Team 102 Kien An

MACV Team 102 – Kien An

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 102 located in Kien An.

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    • Hello. (1Lt)Frank Lucas here. I was reading a Richard Russo novel late last night about three guys who met in college in 1969. I got to thinking about my own experiences of about that time, and for some reason, I googled MAT 102 and saw this web site and the inquiry. Stunning. I was unaware. I came to MAT 102 and Kien An on about Dec 15th 1970 from another district in Kien Giang Tm 55. I overlapped with Sergeants Malatek and Miles and Captain Davis until their departure in January 71, I am unsure, but I believe Captain Davis’ first name was Charles. So, I was team leader until about June 15th. SSgt Bunij (pronounced (Boo nay’) and Lt. Johnson were in charge after my departure.
      I was there for the Feb. 16th ambush which killed Col Ellison and SSgt Karnes. The team 55 First Sergeant (Hall?) and Kien An Senior District Advisor Maj. Renner were rescued. Major Renner was wounded but survived and returned to Kien An for a time. One Vietnamese was killed. Happy to fill in more information and would love to hear more about the the greater history of MAT 102 – before and after my time.

  1. Hello All,

    I was recently talking about my time ant Kien An in 1970 and remembered the MAT (?) team which was on our
    small base which we constructed for ACTOV. I was friendly with some of the team members, especially the Doc
    assigned to them, don’t remember his name, sorry to say.

    My name is HM2 Dennis ‘Doc” Thornton, I was the medical support for the group of MCB 5 Seabees who constructed the
    ACTOV base at Kien An. I was there from around July through October 1970 and was in the last group of Seabees to leave
    the site when the US Navy advisors began to arrive with their VN Navy folk in October of 1970.

    Our officer in charge at the site was James Lucey W03.

    I had heard about the trouble on Dec 4th 1970 and that the Corpsman who was with the USN advisors was killed (?).
    Also that the base suffered considerable damage. I have always been curious about what happened there and what
    went on 12/4/1970 and as an operational base afterward.

    Anyone who has pictures to share or information that you feel might be of interest to me would be greatly appreciated.

    HM2 Dennis Thornton, Fleet Marine Force Corpsman
    US Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 5
    Detail Foxtrot, Kien An Vietnam 1970

  2. I was at Rach Gia most of the time with AT 55 from January ‘67 – August ‘68. I cant remember names but wish I could. Kien An was just a small base up the river. Wish I could remember the names. Taylor was PO2 and a junk boat advisor. I spent time at An Thoi as well with Advisory Team 159. I would appreciate hearing from anyone in Kien Giang Province in all of 67 and half of 68. I was a YN2

  3. Did any of you who read or post here serve on MAT 102 during the period July 1970 through December 1970 – while I was on the team?

  4. I was assigned to the repair barge ‘The Ammi’ at Ops Base Kien An (Apr-Sept 1971). I would appreciate any photos/etc. of the base/area.
    carterbc10 [at] netscape [dot] net

    • Hi William, My name is Bill Coday and I too was on the Ammi at Kien An. I am sure we were there the same time. I was part of the original crew from Nha Be and helped build our bunker. Not sure of the exact months I was there but think it was Apr – Jul 0f 1971. I do have some pictures I cand send. Not sure how this works but my email should be attached.

      • Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Bill Coday for the photos, I really appreciate them. This is my first on-line connection with a fellow ‘Kien An’ vet… 44 years later!

        • Willman, I was assigned to US Naval Advisory Group Kien An from July 1970 until 1971. MAT Team saved us on Dec 4, 1970. I have no pics of the base, but would really appreciate seeing them if possible. Thanks.

          • Martin, Would be glad to share pictures. Now there are three of us that have hooked up from this site! Myself and Willman Carter who I shared these photos. I think this reply will send you my email and then I can send you pictures – Welcome back to the world! – Bill Coday

          • Sorry for the late reply Martin… did you get the photos from Bill Coday? If not let me know. carterbc [at] cableone [dot] net.

          • Martin,
            Sorry I missed your note but Willman copied me before Christmas. I would be glad to send you copies of what pictures I have. I was in Kien An someplace around first and second quarter of 1971. You can reach me at
            Bill Coday

          • Martin my e-mail is now carterbc at, send me your e-mail address & I will gladly send you some photos (some from Bill Cody)

          • We’re you ther for the mirror attack of Nov 29, 1970. I was there, wounded and medicated out to 3rd Surg hospital in BinhThuy.

          • We’re you ther for the mortor attack of Nov 29, 1970. I was there, wounded and medicated out to 3rd Surg hospital in BinhThuy.

            • Charles, Just read your email… sorry for the delay, this is an older account and I mostly use this one now:

              I was at Kien An May 01 – Oct 04 1971, missed the big attack on the base & feel for those who endured it.About 3 1/2 years ago I connected with a couple other guys that also had been at Kien An, one I had met in Vietnam & the other by email. The three of us are members on plus one other guy who hasn’t answered my email request yet (they offer a ‘free’ 1-yr subscription). Send me an email at and put Kien An or the like in the subject line so I know it’s not junk mail.Thanks for reaching out… Thank you for your service and welcome home brother.  Take Care

    • William my name is Don Kingsford SFP2 and I am the guy that brought the ammi down from Nah Be repair base. As my memory servers you were the guy who got the American flag from the Arizona legion post, to include the Arizona State Flag. Acually I have the artical from Stars & Stripes News Paper. As I read further I see that Cody ET2 has responded to you also, how great it is to see these names as it has been so many years. I will have to look thru my old photos and see if I have got anything from That time period. Don K e-mail address

      • Yep, that is me. I still have the AZ flag & gave the US flag back to our American Legion post. I am unaware of the Stars & Stripes article… would appreciate seeing it. I visited Nah Be and met a couple of great guys (I think their names are Kingsford & Richard Wantin… was that you? I have a photo of the three of us). I will try your above e-mail address, mine is now

  5. I served with Captain Davis at MAT 102, 70-71 and I always thought of finding him somewhere in Alabama, not far from UA campus. A great leader who believed the pacification mission, the hamlet level operations, MedCap and dental operations, sharing our rations, cigarettes and Jim Beam. He did have quite the moustache. Unbelievable terror going up and down that canal. Col Ellison, Major Renner, Sfc Karnes were great losses. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of our efforts there.

  6. Looking for Captain Davis who commanded MAT 102 the same time I commanded MAT 44 (70-71). Captain Davis was located south of us on the Kien Gao canal in the Mekong Delta. Both of us reported to the Kien An District senior advisor. Had a great Thanksgiving feast at their location in1970. The trip back up the canal was a whole new experience, but we made it back to the Kien An Naval base that was still under construction at the mouth of the Cai Lon river. Lost track of Captain Davis after he left Nam.

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