Team 40 Vinh Binh

MACV Team 40 – Vinh Binh.

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 40 located in Vinh Binh.

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  1. H.E Caldwell : I was with Team 40 as the Detachment 1st Sgt from June 1965 until Nov 1965. Cpt Rosenfield was the Detachment Commander and LTC Gotthelf was the Senior Advisor. IF memory serves me right – LTC Gotthelf concurrently served as the Artillery School Advisor. Most of
    the other names elude my memory (happens after 94 years). I DO HAVE a recollection of Dr. Kelly. E7 Medic with a LOT of talent. I left Team 40 as a Sgt Major in Nov 65 and went to Adv Team 87 in Xuan Loc – ARVN 10th Div – until DEROS Jul 66. Hopefully there are guys out there with better memories than and would share.

  2. My father, Preston L. Parker was on a MAT Team. Based on a photograph, I believe he was Team 40. Anybody recall my father?

  3. Would like to say hello to Captain Robert E. Jahr, JR. We met in Viet Nam. Thank you. Best Regards, Frank W. Giroux (on the ranch in Arizona)

    • Hello Frank what was your tour of duty at Team 40? I was loaned out to MACV in July 65- March 66. I was with the como group from the 41st Signal Battalion from Cam Rhan Bay, Radio and carrier equiptment. What was your rank? My time was very uneventful, I guess thing crazy later on, hope you got through it safely. I now live central Iowa, retired and grandpa, married for over 50 years. Take care write back if you feel like it.

  4. Looking for any information on MSG Rollin Sargent. His record shows that he died of a heart attack while assigned to Advisory Team 40 on October 22, 1964.

    • I didn’t arrive there until July 1965, I was detached from home company the 41st Signal Battalion Co C from Cam Rhan Bay

  5. For years I’ve been trying to gather as much information about my grandpa as possible. He was in Vietnam from 65-67; 5th SFG MACV. His name was Richard E. Jackson. I have ALL his military stuff since I am a military man myself. Any of you know him?

  6. Looking for info on 1LT Donald C. Johansen, Advisory Team 40, injured in a vehicle accident at the Lam Son Training Center and was medically evacuated to Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines where he died October 20, 1963.

  7. Hi everyone. I was an Australian adviser in the MACV system from 1966 to 1968. Duc My was a posting for 3 Australians – a Captain and 2 Warrant Officers. Aussies had been there since the year Dot. Instead of being there for 6 months, I was sent down to Phuoc Tuy province in 111 Corps after only 3 months to take over from another Aussie captain. Duc My was my first association with Americans – all good memories. From Sep 66 to early Jan 67. Anyone remember Capt Don Kimsey? U.S Army Ranger. We were good friends; roomed together. I had sad news recently – I found out he was KIA in 1969 after 3 months in country, second tour. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I recollect Duc My was a 12 month posting, which, at the time, was a quiet place – with not much chance of being awarded a CIB. The CO refused any transfer applications – “I’m here for 12 months – and so are you.” I was glad to leave Dodge. I might add that my further 15 months soldiering with U.S Rangers was also good stuff. They were all Gung Ho! Take care, everybody.
    Clarry Rule. Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (AATTV).

    • I was there at MACV team 40, from July of !965 to April 1966 in the Como Bunker. Sgt Willmoth, Sp4 Wagoner,sp4Shimco, and myself Pfc Randy Wagner. I had a good time there. I do remember you Aussie”s. I made the big mistake of asking the rank of one of the British officers, his comment was short and to the point about being a Australian. Great men.

    • Clarry, I was a Senior Advisor to the Chief of Tactics at the Ranger RTC from June 68 to May 69. One of my good lifetime friends was WO Arthur “Robbie” Robinson from the AATTV, I had served a previous tour as Senior Advisor to the 34 Ranger Battalion in 66-67.

  8. Ray I was with the Macv team 40 we were station near DUC MY July 65 to July 66, where was VINH BINH Randy Wagner co c 41st signal detached out of Cam Rhan Bay

    • Randy,
      Duc My was the village outside the gate of the Lam Son National Training Center, where Tm 40 was when I was there.

      • I, too, was on Team 40 in Duc My, just down the road from Lam Son National Training Center. We had Lam Son training advisors, as well as advisors to the Artillery and Ranger Schools (two each), both of whcih which were just across the street. That was late in the conflict, 1971-1972. In all, there were a dozen or so of us. I believe I was the last team member to serve a full tour in Vietnam. The others had their tours curtailed as MACV shut down countrywide.

  9. Is there anyone out there who was at the training center in the summer of ’69, when a unit undergoing training, was attacked in their barracks? Particularly interested in making contact with the team medic at that time, Doc Urick.

    • I believe that my husband was his name Herbert Eggers. Currently we live in Florida all he talks about is Vietnam. He tells me how he was attacked for 8 hours long. He has frontotemporal dementia he is now going to be 80 years old in July. He retired from the Army after 20 years.

  10. Randy Wagner says: Feb,10, 2016. I was station at Duc My team 40 as a radio operator from July 1965 to May 1966. I was TDY from the CO. C 41st Signal Company station at Cam Rhan Bay. I was 19 years old what a way to grow up fast. Most of the personal were LIFERS WW2 and KOREA and few Australias . We were recalled to home Company in May. Our replacements took over, short time later 2 of them got into fight, with one trooper shooting the dead while he was sleeping. I am glad I was there. I often wonder what happen to our VietNamese translator his nickname was SLIM, and family lived on our compound, the war ended. Hopefully tI hey were not killed by the Cong. Please reply Randy Wagner aka Wide Track

  11. I was at the Ranger Training Center from June 1968 to May 1969 as the Sr. Advisor to the Chief of Tactics. Denver you mentioned that you were invited to leave. Individually or as a Advisory Group, could you elaborate.

    • Dennis Kim, The comment “invited to leave” was intended as a question for Ray, who’s comment is shown below. I was not invited to leave, in fact, at that particular time I was unable to locate any American person; 9th Div., Military Advisor, or civilian – anyone. Our 41st ARVN Ranger group had been participating in a major operation in the Seven Mountains area that included Ranger teams from many locations. At the conclusion of that operation, some team members were asked to join with members from the 42nd Ranger Bn. and with ARVN elements from Advisory Team 55 to support an ongoing operation near Ca Mau. None of us made to Ca Mau as we were soon redirected to an area near to a hamlet outside of Vinh Binh. We were put in a “stand by” mode, then the Team 55 group was returned to Rach Gia, and the 42nd group was returned to Can Tho. No group had taken a defensive stand, there seemed to be no threat of any sort (a very different environment from the Seven Mountains area). Our group then entered a village that had been essentially leveled. Our 41st Group also contained members from LTC Hackworth’s Tigers who could converse with the Cambodians, Rade, and Degars, and none of this was needed here. We helped throw many bodies into ditches, then all of us were flown to Can Tho. From there, I eventually made it back to Team 50. At the time, we heard “pacification effort” used, never heard the words “Operation Speedy Express” until years later. Later, at Team 50, I was told that what I had earlier reported to LTC Hackworth in Can Tho was incorrect, and that I had helped bury VC dead.
      Earlier this year I attended a program back east that included former VC commanders. I heard that one fellow was from Ca Mau, so I tracked him down, we talked, compared notes/maps, and I plan to return to the Mekong Delta later this year. As an addendum: a few years ago I had reason to write former Harvard professor, Kevin Starr. In his reply, Prof. Starr used “the great” in reference to Col. Hackworth, therefore, I freely use it now.
      Finally, I was told by my new VC friends that finding former senior VC-staff members from the greater U Minh region is a somewhat rare experience, most are gone now due to age, sickness, and many were KIA.

  12. Ray Robison, ’69. The ream was located at Duc My (outside Nha Trang) at the Lam Son National Training Center. The center had three schools, Ranger, Artillery and Infantry. I was only there for a few months, as I was invited to leave by the Senior Advisor.

    • Hello Ray, Back in 1969 I was swept into a military operation (Speedy Express) near to where your team was located. I am Shannon (please look at Team 50) you will see my email address and other info there… I had been participating with the 41st Ranger Bn at locations north of Team 40, and by the time we arrived near Vinh Binh most of the American Rangers had separated to other units or returned home to Team 50. I remained with the ARVN Rangers and some other ARVN units – none of this was unusual, then, it happened. Would you look at Team 50, find my email address and contact me, please. Where was Team 40 in May of 1969? Where were your officers? Where was any American Advisor? I was a 20 y.o. Ranger medic, E-4, had trained at DLI at Ft. Bliss, and I reported what I witnessed to Major Thorn in Cao Lanh and the great LTC David Hackworth in Can Tho. Thorn and Hackworth had been friends since Korea. Hackworth later became SA for Team 50 and was promoted to Colonel. You were invited to leave? How about the other Americans – were they invited to leave? I am going back to the Mekong Delta in December. Lt Gen Wm McCaffrey in Saigon tried to explain it to Hackworth as VC related (which none of it was).
      p.s. I met the VC commander, et al. (from Ca Mau – a little south of Vinh Binh) at Harvard University during June of this year. They know what happened.

      • Hey, Ray (Hooper)! You and I were definitely in Team 40 at the same time. CPT Don Schreiber, USA. We had some good times. After my return to the States (at some point), I was driving through Stockton (I think it was.) and tried to call you, but your mom said you were on a date. I was sorry I missed you. You were one of the good guys.

        • Don you must have mixed up with someone else. I served at the MACV TEAM 40, but earlier than you. I was assigned to it from July 1965 to April 1966 out the Co. C 41st Signal Battalion from Cam Rhan Bay. Radio operator and line man’ hope you reconnect with your Vet friend. Take care G.I.

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