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MACV Team 52 – Vinh Long.

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 52 located in Vinh Long.

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  1. to MACV

    In reply to all that came after me, I came to Tm 52 in July 65 to August 66.

    I was assigned to Tam Binh sub-sector, District Town as RTO.
    Major Kitchens was CO when I got there, Lt Davis was XO, had a Wpns Sgt, but he left soon after I got to the team.
    Captain Shields came in to replace Major Kitchens, as he went to Vinh Long Macv house.
    Major Shields, formerly Captain, was sent home for medical reasons.
    SFC Hampton was Wpns Sgt, he came to the team, Sept, Oct or Nov, I can’t recall which it was.
    Lt Davis became CO for awhile.

    Captain Bamberg, came to the team in March 66.
    1st Lt Knight to the team in May of 66. If I remember correctly, 1st Lt Knight attended West Point, don’t know when.
    I have been in contact with him, but it’s been some time now. I’ll have to reach out to him. I gave Rax Latham his number awhile back.
    Lt Knight finished his 1st tour, then extended another 6 months, went home for a month, then came back, and made Captain.

    Spec 5 Ritter came in as Medic soon after.

    Anything else that I can help with, please ask.

    Also. Tom Brown was RTO in Minh Duc in 67, he lives in Texas.

    Welcome home to all,

    Don Bocik, former RTO Tam Binh, VN 65-66

    I still have, but my main email is

    • This is Rex Latham (1st LT in 66-67). Thanks to Don Bocik, was in touch with Dick Knight some years ago. It will be a couple of days, but will try to pull up his contact info.

  2. HI, I am trying to find information on my father in law Robert G. Briere. I am not sure that he was a part of this group but this is what was listed on his banner for hometown heroes.
    ” SGT Briere was given a meritorious commendation from the regiment for his devotedness and excellent service in accomplishing his entrusted
    missions specifically at the attack of the Viet Cong at Vinh Long Airbase on the night of September 7, 1968. SGT Briere bravely volunteered to guard and secure the Good Shepherd Convent of Vinh Long. From the first moments with a skillful observation, he spotted out the enemies’ post so as to help the gunship in the plotting of the enemy.”
    He passed away 10 years ago from pancreatic cancer before I met and married his son Ken. No one knows much about what he did over there and I am trying so hard to be able to find out more for my husband. I have a copy of his DD214 and have asked military archives for records but with the virus there is nothing but emergency requests going out. If anyone has any information I would be so grateful, as well as my husband. I don’t know anything other than he was 82nd Airborne Pathfinder.

    • Hello. Sounds like your father-in-law was either with the MACV team in Vinh Long or at the Vinh Long airfield during Tea 1968. Suggest you also try the following website: The Outlaws were one of. the helicopter units stationed there. Also the following two Facebook pages: Outlaws & Mavericks /175th AHC – U.S. and Vinh Long Army Airfield. People on that pages may have known him. Good luck.

    • Jan, I am not aware of your father in law but I can point you to another possible source of info. This site is for the advisory team for Vinh Long province –about 150 or so American personnel at one time. The Vinh Long Army Airfield, which has a Facebook page, had a couple of thousand assigned belonging to various mainly aviation units and they were located immediately adjacent to the Convent. It was mainly personnel from the airfield who defended the Convent during Tet 68 and it is more likely that he would have been assigned to an airfield unit. You could try posting on their page. Also if you send me an email I will send you what I have written about the action and a contact for a soldier who was in it. Best. Gordon Bare

  3. I did not know him. I was there May 1967 to May 1968. Contact the VA and see if you can get a copy of his DD214. That will show his Army career assignments. I hope you find what you are looking for.

  4. My uncle Thomas Collins, who I am named after was a SSGT in Vietnam. According to his headstone, he was part of the Advisory team 52. The only thing I or my family really know about him serving, was that he and his men had only been over there for about two weeks before he was KIA. The only other thing I know was that he was awarded the SS, BSM, and the PH. I am trying to find out more about him and his group, since what I have posted is all my family and I know.

    • I have a FB page for Vinh Long over a 1000 members you might be able to find people who served with him or his unit. The FB page is VinhLongArmyAirfield.

      • Hey Doug, Don Bocik here.
        I was still on Tm 52 at that time down in Tam Bing, the sub-sector district town of Vinh Long.

        Weren’t you still at Vinh Long Airfield at that time?

        Maybe I can call you sometime tomorrow, so we can catch up.
        Do you still have the same cell or home number?
        If not maybe you can text it to me.

        I hope you’re staying safe with all the fires around you, plus the Covid19.

        Take care & stay safe


    • Thomas, I think you also might try the “Team 60” listed on the right. Although your uncle is listed as Team 52 the ARVN 2nd Cavalry Regiment is part of the ARVN 9th Infantry Division, Advisory Team 60. I have a list of some 2nd Cavalry (mostly vietnamese) . If you would like this list email me.

    • Thomas

      My father Thomas Chumley and your uncle were stationed and served together at Fort Knox, KY prior to him going to Vietnam, they were really close and I knew my dad took it hard when he found out Tom had been KIA. I remember your uncle coming over on several occasions and having supper with us. Him and dad did everything together and enjoyed archery, hunting and anything they they could get into. My father passed in March 2001 but always spoke highly of your uncle and every year would have a toast to your uncle. Hope this little bit of information helps

      Tom Chumley Jr.

  5. I havent posted here for 7 years. I was a helicopter crewchief from the airfield in the Outlaws and 114th AHC’s . I have made a list of some AT-52 & AT-68 MACV advisors . If any former Advisor or family member of an advisor would like this list email me

  6. I’m trying to find information about my father Capt. Victor Bruce Kelley 077498 Advisory team #52 Vinh Long He was assigned to the 2d Armd Cav Sqdr Sept 1964 until he was KIA April 28, 1965. Any contact with anyone with any information would be greatly appreciated.

    • I can remember a Capt Knight in the MACV House in 1967-8. He was a one-man fighting machine on the 2nd floor balcony overlooking the road next to MACV House the opening night of TET Jan 1968. Did not know him personally, but was impressed with his demeanor and military bearing. He exuded military professionalism in every way. This is from an Air Force enlisted.

    • Rex, Jim Marsh (SMSgt James R Marsh) re Lt or Capt Knight. I was rereading some of the old posts and saw yours again as well as mine. That set me thinking–Based on my impression of him in my 1st post — I wonder if he was an Army Academy graduate. He had a bearing about that would suggest that. As an Air Force member I don’t have any idea how to access the Army Academy to check he was in fact a graduate, but he was I figure he would have graduated about the early 60’s. Good luck with your search. I spent 24 years in the Air Force and can honestly say I was never impressed by Air Force officers to the degree Capt Knight did. Jim

      • I was an RTO with TM-52 S2 from June 66 to July 67. I beleive he was from the academy but I am not really sure. That was a long time ago. I was his RTO on a couple of regional force opertions and I beleive Capt Art Yando replaced him, another great soldier and officer along with Maj. James Kellerhals and SP7 John Mueller. I will search around a few computer sites to see what I can find.
        Regards SP-4 Robert Black

      • Jim: Dick Knight and I were roommates in the MACV house for most of my tour in 1967, and we’ve remained in contact all these years, speak frequently, and I consider him one of my best friends. Yes, he was West Point, class of 1964, did extend for 6 months and went home in the fall of ’67. He has had some serious health reversals over the past 20 years or so, the latest resulting in major surgery and rehabilitation. I spoke to him shortly after the surgery and he was determined to get back to “fighting weight” as he called it. I have no doubt he will. His maladies have been caused by a combination of Agent Orange and some mistakes by the VA healthcare system. If you want to know more please feel free to contact me via email at:

        • Rex Glad to get your feed back on Capt. Knight. Next time you have contact with him wish him best of luck and to keep on pushing.. I’m sure he won’t remember me but I’ll remember him. I was a Sgt E-4 in the Air Force Medical group at the civilian hospital. He and I never worked, fraternized or communicated but as I said before I’ll always remember him. I hope this can give him a little positive feed back for his recovery.

    • Bob,
      Not sure if you can pass this along to team 52 members (1968-69), but it’s my unhappy duty to inform you that a brother, Daniel J. Borfitz, had passed on. Dan, known to is friends as “Rocky,” was a radio operator with South Vietnamese patrols. He never spoke of his experiences nor did he complain despite excruciating back pain, but he e-mailed me a photo of his compound “Rohn Compound Team 52.” He was close to his CO, but I did not learn his name. Kindly post this or let me know if I can provide any further information. Al of his friends in Catskill NY miss him already.
      Jim Schumacher
      San Diego, CA

      • Hi Jim,
        Thanks very much for the information, I’m real sorry to hear that. He was with the district team that worked in Cho Lach, the town was just north of the town of Vinh Long, across the Cinh river. We had last talked via emails right around New Year. He never mentioned any health issues, do you know what the cause was?

        • Bob,

          Thank you for the reply to my e-mail about the death of my friend Dan Borfitz. To answer your question regarding his health…
          Dan suffered from severe back pain for the past 10 years or so and was unable to do much physically.
          His health and mobility gradually diminished along with his weight.
          He managed to play golf once a year or so in our “reunion” golf outing ( 12 to 16 old friends playing a scramble format, then drinking beer at our watering hole). I was his partner and we won the event more than once thanks to his short game skills. I had a clock engraved with “Winner 4th Annual Reunion Golf Tournament” and he kept it near his TV to show for all the guys we beat when they dropped by to visit him for a “bubbly.”
          His friends in Catskill looked in on him and made sure he ate. They took him to the VA for back treatment a couple of times. Whenever I came home from San Diego every year or so, I would bring him a golf club, shirts or whatever I figured he wouldn’t buy for himself. We stayed in touch via e-mail and I called to check on him
          We do not yet know the cause of death. Since it was an unattended death, the coroner will issue a verdict. He spent most of the day on his couch watching baseball or football games. I imagine that this coronavirus put a major dent in his routine. He was an avid Mets and Jets fan.
          I have been tasked with writing his obituary. I will inxclude that he served as a radio operator with Military Assistance Command Vietnam (MACV) Team 68 in Cho Lach, Vietnam. I hope this is accurate. Should I add anything more?
          Again, Thanks for your reply. We will miss him.

          Jim Schumacher

          • He was the RTO in Minh Duc for a while and I
            think he worked at the TOC. I was the RTO at Minh Duc from March 1967 to March 1968. I talked to him a couple of times. He said while he was at Minh Duc that a couple of soldiers died there. Sorry to hear of his death. I am the only survivor of Minh Duc except for CPT Ladd. Thanks for keeping us informed. Thomas Brown

      • My Grandfather’s brother was Maj Hershel H Rohn. My family never talks about him except that he was KIA in Vietnam. Did anyone know him?

    • Hi Bob…when I search my Father’s name you show up as serving with him . Perhaps you remember him. Captain Gus Gudleske. He passed August 1st 1967. I wish you well. Lynelle

    • Bob , David Chandler rto with vinhlong battalion 68-69. We were in the same compound. You said back then you were Janice Joplin’s cousin..I think. Hope you remember!

  7. This is an open letter to all my brothers who served in or around Vinh Long. If you haven’t already signed up for or had an Agent Orange physical through the VA— do it now. Time is wasting. The rest of this blog is for the 558 Milphap team Mar 1967-Mar 1968, but others are encouraged to read read. I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in Sept 2017. So far I’ve had 4 rounds of chemo, 1 round total body radiation and a Donor Stem Cell Transplant. Presently the leukemia is in remission, but I am having some problems with an associated secondary response to the Stem Cells. I can live with that–not the leukemia.

    • Hey Sarg, I was at Vinh Long 68-69 and have been in contact with Jeff Purtle, best wishes for a recovery. I had prostate cancer, have been clean for 19+ years, hope you’ll do the same!

      • Bob, If you haven’t been in touch with the VA do it now. Prostate cancer is one the many diseases attributed to exposure to Agent Orange. Sounds like your docs have done you right. I’ve known Jeff since 1966. Talk to him every now and then. Jim

      • Sad to say this but the VA does not care for any of us, they are just waiting for all of us to die and fade away. I have Ischemic heart disease, chronic high blood pressure, PTSD and God knows what else. VA just says send more info…really..TM 52 Vinh Long 1966-67

      • Bob, How long ago were you evaluated and turned down???? The new Agent Orange info shows prostate cancer, heart disease and many other maladies. Even if it hasn’t been along time, you can always resubmit. Rather than you resubmitting, get a DAV or a Vet Affairs office involved. Good luck. Jim

  8. Does anybody know if Team 52 had daily logs for all of Vinh Long Province, and/or if anybody knows where to access them?
    What I’m interested in is for the time frame that I was assigned to Tm 52, sub-sector Tam Binh July 65 to Aug. 66.
    LTC Roberts was in charge at the time, 1st Sgt Bledsoe, my first CO in Tam Binh was Major Kitchens.

    Thanks for any info
    Don Bocik

  9. In team 52 From May 67 to Apr 68 worked with MSG Sam Holloway and LTC Dale Jenny and LTC Melvin Meister. Do remember evacuating the compound during the TET offensive and holing up in a bunker at the airfield.

    Dick Dail

    • Hi Dick,
      I was a radio operator, me and a new captain left our compound on a RAG boat and went to the TOC downtown to relieve an administration lieutenant and corporal Powell. We were there during the 6 days of our TET occupation. Corporal Infinger came down later so we could man the radio 24 hours a day.
      Busy weird time that was.

      • Hi Paul I had a radio site on the compound team 52 in Vung Liem Major Harris was in charge of the team. The site was about 25 miles
        from Vinh Long you might remember us?
        Richard Grigerick

      • Paul: This is Dave Radin, then Captain Radin. I’ve searched the net for you and Bill Infanger for a long time. I’m on Facebook. Please message or email me. A small group of us re-visited Vinh Long in 2007 and visited the battlefield of March 26, not sure you were in country yet. Dick Knight and I are still in touch.

      • Hi Paul. Your name shows up as serving with or at the same time as my father. Captain Gustave Gudleske. I was 5 when I learned of his passing on a firefly mission.

        • Lynelle: What are the chances…

          I was your Dad’s room mate in Vinh Long, only for a short time when he died. I had just arrived in-country in January 1967 and if I recall correctly he was killed shortly thereafter in a helicopter crash. I would love to connect with you. I live in Upstate, NY near the Finger Lakes region in a small village called Horseheads. Please feel free to call me, (607) 739-0858. I see you referenced Paul Denton. He was my radio operator when we went to the field, but you Dad had passed before he came to VN so he wouldn’t have known your father. I have a very haunting story that involves Gus and my first visit to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington.

        • Hi Lynelle,
          David is correct, I arrived in Vinh Long
          in mid May 1967.
          I am so sorry your dad didn’t come home.

          • Paul visit facebook page VinhLongArmyAirfield1970 just as its typed you might find someone who can answer your questions.

            Dennis Sheppard Vinh Long 1970

    • Hello Dick, Haven’t seen you since Nashville in ’71 or so. I moved to Ga that year and went back into a reserve unit and pulled active duty off and on for a dozen years or so. Got a grad degree and worked at a university 30+ years and retired to the NE Ga mountains with my second wife of 30+ years. I will always remember you as a good friend and the guy who greeted me at VLAF when I arrived at Team 52 and again on my way back 14 months later when I layed over at Can Tho on the way back to VL. And the Can Tho airfield getting hit that night. Great reception. I hope you and yours are doing well. Ron

    • Dick, I just read your note about being evacuated to Vinh Long Airfield during the Tet Offensive. I was assigned to the 558 Milphap Team (Air Force).. I remember the evac. well. our team of 3 jeeps were in the last group to go. We4 were follwed by a couple of Army jeeps that were manned by the Army personnel of the Team. Our team stayed in and around the Airfield medical compound. During our time of post, were air evaced several flights of wounded to Saigon. Jim

  10. I was stationed at Vinh Long Army Airfield flying Hueys with Lighthorse Air Cavalry, C/3/17 Cav. In November 1971, I flew a Medevac mission picking up a Lieutenant with appendicitis and flew him to the hospital at Navy Binh Thuy. I am writing a book and need the grid coordinates of the MACV compound in Vinh Long. Also wondering about the LT we medevaced.

    • Rex, I saw your post re the grid coordinates of the air field. If you download Google Earth, the search fo Vinh Long, Viet Nam you will be able to see the remains of the air field. Put the cursor on the air field and the coordinates should come up.. Good luck, Jim

  11. John & I spent time together in Vinh Long when we came in from our sub-sectors.
    He was in Minh Duc & I was in
    Tam Binh.

    I went home August 66, after he went home, he went back as a civilian to bring his wife back to the USA .

    We were both from Illinois, I looked him up one time and saw him & his wife.

    He was working for AT&T at the time
    & later he was transferred to AT&T in
    Sacramento, California.

    We would call each other at times to
    See how each other was doing.

    He has 2 sons & 1 daughter, one time
    when I called and asked to speak with
    him his daughter said he had passed away just recently.

    So sorry to hear about his death, he was a good guy.

    • Hi Don I just came across your posting about John Sternagle, So many events have blurred but I was with John on the operation the day he was hit. I have a photo of John and I the day he returned to the team house after his injury . As you can tell we were on the roof top patio or bar area. If you still have contact with his children I thought they may like to see there dad after that event. John and I became immediate friends when I arrived at TM 52. He was a great soldier and friend.

      It appears I cannot attach the photo I have of John and me…Send me your email and I will forward it to you.

    • Paul, my name is Bob Joplin,I was in Vinh Long 4/68-7/69, rto at TOC and with the 37th Regional Force Battalion. Welcome to the website. Can you give more details of where you were?

      • Same place you were.
        We must have known each other from the time you got to Vinh Long until I left just days before May 15th.
        I was at the TOC and in the field with the battalion. Do you remember Infinger or Powell they were rto’s also. Also John Aycock

    • Does anyone remember RTO Cpl John Sternagle from Tm 52. He was hit by a sniper while on a sweep in 66 or 67. He returned to the Tm and finished his tour in 67…great guy. I heard he died after returning home.

      • I remember John. He rotated home shortly after I arrived. He was wounded in the jaw by a sniper, but recovered and manned the TOC radios.

  12. I was a member of MAT Team 37, Advisory Team 52 in Vinh Long
    from March until September of 1968. The team consisted of five members, a Cpt MIchael Williams ?, Lt Johnson, SFC Luna, SFC Mapa and myself. I was a Sgt E-5 heavy weapons advisor. Would like any contact with former members of the team or anyone at the MACV compound during that time period.

    • Welcome home John. I was a Team 52 member from June 66 to July 67. Our team was S2 ground operations with the RF company in Vinh Long. Served with Maj Paul Kellerhals, Capt Art Yando, Spec 7 John Mueller and I was the RTO for our team. If you haven’t yet read the book titled Ving Long please do so. Try your library or Amazon, author Harvey Meyerson??? The above named group participated in the Battle of Easter Sunday as described in the book. It was a very significant battle at that time. My email is ( I can forward a few pictures if your interested.

      Sp 4 Robert Black

      • Robert, you’re right about the author of “Vinh Long.” Harvey Meyerson was a friend in Hawaii, where he was a newspaper reporter and quit to go to live in Vinh Long and gather material for the book on how the war was being waged in that province. He later wrote several more books.

        • Me too. My wife and I visited Harvey in Hawaii in August of ’67 on R&R. He was renting or “borrowing” a wonderful home on the side of a mountain overlooking Honolulu. We ordered out for Chinese. Great time with him.

      • Robert,
        Thank you for your response. I have the book and have read it that’s why, in part, I am reaching out now. I tried to send you an email regarding reunion information but it was returned ? Perhaps I do not have the right address.

      • John,Welcome home! If I remember correctly, and that doesn’t happen much anymore, Team 37 was in Minh Duc, or one of the other districts east of Vinh Long city. And like Robert Black, I have several pictures from the city and of pictures taken in the field with the RF battalion. Bob Joplin


        • Bob, Thanks for your message. We were with several units while I was there and exactly where I cannot say. I would welcome any pictures you or others may have from that time frame. Are there any reunions for MACV Teams that include MAT Teams ?


    • This is for all of my brothers stationed at Vinh Long and other spots in Viet Nam. I am recuperating from leukemia–doing well. This is just an info message to all. If you haven’t stopped by the VA to sign up for Agent Orange evaluation and registration ,,, do it now. For those out there like Jeff Purtle and myself who have had cancers,,you need to register. I can help with the documentation requirements for Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Feel free to contact me @

      • Thanks for the info, brother, we’re praying for you! I was Deputy Senior Advisor, Minh Duc from January ’69-’70. My bosses were Major Steve Sheehy and Major Ken Willoughby, both great men!

  13. Brothers, I just read a book called Trauma and Tenacity in Viet Nam. It captures the defining period in the medical life of Capt. Sheldon Kushner M.D. While stationed in Viet Nam from 1968-69. It is a great read I worked with him for about 4 months before I left country. It brought back my entire Viet Nam experience (all but the smell). It is avaible on Amazon the author is Mary Jane Ingui, PhD. Please give it a read it is well worth your time. Jeffrey W. Purtle Sr. 557th Med. SVS Group Viet Nam Aug 1967-68

    • I just came across this site by accident. I served from Dec 67 to Dec 68. Most of which was in Vinh Long.
      Worked as a Captain in that Provence in a Phoenix program then moved north for the last. 4 mos. Remeber Tet well. FYI went back a few years ago, the town has not changed much, built up some more, the convent is gone as well as the air field.

      • Bill, I was briefly a Phoenix LT in Sadec then spent over a year doing economic development mainly in Duc Ton district (the Y base area in Sadec on the Vinh Long border). I wrote a memoir/Sadec province history published last year including my take on Phoenix and would be very interested in yours. You must have been doing when it was still under Agency auspices. Get in touch if you would. or 301-7174127

      • Am looking for information about a friend, Maj. George Horsman, who was killed in an ambush on route 7A on 6 January 6, 1968.

        • Hello Gerry, Captain Horsman and I were both assigned to Adv Tm 52 S-2 and arrived at the same time. I was really young then and a recent graduate of Ft Holabird, but Captain Horsman was a very senior captain with a great deal of maturity and experience. He was the new Team S-2 and very well respected in the short time (Oct 67 – Jan 68) he served in that capacity. He always had his pipe and camera with him and was a real gentleman, very civil and well spoken, even to young PFC’s like me.

          • Hi Rob,
            Served as a captain with Captain Horsman in the 513th MI Gp in Germany. He was likable, sincere, honest, and very professional. My tour in Vietnam with the 525th MI Gp Hq ended in Sept. 67, so I had no contact with him while there.. I learned from another friend about him being in an ambush. In the book Vinh Long by Harvey Meyerson there are is a description of the ambush. It left me with a few questions and I wonder if you might have some recall of the event.
            Gerry Tomczak

            • Hello Gerry, I will be happy to try to answer whatever questions that I can about Captain Horsman and the ambush, although over half a century has passed. Hard to believe. Please send your questions to me at my e-mail address at I will do my best to answer them. Take care, Ron Taylor

      • Bill, I’m 99 percent certain we knew each other starting in May ‘68, when I joined 4th Bn, 525 MI Group in Can Tho after an MI tour in Berlin. I also was a Captain and was assigned by LTC Wm Wolf, CO, as coordinator of the Province Area Intelligence Representative (PAIR) program throughout the Delta. I visited Vinh Long early in my tour and met with you and others. You weren’t the PAIR there, were you? Majors Averill or Sullivan might have been on that visit. And I recall you in Can Tho describing an R&R trip you took to Japan, I think it was. I’ve inquired about you from time to time and now find you here at the Vinh Long MACV Team site. Like Gordon Bare, I’d welcome a contact for you. Mine is Harvey Meyerson, a friend when I lived in Hawaii, wrote a book titled “Vinh Long” relatively early in America’s involvement. Hope to hear from you.

      • Hi

        I was born in Vietnam.

        From 1965 to 1967, I was at the Catholic Orphanage of the Congregation of the Sisters St Paul of Chartres, in Vinh Long which is about 150 km from Ho Chi Minh (Saigon).

        The orphanage is also known as the House of the Holy Childhood (Maison de la Ste Enfance) which was right next to the Indigenous Hospital. (Hôpital Indigène)

        I’m not looking for people but just some pictures of the orphanage. Today the orphanage no longer exists and it has been replaced by the construction of a large public square.

        I grew up in Switzerland where I still live there. My research remains so far unsuccessful and if you also have some contacts who could help me to get pictures of this building, I would be extremely pleased.

        Thank you in advance for your answer.


        • Pls send me an email address & I will post your request & email address on the Facebook page of the helicopter units at Vinh Long airfield. who helped support the orphanage. Some of them may have photos and could email them to you. My email is:

        • I was assigned to the 558 Medical Service Flight (MILPHAP) at Advisory Team 52 from March 1967 to March 1968. I remember the orphanage well. During the noon siesta, the Sisters allowed us to swim in the pool. As for a picture of the orphanage, I have several. I donated them (along with several hundred others) to the Texas Tech University to be included in their Viet Nam collection of pictures. I am not sure of when exactly they will be finished, but you can check by going to the Texas Tech website. Look in the James R Marsh collection. I’ll send you another message with the instructions of how to access them. Jim

          • James my name is John MacDermaid. I was with MILPHAP in Vin Long from July 1967 til July 1968.Coy Hinkle was our leader and I believe you and “Charlie Brown took the the X-Rays. Several months of my tour was spent in Tam Binh sub sector. Really would be interested in any info regarding the team. Thanks

            • John, I remember you well. It’s been a long while since I talked with Coy Hinkle. I think he has passed away. The last time i tried to get a hold of him, I ended up speaking with his son. At that time, his son stated Coy was in the hospital. I have been in contact with Jeff Purtle both through this website, email and via phone. I’m going to give you the same lecture I put in this website awhile back. If you already haven’t gone to the VA for “AGENT ORANGE” enrollment, Do It Now. Don’t wait. In Sept 2017 I came down with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). Long story short, 4 rounds of chemo and 1 total body radiation treatment before having a stem cell transplant. Right now there are now signs of the AML but I have some graft vs host disease problems. Jeff Purtle developed Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma a year or 2 before I got sick. He has been treated and is alive now. I’ve seen other messages on this site where people assigned in Vinh Long had died of disease attributed to Agent Orange. SO IF YOU HAVEN’T gotten registered, do it. Best of health to you. Jim

        • Roseline,, I checked with Texas Tech Univ. and found out that it will be 3-5 years before all my pictures will be on the site. So, I will go through my digital pictures to try to find any of the Vinh Long Orphanage. I will get back to you much sooner than 3-5 years. Jim

        • Hello Andina–I also have pictures of Vinh Long 1967-68 as well as the orphanage which I have donated to Texas Tech. Anyone can access these.If you will send me your email address I will provide you with instructions as to how to access—Bruce Decker

        • Can you describe if you recall the building? Does the picture you seek have large windows all the same on one side ( at least ) or a bridge near by ?

    • Jeffrey, Glad you found this site. We were in Milphap Team 558 not 557. So much for the correction. It is 17 Aug 2018, I am now post stem cell transplant about 170 days for my Acute Myeloid Leukemia which was diagnosed the 1st week of Sep last year. Alive and doing well,, a few graft vs host problems ,,, but I’m alive. Got the VA to recognize it caused by the Agent Orange (I told you about) and my year taking x-rays (ionizing radiation). I read the book by Dr Kushner. In it he said the team was working 10-12 hour days. Did that happen while you were there?? I’d be interested in knowing as that is significantly more than the team worked while I was there. Get back to me. Jim Marsh.

  14. I was assigned just outside the city, with the 43rd Ranger Bn. My SA was feuding with the LTC who ran the team, so we never had any contacts there. We did not attend any of the social events there either. Ranger High Command and 9th ARVN Div were our highers, so my boss could get away with it. Loved the city, though. When we weren’t in the field, we spent a lot of time downtown.

  15. This is Donald L Bocik

    I haven’t been on this site in awhile, so I am updating my contact information.

    I moved to Naples, Florida in June 2014 from the frozen north of Chicago area.
    My email has changed:

    Don Bocik
    Tm 52 July 65 to Aug 66
    Tam Binh, VN

      • Rex, I just found this email string, I’m looking for more details about the reunion, dates, locations, etc. Any information you can send me is greatly appreciated.

        Bob Joplin
        Tm 52, 4/68-7/69

      • Rex just wondered if you remembered 51 years ago today what we were doing on that Easter Sunday…I will never forget it.

        Robert Black

            • If I had his email address, I would contact him directly. Unfortunately, I have not figured out how to obtain his email from this website.

              • My email is I was assigned to S2 at TOC Tm 52 as RTO and 96 C20 Interrogation specialist between June 66 and July 67. Our team was participants in the Easter Sunday Battle of 67. My capt was Art Yando and he was awarded the Silver Star and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry for his actions. I was with the the RF Reactionary Force that was sent down Hwy 4 that night to re-inforce….

        • Robert, I came across an ad in the June issue of Vietnam magazine for a dvd titled An Old Friend”, about the Easter Sunday battle of March 1967. Contact for copy or information is

          I ordered a copy but it was lost in mail, I’m going to reorder.

          Bob Joplin
          Tm 52/68

          • Hi Rex, we never met but i feel I know you. I wish we would have met. I am 72 tears old but still can’t let go of the day.. Take care and God Bless…Rob Black, Vinh Long S2, June 1966-July 1967

  16. Hi Carroll, I was with the USAF MILPHAP Team ( MACV 57) in Vinh Binh Provence in the city of Phu Vinh in the Mekong Delta 1968-69. it’s good to hear another MILPHAP member. Have you been able make contact with any of your team mates? It’s good to hear from another MILPHAP member. You can email me if you wish.

    • Hi sir, my name is Nacole & my daddy, Donald L. Welch, of Colorado, was with 191st M.I. ( company? ).
      1st Calvary, airborne ( detached ) 3rd ( I think ). He was in country Sept. 69-70, an E-5 last rank.
      Started at Fort Org., then Fort Hollabird, lastly Fort Arizona. He may have taken classes here.
      He enlisted with his friend Bob Peck. Did you know them? If you can help, I am rather obsessed researching his military time as his death was “ service related “, presumptive from agent orange. Course, he never ( rarely mentioned his time or experience ) as kids we were always told not to ask about it. While living, he never filed or relieved benefits. After his death, I pursed this & my mom has DIC benefits now. Just wish I had known sooner…

  17. Hello,
    This is Noel Coppedge from Westlake High School in Austin, TX. We’re doing a research project to honor veterans who died in vietnam. I’m honoring Sergeant first class Raymond Alvin Adam. I’m aware he was part of your team when he died on April 21, 1964. He was on his way to Can Tho from Cai Son when he hit a land mine.
    I was wondering if anyone knows anything about him while he was there. I would love to see any pictures you may have as well. Also, could anyone give me a summary about what Team 52 did while there?

    • Good evening Noel,
      My name is Robert Joplin, I was stationed with team 52/68 in 1968-69. The team changed numerical identity in spring of 1969 to “confuse” the VC. I would be glad to answer any questions, I can send you pictures I took when I was there, whatever you might need.
      I was a radio operator, working both in the field with the 37th Regional Force battalion and at the TOC, Tactical Operations Center.
      Our primary job was to assist in the further training and development of the Regional Force and Popular Force units there. These are similar to National Guard in the US. They didn’t get the same training or support from the VN government as the full time VN Army, so we “bridged the gap” .
      Please feel free to contact me.
      Robert Joplin

      • Thank you Mr. Joplin,
        I would love to see any pictures you may have taken. If you’d like, you can send them to And thank you so much for the quick summary. So just to clarify, teams 52 and 68 were the same team and had the same objectives, they just belonged to a different time of the war?

      • Thank you Mr. Joplin,
        I’d love to see any pictures you have. If you’d like you can send them to And thank you for the brief summary of what you were doing there. Just to clarify, teams 52 and 68 are the same team and had the same objectives, just one replaced the other?

  18. To Bruce Decker, Bruce do you have any relatives from Nebraska? My maternal grandmother’s family still lives there. Jim

  19. Reunion of Easter Sunday Battle, 26 March 1967 Veterans & Families -To mark the 50th anniversary of that battle, veterans of the 175th Aviation Company are in the very initial stages of planning a commemorative reunion to be held about 25-26 March 2017. They are hoping to invite all those who participated in or supported units involved in the battle (MACV advisors & helicopter crews, etc). If you are one of those people and are interested in attending, or know someone who was in or supported units involved in the battle, please respond to this post.

    • I have a friend who was there and is mentioned in the book, “Vinh Long”. He would like to have more info on the reunion but does not have access to a computer. If you can email me with a mailing address and even a tel# I will pass along. Bruce Decker thanks

      • For my study, I would like to correspond with anyone who worked in the MACV Vinh Long province Operations Center in late 1968 or during 1969, regarding use of Spooky or Puff the Magic Dragon against the VC in Tra On district. Thanks.F.Brown,

        Bruce Decker commented: “I have a friend who was there and is mentioned in the book, “Vinh Long”. He would like to have more info on the reunion but does not have access to a computer. If you can email me with a mailing address and even a tel# I will pass along.

        • Hey Mr. Brown!!! Saw your name and salad day memories came alive. This is Ken Willoughby, DSA Minh Duc during your tenure. How are you doing? I hope you are still in good health and prospering. All is well at my end. If you remember John Rivers, Bruce Bowen’s replacement, I am still in contact with him all these many years later. We see each other about once a year and discuss our glory days in Vinh Long. I married a Virginia lass after I rotated back to the states and a few years later, retired from the Army. We live in Richmond.
          I want to thank you for your leadership those many years ago. You provided sound advice, good rationale, did so with calmness… for which we thank you.

          • Good evening/morning  Fred,

            This is Robert Joplin, I was with #52/68, 4/68-7/69. I remember you , though my name may not be familiar to you. I worked at Vinh Long TOC and with the Vinh Long Battalion, 37th Regional Force Battalion, for that period.  Let me know what I may be able to help you with.

            Welcome home, Bob Joplin

    • My name is Robert Black and I was a member of Team 52 from June 66 to July 67. We were a field unit of the 519th MI Bat assigned from the 525th Mi brigade at Ton Son Nhut airfield, Saigon. I served with Maj Paul Kellerhals, Capt Art Yando, Spec 7 John Mueller ans Spec 4 Ray Hollingshead. We all participated in the ground operations during the Easter Sunday contact on March 25-26 of 1967. Capt Yando was awarded the Silver Star and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry for his actions on that day. I am not sure what team members are still with us but I just turned 70 on the 13th of June. Thanks and God Bless…..

  20. I was a USAF Medic/Surgery Tech with MACV Team 57 in Tra Vinh from Nov’68 till early July ’69 at which time I was transferred to 21st (Casualty Staging Flight) at Tan Son Nhut. A few days ago I received a partial personnel list of some of the neighboring MACV Teams. There is a MSgt Coy Hinkle who appears on this team’s list as well as Team 68. I worked with Coy Hinkle at the hospital at Sheppard AFB from 1966 till the time he left for Vietnam If any of you folks know Coy or know someone who does, it would be great to reconnect with him. Thanks folks and have a fantastic week.

    Bill Presz

    • Bill, when I was at Tra Vinh the team’s numerical designation was Team 72. This was between Nov. 69 and March 70. I was USAF crew chief assigned to the Bart FACs at that time. I well remember the MILPHAP Team however all of the names have long escaped me. I do remember that one of the medics was a Brit Citizen serving in the USAF…..he helped me out with some migraine head aches I was having at the time…..I’ve never had one since…..

      Mike Steele, Sgt. USAF 69-70

      Sent from my iPad


    • Bill, Msgt Coy Hinkle was our team’s NCOIC in Vinh Long when I was there Feb 1967-Feb 1968. I really liked him- 1 the best I’ve had in my 24 years. I have no idea where he might be. I’m pushing 70 now and that would probably make hime in his mid-eighties. Jim

      • Jim, thanks for your reply. I just turned 70 a few days ago . I came to Sheppard right after finishing basic med at Gunter in March ’66. Coy Hinkle was NCOIC Of clinics which included the ER where I was fortunate enough to spend my entire 2 plus years while at Sheppard.. Teamed up with Coy Hinkle was a SSgt Roy Leija who was NCOIC of the ER initially., both of whom ran a tight ship but gave you the room to learn and grow. I ran with it and unknowingly learned the skills that I could rely on in Vietnam. and which earned me a promotion to SSgt while in Vietnam. It was after the promotion that I was transferred to 21st CSF at Tan Son Nuht. Long story short, a fantastic four years in the USAF.

    • Bill, I looked up Coy Hinkle on ‘Whites Pages’ Texas website and found a phone number and address. I called and it turned out to be Coy’s son. Coy is still alive but way older than the 85 I thought. His son gave me permission to give out the phone number. I also gave him the MACV teams website and he looked it up while we were speaking. Coy Hinkle 1-940-855-3342 . Good luck. Jim

      • Using the phone number that you provided, I contacted Coy’s son. We spent some time talking, exchanged information and plan to keep in contact. Thank you so very much. Have a fantastic week.

    • Bill, Coy Hinkle was my team NCOIC in Vinh Long March 1967-Mar1968. Some time ago I researched him and found a phone in the Sheperd AFB area of Texas. I talked with is son ,also a Coy, and at that time Coy Sr was in the hospital. Not much info sorry. You could try “White Pages” on line, that’s how I found his phone.

  21. James, I saw Jeff’s sister at high school reunion a couple of weeks ago and she said he has stage 4,
    I’ve been trying to get back in touch with him. I’ll keep you advised.

    • Bob, When you have your next contact with Jeff or his sister, please pass on this message. ” Jeff, I lost your email address, home address and phone Number when I installed Windows 10. It didn’t communicate with Windows Office 2007 and didn’t transfer any of my contacts.” Bob, when you hear anything you can reach me at my home email.

      Also, this goes out to everyone— If you haven’t already signed up at the VA for the “Agent Orange Program” do it now. There are numerous diseases associated with VN Vets and Agent Orange. Jim

      • Bob, I was able to find Jeff through the “WhitePages” website for Kansas. Long story short, he is doing well and even went back to work. Jim

    • Dear all the hero my wife was looking her father I think he was in teams 52 Vinh Long macv l think his nam is Charles Field please help me find him thank you so much

    • Richard, We had a Capt Harris (might have made Major after I left March of 1968. He was a doctor in the MILPHAP Team “558 MSF” at Adv Team 52. Jim

      • Hi James my first few months were at Vinh Long airfield before having a radio site at Vung Lien where Major Harris and Captain Macpherson had their advisory site. Captain Macpherson left before Tet and was replaced by a second lieutenant out of West Point I forgot his name. Trying to locate Major Harris or the second lieutenant I left in May of 68.

  22. I am many years away from my active service. I am grateful to have found this site…

    The majority is my civilian life after service has been with people- friends and family of my generation .. most of whom did not serve in the military. We all made choices in those times and I continue to be proud of mine… As well as fortunate to have met so many special men and women in service…Support for the military and the depth of dissent against the war by so many have had long term consequences for many of us who served- physical and mental.

    The process of reintegrating into civilian life has taken a toll on most who served from those times.. and since the All Volunteer system there is an obismal lack of understanding of the high quality of service our volunteer military has done these ensuing years of involvement in many conflicts and wars.

    Thanks to all of you for YOUR service!!

    Bless you all!

  23. Doug, I don’t remember hearing about your program but the guy’s name sounds vaguely familiar. Or, maybe it’s all just the foibles of a fading memory!

      • Mike, Actually MILPHAP is an acranem (spell) for Military Public Health Assistance Program. There were numerous US Navy, US Army, US Air Force and a few Australian teams spread out over Viet Nam.

      • Just found this
        Site. Carroll p. Marston usaf retired. I was with MACV to 45 as a milphaper on milphaper to 14 1970. 1971 phan rang 2. Corp 40 miles so. Of c,haamron Bay. Anybody know this place. 13 miles easterly of phan rang afb

    • Bob, it’s a condition that seems universal in this age group. I’ll contact Harvey Meyerson and tell him about if he’s not already aware. Take care.

  24. Gents,
    I ran across a great story in a book about the Seawolves, Fire from the Sky by Richard Knott, got some more insight from Vinh Long Airfield Facebook and would welcome any additional info. What I have put together is: Irish Catholic nuns of the Sisters of Saint Paul of Chartres ran the Good Shepherd Convent, an orphanage for Vietnamese girls established in 1871, located some 400 yards from the airfield’s main gate. The Americans at the base had befriended the nuns and their kids providing all manner of assistance. During Tet 68, the nuns believed the convent and their charges to be at risk. Navy Lieutenant Commander Joseph Bouchard, Chief Francis Smith and Petty Officer Charles Field set up a defense on the roof of the convent until Army Captain Robin Miller ferried 130 girls and a dozen nuns to the relative safety of the American base in multiple trips. He was a gunship platoon leader in the Knights of the Air, the 114th Assault Helicopter Company, who usually flew UH-1C models but traded for a UH-1D “slick” for the extraction. A daisy chain of gunships flew top cover for the mission and two Army guys, Parker Evans and a SGT Swann coordinated and provided security on the ground in the orphanage. The nuns and kids stayed on the base for several weeks until it was judged safe to return.
    Was anyone on the province team involved or have other contact with the orphanage?

      • Richard Haffey, please contact me regarding a picture of a cobra gunship you posted on the 36 Engr web site several years ago.
        Lt Peterson, D Co 36th Engr Bn Vinh Long 1969 – 1970.

        • Don, thanks for the offer but my original concern was finding photos for my book which is now out. It was a great story and worth telling again which I did but without photos. Hope all is good with you and yours. Gordon

    • Gordon, I also have several pictures of the orphanage that I can download and send. More importantly I have an article from the Stars & Stripes post-Tet that did a feature story on the Vinh Long orphanage that you can have. I have lent out both the article and the book, “Vinh Long” so I have to get both back. Please send me your email and mailing address. Bruce Decker

    • Gordon, We at 558 MSF MILPHAP treated the sisters and the orphans at Vinh Long Provincial Hospital. They were usually a healthy bunch. Most of our contact with them was indirectly through their doing our laundry at Adv Team 52 or during their siesta when we came and swam in their pool. Jim

      • Thanks Jim. Its a great story. I hadn’t known the MILPHAP took care of them but I’m not at all surprised to hear it.

  25. Gordon Parsons,
    I spent time at Rohn Compound as well, in ’68-69 and I have photo of the front of the compound as well as from roof. Give me an email and I’ll forward pix.
    Bob Joplin

  26. Dennis, I was with the AF MILPHAP team in Vinh Long, 1967-68. During the 1st Tet Offensive either the day it started or the next day, the entire Adv. Team 52 house and personnel were evacuated to the Vinh Long Army Airfield. That night we were still receiving mortor and recoiless rifle shelling whenever the VC decided it was right. Our medical team “camped out next to the base dispensary. I noticed a microphone hanging out of the window. Either 1 of the docs or corpsmen had it there taping the incoming and outgoing. The only thing I remember of that time was there was a Puerto-Rican corpsman who had just made E-4 recently and was promoted to E-5 for extending. Can’t remember his name.

    • James, I was with RTO with Tm 52 from 4/68-7/69. Do you remember Jeff Purtle, he was on the MILPHAP team and in country same time frame you were.

      • Bob, Jeff was my roommate at Fairchild AFB from about 1965 to Mar 1967 until I went to VN Vinh Long at the Milphap team. He joined me in Vinh Long about Jun or Jul 1967 and we were roommates again until I left Mar 1968. We went on R&R to Tokyo in Feb after the Tet Offensive. Say a little prayer for Jeff as last I heard he was battling NON Hodgkin’s lymphoma–the type the VA “credits” to Agent Orange.

  27. I have a tape of a mortar attack in May of 1970 didn’t know there were other tapes from earlier times. Search facebook for Vinh Long Army Airfield I made a video using the recording for background.

  28. I am looking for anyone that was assigned to the Vinh Long Army Airfield Dispensary during the Tet Offensive Jan 1968. There was a person who recorded on tape the sounds of the incoming, outgoing, perimeter and gunship fire. Thanks.

  29. George Heideman, 292nd Fin Sec – 1971-72 …. I stationed in both Binh Thuy and Vinh Long… in the 292nd Finance Section. Many memories of that time but so few of my friends and family served that it has been difficult to maintain those memories – especially dates and times of events which were escalating as the withdrawal proceeded. I have tried to check records for both the Unit and also have also searched for medical information from that time but I have not gotten anything of value or substance.
    It felt like we were forgotten and abandoned, My first guard duty for at my Init was a night the VC and RVN attacked the Air Base and targeted the Choppers right next the the 292nd building. These attacks continued at both of my duty sites. The focus of the war was moving troops out, sending choppers across borders at night to delay the enemy and waiting for the next round of “incoming”….. We spent time rebuilding old dilapidated bunkers for protection and processing troops out and into the Units.

    If anyone has information or connections for finding resources for that era and contacts.. I would greatly appreciate your help. At that time in the war we arrived into Nam one by one, were assigned somewhere… anywhere to a unit and left all left one by one when out names were called….

    My best to all of you!


    • Ron, I don’t remember your name, but never the less welcome aboard. I was there Mar 67-Mar 68. I’m guessing you were Army. Did you live in the MACV House? What was your job? Jim

  30. Bill I was there in 1970 and once while on patrol between Can-Tho and Vinh Long at night we requested a search light it came up from Can-Tho on the back of a big flat trailer. The light was huge when they turned it on the whole rice paddies lit up like daylight never saw a light that bright. Low and behold like deer in a head light the paddy was full of VC which many just seem to freeze in place we lit them up and then choppers came to our aide and lit them up even more I ll never forget that night what a light to have…………..sure saved us.

  31. Thanks I will check it out I have slides and photographs + negatives about 300
    I carried a little Petri 7s camera everywhere.

  32. To Dennis Sheppard. Dennis the website for Texas tech Univ. is listed in my post dated 20 Jan 2015 6:11 PM. You might want to copy the directions as you will be ‘clicking’ on numerous items until you get to the slides. Good luck. Jim

    • To Jim Marsh: I posted a reply to you earlier today but it mistakenly went under Bill Zeiser instead.

  33. What is the website for TTU I was stationed at Vinh Long Army Airfield 1970 and was flown throughout the delta to places like Soctrang, Can-Tho, U-Minh Forest and many small AP’s. I was with the 292nd Finance Section handled pay issues in the field so I was caught many times in attacks while at a SF Camp or small base.

    • To Dennis Sheppard:The website for Texas tech is When you get into the site click on “Search the Virtual Vietnam Archive”. After you do this click on box entitled “Search and Display”. After you do this to get into my slides, click on “Bruce Decker Collection”. There are many slides of the airfield. Hopefully soon I’ll get my captions to TTU

      • To Bruce Decker. I note that you have photos of the MACV House in Vinh Long. My cousin, Philip Mayhew, was a Foreign Service office who served with JUSPAO in Vinh Long from 1964-66 doing PSYOPS. Before he passed away in January of this year, I promised him I would do a family history book of his life which I am now completing. Phil never married or had any siblings; I am his first cousin and was very close to him.

        I believe Phil may have been staying in the MACV House in Vinh Long while he was there. I would dearly love a photo of the house. If you could help I would be most grateful.
        Gordon Parsons

      • Gordon–I hope you were able to go to the TTU website and pull the picture of the MACV house. If you had difficulties please let me know. Good luck

      • Hi Bruce
        Thanks for pointing me to your photo collection. Very interesting indeed. Can you please let me know the slide number that is the MACV House in Vinh Long as I want to be sure I have the correct building. Many thanks for help on this.

  34. To Bruce Decker. After seeing your slides at TTU I realized that you and I were there about the same time. I got yo Vinh Long in March 67 and left Mar 68. I saw your slides of the MACV House and I recognized the schrapnel damage done at TET. I am in the final stages of getting my slides of V.L. catergorized and labeled to send to TTU. I’m in my 7th and last box of 100 slides and expect to send them off shortly. James (Jim) R. Marsh USAFRet SMsgt (E-8) retired.

    • Jim; Iwas in Vietnam March 67 through February 68. I was in Vinh Long the second half of my tour. I also have slides that I took in country. The ones I have from Vinh Long look like Bruce’s. I would like to see your slides sometime. I was with Search Lights as was Bruce. Bill Zieser

    • Thanks for your post. It was a different tour to be sure. It is at times difficult to explain to others what we all did day-to-day.I am about 1/3 done with captioning my slides.

  35. Jim, No, that’s not the name either. Thanks for trying, though.
    One of these days I’ll sort thru the many letters from me that my mother had saved. I’m sure his name bymust have been mentioned somewhere.
    Dan B.

    • Dan, Another name surfaced. USAF TSgt E-6 Roy Leija. He was a medic there during my time ( Mar 67-Mar 68), but I don’t remember exactly his dates as he spent almost of of his tour in the sub-sectors. Jim

  36. Jeff, Although I never met Dr. Kushner, I knew he had been at Vinh Long after I left. He wrote a book about his time.

  37. After reviewing old records ( AF Special Order awarding AF Commendation Medal) I came up with a few more names of personnel assigned to the 558 MSF (MILPHAP) at Adivsory Team 52 on or about the Tet offensive 1968. All are USAF enlisted: MSgt Coy Hinkle, TSgt Roy Leija, TSgt Robert L. Neely, SSgt Howard J. Grover SSgt Donald Schlueter, Sgt John Mac Dermaid, Sgt Robert H. Watters and Sgt Yhomas J. Vallei. We had 2 AF doctors (both Capts) and a medical service corp officer 1st Lt. I can’t remember their names.

    • The 2 Doctors (Captains) Don Dynack, & Bill Harris. They were Replaced by Sheldon Kushner (from Alabama) & James McComb. They were both (Kushner & McComb) Class D ssurgeons which ment they both had only completd 1 year of their surgical residency befor thhy were sent over

  38. Bruce, No, that couldn’t be the same man. Our Air Force team member was a medic–not an M.D. And the name doesn’t sound familiar at all.
    Thanks for your help at any rate. You must have arrived at Minh Duc not long after I had left. I’d like to hear about your experiences there. I can be contacted at if interested in comparing notes.
    Dan B.
    Team 68, ’68-’69

    • Dan, Could the name you were looking for be Ed Laythrop? We called him “Lumpy ” when he was in Vinh Long out of the sub-sector.

  39. Bruce, 558 Medical Service Flight (MILPHAP) was an USAF medical advisory team attached to MACV Team 52 in Vinh Long. I was there Mar 1967-Mar 68. During the year I was present our team supplied Air Force medics to several sub-sectors of Vinh Long Province. I am also at a loss in remembering names. 1 of the guys our team had out was shot in the lower leg on an operation. Medi-vacced out and to stateside as the bullet transected the nerve in his calf and left him with a floppy ankle/foot. I can’t remember the time frame (pre-during or post Tet), but after I returned stateside in March 68, I took a trip to Walter Reed Army Hospital in Wash DC to visit him as his home was nearby. I spent 1 year and 3 months stateside before returning to Viet Nam on a volunteer basis as my assignment in upstate New York was at that time the I had ever had and during my total 24 years in the AF. If anybody out there knows the medic’s name I was referring to, please let me know. James R. Marsh USAF Ret. SMSgt E-8

  40. To all that want to see goings on in and around Vinh long from March 1967-68, I’m well on my way with almost 700 color slides. Road and air trips to and from V.L. as well as Christmas downtown, the convent and pool, goings on in the civilian hospital and the MACV house. Lots of slides after TET. Once I get them all labeled they’ll be on their way to Texas Tech Univ. Viet Nam Archives.

    • excellent, I thought about sending this CD’s that you sent me but I do not know how. You are amazing I do not know how you found this stuff!

  41. Wow! my friend Jim Marsh sent me this. I did not know you guys existed in this forum. I know Bob Joplin as we are both from California and he was in my sister’s class. I sure enjoyed reading this stuff.

  42. I don’t think I ever got capt Knight’s 1st name. I remember him being in Vinh Long months before , during and after the TET offensive. I believe he was there when DEROSEd in March 1968. Jim

  43. RE Bruce Decker collection at Texas Tech Univ.
    Type in (goes to TTU home page),, top rt of center is “A-Z index”, click on it,, goes to “A-Z index ” page, center of page — black bar with white letters,, click on the letter V,– goes to areas that start with V,,bottom center of page is “Vietnam Center and Archive”, goes to the TTU The Vietnam Center and Archive home page,, bottom left a red bar with “Search the Virtual Vietnam Archives”‘ click on it,, middle of page is an outlined box with red letters,, click on it — goes to the “Virtual Vietnam Archive Simple Search page,,, type in “Bruce Decker” then click the “Search and Display”,, goes to “Virtual Vietnam Archives Search page,, center of the page is “Finding Aid” for the Bruce Decker Collection, center of page click on “Collection: Bruce Decker Collection” (it is in red letters),, goes to a page with several collections, on the “Bruce Decker Collection” –scroll down to see photos. Easiest way is to print out instructions and follow. Maybe someone else can find an easier way.

    I have a lot of pics of the Vinh Long area which are similar to Bruce’s. We were there about the same time before, during and after TET. I’m going to contact TTU and see what I need to do to get my pics in the archive.

    Other info– the tall Westpoint Capt there during TET last name was Knight. The opening night of TET he was on the 3rd floor deck shooting VC as they were attacking the front gate.

    • By any chance was that capt knight on his 2nd tour?

      I had a 1st Lt. at Tam Binh that came there in May 1966.

      I know that he did at least another 6 months, but went back to the States first before his next tour started.

      My 1st Lt Knights first name was Dick, I didn’t know that at the time. I just learned that recently.

      Sent from my iPhone


  44. Don, That was after my time, but the year (Mar67-8) I was there our main team was in Vinh Long at the civilian hospital, but we had several of our guys out to the sub-sectors.

        • Donald, i don’t remember that person, was he there before March 1967 or after March 1968? See my recent post to David keefe. There are 2 dates to review re: different personnel assigned to the 558 MSF in Vinh Long. Jim

          • I keep forgetting to put my tour of duty years, I was at Team 52 from July 65 to August 66.
            Master Sgt Bigelow and Sgt McClary were tdy to our district Tam Binh late 65, probably October, November, maybe early 66.
            I’d have to find some notes from that time period.

      • David, I don’t remember that name. When I arrived (about 21 Mar 1967) the there were only 2 USAF Drs. assigned. A 3rd followed late, but that wasn’t his name either. I don’t believe the replacements Drs had arrived yet when I left in March 1968. See 2 entries 3 Feb 2015 1 from Jeff Purtle and 1 from me. There are a few names of guys assigned to the 558 MSF in Vinh Long. Jim

  45. James, We had an Air Force medic serving on our Minh Duc District, Vinh Long Province, team. Not only did he take care of our needs but also those of the villagers. He was damn good and well liked by all.
    Unfortunately, I can’t remember his name, having left not long after my arrival.
    This was late ’68 early ’69.
    Dan Borfitz

    • Dan,
      His name was Mahlon Maris. He was an Air Force MD. He returned to Boone County Arkansas and started a medical clinic.
      Bruce Bowen
      Minh Duc
      Jan ’69 – Jan ’70

      • Bruce Bowen! A welcomed name from the past. This is Ken Willoughby and I want to thank you for your very kind comment about me and my predecessor. My son found this site, and your comment, letting me look good in my son’s eyes… for which I thank you. How are you? Still healthy and prospering, I hope. John Rivers, your replacement, and I are still in contact. He returned to Minh Duc a couple of years ago. He said the team house has been removed AND there was now an automobile dealership downtown!
        Stay healthy. Know you are remembered with great respect.

  46. Oregon Mil. Research Institute is seeking to make contact with any and all MACV team members from Oregon for a Military History Project.

    • I’m from upstate New York, a few “klicks” away from Oregon. But I’d be happy to assist your project in any manner possible via e-mail or postal mail.
      You can contact me via this site or at
      Best of luck to you in contacting our former Oregon team members. I don’t recall meeting any, but I’m sure there were many.
      Dan B.

  47. Dan, I will check my attic trunks and see if I have maps–probably yes, but it will take a while. Will let you know. I visited Minh Duc just before Lt. Walt Gutowski, the CORDS district team leader, was ambushed and eventually died in a hospital in Japan.

    Fred Brown, DPSA CORDS Vinh Long, 1968-70

  48. Bruce, I’ll search through the cobwebs to see if I’m able to find a Province map. I’m pretty sure I had one tucked away somewhere.

    • Does anyone have a good source for detailed map of Vinh Long Province? All that I have seen are not detailed enough. Thanks

      • Bruce, I still have an operations map detailing Minh Dug Disrict, Vinh Long Province. Would that be of use to you?
        Dan Borfitz

        • Thanks for the response…….I would need the whole province so I don’t think it would be of use. I’m looking for something that my g-kids can see at a glance. Bruce Decker

      • Bruce, I have a 1:1000 map, it’s several sheets taped together but I maybe able split into quadrants for easier transmitting.Bob Joplin

  49. Bruce, I went to that site and received an error message that it could not be found. I was there in late ’68 and most of ’69. Would love to have seen those pictures.
    I’ll try the Texas Tech site.
    Dan B.

    Dan B.

    • I sent the webmaster an error message. I saw the pictures two days ago. If I find out something I’ll let you know. BruceD

  50. I saw where someone was looking for pictures of the VL Airfield. Texas Tech has just completed digitizing 324 slides I donated to the VietNam archive there. I have not had time yet to place captions on these images, but the pictures of the airfield are pretty self-explanatory. There are also pictures of Ba Cang,Binh Minh and Cho Lach and in and around VL and of course Tet ’68. Here’s how to get into the collection: Go to–next click on”virtual vietnam archive”–next click on “search the virtual vietnam archive”–next enter my name “Bruce Decker” in the “search and display” box–next click on the “Bruce Decker collection”. Unfortunately I just attempted to log on and the system is down. Anyway good luck, you may find some of this stuff interesting.

  51. I have a web page on facebook search for Vinh Long Army Airfield, it has lots of photos and personal stories from its members and have even connected those who served in IV Corps.

  52. I have many photographs of Vinh Long AF from 1970. Hwy 4 was a nightmare between VL and Can Tho since it was only about a vehicle and half wide with paddies on each side, some jungle and canals. I was ambushed in Sept of 70 on my way back from Can Tho. I arrived at the ferry about 1500 hrs and the QC’s pulled us over when we got off to head to VL. They kept us till about 2100 hrs and let us go after confiscating my shot gun riders cache of Mary Jane. About a mile from the airfield we were hit hard destroying the jeep I and my SGR were cut up from flying glass but no bullet wounds. Other events at VLAF I seen 2 choppers shot down, lots of mortar attacks, the ammo dump explosions, several ground assaults, race riot, stabbings, fraggings, tear gasings etc.

  53. Hi Ron,
    You remember a lot more that me, ha!
    I am from Texas and am living in Georgetown Texas now.
    I see John Aycock frequently, he did become a Texas Ranger and has now retired.
    I’ll send him a link to this website.

  54. Hello Paul,
    I remember you as a hard working TOC RTO. You always had a cheerful attitude when I know that handling the sector radio traffic must have been grueling. I worked for CPT Clark (the WP CPT you mentioned) when he was S2/3 Air and then went to S-2 after the VL Bn got ambushed in Jan 68. I think Infanger was the RTO with the Bn that day. He and I bunked in Sgt Christopher’s space. Infanger was from around Chicago I think and had the driest sense of humor ever. Junior Mechling (MAJ Rohn’s RTO) was quite a soldier and really tough to be so small. After he got the silver star he later took a load of shrapnel, got into an argument with a nurse in the hospital (he wouldn’t mop the floor, I believe) and walked out to come back to the team and recuperate. Pretty hardcore. As I recall, you may have been from Texas. I believe J. Ayecock was too. Last I heard he planned to get out and be a Texas Ranger although I never heard if he did. I heard that CPT Clark was a lawyer in Birmingham. I’m retired, living outside Atlanta. Hope you are doing well. Ron Taylor

  55. Howdy, I just found this again.
    I was there May 67 to May 68 in the TOC, RTO Spec 4
    My old memory is pretty limited but I do remember Infanger, Brown, Col Roberge, John Aycock RTO in Cho Loc I can see faces but names are lacking.
    Infinger and I handled the TOC during TET, I remember us working 6hr on and 6hr off shifts for about 6 days. There was a Captain from Westpoint there with us. I remember working our 12 on 24 off shifts rotating in the field with the Infantry Batallion.
    I remember Maj Rohn, his RTO reveived the Silver star for that encounter. I went out with the batallion the next day to search for the ones responsible.

    • Does any one remember the MACV building along the Mekong between the air field and Vinh Long 1969-1970?

      Sent from my iPhone


      • I was there 4/68-7/69, worked at TOC. I remember Roberge, Aycock ( he was replaced by Reyes as RTO). I have some pictures of the MACV base in VL, still trying to get it digitized. Will send you pix if you like when I get pix transferred.

      • I have a picture of it with the sandbags along the road and barbed wire I was in Vinh Long 1970 we would sometimes get to eat at the MACV Mess.

    • I was with 558 MSF USAF at Team 52 Mar 67-Mar68. I also remember a tall Army Capt Westpointer who flew birddogs for Team 52, but as age would have it, can’t remember his name. James (Jim) R Marsh, E-3, E4 at that time. Worked in Vietnamese hospital downtown Vinh Long.

      • James I took care of Finance Records for Team 52 at the Vinh Long office of the 292nd. I have a face book page search Vinh Long Army Airfield it has 153 members lots of pics and stories.

        Dennis Sheppard

  56. Paul, I arrived at the Vinh Long TOC as an RTO about a year or so after Tet after serving with the Minh Duc District team. It was a zoo even then. It must have been really bonkers during Tet with our counterparts scurrying about like crazy in those tiny rooms.
    I didn’t recognize any of the names you mentioned. Hopefully, they all made it home safely. We all had a special, almost family like, bondage.
    Dan Borfitz, Team 68, ’68-’69.

    • Rick, all of the email I send you keeps coming back but I seem to be recieving all of yours, if you see this what I need is a date for the mortar attack and a statement about both from you, thanks John

  57. Would anyone here know anything about the explosion of the ammo dump on Vinh Long airfield in 1970 or 71 or an attack where mortars were walked through the 36th battalion? Thanks very much.

    • I have affidavits from various soldiers at Vinh Long for my PTSD claim supporting the Explosion. I was inside the 292nd Finance Bldg when it happen the walls fell on me after digging me out and getting me outside stuff was still falling from the skies chemicals and supplies.

      • I was a Finance Specialist and handled the pay records of team 52 among others. I traveled throughout IV Corps resolving pay issues etc. I would hitch rides with the 175th, 114th or 611 Transportation.

      • Hi Dennis. Thanks for your response. Any help you can give would be much appreciated. I have one letter from another brother about the ammo dump explosion and have a date for that. Otherwise, I’ve been unable to find anyone who can send supporting statements, about the ammo dump or the mortar attack. I’ve tried several times over the years to find my best friend from Vinh Long just because I think of him often, but no luck. If you’re willing to email me, my address is Thanks again.

  58. Hey Ron, I finally got through all my pix and found a couple of you and Dave, I have to get these digitized and I’ll send them. Really enjoyed hearing from you and about you coming across some of the guys from the team. What are you doing now, family, etc. I remember Randy transferring to an ARVN Ranger unit somewhere in 3Corp after he left us. Anyhow, let’s keep in touch.

  59. My Dad was an advisor with MACV in 67-68 on team 52-68, at the time I believe he was a SMaj. Thomas Tobin was his name. I would appreciate it if anyone on this site remembers him. He passed away in 2009. He was in VN in 63-64 also. My brother was a grunt USMC in 1969-70 in Da Nang area, I was with the 101st (Recon team) in 71-72. Thanks for your time.

  60. My name is Thomas L. Brown. I was the RTO in Minh
    duc from March 1967 to March of 1968. Served with MAJ Douglas S. Detlie, CPT Robert A. Allen, CPT Ladd, SFC Joe Cruz, SFC “Doc” White. There during Tet Offensive. Live now in Lubbock, TX. E-mail is or call me at 806-773-7683. Lots of water under the bridge since then.

  61. Hey Ron, what a surprise hearing from you. I remember you and Dave Chandler (from Atlanta, I think) in S2. I came across posting from Dan Borfitz and am trying to get some pictures I took in VL and send to him. I still live in California, northern part, about 45miles sse of San Francisco. I have a couple pictures of you from a party of some sorts fromSept/Oct 68. I’d like to keep in touch, swap stories and fill in the memory gaps.

    • Bob, I’m glad you haven’t forgotten me. Am sure I will enjoy those photos. I’m sure they’ll bring back some fond memories and place faces upon names I can now barely recall.
      I also remember Dave Chandler. And I think you’re right he was from Atlanta. He had a long, but always well manicured, mustache if I remember correctly. Nothing ever seemed to bother him, taking everything in stride. A perfect fit for our Team.
      Dan Borfitz

      • Dan, I was reading the tags between you and Bruce Decker and I found if I typed in the address Bruce listed but cut the address after the “edu” I could get the site. I’m hoping to get the prints transferred to disc this week. I’ll be in touch. Take Care, Bob

      • Bob, Thanks for help. I went directly to the TexasTech site, followed Bruce’s instructions from there, and found the pictures. They were great and denintely brought back old memories.
        Dan B.

    • Hello Bob,
      Good to hear back from you.
      I saw where you mentioned Randy Leffler, one of your fellow RTOs in the TOC. I ran into Randy in the snack bar while I was in a course at the JFK Center at Ft. Bragg in the 70’s. I was really surprised to hear that he had gone RA and was stationed at the SF group.. He said LTC Meister, who was the Adv Tm XO when I was there had mentored him. Col. Meister was a strong individual, as I recall. He persuaded me to extend on the team in 68 for another six months. I also ran into Sgt Zaddie Wilkins, who had been an advisor with the VLAF ARVN PF (was it the 65th?). I still credit Zaddie with getting the two of us back through the perimeter wire from an LP on Vinh Long Air Field one bad night during the Tet offensive in 68. I also visited with SSG Christopher at Ft. Knox in the 70’s. He was an instructor at the Armor school and had brought back the family from Vinh Long. I think he was the longest serving advisory individual I knew as far as number of RVN tours. He must have had at least six years or so total. He even got out of the Army once, went home to Ky., got a job on the railroad, got pinned down in a rail yard during a riot in the city and quickly re-upped and talked his way back to the Team. I heard the Vietnamese gate guards cheering when “Trung-si Mop” came back into Rohn Compound. He was a great soldier as well as a popular team member. I saw in a previous posting that several folks had read Vinh Long by Harvey Meyerson. I remember him being there and doing research on it. He used to come in and chat with Cpt Graham, the S-2 who came in after Cpt Horsman was killed, Early 68 was a bad time for the team, particularly the day the battalion was ambushed. From what I have read in other postings, it appears that Vinh Long never really settled down much as far as enemy activity.
      The last time I looked at Vinh Long on the web, they were promoting tourism and telling about the fish farms there. Times have really changed, haven’t they? .
      Bob, I hope you and other team members are doing well. My e-mail is if you want to send any pix of VL. Take care, Ron

      • Your mention of Harvey Meyerson sparked by interest. I’ve known Harvey for about four decades, having worked with him on a congressional staff in the late ’70s (Representative Cecil Heftel, Hawaii). Harvey later worked for Hawaii Senator Spark Matsunaga on space programs and other intriguing missions. I was stationed in Can Tho 4/68 – 11/69 with 4th Bn, 525 MI Group and for about half that time coordinated a program called the Province Area Intelligence Representative (PAIR) program. We had a PAIR in all 16 IV Corps provinces for a brief time before the program pulled back and eventually was cancelled; their job was to train South Vietnamese assets in agent intelligence collection networks. The cancellation came after J2 Saigon decided the PAIRs were training “too many” Agency assets — go figure. I’ve struggled to remember the name of our PAIR in Vinh Long, and the best I can come up with is Bill Hoard — and that’s probably not right. (My first chopper ride — memorable because of no door next to my outside seat — in May 1968 was out of Vinh Long after arriving on an earlier Air American flight to visit him.) But if anyone remembers Hoard or whatever the PAIR’s name was, I’d certainly welcome anything you’d care to recall about him — especially if anyone has maintained contact. The one piece of trivia I remember is that he went to Japan on R&R and came back with some stories he loved to tell — and the way he told them, they were pretty unforgettable. I hope that triggers a memory.

  62. Ron, I can’t say I remember you but I too served at the Vinh Long TOC as an RTO. Prior to that, I was out of Minh Duc District with a once seven-man team soon reduced to six. All told, I served over there from Aug. 68 until Oct.69. I extended my tour by two months in order to get an “early out” from the Army.
    I do remember a Sgt. Christopher. He was a great help in teaching me the ropes at the TOC, which was a huge difference from District level. If I recall correctly, he was a fairly short redhead with a bit of a gut. I believe he was on his second tour at the time. A nice guy with a good sense of humor.
    Dan Borfitz

  63. I need some help from you IV Corps (Mekong Delta) Advisory Team vets.

    I am trying to piece together my brother’s experiences in Vietnam (June 65 to June 66) for the benefit of his boys and the rest of the family.

    A2C Tom Toussaint was a USAF reciprocating engine mechanic. For part of his time he was on Advisory Team 53 at Long Xuyen or Can Tho. He spent time at Soc Trang and Chi Lang. And he had been in both Thailand and Laos.

    I think he was a crew chief on a Forward Air Control 1-E Bird Dog. He had hundreds of slides taken from the rear seat of the FAC plane of air strikes in the forests below. But the few pictures I have of him show only Bird Dogs with US Army markings, not USAF.

    How were these Advisory Teams organized? Who did the members report to?

    Could he have been working on an Army plane?

    He talked about having an M60 mounted on the door of the O1-E. The FAC’s I have talked to said that the Army O1-E’s did this, but not the Air Force.

    What was the role of these USAF people on these Advisory Teams in the Delta?


    Ed Toussaint
    Potomac, MD

    • Ed, I was in Vinh Long, well after your brother, parts of 1969-70. I was however, an Air Force Crew Chief on O-1 Bird Dogs which were used for forward Air Control (FAC). The Air Force O-1Es were part of a Tactical Air Control Party (TACPs) which were assigned to the various MACV Advisory teams in the Mekong Delta and other areas of the Republic of Vietnam. Most of the FAC aircraft in the Delta were from the 22nd TASS (Tactical Air Support Squadron) Bart and Bomber FACs originally out of Binh Thuy AB, just up river from Can Tho and later Bien Hoa. We directed in province air strikes and provide aerial visual reconnaissance . In the course of my tour, I was assigned to Team 72, Tra Vinh, Team 60, Vinh Long/Sa Dec, Team 50, Cao Lanh and Team 64 Chou Doc. We were moved around as operational needs determined. While we were for administrative purposes an Air Force unit our operational support was provided mostly by the Army and MACV. We worked fairly closely with the Army version of the O-1E (L-19s) these were flown and operated by the 199th light Aviation Company (Swamp Fox) out of Vinh Long Army AB. There provided armed reconnaissance and artillery support. The Army bird dogs were armed with 2.75 inch rockets with HE warheads, while the Air Force used white phosphorus 2.75 inch smoke rockets for marking targets on the ground, we relied on strike aircraft to provide the punch. We crew chiefs provided the maintenance on the air craft for the pilots, refueled, rearmed etc. and some times flew as rear seat observers…..Anyway I hope this will help you to understand your brother’s role. – Mike Steele Sgt. USAF

      • Mike
        I was at Vinh Long 12/69 to 1/71 I was a finance specialist and handled the pay of Team 52 and 72. I flew all over the delta to handle pay issues I was responsible for 500 pay records. During a mortar attack on the airfield I took shrapnel only finance member of the 292nd to get a Purple Heart. Lots of memories.


  64. Thanks, Bruce. I arrived in Vinh Long about a year after you–well after Tet, thank God, but the Province was still a pretty nasty area. VC were all over the place. I ordered the book you mentioned via Amazon. Looking forward to reading it.

  65. Hello. My name is Bruce Decker. I was attached to Adv. Team 52 Apr.67-Apr 68 as a member of the searchlight unit. I did time at Ba Cang, Binh Minh( as I remember it being called) and Cho Lach and when In VL we did airfield security. When in town we stayed at the billets down the street from the TOC sharing a compound with the Sea Bees and cops. I have many slides from my time in VL Province of the above locations, plus the airfield, in-and -around VL and many pictures of Tet. I have donated all 330 of my slides to the Texas Tech Univ. VietNam Project, and they are in the process of digitizing them for their archives. Anyone is welcome to them once TTU completes that task by contacting TTU.I also have Harvey Meyerson’s book,”Vinh Long”.I have read it three times over the years and each time I gain a different perspective of what went on. It was a different tour for sure and very unique. I go on-line once in awhile and google”Vinh Long” and see where once I dodged mines and snipers up and down Highway 4, they are now promoting bicycle tours. Hard to comprehend. There is a post on 12/3/13 from Bob Joplin who mentions a “Rohn” compound. I vaguely remember the OIC at Ba Cang was a Major Rohn. Can you enlighten me? Anyway thanks for your time. Bruce Decker Lincoln, Calif.

    • Hi Bruce, enjoyed hearing your recollections. Rohn Compound was, as I remember, named for the S-3 Major who was was killed in an ambush on Rt4, along with his RTO Spec Adams, in 1964.I don’t remember if this is the same person. I have also read Meyerson’s book and enjoyed it. I would like to take a look at your pictures but the address you sent in your note didn’t work, did I read it correctly, “TTU.I”? Thanks

      • The correct address for this Texas Tech project is
        Looks like a pretty ambitious project. My slides have not been completed yet.Once done they send me a copy–I add captions then send it back. They will make me a copy. I can make anyone a copy that wants one. After my post I looked at KIA’s and there was a picture of Maj Rohn. He was killed 8/3/67.I remember he had a couple of children.

  66. Dave, it was great to hear from you, I remember you and, as I went through some old pictures, I found one of you. So, here are the typical/expected questions; where are you living now, what did you do after service the past, oh 40 years (!), have you had any contact with any members of the team? Would like to hear from you, if you feel like corresponding, see me some notes. Bob

  67. As Dan indicated, he and I were engineer advisors adv tm 68 during 69/70. You might be aware, but there is a book about the Tet 68 period in Vinh Long, with emphasis on the advisory team. It’s probably out of print, but here’s the details: Vinh Long by Harvey Meyerson copyright 1970 Houghton Mifflin Company Library of Congress Catalog Card Number (it’s so old, it doesn’t even have an isbn) 70-91063. My wife and I took a 3-week cruise to VN in 2000. The closest we got to VL was My Tho.

      • I also have pictures of Rohn Compound, TOC and shots of the town. I was stationed with the team from 4/68-7/69 as a radio operator. The book Richard mentions covers a brief history of the province and has some good pictures. It mentions Col Suplizio as being the PSA. Bob Joplin

        • Thanks to all for this conversation. Ipassed through Vinh Long by road several times in the 1990s but could not identify the team house certainly.Suplizio, as some may recall, was one of CORDS Ambassador Robert Komer’s favorites but did not last long in VL. Col RolandTausch, PSA in 1969-70,was superb officer and kept the team in good shape as the decline of the American presence began. VL airfield closed in early 1969 and thenumber of MAT teams were quickly reduced. There was still plenty of action at night, however: arc light strikes in Tra On; many fire fights along the Mang Thit-Nicolai canal with team casualties; and the “stem of the Y” in Sadec province next door was never pacified. (My predecessor, Fred Abramson, was killed in an ambush near Minh Duc a few months before I arrived in VL–see Meyerson book.) Fred Brown

  68. I was with Tm 52 from 4/68 -7/69. I was RTO with the 37th RF Co and split time with them and at TOC in Vinh Long. I remember Suplizio and Tausch. After a major contact with 306th VC Btn in August of ’68 I received VN Cross of Gallantry w/Bronze Star from Col Nghia. Your name is familiar, we may have crossed paths at TOC. Keep in touch

    • Hello Bob,
      My name is Ron Taylor. I was with Advisory Team 52/68 from Oct. 67 to May 69 in the TOC and S-2. I remember you well, along with SSG Christopher, PFC Infanger (a TOC RTO), Sgt Junior Mechling, MSG Moss, SFC Cleary, Cpt Clark, and on and on. LTC Roberge was the Senior Advisor most of the time. I left Vinh Long in May 69, served at Ft McPherson in Atlanta on my next tour and ended up staying in the RA and Reserves 14 years. I’m retired now from my civilian job and live outside of Atlanta. As I recall, you were from Texas or California and had a famous cousin. I hope you are doing well. Let me hear from you.

  69. From October 1968 through April 1970, I was head of the RD program, then DPSA in Team 68 under LTC Paul Suplizio briefly and later COL Roland Tausch. I would welcome hearing from any fellow team members. I know that ARVN COL, Vinh Long province chief Duong Hieu Nghia spent 12 years in re-ed camp and moved to Washington state in the 1990s in relatively strong health. According to Amb. Terry McNamara (who was ConGen in Can Tho and conducted a brilliant river exodus in 1975), Nghia is now a monk in a Buddhist pagoda in California.

    • Fred,
      I was next door in Sadec, an Army Lt who spent most of my tour as an AADO in Duc Ton which includes the Y base area adjacent to Vinh Long because there werent enough FSOs to fill the slots. Spent most of the rest of my career in ACDA and State.
      I wonder if you are in touch with Bruce Kinsey who is writing a book on CORDS and motivated me to write what is now 25K words of memoirs and Sadec history. If you have any insights about Sadec would appreciate hearing them.
      Gordon Bare

    • First of all, Thank you ALL for your service. Please accept my gratitude to all. I was only 8 when my father was province chief of Vinh Long.
      Second, with heavy heart, I would like to let you all know that my father had passed away on Palm Sunday 4/14/2019 at the age of 93, 4 months shy of his 94th birthday. I miss dad a whole lot.

    • Doug, I also was a crewchief in Vinh Long in 1965-66 , I started out a helicopter mechanic we went up to ankh to help the 1st. Cav. My name Jimmy Montroso

  70. I wish i could rember all the names and a lot of the other details from that time frame. we were adopted by macv team 68 in vinh long after the ammo dump went up on the vinh long air field, we were t.d.y. from binh thuy. only about 12 of us and we had control of all that came up the river. we gave the co what he wanted in exchance for dining room and motel rooms. Any one remember us? We gave you guys ammo, rations, building materials, jp4. you name it. this was all unoffical and could have gotten every one put on the hot seat. All these web sites are starting to fade away, we are dieing faster at a pace we can not control. now every one wants to recuit any one and every one who whas there, i will share all my photos and info to any one who want to view it. rick

  71. Team 52 got changed to Team 68 in 1968

    I have a photo of MACV House all shot up
    after the VC occupied it during Tet 68.

    I can email it to you.

      • From what I understand for the team number change was that the VC and NVA knew the team numbers and where they were located, so it was to confuse them.

        That’s all I know maybe true maybe not, I don’t really know.

      • Bob, I too served as an RTO at the Vinh Long TOC after transferring in from our Minh Duc District team. I was at the TOC from Feb. until Oct. ’69. Stayed at the large then team 68 HQ building, which, I believe, was formerly a fancy hotel by Vietnamese standards.
        Dan Borfitz

  72. I was RTO at Sub-Sector Tam Binh July 1965 – Aug 1966.
    Major Kitchens was my CO, Lt. Davis was XO at start of my tour.
    Capt Shields, later Major was next CO, Lt. Davis was still XO.
    Sgt. Hampton came in as weapons sgt later in year.
    Two Air Force medics TDY to us, Msgt Bigelow, Sgt McClary from Vinh Long.
    Capt Bamberg came to team as CO in March 1966, Lt. Knight came in May as XO.
    Sp5 Ritter was our medic at that time frame.

    Lt Col Roberts was CO at MACV HOUSE in Vinh Long, Sp4 Bill Wilson was in charge of communication at MACV House

    I’ve been in contact with several from Team 52, want to find more from Team 52.

    • i was a ssg and made sfc in team 52. i was there from Jan 1st to Dec 1965. when i first got there i lived in the old mag house down in the center of town. we moved to the new mag house around april 1965 after it was built. i retired from the army in1990 as a CSM. I think that Col. roberts was the CO at that time. i have a few pictures from that time.

      • David, I think I vaguely remember you.

        I was mostly at Sub-Sector level, Tam Binh was my District Town.
        I remember a ssg that was at MACV House, that was wounded on a couple of different operations. I don’t know if my team was involved or not.
        Do you remember Bill Wilson, he was RTO at MACV House? I have a picture of he and I on the balcony where the Team 52 sign was installed.
        I’ve been trying to find him for a long time.
        Are you in contact with any of your team members, American or Vietnamese?

      • David, I was the Intell Sector Advisor from mid-Oct 65 until Jul 66. I have to admit that I can’t recall you. LTC Roberts was the PSA when I got there. He left in Feb or Mar 66 and was replaced by Maj (P) Louis Michaels. My Intell NCO was MSG Roy Hamiliton. 1SG Bledsoe was the team 1SGT. We lived in the “hotel” on Rte 4 between downtown Vinh Long city and the airfield. I remember Don Bocik from those days and have since reconnected with him through Counterparts, an association of SE Asia advisors and their counterparts We just had a reunion in Las Vegas. I invite you to join us.

    • My name is Hal Morgan. As a captain in Sep 1964, I was the first District Senir Advisor in Minh Duc District. My assistant was 1Lt Thomas R Gordon. Wpsn NCO was Sgt Cross, Medic was SFC Cross, RTO was Sp4 Sawaya. Dist Chier was Maj Hoa, later Cpt Moc, an old Cambodian who was a POW of the Japanese. Anyone remember any of the above?

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