Team 11 Nha Trang

MACV Team 11 – Nha Trang.

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 7 located in Nha Trang.

34 thoughts on “Team 11 Nha Trang

  1. On khanhhoa province(Nhatrang) from 1968 to Sept 1970. Long time ago for sure! Major Maury Arrisgado and George Belcher have passed away. Kermit Midthun (my roomie) passed away in 2015 at 95 per his son. Found Steve Goldstein on this site. Anybody else around from this period?

    • John, I was on Team 46 at Dien Khanh District from May of 1968 to May of 1969. Teammates on the District Team were DSA Reid A. Barrett, SFC Medic Farrington, SSG Olivares (fromPuerto Rico), ADSA 1LT Thomas Keenen, Intel SSG Tice, RTO SP4 Frank J. Brudecki (from Brooklyn NY). The MAT team CO was Cpt Johnson, XO was 1LT Pike, a SSG from Tennessee who played the guitar, another SSG with a foot injury, a 60 yr old Medic with snow white hair, and a SSG from Japaan with bad teeth. I was the Phoenix DIOCC officer

  2. I was at Nha Trang from Dec 69 to Sept 70. We started out as Advisory Team 4 but became 7 before I rotated. I was an AFLS instructor for the school at there. I have some photos that can be shared.

  3. I was with MACV TM 11 from December 1968 thru January 1970. Some of the people in my unit were.
    Major Archie Roger’s, Lt. Joseph Loporie, major McGinnis, Col. Pensake

  4. I was assigned to Air Force Advisory Team 7, English Language School from Feb 71 to Feb 72. We saw our group go from around 200 down to 16 when I left in Feb 72. The base was turned over to the VNAF on March 1, 71. We worked side by side helping our VNAF counter parts on all the equipment we were turning over to them. I still have contact with 1 team member who lives in Arizona. Several other have passed. A1C D N Rice, Oklahoma.

  5. My name is Eddie L. Jones Sr. I was a SFC E-7 serving as Village Security advisor for Ving Xoung Sub Sector. We supported Viet Nam Popular
    Forces. We also had a MAT team. Major Putnam was our senior advisor. We consisted of a 6 man team we had some wounds but no death
    during my 13 months there. Ving Xoung was located about 10 miles north of Nha Thrang.

  6. Anybody aroun who was on the MACV team at province headquarters in Nhatrang from 1968 to 1970? Some remembered folks would be George Belcher(Cords), maury arriscadgo (major us army), Kermit MIdthun, province senior advisor.

    • I was a clerk there late 70, but I totally screwed up and was sent up north to 5th infantry, WHERE I RE TRAINED AS AN 11D. all WAS WELL AFTER THAT.

      • Kermit I was sorry to hear about your father. He was a great guy and was well respected. I served under him on Team 46 as the Dien Khanh Phoenix DIOCC officer as a 2LT/1LT in 1968 and 1969. He pulled !my backside out of the fire once when I was sucked into a political battle between my DSA and the Embassy Annex USAID’s guys! I can see him as plain as day behind his desk tearing up my OER and then offering me the Province Phoenix job if I extended my tour.

    • Bob, I served with you as MAT II–22 team leader in Ninh Hoa when you were District Senior Advisor. Approximate dates were February through August 1970. My team holed up in the Lien Doi just down the road from District HQ. We patrolled and ambushed with Capt. My and his RF company and participated in the Hon Heo island operation.

  7. I have some 1970 dated slides annotated “Team House” An Phoul (I believe this is spelled correctly). Can anyone tell me if this is actually the team located at Nha Trang? I ask because many other slides that came with this one were taken in and around the Nha Trang/Central Highlands area.

      • can you please email them to me   I’ll take a look and see if I can remember anything about them,  Am going toscan a couple of my pictures later today of Nha Trang

  8. when was the last time you tried to get access to Maxwell library? And have you filed a specific Freedom of Information request to them? I was at Maxwell AFB 3 years ago researching their files to help ID what ordnance was being carried on specific aircraft for specific missions, which also included specific locations. They were very helpful then. I also met a lady who was researching her a family member. She had filed a FOIA request and got access. It was also my understanding (according to the VA) that most all classified files on VN war were declassified about 10 years ago. If you file a FOIA request and it comes back denied, take that reply to your Congressman

  9. Ronnie, please contact me at It was my time at the 11th (after my major screw up) that turned me from a young drinking soldier to what I later became. But the 11th was a fun time too.

  10. I was assigned to Advisory Team 11 during 1970 and 1971. I spent 14 months with the Team. I remember SGM Michael Weber during this time. We were both SPC’s at that time. Captain Edward Hager and Myself ran many arms supply missions to the mountains during that time. SGT Ronnie Ferguson

    • Do you have any pics of the Team? I only have a couple, but then I was only there about 3 months before being booted out to the 5h Inf

  11. I was with Team 11 in Nha Trang in early 70, we operated from the coasat to the western boraders. Mostly supporting the ARVN 5th Area Logisic Command and an arvn armor bde

  12. Team 11 was in Nha Trang, supporting the 5th Area Logistic Command, operated as faar west as Ban Me thut

    • My Father Jack McCrary was in Nha Trang….went down 29th Dec.’67. 64-0547 over Nth. Laos….314th TAW Squadron…Flight Engineer..nickname Redeyes..Plane was located and excavated in ’92 at the 4500 foot location of a 5000 ft. karst….11 man crew lost…8 identified thru mtDNA from over 800 bone and teeth fragments repatriated at crash site…Took Hawaii 7 years to conclude forensics…Arlington group burial in 2000 for this heroic crew.
      2 years ago I am reading decades old military documents of my Father’s career, Began researching some info on line with his personal ID numbers….His name pops up on the USG’s Last Known Alive List. (AKA) LKA list.The DIA records and notates he made radio contact hours after the plane was reported missing….I cross referenced the other crew members names and none was on the LKA list… Never at any time did the USG notify my family that his name was on the LKA list…I always thought he perished with the rest of the crew members on board….But I found this info on several GOV. web sites….The saddest reality is that we know we left patriots behind…it is documented. Many men were left to survive or die in enemy hands….My Father’s remains were not at that crash site…he either saw it coming and jumped to safety, or he was not on that plane….I conferenced with retired Col. John Gargus last year. one of 3 mission planners for that fateful flight and he assured me my Dad perished with the rest of the crew members….My hope is that he perished with the plane and crew and is not being held captive, or was tortured to death, or suffered a long death….WAR
      nobody wins.
      I was lucky enough to locate a photo of him on line standing beside C130e 64-0561..OMG what a thrill to see him propped against his 1st love….The Herkybird…taken in Nam sometime in ’67. I have networked with the great gents here at Hurlburt Field, where I currently live to further my research…No one is talking…They cared and shared, but I still don’t have answers…Its like a new wound in my chest…It feels like I am starting all over with his whereabouts. No one knows how it feels because you are not in my shoes…I wish I had not located this information….He would be 81 this year, and his family is known for longevity….Anything is possible…. may still be alive…

      The mission is classified for 62 years…They will not allow me access at Maxwell…Wish I knew what my next step is…My brothers tell me leave it alone, but I am not finished…

      Cynthia McCrary-Harris

    • I was with TM 11 summer 1970 to summer 71. Sr Adv 40th ARVN Engr Bn Heasdquartered in Nha Thrang. Am looking for LTC whom I replaced who was killed/died about 2 or 3 months before I got there, Found a LTC on VN WAll Mem named King, deceased May 70, but can not find out in what unit other than MACV. Can’t find my Team 11 fosters from that time frame, Some in a box in storage shed. Any assist is appreciated. Charles Geisewite.

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