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MACV Team 6 – Danang.

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 6 located in Danang.

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  1. In late 1968, I was assigned to the MACV HQ at the ARVN compound in Danang. Also lived at the “Danang hotel”. Some paperwork I have from that time has the letter head: Headquarters, US Army Advisory Group, I CTZ, Advisory Team 1, APO San Fran. But I see on this site that Team 1 was in Hoi An so I’m a little confused. I was a 97D Military Intelligence Coordinator and my job at the Team was for a 964A Order of Battle Technician which I had no training in that type of work. Basically, the shop I was in received all the IntSums from all units in I Corps and then provided the morning briefings for the brass. Thankfully I was transferred out to a unit that had a slot for my MOS. Can anyone set me straight on my confusion? I did meet some great people. My roommate at the hotel was Troy Oldham but I can’t remember any others names.

    • Greg: You probably crossed paths with me and USMC Sgt Steve McCullough. I worked at the POW compound on the beach from Dec 68 to JUN 69 and stayed at the Danang Hotel. Send me your e-mail address and I will try to send you a few photos. Hope that you are in good health. You might have been assigned to Advisory Team 6.

      • John, Greg, It appears that there were multiple Team 1’s and 6’s in-country. I have been unsuccessful in making contact with anyone who was attached to the same Team 6 and Team 1 it was with. As I stated in an earlier post I was attached to Team 6 in Quinhon and subsequently to Team 1 in Danang. In Quinhon I was housed at an old French hotel on the beach near the port. In Danang I was housed at the Danang hotel. Shared a room with another advisor but rarely saw him. Anyone have any thoughts on this?.

        • My name is Art Fowler. I was initially stationed in the Quang Da Special Zone. A USMC Sgt who worked with Maj Crouch. His nickname was Red & was from Calf. Do you know him?

          • Art: my time at MACV HQ in Danang was spent at the ARVN HQ. I don’t recall Red. We couldn’t go into Danang at that time, only allowed to drive between the hotel and the ARVN HQ.

            • QDSZ compound was on the street along the river across from the Air America building. About 1/2 kilometer from the Danang Hotel. Did you know Sgts Gunther or Meza

      • John: thanks for the info. As I was able to think a little more on this — from MACV I got assigned to 5th SFGA down in Nha Trang and I think I came to the POW camp with an SF Major who was to interview an NVA general rather than during my time with MACV. I didn’t go inside, just waited outside. If you click on my name, “Greg Taylor says” it should bring up my website which has the email info.

    • Greg: I am Capt Benjamin H McDonald and was on MACV Team 1 from Feb 67 to Jan 68. My first assignment was as Bn Advisor to 2/51st ARVN Regiment that operated between Hoi An and DaNang. From Aug 67 to Jan 68 I was Asst G3 Air Advisor in I Corp TOC. I lived in the DaNang Hotel .My job was to coordinate the required air support and troop movements of the ARVN using the 81 Aviation out of Marble Mountain. III had to brief the Senior I Corp advisor each day on the previous day activities.
      I have photo of I Corp Headquarters Advisory Team and photos and movies of the HQs.

      • Hello Captain McDonald, Thanks for the info. So I remember the I Corps offices overlooked a huge parade ground. We were on the second floor and I guess that would be the south side. I would like to see any photos you have of the compound. When I went back to Vietnam in 1994, I drove down to the compound which was still being used by the NVA. Sneaked in a little video when my minder was distracted. What a place.

  2. My name is Will Wiebe. I served in Vietnam in 1969…. Air Force Advisory Team 5. Assigned to train MACV (Vietnam Air Force) at DaNang ….on A37 Dragonfly Attack jet aircraft ! Would love to know if anyone out there was assigned in the same advisory Team 5. Would like to connect!

    I live in Ashland, Oregon

    • Will, I was with US Army Team 1. We worked out of a building just east of the Air Force side of the airbase. I was billeted at the old French Danang Hotel. Was in and out of the Airbase/Airport on numerous occasions. Am still looking for any member of my team in ’69 – ’70.
      Hey neighbor, I live on the top side of Oregon in Happy Valley.
      Roger Aubert

  3. Does anyone here know or remember Richard Slaughter. He is my grandfather and I know he was in Vietnam in 69. I believe he was in Da Nang.

  4. I was with a logistics advisory team operating out of Danang in 1967-1968. We also stayed at the hotel when not visiting ARVN units. Our group consisted of 7 members. A driver, clerk, 3 NCOs, a Captain, and a Colonel (was promoted to General while I was there). Anyone remember our group? I’m a retired professor living in California.

    • John, what was your team number? I was also with a logistics focused team in Danang in ’69-’70. Team 1 was our unit designation but was a team of at least 2 dozen members. I was one of only two NCO’s on the team as I remember. All others were comm. Officers ranging up to Major grade. Our HQ’s house near the air base was staffed by a Staff Sgt., XO Lt. Col. and full bird commander. We were all split up in small groups and scattered across numerous ARVN units that were part of the ARVN 1st Inf. Div. Our assignments took us the full length of I Corps south to north.We were engaged in transfers of facilities and bases to ARVN units as part of the “Vietnamization” of the war effort.

      • I was in AF Team 5 working with the 41 VNAF Wing on Danang AB. We were assigned to MACV , not the 7 AF and supported by Army Team 6 not Danang AB. We were billeted in a small Hotel next to the CORDS building so the security was good. Thats where the American civilians big wigs worked. They always had an Army Unit show up when the intelligent thought it would get hot. quite a few of the AF worked in the EM club on the 2nd floor and the NCO built on the 3rd floor of Danang Hotel. We (AF) were always in Danang while as you know the Army folks were out with there units. I arrived in Saigon during TET “68” and had quite a time getting to Kopler ( sp ) compound for the trng. NO one knew nothing but I knew my orders said to HQ,MACV. I got directions and walked there. When I got in the HQ no one slowed down and I needed a new plan. I spotted an Air Force E-8 and I walked into his office. Showed him my orders, he made a call and told me to have a seat as help was on the way. I set for hours and noticed he was in an outer office. The person in the inner office approached me and asked if I was being helped ? Told him the SMSGT had made a call and a ride was on the way. Maby 45 min later the ride arrived and I was on my way. I was greeted by a Sgt Major who seamed to be enraged with me for sticking a Major General on him; i explained what had happened and when I saw the SMS I knew I was in good hands and come to think of it, the General was also Air Force. I can only say I was glad to be an AF T/SGT and not an Army SSgt. How was I to know I/we could have been shot !!!. It could only get better .

        • Good to hear from you John. Yes, “Hurry Up & Wait” was a time honored tradition in the Army if not all the services, and may still be. I was billeted at the Danang Hotel and took advantage of the availability of the NCO club where I could catch a half decent meal on occasion when in town since the Advisory Team had no means to provide meals other than issued rations. Consequently a good portion of that necessity was with my ARVN counterparts.

    • John, what was your team number? I was also with a logistics advisory team in Danang. Team 1. The team commander was a full bird and returned to the states at the same time I did. Same flights to Saigon and on to Oakland in early July of ’70. He was on his way to D.C. to get his first star pinned on his shoulder.

      • I worked for Advisory Team 6 at the Marble Mountain POW camp in Danang; stayed at the Danang
        Hotel at night. DEROS June 23, 1969.

        • John, good to hear back from you. Flew over Marble Mtn. A few times passing between assignments. Was aware of the POW camp. Did some work in the vicinity with an ARVN unit. Can contact me direct at for more dialogue.

      • I was in Advisory Team 6 working out of Marble Mountain; DEROS 23 JUN1969. — Trung Si John Godfrey

  5. To anybody who was in the Danang area for X mas ’69. Got the opportunity to get over to the Bob Hope show at the 1st Marine Div. Base camp. It was on a side hill with a stage at the bottom. A few years ago I scanned all my VN pics into a computer file. They were recently moved to a family drop box cloud along with a bazillion other pics. Step son says he will find them. Hope so as I could share some of them. I think Ann Margaret was Bob’s sidekick. The place was ‘rockin! (Mostly crazy Marines of course).

    • Yes, Ann Margaret was the star dancing on the stage; next to it was a personnel carrier for convenience if incoming rounds. Bob Hope was out of sync with the mood and humor of the troops; his jokes fell flat, and his suggestion that we all sing Silent Night for the benefit of the mothers and fathers that would be watching also fell through. We just wanted to ogle Ann Margaret.

      • Other details. The mood was set by Hope’s stage manager who shouted out from the raised stage before it all began to stop crowding the stage or he’d call the MPs. Troops don’t like to be shouted at, especially by fat civilians. Also, local command presented Hope onstage with an SKS; he fiddled with it until two or three guys scrambled onstage and released the bayonet flat.

    • I was at the 1969 Bob Hope Christmas show at Da Nang. I don’t recall Ann Margret. Hope’s celebrity female guest was actress Joey Heatherton. His male celebrity guest was astronaut Neil Armstrong who had landed on the moon that summer.

      • That was what I remembered but was hoping someone would fact check me that. I do have a couple of photos of the event but I was way up the hill in the nose bleed section. I could share the if you wish to contact me you can at wind song anyone
        Maybe there are some Danang stories to share.

          • Getting long in the tooth is often bad for memory. No problema! Oh! And I also fat fingered my e-mail address on my response.

            • I remember Neil Armstrong. But I also remember Nancy Sinatra singing “These boots are made for wakling” in white cowboy boots. It was a great show & I tear up when “Silent Night” is now sung. Art Fowler MAT I-31. We worked with the RF & PF securing DaNang. Worked out of Quang Da Special Zone HQ & the DaNang City Hall.

    • Yeo, I was there for the Bob Hope show. Flew down from Hue MACV 3. I was also stationed at DaNang for a while

  6. Just accessed the site the other day. Was initially confused by the Team menu. I served on Team 6 but in Quinhon in ’69. Then served with Team 1 in Danang. We were not at the main MACV compound but in what was a home close to the Air Base. Maybe 25 – 30 of us total spread out in small groups. I can’t remember the commanders name but he was a full bird. On July 9, ’70 both of us rotated out. He arranged transport on the Air Force milk run courier biz jet as it transited thru Danang and on to Saigon. We then flew back to Oakland on the same freedom bird. It was my understanding he was transiting to D.C. to get his Brig. Gen. Star.

    • Did you ever know my father? He was with MACV 70-71. William Hall. He passed at the age of 90 this past Jan.

      • Dear Brenda, first my condolences on your Dads passing. I do not recognize his name. Perhaps you might have information as to his particular Team and rank. That might help. I served with Team I in Danang but left in early July of ’70.

    • I am sorry to hear the news. I pray he had a good and fruitful life. He was a kind and good person. Do you live in Vietnam?

  7. you right, I remember ssgt Foley, Col Cavanaght Senior advisor QDSZ and he was KIA by vc Good health and lucky to you!

      • Art, I curious about a missing Jeep from DaNang from in front of the MACV headquarters. A bird told me you were somewhat responsible for that Jeep getting “lost”

        • A current friend of mine was in a Marine MACV security unit vehicle theft ring out of Hue who would come down to Danang. I don’t know much about MACV I Corps HQ. I was at QuangDa Special Zone across from Air America offices downtown. 1st of July 1969 the thief ring clipped our Team’s jeep at the DaNang Hotel. But I had just arrived in Danang so I am innocent regarding any loss of equipment.
          But whose feeding you such false gossip. And where do you fit into the storyline?

          • I remember 1 said Jeep mysteriously appearing at the MACV compound in Hue in front of the marine house. Boy that was 50 some years ago. We have a common “birdie” friend. Boy, young guys do crazy things in a country far away. :>) I admit to nothing……but it was a long way up highway 1. Thanks for the reply

    • I served with Team 1 in Danang from July ’69 thru early July ’70. That was after having been with Team 6 in Quinhon for about 4 months in ’69. I worked primarily with the ARVN 601st Logistics Btn. while in Danang, but various assignments took me over the entire length of I Corp as well as II Corps while in Quinhon.
      My interpreter was an ARVN NCO who I developed a close working relationship with he and his family. (still miss him) Also had the aquaintence of an interpreter who I had arranged for her to work at our team HQ as an in-house interpreter. I was in touch with both after I rotated out for a short period of time but lost contact. I reached out thru Vietnamese I knew in Phoenix after the war ended to see if they could help dredge up any info on either one but to no avail. It probably did not end well for either one given their working relationship with the team. Have not been back except in my thoughts and memories over time. Would like to hear back from you or any of the others who post on this thread. Stories to tell.

  8. Good evening,
    Can anyone recall Capt. Erman “Mink” Newman. He is my grandfather that was killed on a mortar attack on Aug. 12, 1966. I believe the attack was on the building for which he worked. He mortally wounded by shrapnel after approx. 6 months in country. Lt Col. John “Jack” Daniel was with him the night he died.
    West Point graduate 1957

  9. Flew the C&C mission for 23ID ADC-Alpha in Nov-Dec 1970 and made several visits to MACV Danang. Had a Marine UH-1 almost collide with us on the helipad there. I was trying to find that location on a satellite image of Danang the other day, but couldn’t remember landmarks other than a concrete water tower nearby. Can you help triangulate it for me?

    • Hello Ervin. Perhaps Theodore McMullen served with my grandfather, SFC Robert G. Sproat, G2, MAAG/V, I Corps, Da Nang, 1963-1964. I have a May 1964 photo of SFC Sproat at Da Nang with Captain Hubert Bartron (infantry), Lt. Donald Naylor (helicopter pilot), various ARVN I Corps G2 personnel, and two more American sergeants–one with the last name Anthony, I believe, and a tall sergeant with glasses (cannot see a name patch on his uniform). Was Theodore McMullen a tall man, and did he ever serve alongside G2 (intelligence) soldiers in 1964 at Da Nang?

    • Hello, trying to help my step dad find members of his team 64-66. George Simpson, AFC. Hes getting dementia and doesn’t remember his team number but was one of the first serve members in Cambodia. Any chance you remember him, or can steer me in the right direction? Thanks so much.

  10. I spent several months with Team 1 HQ, , assigned to the Security Platoon. LIved in the DaNang hotel along with a few hundred others. SSG Blanchard and were pretty much the only two NCO’s. The Platoon Sgt a SEC was a ghost.

  11. What was the team at Hoa Vang District Headquarters just south of Da Nang Air Base? I as assigned there with the 52nd CA Platoon 29th Civil Affairs Company doing refugee work in the district May 1969 – January 1970.

  12. I stayed on the second floor of the DaNang Hotel from June 1968-May 1969. I was assigned to the 11th Interrogation/Translation Team which was stationed at the Combined Interrogation Center next to The ARVN Prisoner of War Camp just North of Marble Mountain on Hwy 1. Does anyone remember anything about the PW Camp or the CIC?

      • Hi John. Yes, I used to live in New Hampshire. I now live in Colorado. I believe I also remember you. Did you used to repair our vehicles? What are you doing now? I also am in touch with Lt. Morrison. I don’t know if you remember him. Good to hear from you.

      • John, I don’t presently live in NH but grew up there (Somersworth). I was with Team 1 in Danang from July ’69 into July ’70. Billeted at the luxurious Danang Hotel on the 2nd floor, backside. My most fervent memory of that room was getting knocked onto my bunk from a rocket explosion just outside at a civilian residence that blew the windows out and left me with a souvenir scar on my left hand.

        • Trung si Aubert: I posted below in Feb 2018 as Steve McCullough was briefly my roommate at the Danang Hotel. I must have just missed you as my DEROS was June 23, 1969. There was another huge explosion near the water by the hotel sometime around March 1969 but nobody in the hotel was injured as far as I know. I retired to Dover, NH in 2018 and often drive through Somersworth. Let me know if you are ever in these parts. Hope that all is well with you.

          • John, good to hear back from you. Graduated from Somersworth High in ’67. Signed up in Nov. of that year to avoid the draft and get an assured MOS.. The Army put me thru what was referred to then as the instant E-Five program. They apparently were short of E-Fives to fill allotted slots. Spent a few months in Germany and 1049′-d out to Vietnam in early ’69. How I got assigned to MACV as an advisor was a mystery to me. My MOS was in Avionics Logistics and I did anything but that as an advisor. Started out with Team 6 in Quinhon. Worked some assignments to do with base and facility transfers to ARVN and worked with a unit of RF/PF ARVNs on an island off the coast that was populated by a single fishing village. Got transferred to Team 1 in Danang in July ’69 and spent a year at that post moving around throughout I Corps on misc.assignments.
            Was last back in NH in ’07 for a class reunion. Have a brother in Mass. Don’t know when I’ll get back there. Lets stay in touch. More stories to share I’m sure.
            Take care

  13. Ed, Gene:

    I lived on the forth floor of the DaNang Hotel from Oct 70 to Jul 71. I do remember the CORDS parties next door…I mostly remember the free booze Of cource we also had our NCO club in the Hotel with the Flippino bands. It was a heck of a time for a nineteen year old.

  14. Hi all! My father in law, Edmond (Ed) Davenport was on MACV Team 6. He’s fallen ill and I’m looking for anyone that may have info about his time in service. Does anyone remember him?

    • Sarah
      Do you know the dates he was in Team 6. What was his rank? You know if he was NCO or an officer. I was there all of 1971 and don’t recall him but it has been 40 years. What was his job or specialty. We had 50 people in the team spread all over I Corp so maybe I never met him. Not likely but possible.
      Good luck to you.

      • Hi Gene! Thanks for your service and your reply!

        Ed was a Captain and there from 1970-1971 according to a plaque I found. The plaque said MACV Advisory Team 6 1970-1971.

        He has pretty advanced dementia so he’s not able to remember or tell us about it.. and before he was sick he was a very private guy. My husband didn’t even know his rank or anything until we found his DD-214 cleaning out his house. It looks like from what we found he went to ordinance school but I don’t know more than that. I’d really like to find out anything I can for both Ed and my husband. What did Team 6 do?

        I hope this finds you well!


      • I was a company clerk for MACV Advisory Team 6 in 70-71. Also was the mail clerk for the unit. Co. Robert Keys was our CO and SGT Cole was the NCO. I think I remember you; were you from Florida? I lived at the DaNang Hotel also. Spent a few nights in the club and watching movies on top of the hotel with SGT Cole who ran the movies.

  15. Hello, I was the Inspector General clerk for MACV Advisory Team 1, HQ I Corps DaNang from Oct 70 to Jul 71. LtCol Sevdy was the IG. He was promoted to Col after Lam Som 719 and became Chief of Staff MACV I Corps HQ.

    • I was a Security Guard for MACV Advisory Team 1, HQ I Corps DaNang from Oct 70 to Oct 71. Guarded all the Military officers Installations. Including the DaNang Hotel.

      • Ed
        I was assigned to the DaNang Hotel for all of 1971 except when we were on a mission. I probably walked past you several times a day. The CIA was housed in the building next to the hotel. There was a party there every night. The officers were located in another building not to far from the hotel. I don’t think there were any officers at the hotel. NCO’s and support staff like me.
        Small world.

          • I do. But for the life of me can’t recall details. Fo some reason Maj Lyle’s name rings a few bells.
            Donald Holcomb I remember well. He was a good guy. And he once spent whatcseemed like a half hour explaining the correct way to pronounce his name.

        • Did you know USMC Sgt Bob Alley who was there 69-70? I believe he live in a house next to the Danang Hotel.

  16. My father, Ralph Loyd Comer, was stationed in DaNang from May 1962 to May 1963 as an advisor. He was a Captain at the time. He never spoke of what he did during that year although I have a couple of pictures of him with a group of Americans and what I believe to be South Vietnamese. All we know is that he was an advisor to the South Vietnamese and the photos show him in civilian clothes. Upon his return to the States, he went on to Command General Staff College and then spent 1966-69 with CINCPAC in Hawaii where he was an analyst. I finally got his Army personnel records from the National Archives a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, much of the information was blacked out (redacted) and, since he passed away in 1970 when I was 9, I will never know what his roles were during his Army career (1953-1970).


        • Hello Rich. Perhaps you ran into my grandfather, SFC Robert G. Sproat, US Army, G2, MAAG/V, I Corps, Da Nang, 1963-1964 (he was an Intelligence Analysis Adviser). At Da Nang in 1963, my grandfather served with Lt. Colonel Alvan C. Hadley, Jr. (infantry). Let me know if any this rings any bells. Thanks!

          • Hi Ethan, It may have been possible but no bells are ringing here. I came into contact with so many people during my time at Da Nang and other TDY places I was an advisor at.. Rich

    • Ryan: When are you coming through Johnson City,. I just got back from my 50th year Wofford reunion. Of the approx. 50 who came, about 30 were in the military & about 15 were in Vietnam. I spent some time with Col. Bill Ponder who was at the Clemson MP Reserve unit & he spoke fondly of an officer White who was black & taught at Clemson. Come see me when you are passing through. Art Fowler 423-483-3666

      • Art,
        I thought of you Wednesday when Cpt Ham McDonald that I served with in I Corps in 1967-68 came by to visit me from Atlanta. We had a nice chat on the porch and discussed the old days and events. I hope to be by to visit with you as as I am hoping to have a met coal project in SE Virginia soon and will be traveling through your town on the way.
        Good to hear from you and wish you well.
        Ryan Faulkenberry

  17. I remember a Sp 5 Johnson in 68 who worked in the G2 Advisory section, a thin taller guy . I don’t know if this is your friend or not but we operated out of the ARVN TOC.. This fellow should be around 68 by now. He should remember me if we are talking about the same person.
    Ryan Faulkenberry 1 Lt
    Assistant G2 Air Advisor
    I Corps ARVN Hqs
    Da Nang Nov 68/69

    • Omgosh! He was thin but only about 5’6 or 5’7″ maybe. He was my brother and I would love to find someone who knew him! He recently passed…..June last year. Would have been 67…..sounds like we’re taking about same guy…..other than being tall? Wish I would have found this site sooner. Thank you for your service!! 💕

    • Joe
      I was in Saigon for awhile when I first arrived in Dec of 1970 until they assigned me to Team 6. I didn’t know very many peoples names when I first got to team 6. If you left in early 1971 I may have seen you but didn’t know your name. At the very least I can’t put a face with your name.
      Sorry I’m not much help Joe.

      Gene Turner

    • Joseph Sorry I do not but am sure we ran into one another. Just found this site. I was company clerk in 70-71 and was also the mail clerk. Was SGT James Kiddy.

  18. Served with MACV, was advisor to 1st Vietnamese Armored Brigade in Danang. July-Oct. 1969. We took over the 1st Marine tanks when the 3rd MAF left country. Anyone ever heard of us? Was E-4 11B, Retired 0-4, 18A. Any info please connect

      • Sorry Joe, just found your post. I can vaguely remember the metal patch insignia and the black beret. Of our 12 man team I remember Ltc. Buedinot? I remember being blasted out of bed when something blew up West of the DaNang Hotel. My running mate at that time, (Harold Moats) died 15 years ago, good whiskey blew out his liver. There was a sp/4 Kidd. I am confused as what I am asking. Am I wanting to reminisce?
        maybe like most I want to find out if I was really there and did I do my duty? The experience helped me lean forward to a successful career with very few or no regrets. Retirement makes us look back and try to figure out if that experience made us a better person. Of course my one year tour with 1ID was my crucible. How has your life been since?

          • James, Roger Aubert here. I was also billeted at the Danang Hotel. I roomed on the backside of the building and remember a rocket attack that blew out the windows in my room and left me with a few glass shards as souvenirs. I was with Team I and have been unable to get any info on any fellow members of that team from July ’69 to July ’70. Almost all were commissioned officers as I was one of only two NCO’s on the team.

    • Maurice, I served on Advisory Team 1, Quang Da Special Zone, MAC-V from November 1969-September 1970. The 1st Vietnamese Armored Brigade was one of the units assigned to Quang Da Special Zone, along with the 51st Regiment ARVN, the 1st Ranger Group, the CIDG Mobile Strike Group, the 17th Armored Cavalry Squadron, and the 44th and 64th Artillery Battalions. In summer 1970, General Lam assigned the 258th Vietnamese Marine Brigade, as well as three infantry and one light artillery battalions to Quang Da Special Zone for a large combined back country operation with the 1st US Marine Division. This, of course, was after your time. Incredibly, this large QDSZ force was commanded by a Colonel, Nguyen Van Thien. (Col. Thien was a fighting soldier and not a political ally of General Lam which may explain the low rank.) Did you know him? Were you part of the QDSZ advisory team?

      During my first few months in- country, QDSZ HQ was located in downtown Da Nang in a large white-washed compound, not far from the Da Nang Hotel. Our advisory team senior advisor was bird colonel Allen. The QDSZ HQ and our team moved to Hill 34 west of Da Nang in spring 1970. I didn’t have much contact with the 1st Armored Brigade and don’t think there was a dedicated advisor for that unit during my time. I was the QDSZ G-2 Air NCO Advisor. Would like to hear from you.

      • I think that is hill 55 not 34 near Hoa Cam arvn training center beside 1st arvn tank brigade. I was ssgt interpreter for QDSZ advisory team, thank you for your information

        • I was on MAT I-31. We were assigned to work with the RF & PF securing Danang. The commanding advisors for Quang Da Special Zone at that time were Col Allen (Army) & Col Casey (Marines) We were in your compound (2d Floor beside the supply room) & then in the Spring of 1970, moved to the City Hall compound. Our interpreter was Sgt. Chuia. He lived near China Beach.

        • I had recalled Hill 55 being the HQ of a US Marine Artillery Bn located about a mile west of us. Did you know Col Thien’s NCO, Sgt. Lam? Regrettably, Thien (who was promoted to Brigadier General in August 1970), was lost at sea while flying to Saigon in August to formally receive his star. So far as I know the small jet he was flying in was never recovered.

    • Maurice, your post rang a bell for me. I was with Team I in Danang during ’69-’70. I had somehow made the acquaintance of two Philippino contract civilians who were tank mechanics training ARVN mechanics. I remember one as Tony Sequina. Lost the other name. Treated them to a meal and entertainment by a USO Philippino band at the Danang Hotel. Great guys!


  20. I was Asst G2 Air at I Corps Hqs from November 67 to Nov 68. I was flying with an USAF FAC the morning of TET. We dumped 50 + air strikes on the NVA just south of I Corps Hqs. It was ugly for them.
    I talked to Cpt Buddy Dent about a year ago. He was Asst G3 and worked in the ARVN TOC with me. I think I remember you and a Cpt Zimmerman .

    Ryan Faulkenberry 1st Lt in 1968
    Starr SC
    864-933- 0218 ><

    • Hello – You may see my search request as the latest entry for Team 28, which was in the Delta. I wonder if the CPT ZIMMERMAN that you recall could have been one and the same. Might you have any leads for me? Thanks!

    • Hello, I was XO & CO of MAT I-31 Quang Da Special Zone July 1969 – May 1970. Commanding officers: Col. Allen (USA) & then Col. Casey (USMC). Quartered at 9 Gia Long. I may have photos of building. Art Fowler, Johnson City,TN

  21. I just found this site. I served as Bn Advisor to the 2bn 51st ARVN Regt from Feb 67 to Aug 67. We had a team of four Advisors. Capt McDonald, Capt Norman LeMeu, Australian WO Lofty Moran and an E5 whose name I can’t remember. The last of my tour I as the Asst G3 Air and worked out of the I Corps Hqs. I flew almost every day with the Forward Air Control out of Danang. I have a picture ou the I Corp Team if any one is interested. I was in the MACV Compound in Saigon and scheduled to leave country the day Tet started. I am interested in reaching others who I might have served with.
    Capt Benjamin H McDonald

  22. MACV, Headquarters DaNang … personal aid to the Commanding General Lt.Col Bryant , I Corps Support Group … anyone still alive? (Marcus R. Taylor, SP4 – 1968)

  23. Anyone remember a William D. Swanda from WA State? My father was part of the Naval Advisory Group and was in Danang. He didn’t talk much about his time there, but all I know is he wore the black beret, had a small craft insignia (enlisted), and according to the records I received after his death, he received a NUC for NAVSUPPACT, Danang for 16 Aug 66 to 15 Dec 67. He also received a MUC for NAVSUPPACT in Danang, probably 1968. I don’t have the exact dates for the MUC, but the commendation letter from Gen. Westmoreland is dated 16 Mar 1968. His records also indicate 2 other MUCs, but I don’t have any letters, info, or dates about them.

    If anyone has any info on him or can help me find out more about his time- I’d REALLY appreciate it!


  24. I am looking for anyone that would have any information or who might have served with a CSM Meade around 1970 or 1971.

  25. How do i figure what team worked at danang 30may72 at night 0330 i delivered two trucks. Thanx

  26. I was with Advisory Tm 1 at Da Nang Nov 67- Nov 68 with the G2 advisor Col. Robert Hand at the ARVN TOC. Lt Ryan Faulkenberry .

  27. No major Conrad on team 6 in late 1970 or 1971 when I was there. Don’t know about 67-68 time frame. Most people rotated out within a year or so. A few extended their stay if they liked what they were doing but not many. No help from me. Sorry.

        • Would anyone have a photo of 9 Gia Long hotel at Da Nang 1968? I understand it’s torn down now and the street name changed.
          Ryan Faulkenberry

          • I was with the Team in Danang from August 68 to around November 68. I was assigned to the Order of Battle shop but had no training in that area. Eventually I got levied to Special Forces Nha Trang as a slot was open for my MOS 97D. I was an E5 and I’m pretty sure that your desk was behind mine and in front of a huge map of the area. One day there was a report that elephants were seen carrying supplies for the NVA/VC and you noted that on the big map with little cut outs of pink elephants. 50 years ago, wow.
            Greg Taylor

            • I was in the TOC constructed after TET. I think you might have been in the large brick building on the west side of the quadrangle with a Captain Jones.
              I did know about the elephants but not the pink ones.
              Best to you!

    • I am not privy to TEAM 6 . I was an advisor/pilot flying with ABAT TEAM 5 at Da Nang, I left Vietnam AUGUST 1963. I flew mission all over I Corp. and along the “border”.

  28. I was in Team 15 in Hoi An just south of Da Nang. We used to travel to Danang. Sometimes to Chords HQ. Sometimes to the Hospital. Chords reminded me of a Hotel, ball room, supply , admin offices. Sometimes we would go to Air Base a place called Gufighters Club.

    Back at Hoi An I was a Radio Operator and net control was Danang. Any of this sound familiar?

    What was the mission of Team 6. Team 15 Hoi An mission was advise Viet regional forces of Quang Nam Province.

  29. Gene Turner

    Team 6 HQ was located in Danang. We had about 50 members. They varied in rank from Colonel to PFC. I was there for all of 1971. Interesting group to say the least.

      • Hi Ken
        When I got there in late 1970 there was a Colonel Polowski (could be spelled wrong) in charge. He had an engineering background. Late in 1971 around Oct or Nov he was replaced by Colonel Kies. He had a combat background. I left in Jan of 1972 and Kies was still in charge at that time. I would guess that Kies was still there in May of 1972 as well. There was a Lt Colonel Randall second in command when I got there. He had some personal issues after his wife died and was replaced by a Lt Colonel Pazderka about mid 1971. As you probably know, anything can change after a person leaves so I actually have no personal info for May of 1972.
        I hope some of this may be of help to you.

        Gene Turner (PFC)

        • Hello Gene: I arrived DaNang in early December of 1970. I was staying at the Hotel . Worked as a company clerk and Mail clerk at the CHORDS HQ. I left DaNang in October to return to Saigon, was assigned to the drug testing operation on out going soliders. I took a lot of photos during that time. We played basketball between the Hotel and the civilian living area. I was promoted to Sp4 in DaNang .

    • Hello, first off thank you for your service! My dad was Macv mobile advisory team 6 from ’70-’71. I am currently making him a shadow box representing his time their. If there is anything that you could think of to include, I’d appreciate it. Thank you!

        • Joe my roommate at the DaNang Hotel was Roger Kent Williams from NC. Great guy and he was assigned to I Core. Went thru basic and AIT with him at Fort Polk and he was in DaNang when I arrived. They kept me in Saigon over a week before I was assigned to MACV Advisory Team 6 in DaNang where I met up with Roger again.

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