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MACV Team 45 – Phan Rang

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 45 located in Phan Rang.

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  1. I was with team 45 all of 1969. I bunked in the”mutt house” with John Biancusso, John “flyman “Viola. Pinky Lee and Sgt Jones “the little Indian boy”. The first Sgt was Sgt Paginski. He went by Sgt Page. I spent most of my time hanging with Sgt Murray building chopper pads and hanging consenting wire. I transferred to Do long around April and was a radio operator for the rest of my tour. Can’t remember the names of the guys at DuLong but there was only four of us.

  2. Hello, I’m CW2 Hernandez I’m currently serving under 3rd SFG(A). First of all, I want thank you for what you have done and sacrificed, words are not enough. I want to try my luck and see if anyone has worked with Warren Butler aka “Doc” in team 45 and possibly share a story about him. Sadly he passed away in 99 due to deteriorating health from exposure to agent orange. He’s my father-in-law. My wife’s family didn’t know much about his service and time in Vietnam, he didnt share much about his service. Recently after the passing of also my mother-in-law, we found more items that belonged to him, I recognized the MACV SOG advisory patch. This will not only help me know more about him but it will bring closure to my wife. Thank you for your time.

    Sam H

  3. SP5 Charles R. Chandler, MAT II – 34, Adv Tm 45, Sep 68 – Sep 69. Ninh Thuan Province. I recall Maj Ryan, our interpreter, Lam Quang Ba, and many faces, but cannot supply any names. I was the team medic.

    • My brother, 1st Lieutenant Becker, served with NCO Sargent Bob Jourigan. Looking for anyone who served with them. March, 1969 til March 1970, all in Ninh Thuan province, all at Tan Hai.

  4. I was stationed with the 35th SPS Heavy Weapons section in 1969. I always liked seeing the MACV jeep & trailer pull into our compound on base. We normally supplied them with ammo we did not need.
    One day a trailer load of WWII U.S. weapons came in and we got to pick and choose what we could use, It was like Christmas for most of us. I got the “Grease Gun” and several mags.
    Thank you again for the gifts !

    • Hello / This is slightly off topic, but is the date and location of the lead photo of the aircraft bombing the field known? I was not in a MACV team, but was an avionics tech on F-100 Super Sabres at Phan Rang, 7-69 to 7-70. Thank you! Bob

  5. Hello, my brother was assigned a district deputy senior advisor position in Tan Hai around March or April of 1969. Ihave very little info and would appreciate any feedback. He passed about 6 years ago and I’m pretty sure most of his team has unfortunately passed. His name is 1st Lt Becker from Ohio. I know the man who he talked about the most was an NCO from Indiana that I’m assuming did more than 1 tour and has also passed. Any info appreciated.

    • The Hoosier was probably Chuck Clark. His son Charlie has a website called Library of War that has a lot of interesting content.

      • I was with Team 45 at Province level and but did not know LT BECKER . I am also also from Ohio (EATON) and served with a LT BECKER at Ft Ord, he was also from Eaton but he did not go to Vietnam (was killed in a parachute jump, I think.)

        • Best wishes to you and family, we are alright till now with 04 children ( 03 girls + 01 boy and 08 nephews ( 04 boys + 04 girls ). Your interpreter, 72 yrs old now,Bich

            • I’m sorry to hear of Col. Williams passing. I remember him as a good officer when we overlapped on our tours in 1970. Jack Mudd (1st Lt.)

      • Hi Joe, I am trying to find out the names of his team members. The man he talked about most was an NCO from Indiana with the first name Bob. The only other one I can remember him talking about is a gentleman from Tennessee that had Indian blood. Any help would be appreciated.

    • I served with lt. Becker in nam macv tm. 45 before he went to Tan Hai. I was with him in Du Long district. At the time I was sp4 Joe Spata

  6. Looking for anyone who served with Captain Harold “Mac” McGill Renwick
    Date of Death 2/27/1968
    here is what I do know
    Citation to accompany the Bronze Star Medal with Valor Device awarded posthumously, by direction of the President under the provisions of Executive Order 11046, 24 August 1962, to Harold M. Renwick, Jr., for heroism in connection with military operations against a hostile force: Captain Renwick distinguished himself by heroic action on 27 February 1968 while serving as Senior Advisor to the 64th Regional Forces Battalion, Kien Luong District, Republic of Vietnam. On that date, Captain Renwick was advising the battalion on a search and destroy operation in the vicinity of Ong Cop Mountain when intense small arms, automatic weapons and mortar fire erupted. In order to better influence the action, Captain Renwick, accompanied by one other American advisor, moved forward to the lead element. On joining the lead unit, Captain Renwick discovered that it had become pinned down by the hostile fire and was steadily taking casualties. Fearlessly, Captain Renwick began moving about the fire swept battlefield establishing an effective base of counter fire. This accomplished, Captain Renwick valiantly lead the unit forward in an attack on the enemy positions. Doing so, he sustained a mortal wound. Inspired by Captain Renwick’s conspicuous bravery, the Regional Forces aggressively attacked the enemy fortifications.

    Thank you, Don Clarke
    CW2 B Troop 7/1 Air Cav 1st Avn BDE on behalf of Captain Renwick’s daughter who was not yet 2 years old when he was killed.

  7. Hello, I am searching for a picture of Solomon Bryant who died in Vietnam on Sept 24, 1969. I am volunteering with the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, we are attempting to locate a photo of every person listed on the memorial. I am hoping someone here served with him and may have a photo. We would really like to honor him in this way. My email address is

    Thank you for your time, Angie Koeneker

  8. Hello everyone would anyone by chance know my father Charles Clark, he was on team 45 and 39 out of phan rang. The only reason I know of this is from letters from that period with the team numbers as the address 🙂 Here is a photo of him.

      • Hello Bich, my brother was in Tan Hai, March 69, to March 70. He was in the same hamlet for the entire year. A man with the first name Bob was an NCO he talked about most. 1st Lieutenant Becker from Ohio is my brother, any help appreciated.

  9. Ssgt Bich, I was attached to Mac V team45 Phan Rang compound was in town. I was there in 71 and 72 Col Sellers and Major Frank I was Air Force radio operator. I have thought of you often over the years so glad to know you are doing good.

    • O yeah ! Finally we are in touch back for a long time, I allways remember about you Fisher the one have brought a ” Jonhson baby care kid ” for my first baby when you back to VN after on leave, once time we gone to Nha Trang had funny time and we also had a memmory lunch at my small room before you leave Phan Rang, surely I have thought I will make contact with you soon or later and now it come. As I remember you live in Alabama,do you still live there and how about your family? Col Sellers passed on the way to Hong Kong for treatment, Maj, Frank OK ? You don’t know how glad I am when I see your message Keep informm best wishes to you and family,Bich

      • Bach, I can not believe it, it is really you!! I have thought about so many times, I have ask several Vietnamese how I could try to contact you with only name and Puran Rang not knowing if you were there or even in the US.
        Yes I still live in Alabama, still married with one son and two Grandkids boy 20, and girl 23. Can you Email? If you can send me your address or if there is another way we can communicate let me know and we can catch up for the last 45 years. SO GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU AND KNOW YOUR OK!! Fisher

        • Hi Fisher, I’m Bich not Bach and Phan Rang not Puan Rang, I’m now 69 wife 65, we have 03 girls ,01 son and 07 grandkids,first girl 46, 43,41 son,last girl 34, after 1975 I do building work { contractor}, I quit since 2010 and still live in Phan Rang until now, how can I forget you my BUDDY, sure I can contact you via email or phone, my email is, mobile phone 0916184092, I will send pictures of my family when I get your email, I have 02 brothers 76yrs,59yrs live in Texas{ Antonio and Houston} we have contact frequently. Wait for your email, good luck.Bich

  10. Paul, I do remember you. How have you been all these years? I’m in Mississippi enjoying the aches and pains of getting old. I separated from active duty in late 1972 but stayed in active reserves until retirement in 1998. That, along with a career with Johnson & Johnson, allowed me to retire at 55 and I have enjoyed it very much.
    Where are you located and what have you been doing? Good to hear from you.
    Chuck Haynes

    • Chuck.. Thank you for your reply. It was a long time ago but few life experiences compare to that adventure and so it is not easily forgotten. I too am retired (Oregon) but seems like I have one foot in the grave! I left the service and went to college on the GI Bill graduating BSEE Ive had an interesting career but we are dealing with old age now !
      Very nice to hear from you,
      Take care
      Paul Killeen

  11. Our band played for Colonel Tu for Vietnamese Armed Forces Day. Our interpreter told us that the person on the loudspeaker, traveling back and forth in town, was telling the residents that we were sent from the US to play for them. The truth was that we were all stationed at Phan Rang Air Base. By the way, that was the largest crowd I ever played for. We, also, played several times for MACV 45.

  12. I never got to the beach area there I went to Da Lat and quite a few villages in that area.Before that I was in Qui Nhion Ba Gi Phu Cat etc with Team 22.I believe I met you though and can’t exactly remember in what contex lol

  13. Hi my name is troy gee and I was on team 45 at Phan rang at that time period if you can send me a picture of your dad i may be able to recognize him.Im sorry to hear of his passing

  14. My father was SFC Calvin Moyer, he served with Team 45 from Sep 70 to Aug 71. He passed away in 1992, I have a photo book that I believe is from this tour with fading photos and no descriptions. I don’t know much about his military career as he didn’t talk much about it. I’m just looking for anyone who might have served with him at that time and remembers him on this tour and you’re interested in any photos I can scan them. Anyhow, anyone interested you can contact me at


    Paul Moyer

    • I was assigned to the AFAT team early in 1972, I was part of the team turning the base over to Vietnamese control. I left in August, 1972, If there is anyone out there from that period I would certainly like to contact them. I worked closely with a Lieutenant Robinson, an engineer.
      Please let me know if I am the correct forum to make contact.
      Richard Jimines

      • I arrived there in may of 72.I was assigned as advisor duty. was in charge of Nontact Radios and helping with the communications and control tower. I left in oct of 72. You should remember Sgt Smith in supply.

  15. I was a counterpart of MACV advisory team#45 from 1968-1973 and very glad having news from the former of team#45. Good results to

    • I would like to know where you are now? As I have been advised in the past that it would not be advisable to give out info that would put anybody in in a position of danger.

      • Hello James B. I am still living at Ninh Thuan province.68 yrs old, I have a good family with 03 girls,01 boy ,05 nieces and 02 nephews. It’s not right by now, I will provide information on whoever you would search for ( if I know ) via this web page. Good lucks to you.

    • Mr. Bich(trung si)
      Hope my spelling is correct. I was in the Team 45 MACV. Did not remember the Team number. Worked with a group of interpreters, have many pictures. Do you remember the Team Mascot? His name?
      Thanks for your time. one write about the mascot or his name as I would like to hear it from Mr. Bich.

      • Mr. James B. You are a good speller, I have no knowledge about ” Team Mascot “,its sound very strange to me, I don’t know whether it was name of team or some individual name,as you said you worked with a group of interpreters so do you remember their names,most of them passed for sickness.Best wishes to you.

    • Bich, I am Tom Caulk, and was with you, Loan , and Hoa from July 1971 to July 1972, with a 3 month break when I was sent to Plei Mrong. I hope you will remember me; I was the S-2 advisor, Captain, Loan was my primary interpreter, but we all worked together pretty closely. I have just discovered this site, and am thrilled to see your name and comments. I have always worried about what might have happened to you guys. I am very sorry to hear about Loan, he was a good friend, but am equally as happy to hear you are doing well.

      I didn’t recognize anyone else on this site from my time there. Maybe I just don’t remember, but I hope someone out there might be able to jog my memory.

      • Hello Tom Caulk, surely I remember your name and thought this must be you Captain Caulk with a little fat face and long hair just right after I read your comment starting ” Bich, I am Tom Caulk”. It’s very sorry to let you know that most of my freinds( ARVN interpreter) passed by sickness and about Hoa I don’t know where is he atfter he left for a special officer course in 1972. I am very happy with your contact and very suprised that you still remember about us as so long of time. thanks a lot I and family still living at Ninh Thuan province. I ‘m know 69 yrs old, my wife 65 yrs old. we have 03 girls,01 boy+ 07 grandchildren, check on this site you might recall some persons worked with MACV team #45, I had made several comments with them. Nice to hear about you and waiting for your comments.

        • Hi Bich…
          Thanks for getting back to me. Trust me, I will never forget any of you from Phan Rang. That time over there has always been very special to me.
          You are right, i still have a round face and long hair….which is pretty good now that i am 72 with 2 teenage grandchildren. I now live in North Carolina with all my family in the same small town, so life is good. I am VERY happy to know that your’s is good also. Take care.

  16. thank you so much for your reply. I regret to hear of Loan’s passing. Is his father or mother still alive by chance? Did he marry and have children? I am interested in contacting his family. I must have just missed you as I left in 1970. Kind regards, George Sloan

    •    Hello George , Loan has a family with 05 children { 03 boys + 02 girls} whom are all married , have some kids , working well and all are living at Phan Rang, his wife is staying with her youngest boy, she is now a grandmama with 05 grandkids and she is about 64 yrs old. They have been living at same place since 1965.   Loan’s father still alive and now living with his second wife, Loan’s mother passed long time ago. Loan’s father is about 85 yrs old.   Don’t mention it ,you just contact with me and I will inform to Loan’s family because none of them can understand english, I think so.Good luck to you,keep contact would you.BICH

      George Sloan commented: “thank you so much for your reply. I regret to hear of Loan’s passing. Is his father or mother still alive by chance? Did he marry and have children? I am interested in contacting his family. I must have just missed you as I left in 1970. Kind regards, Ge” | |

    • Bich, I am planning to visit Vietnam later this year. Would you assist me in a visit to Loan’s family. I would be very grateful, I always wanted to see Loan again and saddened to hear his passing. Sloan

  17. Thank you and stay in touch.I have a friend from Niet Nam whose son and daughter are doing very well.His daughter has a very nice restaurant and his son has salon were they decorate fingernails and is doing very well.The son got here in about 1978.I had him for the summer to teach him to ride motorcycles safely.

    • Hello Richard,
      I am Robert Griffon from Team 22 in BaGi. I worked in supply and ran the movie projector at night. I saw your post and signed up with the word press thing but couldn’t figure out how to contact you. Then I happen to look on the MACV site and clicked on team 45 and found you. I have been in touch with about 10 former team 22 members and have lots of photos and some of you, too. I just recently got in touch with Jim Merrithew who was the mail clerk. He lives In western Nevada. I have also communicated with Robbie Stone, Thomas Sergott, David “Goose” Waterhouse, George Deady, CWO Richard Parent, and have visited with David Beattie & Chuck Downs. I have also been back to Vietnam twice; 1998 & 2009 I have lots of photos from QuiNhon & BaGi and can email them to you if you like. I also have a photo of David French. I now live in Washington, Missouri and would love to talk with you. My phone number is 417-766-8381 and my email is I have also made a list of several team members that I remember. Maybe you can come of with more names. I look forward to hearing from you, Richard.
      Bob Griffon

  18. I sure will remember you to Maj Ryan if I see or hear fro him I the future.He will be Very Happy.The other interpreter Moui I believe.Very funny fun loving fellow.If he is well give him my regards also the ladies who took care of our area.I think of all of you with smiles.

    • I have no information about sgt Muoi who had left Phan Rang since 1973 and surely I will remember you to them{ladies}.Bich

  19. Hi Bich I was the medic who did Medcaps and am still skinny lol.I saw Maj Ryan a few times when he was in my area.Havent seen him in many years.I to am 68.No children of my own but have raised nieces and nephews.I met some people in a restaurant who are from Da Lat.I remember you fondly and am Very happy you are doing well.I think of him and his antics also.Also the lady who cooked and the other young lady.I have been with my wife since 1971.She took I’ll in 1995 and doesn’t hardly remember me but I will take care of her till I can’t.I believe I learned that from my time with you and the people I met how they took care of family so it was an Excellent Learning time for me.I hope to hear from you again.You were a very enjoyable person to be around and to learn from and I thank you for the memories

    • Hi Sheer I stiil remember the Medcap we took together. Mrs Hue was the cooker, Quy and Hai were roommaid girls, they all are well and still living at Phan Rang,most of us {interpreters} are dead by sickness,none by battlefields of 1975, 03 still living at Phan Rang , others had moved to different provinces.Would you mention with maj. Ryan that I say hello, keep contact so we can receive more information about whoever had worked with MACV team #45.Thanks for your communication.BICH

  20. I served in Team 45 from May 70 to May 71 as the Senior RF/PF Advisor (Major). PSA was Mr Owen, Dept of State and Deputy PSA was LT COL LEWIS HAM. I was forced to become a part time soldier in 1973 and I retired as a full colonel from Army Reserve in 1987.

  21. I am William (Bill) Hall SGT E-5 in 68, I was assigned to MAT II-36 as a light weapons infantry adviser in July of 1968 After spending a year in an Infantry company in the 101st ABN Div. Our team was assigned to Team 39 (later 45) at the Province Senior Advisers Compound. Shortly after I got there we moved to Buu Son district compound not far from the gate of Phan Rang Airbase. Major Ryan was the district adviser. I believe that LTC Vincent was the PSA for most of the time I was there. Ju l68-Jan 69. My team moved out to a cluster of villages. The two biggest were Tuitam and the other was Tahntin or something like that the Tahntinh population was ethnic Chams, not Vietnamese. We advised the 212th provisional RF Group, Commanded by Dai ui Ba, which had 3 RF companies and 2 separate PF platoons. The team had 5 guys on it and the last team leader was CPT Rerecich. We used to rotate 1 or 2 guys back to the Buu Son compound every 2 or 4 days. We rarely went to the Phan Rang complex. I ended up being sort of a fire support coordinator for the group. I retired from the Army as a Sergeant Major in April of 1989.

    • Hello Sgt Hall you are right Maj Ryan was the DSA and 2nd. Lt Hamon was his assist. and I was the interpreter of Buu Son district, it’s sorry that I couldn’t remember your name, Cpt Quickly was MAT 36 leader and there are 02 hamlets named Tu-Tam and Thanh-Tin. Good lucks to you and keep contact, would you.

      • Bich I am very happy to hear you are ok.I still have a picture of you at the table with the milk machine behind you.I saw Maj Ryan when I got out of the service a few times.We were worried about you.Glad you are well.I left Apr 1969

    • I to was with Maj Ryan and also you Bich.Rich Sheer.I was medic .I still have pictures.I also remember you Bill.

      • Hi Richard Sheer, I think I remember you, you were skinny with curly hair and myopic, is that right? Maj. Ryan often told you to take care of me because I was so skinny too. I am fine and also my family, I am now 68 yrs old with 03 girls , 01 boy and 05 grandchilds, still living at Phan Rang 03 kms away from Buu Son district. Good lucks to you and family.BICH

        • Hi were you ever in Nhin Chu by the beach, Willie and I were medics there in 68 & 69. we did medcaps from there. jesse MILPHAP

    • Bill I remember you as we went to town when you were at Bu Son.I was the skinny medic w/glasses.Also remember raiding airbase for prc25 radios lmao.We had a fellow who liked to sing and an Lt with glasses and a mustache.I had come to Bu Son after leaving Qui Nhon on my extension.Major Ryan was from Troy NY.I got together with him a few times when he was in the Buffalo Niagara Falls area.Hope you are doing well.And enjoying life

    • Hi Hall, the two large hamlets are TuTam and ThanhTin,they are minority (Cham) hamlets, I think I use to be interpreter for your weapon training classes held at Buu Son distric HQ, is that right ? Good lucks to you and your family.Bich

    • SGM Bill, I am John McKay, was with 2/319 th 101st ABN and later became team leader MAT IV-71 and my right hand guy was LT David Swope B 3/187th 101st, I left VN in June 1969. I was trying to find out what happened to MAT II-77 on May 12,1969. Can not find much info out there. . . except it appears 4 members were KIA that day. Started researching what happened to all the MATs.

      • I was Team leader for MAT II36 in that time frame. One of the MAT was overrun and wiped out. The word was that they stayed in the hamlet they were in too long and the VC came for them. There was another team, I believe at An Phouc, that was hit by a local VC group. Five of us (Major Ray, SFC Graham, SFC Johnson, a spare ADA LT. and I had to go out and extract them. Hell of a night.

        • Bill,
          I was one of the guys you extracted that night. We were MAT 35, four of us. Doc and a 2nd Lieutenant from Philadelphia, both names escape me at the moment; 1st Lieutenant William Hurast, and me. LT Hurast and myself were Medivaced from District HQ to Nha Trang. I was in the hospital just a few days when the, I believe, MAT team from Phan Rang was wiped out.
          ….and by the way a great big effing THANK YOU for saving our asses that night. Quite appropriate for 28 May, Memorial Day, 49 years later.
          Once again thank you,

          • Gary, great to hear from you! You made my week! I had completely lost track of who we extracted that night. Glad to complete the circle. If you’re ever in or around Georgetown Texas (281-850-8141) give me a call and we’ll have a beer!

    • SGM Hays, my name is Bill Treadway. I was assigned to MAT II36 in January of 1969. Major Tom Ray was the DSA at Buu Son during my time with the MAT and yes LTC Vincent was the PSA. Your replacement was an SFC named Earvin Johnson. Captain John Rerecich was the team leader for a couple months and when he rotated I was became Team Leader. We worked with several PF platoons in and around the District until the Team was assigned to work with an RF outfit at Cana. They were securing the salt production facilities at Cana. I was NOT happy with the assignment since it kept the Team in one place. During the time I was Team leader there were two other MAT that were located and attacked. One was wiped out. The other had to be exfiltrated by five of us who happened to be at Buu Son District compound the night they got hit.

    • Sgt Hall, I was XO to MAT II-36 before Cpt. Rerecich rotated. I must have just missed you as I then Team leader when John rotated and my recollection is that SFC Earvin was our light weapons NCO so he must have been your replacement. We worked out of Binh Tuan spending a few days at different hamlets and then were assigned to work with an RF Company that provided security for Ca Na, that salt production village on QL1 between Pahn Rang and Phan Thiet

  22. I was pleased to visit the compound on several occasions, usually to perform in a band, once, to play for New Years Eve. I remember staying in a converted “shower house” that the SeaBees had, somehow, commandeered. It was some of the most comfortable accommodations I had in my entire tour. I would like to ask questions about some Vietnamese who were there, but I am fearful for their safety. BTW, my usual job was on the main base. JUL70-JUL71.

      • Birch, Do you have the name and address for Loan’s father or close relative. I would like to write to them. Also like to know if they are well. I hope your life is good. This contact is very helpful and look forward to see you. Thank you George Sloan

  23. Just found this site and would like to hear from those who served from Feb 70 to Feb 71. I was with Adv Team 45, MAT 36 south of Phan Rang along Hwy 1 on An Phouc. We would occasionally head south to Cana for a few days training of the local cadre down there

    • Carl,

      I was at An Phouc as well, until May of 1969. Initially we were in tents/Quonset huts a mile or so south of town. As memory serves around the first of 1969 we moved into the brand new compound in the city. I was with MAT 35.

      • Hi Gary, Thanks for your reply. You mention May of ’69. That was when I received my commission right out of Ft. Benning OCS. I was then stationed for 6 months at Benning as a Tac Officer until my orders for Vietnam came. Between Jungle School in Panama and some Vietnamese language training near Saigon I did not arrive in An Phouc until sometime around Feb ’70. Yes, by that time there was a very nice headquarters building with full kitchen and day room for movies, pool etc. It was much better then I ever imagined I would get in Vietnam. We had a huge Allis-Chalmers generator with a 24/7 mechanic to keep it running. One of the MAT team leaders who left shortly after I arrived was a Capt. Harris, funny guy always singing CCR songs. Did you know him? My interpreter was Sgt. An and the ranking South Vietnamese officer was a Maj. Vang, who lived adjacent to our compound with his whole family. Naturally, they tapped in to our electric lines and nothing was ever done about it. Where are you now? I retired last year and moved to the Wilmington, NC area. Be well, Carl Heide

      • Carl, We had a fair amount of trouble with generators at first, then we got a new one and all was well. As I remember one of our Montagnards guards serviced and maintained it. A tall thin guy. There was also a Montagnards guard named Shorty. District had a cook named Co Lan. I do remember the names Sgt. An and Maj. Vang.

        When I first got to District our MAT team leader had an aversion to going out in the field, so we hung around District and got in trouble. After he left we got a new leader, Lt. Hurast(sp) and we became more active. We stayed in the La Chu area an awful lot. Maj. Ray was our OIC at District.

        District had a Sgt. Named Best that always had something going on, always fun, not always legal. When we came out of the field we generally had a good time.

        You mentioned that you were with MAT 36, do you know what happened to MAT 35?


      • Gary, As to your Oct 6 post where you asked about Mat 35, both 35 and 36 operated out of the An Phouc compound during 1970 while I was there. In fact I was initially on Mat 35 but in mid April they switched me over to Mat 36. I have some of the letters I wrote back then to my wife Nancy and found one dated April 21. In it is an explanation: “we received a new lieutenant who was an in-country transfer who out ranked the senior advisor of Mat 36. So, rather then cause problems, they put him where I was because the senior advisor of Mat 35 is a captain. I was moved to Mat 36 because as a 2nd Lt, I wouldn’t out-rank the 1st Lt who was the senior advisor of Mat 36.” That is word for word the explanation I wrote in that letter 45 years ago.
        The guy maintaining the generator for us must have been the same guy, tall, thin Montagnard. he was fairly well off as he had his own moped. Our cook was Co Lan and one of the girls doing laundry was nicknamed TeeTee {not sure of the spelling). We let her do her laundry as well until we caught her smuggling frozen chicken out of the kitchen wrapped in her clean clothes. we kept her on but warned her that the next time it would be the last time

    • Hey Jess! Glad to see you made it. We took some long lonesome rides to the Air Base together. One memorable one ending in the Australian NCO Club. Remember?
      Sgt. Gene Hale

      • Glad to see you made it, close thing that. Aussies drank out of buckets as I recall. I am in NM. You? jesse

      • Greg hale are you stiil around. I would like to hear from the AF MILPHAP Team with Adv. Team 45 1968 to 1969. anyone left? AF Sgt. jesse anzures

    • i;m in Wichita, Ks currently. My business used to take me to Ruidoso, a place I like a lot.
      are you familiar with a site called ‘PLEIKU PALS?’ A friend there sent me a novel about the advisory teams called ‘Red Flags’ that I’m pretty sure you’d like. It opened my eyes to some of what I’d seen. Send me your e-mail address and we’ll talk there. Old farts talking over old times. It don’t get no better than that.

      • Gene I am a farmer in Albuquerque. You still have that flag or am I remembering in the dark? there were stars n bars involved, tho I’m a yankee jesanzures@gmail. com. I’ll write soon. old NM fart

  24. Thanks. Cat does not sound right–but that was a long time ago! Glad to know that Ninh Thuan still exists.

    • Do you remember other interpreters such as SM CANH PSA’s interpreter, he is now living at DALAT province, SSGT TON Ltc Ham’s interpreterm he is now living somewhere at USA. Yes sir , that was SSGT Cat, he was your interpreter and I was Cpt Hale’s {s-2} interpreter,I don’t work at TOC but I often be down there whenever I have spare time. What about Cpt Dion,he was also your member on that time?

  25. SSGT BICH. What was the name of the “TOC/S-3” Interpreter? He used to accompany me to the daily briefings held for the Province Chief, COL TU. If you remember him, do you have any idea of his current status? Is it true, that Ninh Thuan Province no longer exists but was divided among its adjacent Provinces?

    Nevin R. Williams (Team 45-May 1970-71, Senior RF/PF Advisor.)

    • That was SSGT CAT, i don’t remember his full name also his current status, No sir, it isn’t correct, Ninh Thuan province still exists, it was jointed with Binh Thuan province become Thuan Hai province after 1975 but for some reason it separated back as Ninh Thuan province before from 1995.

  26. SSG BICH–Thanks for your communication. I am a retired colonel–not a “Mister.” Glad that you survived all the turmoil of the 1970’s! I gave up smoking in the year 2003. I am 80 years old with two grand kids.

  27. for 1LT HAYNES. I have many photos of Ninh Thuan that I will share with you–including a couple of you!

  28. SPC5 Jim Dudley….I was there for about a month in Oct ’70. I was a COMSEC repairman and was sent up from the 542nd Sig Co in Dong Ba Thin to support the comm center. Don’t remember anyone’s name but have good memories for the short time I was there.

    • It’s Ninh Chu hamlet belongs to Ninh Hai district,Ninh Thuan province, if you were there by that time Dec 1968-Dec 1969 you should remember Ssgt Diem who was DSA’s ARVN interpreter and I was MAT team’s interpreter subordinating to Thanh Hai district MACV team, I couldn’t remember your name.LTC Hoang was ARVN district commander on that time,do you remember?Ssgt Bich

      • Hello–I recall Sgt Diem. he was my primary interpreter. Lt Col Hoang was major at the time. i am sure he was promoted.
        I reviewed some maps i kept. The district compound was located in Ninh Chu hamlet, Thanh Hai District, a part of Phan Rang province. There were 2 Montyard hamlets in the northern section and also the Phan Rang Airbase, where a unit of South Korean soldiers were stationed. Do u remember the names of any of your MAT team men? where r u located/ ed.

        • My name’s Diem . my address is No 31/85/9 Thong Nhat Street, ward 15, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. Phone number: +84.946.917.736. You also can contact me via email
          M/sgt Diem MACV TEAM 45 Thanh Hai District, Ninh Thuan province, Viet Nam

    • Ed Northrop, I was assigned to the MAT team assigned to Thanh Hai District for a very brief period of time around Sept of 68. The only person on the team I remember is a Sgt from Philadelphia who liked to sing. I was there about one month and then moved south to MAT Team 35. As I remember Ninh Chu and the surrounding area was beautiful.

      • Good Morning— I remember a few people..SFC John Taylor was my top NCO, a great man and soldier. Initially a Lt Al Adams was our XO, he left for the SF, Al was exceptionaly adept at obtaining supplies and other needed equipment!!. SP5 Willy Staunton was one of our medics. Lt Col Vincent was the first deputy PSA, followed by Lt Col Fish. The PSA was a civilian named something close to “Nader”. I have a lot of names somewhere, but can’t find all my pictures, yet! ed

    • Hello Ed Northrop you are right there are 02 montyard hamlets and the Thanh Hai district headquater was located side by side the beach,I remember Cpt Dickinson was MAT team leader.Lt Rytel was assist. team leader and Sgt Charlie operator, it was about March/68 I worked with the Mat team around hamlets named My Tuong,My Phong,My Tan located close to beach on which some time our team fishing by TNT mine with local force,we caught a lots of fishs,I worked till June/68 then tranfered back to MACV team #45 headquater .

      • Ed Northrop I served under Col Vincent , Johnny Taylor was a top notch scrounger, and willie Stounton and I did MEDCAPS out of NIn chu. I thought Thanh Hai was on the road to Cam Rahn Bay.Sgt Jess Anzures USAF MILPHAP

      • Bich,

        I remember Col. Vincent. for a brief period I was assigned to the MAT team HQed at Ninh Chu hamlet. I remember Sgt. Charlie, he was from Philadelphia and loved rock music.

        I was only there for a brief period of time around August or September of 1968. We did do a lot of hand grenade fishing and with the help of the PF’s were quite successful. We supplied the grenades, you guys supplied the knowledge and ability to swim fast.

        What was the number of that MAT team?


        • Hello Davidson I think I was with you and sgt Charlie on that MAT team#38, I replaced for 2nd Lt Ty Vinh as interpreter of the team, cpt Dickinson was team leader, 1st Lt Rytel was assist.. I remember sgt Charlie and me used to go around together when we have chance, Charlie was my driving teacher, where is he know? the local PF platoon leader advised us for hand grenade fishing is still alive and living at the same hamlet we were. Good lucks

          • SSgt Bich,

            I do remember riding in the back of a Jeep with Sgt Charlie in the passenger seat. I don’t know where he is. I do remember the fun we had grenade fishing and the great meals afterword. I still have a love of nuoc mam. My wife doesn’t share this like 🙂


            •  Hello Davidson,I worked with the team about 03 months and replaced by Sgt Ba interpreter , I was tranfered back to team #45 headquater, thanks for your reply,keep contact and good luck to you and your family.

              | |
              Gary Davidson commented: “SSgt Bich,I do remember riding in the back of a Jeep with Sgt Charlie in the passenger seat. I don’t know where he is. I do remember the fun we had grenade fishing and the great meals afterword. I still have a love of nuoc mam. My wife doesn’t share t” | |

    • Hello Mr Ed Northrop. How are you. Few days ago I have met Mr Ngai who was driver for your subsector advisory team that time, he know closely about Ssgt Diem and also pronounced very correctly your name, do you remember him? Diem is now living at HCM city.

  29. Does anyone remember the compound dog, Baron? Toughest dog, EVER! Anyone remember the night a few jokers brought the stuffed tiger from the PRU compound over to sector and scared the poop out of the poor dog

  30. Thank you for your reply, SSgt Bich.
    I am happy that you remembered Sgt Hoa.
    I think about Phan Rang and MACV Team 45 often.
    I have forgotten many things.
    I wonder about how life may be now in Phan Rang. Do you ever see other people who served at MACV 45? Do other people speak about old days?
    Thank you.

  31. Hello my name is troy gee and I was on team 45 from 1970/1971 I served with a major gratnasas ,lt tariff some place outside of Phang rang along with some navy Seabees they called me texas

  32. Sgt. Gary Davidson…I was with Team 45 MAT 35 from Sept 68 to May 1969. Initially we were in the old compound south towards Ca Na. Later they built a new compound in the village of Truong Quang, I believe. Col. Vincent presented me with a medal at Province HQ around May of 1965 I believe.

  33. Hello Chuck Haynes, I’m fine, I have a good family with four children { 03 girl- one son} they’re all married so I have 05 granpa { 04 girls – one boy}, keep contact for futher information when ever you and other can remember anything about MACV team 45, I’m sure it will meet soon or later. God bless all of us. Bich

  34. Hello Sgt Bich.
    Forty Four or Forty Five years is an awful long time and it’s hard to place faces with names. I do remember your name though. I hope all is going well with you and that you have had a good life. Thanks for your comments. One thing I regret is that I didn’t take a lot of photographs while I was there and I lost a lot of memories because of it.
    Chuck Haynes

  35. Chuck,
    I’ve done the same, but I can’t quite fix the compound. I did notice a resort hotel in Cana and there’s a golf course up in Danang. They probably had an easy time establishing sand traps and water hazards considering the amount of artillery & air strikes launched up there.

  36. Joe, Thanks for your service. I guess I should thank Uncle Sam for my being there because in 1998 I retired from the USAR after 30 years. The retirement benefits are nice at my age. CH

  37. Lt. I am sgt.joe spata rto du long district hamlet of hiep kiet tm 45s northern most out post. left oct 69 good luck to you and thank you for your service

  38. I bet we crossed paths during our tour. I left oct.10th 69. good luck to you and your and good health sgt. joe spata du long district. hiep kiet village

  39. Mike,
    Forty five years is a long time and a lot has changed in this world. Lately, I’ve been curious about how things look now in our old AO. Google Earth shows some great satellite photos but I have a hard time getting my bearings when viewing them. Hope your daughter’s visit turns out better than ours did.

  40. Chuck,
    I left Team 45 in March 69. I thought it ironic that I received an email with your comments just as I had dropped my daughter, age 30, at SFO for a flight to VietNam. She works for an NGO that is removing ordinance in Quan Tri, utilizing that reclaimed land and advising small farmers in more progressive ways to increase yields of black peppers.
    She is on a more tranquil mission than the one in which we participated 45 years ago!
    Mike McKinnon

  41. I am 1LT Chuck Haynes and I was assigned to MACV Team 45 from Oct 69-Oct 70 as Asst RF/PF Advisor and worked for MAJ Bowler at Province HQ for most of my tour. LTC Ham was the DPSA. Someone asked about SGT Y’Dlou. He was still there when I left. It’s good to know that there are still some that are interested.

    • HelloChuck Haynes I am sgt Bich I remember so much about you Y Dlou worked with Maj Powler as a driver, he wasn’t a regular interpreter, he could speaks english in simple conversation but couldn’t in writting , I worked with Maj Williams down at the TOC bunker by that time and its you decided to quit smoking, is that right? Sgt Ton is Ltc Ham’s interpreter, Sgt Canh is PSA’s interpreter, I aso worked with 1Ltc Burma,Cpt Hale do you remember?Good lucks to you.Bich

    • Hey, Chuck. I was Maj Bowdler’s replacement as Senior RF/PF Advisor. If I recall correctly, you are from Mississippi. Contact me via email at Same for you, Bich. Long time ago! Lew Ham was alive and well the last time I checked. (He is in California.) The rumor is that the Province Chief, Colonel Tu, is in S. California. I lived in CA for 34 years but moved to NC in 2007. (I also retired from USAR–I was RIF’ed in 1973.) Glad you stayed in. Dlou was my Driver/Bodyguard/Interpreter. he was a “yard” and he went AWOL about mid way thru my tour. Went back home, I guess.

      Phan Rang and Thap Cham are now one city, I understand. I also read that the Commies did away with Ninh Thuan Province and spread it out among its neighbors. Chuck, you may recall that Dick Owen was the PSA. He died from lung cancer several years ago.


      • This is a great news.How are you Mr Williams ? This is a big suprise to me I never thought we could contact for this such a long time,we are OK till now, yes you are right PR/TC are now one city with many developments . I am now 67 yrs old with a grey hair and good health, I remember by the time working down at TOC you had used pipe, do you still use it ? I quited smoking for long time , most of my freinds are gone,thanks to god for giving us chance and good health so that we can have more inform.God bless you.Bich

    • Hello Chuck Haynes, of course we all called you Diawi. I am Paul Killeen was Sp5 team 45 signal comm center guy crypto repair (11-69 to 11-70) you and I once flew a bad KW up to cam ran bay for exchange/repair. This thread a couple years old, hope this greeting reaches you. I also ran into you at the Px in ft.Carson early 72. Several years ago I exchanged email and photos with maj Williams and LTC Hamm (and several others joined in) was very nice to make contact(several of them even had a reunion in SanDiego?) that was on an old laptop no longer working so email address info probably lost. Glad to read you are happily retired, hope you are well. I have good memories of our work and friends made at MACV TEAM 45.

    • Hi 1st .Lt .Haynes. My brother was on Team 45 from around April or March of 69 and apparently stayed in the same hamlet in Tan Hai, much to his disdain. His name is 1st Lt Becker from Ohio. I would like to find the names of the other 4men on his team as he passes 6 years ago. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks , Russ Becker

  42. Yes Dennis Hawkins, sgt Hoa was one among of us{arvn interpreters} ,we had none information since 1972 after he leaved Ninh Thuan for a special officer course.Bich

    • Hello James I could not remember what were your job while you worked at MACV team 45 in 1971, can you reveal ? and it is sorry I have no information about sgt Hoa.

  43. hello SSgt bich. I am sgt. joe spata. rto. dulong province hiep kiet hamlet. aug.68-oct. 69 it was tm 39 at first then changed to tm 45. I remember a cute little girl who worked for us named co dot who lived in hiep kiet very nice girl maybe you know her. cpt.dewitt lt.vogel lt. becker are some of the names. fang ta was our interpreter. hope you are well…joe

    • Hello Joe Spata,the world is small so that we can make connection now, you are right there was a district named Du Long, a hamlet named Hiep Kiet,it’s sorry I don’t where miss Dot is ?You might worked at Du Long district during the time Maj Long was VN district commander Good luck to you.SSGT Bich

    • Hi Joe, my brother was a lt with macv45 in 69-70, his name is bud becker, from ohio. Would love to know if it is the same Becker you remember. Unfortunately, he has passed, but would love to know more about what he did in Nam. He suffered horribly with PTSD. Never said much, but I believe his unit was only about 5, and pretty sure they have all passed. My email is Appreciate anything you could pass along. Thanks, Russ Becker

      • Hi Joe I try to remember did I know you and also co dot but I could’nt. It was MACV team #45 when I arrive to Ninh Thuan province on 1968 Du Long district and Hiep Kiet hamlet, provide more information to me would you.

  44. small world . I started out at macv tm 45 hq aug 1968. then was sent to du long delta base for 11 months and finished my tour back at HQ till early oct. 1969 my name is sgt.joe spata

  45. I was with Team 45 from August 1968 to March 1969. I was a radio operator in Phan Rang. Col. Vincent was the CO, Maj McGowan, Maj Westbrook….to name a few.

    • Michael hopefully you’ll get this. I’ve been looking for someone from Team 45 for years now hoping I could remember some names. I was attached to the team from June 68 until Jan 69 when I dero’s out. I was assigned to D Co 36th signal bn. They attached me to the team because I knew how to use the Collins KWM-2A’s that was in the bunker up by the dining hall. Though my MOS at the time was an O5C40 I spent most of my time working the switchboard. I remember Col Vincent very well but don’t remember the other two. I also remember our AF medic, Frank Nasto and another of the tropo guys, Willie Blair but that’s about it. Jerry Miller

      • Jerry Miller, we spent many a night recording music on to reel to reel . I have thought about the place and people that I was with at that time. I was with the MILPHAP team, there were about eight of us and we worked out of the providence hospital. Do you remember any of the other members we were al Air Force members, Ron Steal, Niimmet, Jim Elroy, Bill Mallory just to name a few. I never thought that anyone would ever remember me if you get this contact me if you can.
        Frank Nasto

        • Wow I just found this post again Frank and hope you are doing well. I remember very well having the fungal infection in my ears that the ENT at Cam Rahn Bay could never clear up. You did a culture and turned out that a 3% acidic solution worked but of course after I left there I couldn’t get it any more

        • Frank I’ve tried finding you a few times since you posted this without luck. I’ve found a Frank Nasto on facebook and messaged a couple of times but whomever it is they haven’t either gotten it or haven’t replied. I’m hoping you are well. Jerry

    • My name is Bich, I was an ARVN interpreter ,attached to MACV 45 since 1968-1972, I worked as an interpreter/translator NCO for the MACV team#45 sector/subsector headquaters located at Ninh Thuan province,I remember Col Vincent,Col Hams,Col Shelter,Maj Ryan,Lt Dickinson,Cpt Quickley,Ssgt Sebatien,I am now still living at Ninh Thuan province. SSgt Bich

      • Bich,
        Thank you for contacting me. I am pleased this website is available for us to reach into the past and make these reconnections. I hope these many years have treated you well!

      • SSG BICH,
        Do you have any idea what became of a Montagnard interpreter named or pronounced EELOO? I was there until Oct. ’68, served with Col Vincent, LTC MOIR, MAJ SEDGWICK, MAJ RYAN, LT BROWN, LT BUURMA, 1SG PAGE. I am glad to hear you are well after all this time. I’m sure the intervening years were plenty exciting. i salute you!
        Sgt. Eugene P. Hale

      • SSgt Bich,
        Thank you for your service. I hope the years have been good to you, as well. I was stationed at Phan Rang AB. I was a member of a musical group that played at Team 45 and on the lawn at the home of the Province Chief for Armed Forces Day.
        I seem to remember an interpreter named Hoa. I think that he told me that his name meant “Flower”.
        Do I remember correctly?
        Thank you.

      • Hey SSgt. Bich, I was at Mac v 1969 1970. Who did you work with. Do you remember a guy named Sloan. I am looking for interpreter I knew. George Sloan

        • Hello George that was SSGT Loan , he worked with the mobile civic action team, was that you member of that team, Loan died 03 years ago by some kind of cancer,his family still living at Thap Cham city, its 03 km from my place,we have worked as the interpreters for MACV team #45 since 1970-1972 after the civic action dismissed.  Best wishes to you.BICH

          George Sloan commented: “Hey SSgt. Bich, I was at Mac v 1969 1970. Who did you work with. Do you remember a guy named Sloan. I am looking for interpreter I knew. George Sloan” | |

  46. i really dont remember the name. i was there from sept. 68 to aug. of 69 the hamlet there was hiep kiet. this is interesting. when i left there i was sgt. spata hum you have me thinking

  47. macv team 45 was locateted in phan rang . it used to be team 39. i was in team 39 in 1968. then they changed it to team 45 before i went home in 1969

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