman. The military team members were supplemented by civilian employees of Vinnell Corporation.

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