Team 7 Vien Long

MACV Team 7 – Vien Long

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 7 located in Vien Long.

13 thoughts on “Team 7 Vien Long

  1. I was assigned to AFAT 3 in Bien Hoa AFB assisting the VNAF from Nov 71-Aug 72. We’re there any awards presented to that Team during that period?

  2. Brothers I just read a new book. Trauma and Tenacity in Vietnam which captures the defining period in the medical life of Capt. Sheldon Kushner M.D. While stationed in Vinh Long Vietnam from 1968-69. An excellent read. It profiles my exact Viet Nam experience as I knew and worked with Dr. Kushner.
    Jeffrey Purtle 557th Med Group 1967-68 Vien Long Viet Nam. Avaible on Amazonia the author is Mary Jane Ingui, PhD

  3. I was AFAT 7 1971-Aug 1972. We wre based out of Bien Hoa AFB and flew missions around variuos locations within 3 Corp. We were involved with the AnLoc Offensive in 1972. I was a Helicopter Doorgunner at the time.

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