Team 9 Cholon

MACV Team 9 – Cholon.

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 9 located in Cholon.

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  1. Hello everyone I’m wondering if anyone here remembers a Sgt. Stuchell. 67-70 2 tours only 1 with MACV. That’s my grandad and I recently got all of his medals and papers from the service and wondered if anyone else maybe knew more then what I can collect from them. Thanks!

  2. Gentlemen,

    I hope all is well and everyone is staying safe and healthy and thank you all for your service.

    Prior US Army from 2000 – 2013. Two tours in Iraq.

    I recently acquired some items from a Military museum auction, and am trying to verify some information, and any assistance is appreciated. I am verifying information to keep his items and information together and correct.

    One is an Mle MAS 36 French rifle that was captured and brought home from a Captain Robert Tully Mckinney. On the capture form 603-1 it says he was assigned to Advisory Team 76, period of service 13 March 70-12 March 71 and the 603-1 was issued at Long Binh post on 16 February 1971.

    It says APO 96309 under advisory team 76 on the 603-1 which comes back to both Cholon and Tan Son Nhut which were both close to each other in Saigon it looks like.

    On his other information that was part of his legacy, it said he served as a platoon leader in the Mekong delta in 1968 through 1969 and was on advisory team 76 training svn soldiers from 1970 through 1971.

    Robert passed away in 2004 and was buried at Coastal Carolina State Veterans cemetery in NC. He was originally from NJ.

    I have pictures of his uniform, pictures in Vietnam, capture papers, obituary and the rifle that were offered in the auction.

    Thanks gentlemen

  3. Would anyone know of an US Army Advisor to an ARVN Artillery Unit in the April-May 1968 time frame with the Callsign of Swampy Toes? He assisted a Marine Advisor with the VNMC 147th Brigade that was situated in the Saigon Circle Cub location of Cholon. The widow of USMC MAJ Edward Boyce would like to thanks him from her husband.

  4. I think that “Cholon” is a to generic identifier for Team 9. Team 9 advised the ARVN 3rd Area Logistical Command (3ALC). 3ALC supported all of MR3. In 1970 Team 9 had two Mobile Advisory Logistical Teams (MALT), an ammunition team advising the ARVN 53rd Ammunition Group, and advisory elements for the tech services (Signal Corps, Quartermaster Corps, and Transportation Corps).

    • Well isn’t this great? Mr. Hornor, it’s a pleasure to meet up w/ you again. This is Larry Turner from Mobile Advisory Logistics Team 006. I worked for you when you were a major at the 3rd Area Logistics Command. I was the clerk/driver and junior member of the team. Our CO was Colonel Meredith, and your immediate subordinate was Captain Wayne K. Bramlette. I hope all has gone well for you in the years after Vietnam.
      Larry Turner

      • Larry Turner
        I found your post “people” originally while trying to find information on a deceased extended family member on MACV Team 19. You remembered way more people than I did from MALT-6. When did Dan Bartlett join 6. It sticks in my memory that he was the deputy team chief of MALT-3. I also think in some MACV J4 “brain cramp” advisor down sizing that MALT-3 was eliminated. I’m pretty sure Dan replaced me when I went the Ammunition advisory element. Was SSG Wilmer originally the MALT-3 armorer with the twin machineguns on a one-ton “maintenance contact team” truck built by Mitsubishi in Japan? Do you remember the name of the Team 9 senior NCO? Were you still in country when MALT-6 was picking up the porcelain elephants? Is there any way you can post pictures on this blog? I’m currently living in Monterey CA. Here is my email address

      • Dan Bartlett joined MALT006 before I arrived on 15 Mar 70. I don’t remember when he left. . Wayne Bramlett assumed the leader role for 006 thenyou took over from him. After you arrived, he requested a billet exchange w/ a CPT Boudreaux whose assignment was on Phu Quoc Island. Somewhere after my arrival but before my departure on 11 Mar 71, COL Agnor yielded the Senior Advisor slot to COL Meredith.

  5. My name is Ron Orris, I was a finance specialist with MACV. We were in the same compound as Gen Westmoreland. I was there from Nov 65 to Nov 66. I believe we were in Cholon. Anyone else remember that compound?

  6. I was with MACV Team 9, 3rd Area Log Command from 15 Mar 70 to 11 Mar 71. I was a clerk driver for Mobile
    Advisory Log Team 006. I served under COL. Agnor, COL Meredith, DSA William A. Murphy, and MAJ Jerry Horner. Also CPTs Wayne Bramlette and Dan Bartlett, SFCs Sanchez, and SSG Lindsay and Wilburn. Headquartered in Cholon, we were all over 3rd and 4th Corp: Ham tan Xuan Loc. Song Be, Phu Loi, Phu Quoc Island.

    • I remember all the people Larry Turner mentioned. I was in MACV Team 9 from 8 Jul 1970 to 26 Jun 1976. I was the MALT 6 Team Chief from 8 July 1970 to 6 Dec 1970. I was senior advisor to the ARVN 53rd Ordnance Group (Ammunition) for the rest of my tour. That was my second tour in Vietnam. on my first I was in Headquarters 1st Logistical Command from 1 May 1965 to 22 Sep 65, then to the 79th Ordnance Bn Cholon until 11 Jan 66, and then back to the 1st Log ammunition directorate until the end of the tour in May of 1966. I retired from the Army in August of 1986.

  7. My name is Bill Haydock,,,Served on Team 31 MACV Mat Team II-9 in PhuTuc District / Phu Bon Prov. in 1968-69. Looking to make contact with any of my ole Team Mates that served with me in that timeframe

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