Team 58 Vi Thanh – Chuong Thien

MACV Team 58 – Vi Thanh – Chuong Thien

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 58 located in Vi Thanh – Chuong Thien.

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  1. I was on the advisory team in Kien Long and Kien Hung districts from 6/72 – 12/72 . Then chosen for 4 party joint military commission after 1/27/73 Paris Peace Accord thru 3/29/73.

    • Hello John — I saw your name on the Team 73 website and saw that you are keeping a spreadsheet with the names of all the Chuong Thien advisors. In 1969 I was the Phoenix advisor/Deputy DSA for Phuoc Long district in Bac Lieu province, immediately south of Kien Long and Kien Thien districts in Chuong Thien.

      Recently I’ve been reconstructing events along the Canh Den canal in August and December. That channel ran from Kien Long southeast through “our” (theirs, actually) village of Ninh Thanh Loi to what we called the Pho Sinh intersection. I wonder if your spreadsheet includes anyone from 1969 who was stationed at Kien Long in particular? I’m looking for information on the Z9 battalion of the D2 regiment. They used to come down into our district to rest, relax, and resupply.

      I spent a long day with them on December 1st, and possibly the same unit on August 27th. After I left Phuoc Long, they may have been the ones who breached our headquarters compound on the night of March 3rd, 1970. However, the only source I have found mentions the 309th main force battalion for that engagement. As you probably remember, their order of battle could be challenging to sort out.

      Any help would be much appreciated.

      Ken Reid

      • Ken: You might want to contact Major Pham Van Dung who was the battalion commander of 4th/31st Regiment for many years and also the District Chief for Kien Long. He went back to Kien Long a couple of years ago to renew old friendships with many villagers and he surely would know about 309, the D2, etc. He can still speak a little English and might be worth it.

        • Under the website guidelines is the following:To protect the personal privacy of individuals, do not include phone numbers, email addresses or other contact information of third parties in your posts.

      • Ken,

        Good to hear from another DMAC (later MR IV) alumni. I have contact with four members of the Kien Long District team Aug-Dec 1969 time frame. One is the ARVN interpreter who was there forever, two are Phoenix Program advisors as yourself (although one arrived in early January 1970), and the last is the Operations and Intel NCO, If you wish, I will cut and past your message with your contact information and send it to these four.
        I choose to do it this way as I have committed to not releasing contact information for those on the roster.

        Please let me know if you’d like me to send you message out.

        • Thank you, John. That would be very helpful. Will King has given me contact info for a former district chief at Kien Long. Perhaps the interpreter you mention from there will know the whereabouts/fate of my interpreter. I put him in for a BSM w/V for the December 1st action, but I left the army six weeks later and didn’t learn until many years that he did receive it. If he was still alive on April 30, 1975, the award must have only added to his difficulties. Probably we all have similar stories…

    • Our 2020 Advisory Team 58/73 reunion was cancelled due to COVID-19. We are planning another reunion to be held in Springfield, IL from July 15-18, 2021. This reunion is dependent upon getting the corona virus under control and the State allowing such meetings. The reunion is open to all members of all branches of service and our Vietnamese counterparts who served in Chuong Thien Province, Vietnam. If anyone is interested, please contact me at:

  2. Looking for anyone that might have served with my Father MACV Team 58 compound, 1964-1965 at the time he was Captain Stan Bonta?

    • Hello this is Al Short.

      I served with Stan in V Thanh64 65 I was a first lieutenant. I wasCA advisor and doubled in brass with the second of the 31st infantry.

      Stan was the operations officer.

      He was one of the few people with a
      Japanese jeep and on occasions I was known to steal it.

      I know Stan went on to be a full colonel and commanded the old guard here in Washington and I understand he passed away a few years ago.

      My cell is 571-218-6690 and direct email is S

      Look forward to catching up

    • I arrived at team 58 in August 1965 and was the artillery advisor until joining the District advisory team at Kien Hung a few months later as deputy advisor. I extended in country and finished up as 21st Div G-2 Air advisor in Bac Lieu, returning home in December 1966.

    • Terry Montei, Max Coschignano was a Intelligent Officer? If so, my dad Nestor Santiago was with hime and he remembers him.

      • Liza, Yes, Max sent me a msg. yesterday. Had not heard from him for many, many years. Your dad many want to call him. I will
        give him the number. 410-422-0106. He lives in Maryland. Your dad was a great soldier. LTC Terry Montei

  3. I am looking for my friends name Ngo Nhung ( interpreter) and SSgt Kenzy Takahashi who worked in MACV Chuong Thien.
    have any one know them, please send me a message.

  4. My dad Nestor Santiago was in team 58. He is withme living in Gainesville, Florida. Wondering if some soldiers, sargents, anybody can answer me. My dad was Inteligent Sargent 58 Advisory Team in Vi Thanh – Choung Tien. Any information will male him very happy. Thank you all for your services!

    • Liza,

      We are having a reunion of those who served in Chuong Thien Province, Vietnam; Advisory Team 58 and its successor, Advisory Team 73 in San Antonio, TX the 17-20 May, 2018. Please let me know the timeframe your father served there, and I may be able to put you in contact with someone who served with him.

      John S. Raschke

      • Thabks for answer me. In asking my dad about the years he served and he cant remember. Im trying to get papers from the VA to see if I can find oht.

      • John, I was in Vi Thanh from Dec 67 until May 68. Was advisor to the 3/31st. I was a Lt. and was trying to remember the name of the Reg. Advisor. I lost all my notes. He was a Major and was Black. I have not been able to find anyone that remembers his name and what happened to him. I saw where you had a list of advisors in the area and wondered if you could help me. Thank, Bill Lewis

      • Interested in any info from advisory team 73 in Choung Tien Province. 6/72 – 3/29/73
        Names : Col. E. R. Meese
        Major C.W. Mitchell
        Major Gary Paxton
        Major Spagnoli
        Sgt Ray Brake

        • I was at Vi Thang 1972 to 73. Lt Col John Meese was the Sr Advisor, Major Corless Mitchell was the XO.
          I met with Colonel Ret, Mitchell a couple years ago in Utah while on a ski trip. Still bright, active and brisk! Great guy.
          Meese is still around but I doubt he will talk to anyone.

    • Liza, I was in Vi Thanh Tm 58 from Nov 1966 to Oct 1967. I believe a Sgt Santiago was in our Bunker and managed our communications.
      We were attacked on night and he may have been in our Bunker. Terry Montei

    • Liza, You might want to tell him about me-as I stated on 2 May 2018.
      Terry Montei, LTC (Cpt at the time)

      • Thanks for your response. I show my dad your post, he has a question. Do you remember the name of the Supply Sgt on the team?

        • Yes, I knew the supply Sgt, but can not remember his name.
          I worked supply as required. He went with me. I did
          Pol and went on in LCMs ships down the canals.
          Your dad was a good man. If he remember LTC
          Armstrong he will know the nite we were attacked.
          Armstrong called Bac Lieu. The Col. there was on
          the phone. He asked Armstrong if he needed any
          help! All Armstrong said was we needed barbwire
          and concertina. What a deal.
          Terry Montei

          • He does remember LTC Armstrong, make me feel very happy I found someone who remember and was with him on Vietnam. I wish I could go to the reunion and take him. I will try my best.

            • Lisa, Go to the reunion if you can. Remember, your dad was probably in Vi Thanh around 1967.
              Remind you dad Cpt Wigger was there. Cpt Wigger was great shooter,
              and in the Olympics! In fact he won. Terry Montei

                • Max, I think you were in Vi Thanh when I was there. You were quite a guy.
                  Now, all the comments in my response to Lisa were correct. Her father was
                  in the compound as a bunker man. Lisa told her dad and he remembered
                  me. I think they lived in Fl. Just look at Lisa-she told him.
                  Max, I think you were the man–small but strong. I will call you!
                  Terry Montei

                  • Frist Happy Veterans Day and I trully appreciate your services. Thank you all!
                    Reading all the messages and read them to my dad. SFC Santiago. He remember some of you guys. Wondering when is the next reunion to make plans to bring dad. All the information will help.

                  • Asking if someone knows MSGT Robke? He was with my dad in Germany. Around 1969-1970? Any information please let us know.

    • don Sullivan to liza Santiago two men who worked with your dad were Kenny Stoddard from hamburg ny and a man named Schmidt both with the 525 mi he may recall them, in interrogation unit. I remember your dad a very nice man.

    • Hi Liza my name is Jerry Schmidt. I was in adv. team 58 from July 66 through Sept 67. I worked with Nestor much of that time. I remember him being very lively and good natured until I did something wrong “ha”. I remember he couldn’t straighten his little fingers, hope that wasn’t an arthritic thing that would bother him later in life.. I pray he is alive and well.

  5. So, I am not sure I’ve got this right to get this piece of info out and, maybe, it is already out. Anyway, I just read that Lones Wigger (great name) passed in December. He arguably was the greatest competitive rifle shooter of all time. I recall him in early 1967 as an agricultural adviser (I think) in Vi Thanh. He stayed in the Army and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. Frank Bauer

    • Frank is correct, Lones Wigger must have been assigned somewhere around Chuong Thien because I remember him coming out with us into the paddies on more than one occasion trying to get is CIB. It seemed like every time he went with us we had a very uneventful time. The soldiers loved it when he showed up because nobody was going to shoot at us that day. I don’t know if he ever got his CIB; maybe he just gave up going out with us! He sure was a nice guy, easy to get along with and downright shy about his accomplishments; i think he had at least one Olympic gold medal in shooting.

      • Welll, Lones was called Farmer Wigger. Your were there in VT I think. Wigger came to VT when we were practicing rifle shooting (with MI carbines) across the river. Lones checked in and came to us just after he got there. He asked if he could shoot with his. We told him to go ahead.
        We all dropped out to watch him. We knew nothing about him. Well, he got read and fired 6-8 rounds across the river. We though he missed a lot. Our VN soldiers were pasting paper plates up on coconut trees and they brought over our plates and Lone’s. Lone’s check out
        his and showed us how he shot. HIS SHOT WAS ONLY A NICKLE WIDE. We laughed and he told us about himself and rifle shooting.
        Terry Montei

        • Guys, I made a mistake on Lone’s shooting the day he arrived. That day he did fire 6-8 shots with his carbine. But HIS SHOTS WERE ALL WITHIN the size of a NICKEL. He was a great shooter and Olympic winner. LTC Terry Montei

  6. Greetings,
    I’m hoping someone is able to help me with some research I’m doing.
    My name is Rick Droz and served with the first battalion ninth marines up in Quang Tri in 68/69. 24 years ago while working with the UN in Cambodia I married my current wife, Punya. During the Khmer Rouge regime her grandmother gave her a small (5 inches) stone carving of a bear. She told her that her husband had given it to her before he was killed by the KR. She told my wife that it would keep her safe (which it did) and for her to give it to her husband (turns out to be me) on their 7th wedding anniversary. For 17 years we have thought it was Tibetan because her grandfather was originally from Tibet. As it turns out the stone carving is Native American. It’s a Zuni fetish in the shape of a bear. There are six fetishes representing the six directions: north, south, east, west, earth and sky. The bear is for the west. I’m wondering how in the world my wife’s grandfather came to acquire this carving. In the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s my wife’s grandmother and grandfather lived in the “lower lands” of Cambodia and often traveled into Viet Nam. By the map it looks like they lived perhaps 75 miles from Vi Thanh which was headquarters (as I understand) for team 58 during the mid to late 50’s. I’m wondering if there may have been someone on the team that somehow befriended him and gave him this carving. Does anyone know if any of the members of team 58 was Native American? More specifically, Zuni?
    I’m finding this research fascinating and was thrilled to find this website. And help you can give would be most appreciated.
    All the best,

    • Rick: I was in team 73 (2nd Battalion, 31st Regt, 21st Inf Div) out of Vi Thanh for a year 66-67 and was back in Vi Thanh for another year 72-73. I don’t recall anyone being native American but that doesn’t mean there could have been someone that I didn’t know. Good luck with your quest.

  7. Gentlemen,
    My father, then Captain Frank Rath, Jr. served in Advisory Team 58 from June 66 – June 67. I appreciate hearing from anyone who may have known or served with him. My father passed several years ago. He rarely spoke of his experience but I am aware that he took great pride in having served in Vietnam and returned to the area in the late 90s and early 2000s to reconnect with his South Vietnamese counterpart.


    Frank III

    • Frank, I am Terry Montei (LTC). I was in Vi Thanh (as a Cpt) from Nov 1966-Oct 1967. However, I cannot help you on your
      dad. He may have been assigned to a District location (there were 5) and did not spend much time in Vi Thanh (the Province).
      Good luck in your search. Terry

      • Thanks for your response Terri. I suspect you are correct. Is Duc Long one of the district locations you’re referring to? That is where he was with only a handful of Americans. It’s quite a challenge making sense of all the location names. Thanks again. I greatly appreciate your response and thank you for your service!

        • Frank, Yes, Duc Long was one of the Districts. DL was abt 10-15 miles east from Vi Thanh (my guess on distance). Long My was another one just further in that area. Kien Long was one, but West of VT. Kien Thien is also one I remember South of VT I think. Can’t remember the other one. Wish I could help you, especially on the Duc Long area. Hope you can find others that would know more on DL. Terry Montei

          • Terry: I believe Kien Hung was the other district in Chuong Thien. It was west of Vi Thanh about 10 kilometers across that small bridge that the VC blew up when it was loaded with women going to market.

            Will King

            165 Sauga Avenue

            North Kingstown, RI 02852

            401.295.8515 Home

            401.932.5907 Mobile

            • Frank, Over the years, I have maintained a list (now with 500+ names) of those who served in Chuong Thien Province (CTP) includding the Districts (sub-sectors) that Terry and Will mention, above. I can find no contemporary of your father in Duc Long during the timeframe he was there. However, I find that I have contact with about a half dozen Advisory Team 58 members who were in CTP at the same time as CPT Rath and they may remember him. If you would like, I will e-mail them and provide them with your e-mail address if you would like. If so, please contact me separately at:

            • Will, glad to hear from you.
              I was wrong with the West area
              for Kien Hung. I got some of the
              Districts out of wack. Thanks for
              correcting me. Got some misspelled
              also. But his dad was in Duc Long.
              Have a good one Will. Terry Montei

    • Frank, I served with Captain Rath in Duc Long District from 66 to 67, along with Major now General Retired Waggoner, SFC Hines, SGT Barron, and others whom I would have to sit down and recall. Sorry to hear your father has passed. He was a very good man and will be missed. I spoke briefly with him when we were stationed in Germany in 1980-81. If I can recall other team members from that time period, I will forward them to you.

  8. I was with TM 58 in Vi Thanh 3/31st (asst. Bn Advisor 1st Lt Bill Lewis) from late Dec 67 until I was wounded in March 68. I lost all my notes from my time there and do not remember the Regimental Advisor or the ARVN commanders during my time there. I returned to the BN in mid April of 68 and in May transferred as Sr. Advisor to the 1/9th ARVN Cav Tm 51 in Bac Lieu. I was with them until early Dec. 68. The Sr advisor to the 3/31st was Cpt Frederick W. Harris. H was wounded during Tet after we took back CanTho University and were chasing the VC out of the area. The two Sgts. with the Bn were SFC Joe H Thorn who was wounded during the same engagement and SFC John Bethea, who rotated out around mid Sept. 68. If anyone has any information on any of these individuals after they left or the Reg. Advisor, please let me know

    • Bill, I left Vi Thanh in Oct 1967. Spent an entire year there. However, I cannot remember any of our group that was still there.
      Good luck. Terry Montei Ret. LTC

  9. Excellent synopsis by Colonel Short. It cleared up a lot of what I was told by the 2/31st soldiers and officers when I was with the unit in 1966 and 67. Thanks for the great detail.

  10. This message is for Colonel Short: If you were in Chuong Thien in 1964-65 then you must know something about 2nd Battalion 31st Regiment Captain King who was killed in an ambush in 1964 and his NCO MSG Johnson who was captured in the same ambush.
    The ambush took place at the road junction of the main highway going north to Can Tho with the local road going southerly toward Duc Long. The bad guys were the Viet Cong D2 Regiment.

    Will King, 2/31st 1966-67.

    • Will, saw your comment about Cpt King and MSG Johnson. Any relationship to you?
      I remember ole Duc Long, and the Desert Fox that was the Sr. Advisor there in 66/67.
      He was an Armor Maj Wagner. He raised cane with the then SR Advisor for Choung
      Thien about about his evaluation upon departure sometime in early 67. Ran into him in
      I Corps in 1971. He was a LTC at the time and SR Province Advisor. Made MG and was
      know as the one who reorganized HS & college ROTC. He has passed.
      Merry Christmas Will, to you and family. I remember you in Heidelberg when you made a
      visit. By the way, how was your second tour in CT—as you make a swift departure!*^etc
      Terry Montei

      • That Captain King that was killed in 1964 was no relation but our 2/31 soldiers who were in that ambush all spoke highly of King and Johnson. I got a very detailed walk-through of the ambush by the 2/31 battalion commander (Le Van Hung) together with exactly how Johnson was captured. We used that walk-through more than once to educate new soldiers on reaction techniques and it was quite successful; we never got ambushed but did trip up a couple of them.

        I read a number of intel reports about MSG Johnson who was captive in our AO with Lt Rowe, SSG Jackson and SFC Pitzer all the time i was with 2/31. In late ’67 Johnson was released by the VC because he was near death; they also released Jackson and Pitzer who might still be alive somewhere in the US. We all know about Rowe who was sprung from captivity later on in ’68.

        This is becoming too much information so I will stop here.

        • Will,

          I believe CPT King was with a CPT Kidd who were both KIA on 12/11/1964. Can you confirm CPT Kidd’s circumstances? Both King and Kidd were in some Special Detatchment from HQ, MACV at the time they reportedly were KIA. I had not heard about MSG Johnson being captured. It sounds like he accompanied CPT King? Would like to know more about this.

          There were several KIAs (CW2 Hargrove-pilot and SFC Lewis-5th SF) in Chuong Thien Province on 10/18/1966 trying (unsuccessfully) to rescue Nick Rowe.

          • John: I don’t know about Captain Kidd but the ambush at that road junction was a transforming event for Major Le Van Hung (later Brigadier General). So much so that he gave me a complete briefing on it on the ground. I think my name being the same as the other King may have prompted him. He presented King and Johnson as his advisory team so I can only assume that they may have been on the roster of some advisory team with a Saigon address; later we became individual team numbers in the provinces and battalions…just a guess.

            As for MSG Johnson, he came from Seaside, California, was very senior and older than the others in the POW camp. He became quite ill in late 1966 or early 1967, the witch doctors drilled holes in his skull to release the omens but it made him sicker. They decided to “release” him with SSG Jackson and SFC Pitzer; all 3 were transported by sampan out of the U Minh and up into Cambodia for onward movement to Ha Noi where they were released with ceremony. As I remember, Johnson died shortly after returning. I do know that Rowe, who was retained, became despondent and there was greater urgency to try to spring him.

            During my time in 66-67 there were several attempts made to get those 4 US soldiers. The operations involved special ops units and used 21st Infantry Division battalions for blocking, screening and flank security. One of those operations was just north of Vi Thanh village where Hargrove and Lewis were killed along with several of their Nung soldiers. My team listened to their final moments on the radio and walked through the area after the fight. In fact we also listened to a SP5 door gunner in Hargrove’s chopper as he described Hargrove’s grave condition while he (the SP5) was hiding up in a tree and able to observe the end of the fight. He would be an interesting guy to find.

            It was one of many poorly planned but similar operations that kept telling the VC that they must have some very important captives. On one such operation in the twin rivers area south of Vi Thanh our battalion (2/31) recaptured 68 Viet Nam soldiers who were released as we got close to the Americans. The sudden appearance of some of our unit’s former soldiers running out of the treeline just stopped the whole operation and allowed the VC to successfully escape across the river with the 4 Americans; our helicopter guys witnessed the escape but could not engage them for fear of killing the captives. Very sad day.

      • Jesse: please fill us in on any details you remember about that day and the ambush. Major Le Van Hung walked me through it all on the ground in 1966 and I was fascinated with it. I don’t understand how the MACV teams were organized back in 1964; I was led to believe they were only 2 Americans, an officer and a NCO. So how were two Army Captains both killed in this ambush? Where were they coming from, were they actually on the team with Major Hung and where does Master Sergeant Johnson figure in this?

        • Will, I was assigned to Team 58 in October 1964 as a Ground & Airborne Radio Operator. (USAF). Our Commander was Major Otis A. Moran
          On December 11th I was asked to accompany the sector senior advisor by jeep to rush radio equipment to a friendly unit ambushed near Long My. Their radio equipment had failed. (Army). We found out later that we had passed by a camouflaged battalion of Viet Cong who later ambushed the 1st Battalion.
          This would be when Capt King & Capt Kidd were killed and Johnson was captured. We received word that our unit was in the process of being surrounded and I called for Air Support. I kept contact with friendly Air Forces for the next 36 hours and they were credited with 300 Viet Cong killed. We returned to Vi Thanh and got some much needed rest. The next day I was at the airfield when 2 body bags were taken away by Helicopter.

          A1C Jesse Oakley

          • Jesse: Excellent details that go along with what Major Le Van Hung showed me on the ground in 1966. My guess is that the VC let you go through the ambush for 2 reasons: (1) because you were a small group that was not the main objective and (2) by letting you go through it further enhanced the element of surprise when the 2nd of the 31st came through. Lucky you! Major Hung also explained that the situation was so confusing that MSG Johnson thought he saw some friendlies running into the woods and so he left the wounded or dead Captain and followed the soldiers into the wood-line only to find that they were VC. It was a very well planned and executed ambush and every time we went by that road junction on a convoy to Can Tho I got the Willies watching for anything unusual-looking. Thanks for the info Jesse.

  11. I am Albert Short, then 1LT, and served with ADV TM 58 in Vi Thanh from late SEPT 64 to SEPT 65, as Sector PSYOP/CA Officer and assisted with 2/31st Inf BN (ARVN). Went on to serve 30 years and retired Colonel, 1992. Now living in northern Virginia. 571-218-6690 cel

    • Albert: I just read your December 2016 post and realize that I think I remember you. But You say you left in Sept 65; I didn’t get to 2/31 until August 1966 but I sure do remember a Lt Short from Viet Nam. Now I’m really scratching my head!

  12. Will, good to hear from you. Ole Vi Thanh was some place to be. Wasn’t Maj. Murphy the Bn Sr. Advisor? Never forget LTC Armstrong’s laugh. I remember seen you in Heidelberg in DCSLOG back around 1976,77. I believe your logistics leader was BG Reader? He was quite a dude because I dealt w/him through Col/BG Welch.
    You also relived VT I remember. 2 times around. Not a wonderful place to be.
    I retired in 1985.

    • Update on Captain Dennis Nicolas, KIA on January 15, 1967. I was with him as a 1/Lt Infantry when he was killed and I was the summary court officer that returned his personal belongings to his family. At the time we were in the 2nd Battalion, 31st Infantry, 21st Infantry Division; that battalion was extremely active due to the unusually competent and aggressive leadership of the commanders.

      About 15 years ago I found Nicolas’s daughter in Virginia and visited her to help her get some closure on a father she never knew.

      Terry: I remember you from the many visits I made to the MACV compound in Vi Thanh. Nice to see you are still kicking!

  13. Mike, Sorry I made mistakes I did not mean. I am on some pills that make changes.

    I recommend you look up: (1)TM 20, 21s ARVN Div Hq, Bac Lieu (Delta) Div Hq assigned(31 and 33 ARVN Regiments and Rnr Bn) . TM 58, Choung Province (Nick an I were in Vi Thanh same time; TM 59, An Xuyven Province (below Vi Thanh); TM 73 in Vi Thanh, Choung Thien Province -formed after TM 58 was deactivated;
    This may give you some leads on what you need.

    I will call you soon, maybe tomorrow, and I can make more sense. Let me know when is good time.

    Did you get a copy of Nick’s full data sheet? Terry

    • I want to correct two words I used a 15 June 2015 comment. There is a definite need to correct those word used in two places. Those words were “Bros” and “Bro”. They must be changed as soon as possible.
      First, I used “Bros” toward the last part of the text to describe how I got information sheets on those that were killed in VN (Data Sheets commonly available in the 1990s). This word must be changed to “Brothers”. They sacrificed their lives in valor for their country. They were truly Brothers and need to be so honored.
      Second, I closed the comment with “Bro”. Delete this word totally

      • Ops, TRM made a mistake on comment date referred to–comment date was 19 Jun 2015-not 15 Jun 2015. Some other typo dates, but the one just mention is essential. Also, I was gathering data on soldiers KIA that I knew or knew of.

  14. Mike, I believe you are a lawyer. Why is comment above “Awaiting Moderation?” If you know, I would like to know. terry Note: I live in Prince George, County, VA, email address is: I just noticed the comment this morning.

    • Mike, I have reviewed the text of 19 Jun.
      I apologize for two words “Bro” used at the end of the text. The word “Brothers” is the proper word. It is much more meaningful and thoughtful of our Brothers that gave so much to this country. I used it poorly as a reference for me also.

      I do not know if someone else in the MACV organization is correcting the text or not. Could not determine how this was to happen considering the words “awaiting moderation”. I saw nothing wrong with the remainder of the text. I could NOT make the word correction.

      Call me if you like. 804-458-7115 LL; 804-586-2404 Cell

  15. Terry, thank you so much. Is there anyway for me to locate any of his close Team members too? Many thanks again.

    • Mike, Have you been able to get the Personnel Sheet on Dennis. If available, it covers almost all on him. I got them from Got them in 1995, but they may not be available anymore on the net. I should have told about my source. Perhaps this data is available on the info sent to you some time ago from US Achieves. I think you have most everything on him-but this sheet is complete.
      I do not have a sheet on Dennis, unfortunately. This sheet would tell you where he was killed on 15 Jan 67 (the Province). I have tried to remember the province. I do not think is was Choung Thien. The VN 33 Regiment operated in other provinces in the lower Delta. His replacement may know. terry

    • Mike, I made a mistake to you in the past on Denis. Got the Virtual Was sheet from Fl. generated on him. Denis was killed in Chuong Thien Province–which I stated to you in a email before this e-mail. Bad memory on my part. Terry

  16. Trinh Le
    Mike Wilson, I was in Kien Long 67-70, you were youngest in team?.sorry I don’t remember you were wounded ?, do you remember Rocket connect got hit VC mortar and explored right on way get in administration district, MacV compound was collapsed in 1968, You bough the snake from Vietnamese solder and snake bite your finger then you killed him? I forgot Senor Advisory Major’s name? if you recall something please let me know!.

  17. Trinh Le
    June 13, 2015

    Hi Terry M.
    My name Trinh Le who was the Interpreter of Kien Long district Mac V team from 1967 -1970
    I remembered I reported you duty on 1967 ?. District chief that time was captain SU and after he left Major Dung came, 1968 District ‘s rocket connect got hit by VC mortar and explored destroyed all compound building. I escaped out Viet Nam by boat 1979 and came Texas Jan/1980 and now living at Fort Worth Texas. I would like my name on the team list. and would like to contact all partners of team year 67-70

    • Trinh Le, I was in Vi Thanh the years 1966-1967. Visited Kien Long on several occasions. I do not remember your name, but you should be able to make a team list (Districts part of TM 58 at that time) if you sign up. The VN soldiers and you were hard soldiers and did their job well. Maybe you can sign up to get messages. Terry Montei, Cpt, Vi Thanh, Mekong Delta.

    • Trinh Le, Some of the Americans you served with at Kien Long were: CPT Al Bundons (deceased), LT Al Miller (deceased), SFC Hershel Dick*, LT Geoff Lanning*, SP4 Don Dennison, SSG Harry Dwyer (deceased), MAJ Dave Hughes, LT Paul Kronheim*, SFC Harry Palmer, SP4 James Whaley*, and SP4 Mike Wilson*. I have contact information on those starred (*) names. Although I served in Vi Thanh from July 1969 to June 1970, I spent a week down at Kien Long in August 69 when I was sent down to repair the damage to the airfield caused by mortar or recoilless rifle fire.

      Remember, that the US Advisory teams in Chuong Thien Province were Team 58 from about 1965 to September 1968, after which time it was renamed Advisory Team 73.

      I have the names of approximately 425 military (mostly US, but several ARVN-mostly interpreters) and civilians who served in Chuong Thien Province. If you would like a copy of the list, please let me know.

      Our advisory group has held four reunions so far, and are planning one for next year (2016) in Washington, DC. I would enjoy talking to you and you can call me at 217.553.4498 .

      John S. Raschke

      • Hi John
        Thank you very much to let’s me know the information about Kien Long’s Macv team 58, yes I would like to have a copy of the list I may find all my friends these was not contacted after 1970.
        best regards. Trinh Le .

      • I was in the Advisory team 58 from #/67 till late 2/68. Left while TET offensive was still going on. A few close calls. I was the radio officer and youngest member of the team.

        I would love to have a copy of te list of people that served there. Some Great me were there while I was there. I’m living in Eagle
        IS so attending the DC reunions is not going to happen for me

    • Chao Anh Le Trinh: I was in Kien Long with the 4th Battalion, 31st Infantry from April 1967 until September 1967, Captain Dung was the 4/31 commander, I hope he is the Major Dung you speak about. We also had one American killed in April 1967, Pfc Jim Bauer; do you remember him? Welcome to America.

      • Chao Anh Will King, Yes I got to Kien long little late on 1967 after i had been done the english language school, I did Know Pfc Jim Bauer, and 4/31 battalion was still locate at Kien Long District, and cpt Dung was 4/31 commander, and 1968 He got promotion Major and took over Kien Long District chief to 1970.Now He is living at california His phone 714-588-4947, I meet him couple time there.Thank for more Kien Long memory, thank for America open arm for me dand family here.

      • I re-read this stuff from time to time and it always brings back a flood of memories. Regarding Pfc Bauer (no relation), I visited him in the hospital in Bien Hoa (? ) a couple of days after he was hit. I asked him if I could do anything for him and, though weak, he seemed okay and asked if
        I could get his wallet. All this was before I learned that gut wounds too often were a death sentence – he didn’t make it.

        Will, separate matter, were we in team 58 or team 73 when at the 2d/31st?

        Frank Bauer

        • Frank/Will,

          It was actually Advisory Team 51 that supported the ARVN 21st Division. Although, in the 64-65 timeframe members assigned to Advisory Team 58 (stationed on the MACV compound in Vi Thanh) would be temporarily assigned to the 2/31st. Clyde Meyer is an example of this.

  18. I was at Choung Thien from Oct 66-Oct 67. As I said in previous msg., I was at Kien Long several times, remember a US Major (unk, District Chief; I was a Cpt at the time), and vaguely remember some action there–but can not place names or cbt actions of any significance. The Major (if you remember him) and Cpt you remember may help you to prove your case w/VA. Good Luck. t

  19. I just re-read your comment. When were you at Kien Thien District? The 68 could be in 1968 or the District Number at that time. Different time frame. Sometime paperwork is available to make your case.

  20. Sorry, I left CT in 1967 (oct). I was there from Oct 66 to Oct 67. I was familiar w/Kien Long–but out of my time zone. I do remember a Maj down there in my times. Good lusk. tmontei

  21. my paperwork says I was assigned to team 58
    I was in kien long 68
    does anybody know anybody or anything about kien long
    I was wounded by a mortar
    the major put me in for a purple heart
    I recieved it lost paper work
    does not show up on dd 214
    I need it for va hospital
    the only person I remember is
    captain Edward ( ted ) Alling

  22. Beware There was a Mats Team 58 in V thanh 1971-1972 A 2 man team 1 officer and 1 nco , with 5 Viets takeing the place of the American Mats !

  23. Karl Bitel and Don Sullivan,

    i have an extensive list of names (~430) and in some cases contact information on military and civilian personnel who served in Chuong Thien Province throughout MAAG/MACV’s involvement in the advisory effort. If you are interested in being added to the list, please contact me by e-mail. We are having an advisory team reunion this comiing November (2014) in Las Vegas..

  24. Mike, I do not know if he is alive or dead. I checked Counterparts, an organization of advisors of which I am a member, for his name. No luck. There were/was a Sgt or 2 also on the Regmt team. Forgot their names.
    Tough to loose a brother. montei

  25. Don, thank you so much. I have wondered for over 45 years how Denny died. He was like a big brother to me at VMI. Do you know where the records for MACV Team 58 might be located now?

    Mike Murphy

  26. An attempt to clear up Tm 58 some (maybe absolutely wrong but relatively correct). This Tm became Tm 73 sometime after I left in Oct 67.
    This team was formed abt 1964 out of 3-4 other provinces in the middle center of the Mekong Delta–and designated Choung Thien Province. This was to improve command and control.
    The VN/NVA never accecpted its provincal designation. ViThanh was the capitol–a rather primative town. Sub districts were Duc Long, Kien Long, Kien Thien, Long My-best estimate here. It was, by definition, the most insecure province in VN when I was there. Not much
    pacification outside of the lines of communication (a road and canals).
    Some key personnel–The Desert Fox, MG Robert Wagner; MG Hoisington–his sister, Elizabeth, was the first female GO not medical branch; LTC Lones Wigger (known as The Farmer)–perhaps the best small bore rifle shooter in US history (Pan Am games and Olympics)-ranks are highest I know, at the time Wagner was a Major, Hosiington a LTC; and Wigger a Cpt.
    Hopes this helps out.

  27. mike murphy,cap nicholas was killed during an operation in mid 67. his unit made contact and was under fire when he rose up on one knee to asess the situation and was shot in the head. that was the report we received at the compound.don sullivan vi thanh 12/66-8/67

  28. Hi Terry, I was in Vi Thant from 16 Dec 1965 to 25 Feb 1967. Part of that time I was based in Duc Long. I am the tall E-5 who was the Communications NCOIC for Advisory Team 58. I used to hang around the big radio bunker next to the mail room.

    Karl Bitel

  29. I am Terry Montei. I served in Advisory Team 58 from Nov 1966-Oct 1967. I was in Choung Thein Province, Vi Thanh. I knew Cpt Denis Nicholas who was an infantry advisor to the 31 Arvn Inf Reg, 21st Inf Div. He was killed on 15 Jan 67 in an operation that began in Vi Thanh but I am not sure where he was killed. Vi Thanh was in the most insecure province in VN. Denis worked for a Maj Murphy, who was the Sr Advisor to the Reg.

  30. I arrived at MAC-V Advisory team 58 in in Vin Phouc Vietnam 3/1967 and left about 10 days after the Tet offensive started in 1/30/1968. I served with SFC Les Haley, Sgt Bright Cpt. Newman, Major Wilfong (SP?) and Col Wright. I know there were other, but my memory is not that great so the names may not be spelled correct. I lost touch with all the fine soldiers I served with and under. It was a privilege to serve with these fine men. They made a huge impact on my life that I will be eternally grateful for the value they added to my life. Too bad the public didn’t understand all we were doing for them as they are now showing appreciation for the VETS returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

  31. Mike, the name Jim Waters is somewhat familar. I didn’t really know him, but I think I remember the name as someone who was an advisor to a unit of the ARVN 21st Inf Div who had passed through Vi Thant.

  32. I was with MACV Advisory Team 58 in Jan 1967 based in Vi Thanh in the Mekong Delta. I do not recall a Denis Nicholas nor do I recall any member of the team dying in the early part of 1967. I came home in Feb 1967.

    • Thanks brother. Denis would have been killed in 1965-66. You know Ranger Jim Waters, an E-6, maybe then?


      *From:* MACV Teams [] *Sent:* Friday, February 14, 2014 6:20 PM *To:* *Subject:* [New comment] Team 58

      Karl Bitel commented: “I was with MACV Advisory Team 58 in Jan 1967 based in Vi Thanh in the Mekong Delta. I do not recall a Denis Nicholas nor do I recall any member of the team dying in the early part of 1967. I came home in Feb 1967.”

  33. Does anyone have information about MACV Advisory Team 58; I’m looking for details of a close friend’s death by small arms fire on January 15, 1967 while serving with that team. My friend’s name is CPT Denis Nicholas? I’m Mike Murphy, VMI ’64. I served in RVN as an Infantry officer with the 199th LIB 1967-1968. Denis was a 1st Classman at VMI when I was a “Rat” and was like a brother.

    • Mike, this is TM. I remember one event that involved Denis—it may have been the one in which he was killed.
      Maj Murphy, an NCO, and Denis were drawing up a Op Plan for the next days battle. It was being staged out of Vi Thanh. Thinking back, it may have been the day before he was killed. I will check the net and see if I can find out where he was killed. Would have been in the Delta area of provinces.

    • He was definitely killed on or about that date, as I was his replacement and I arrived around January 20, 1967 — his personal effects were still being sorted. He was awarded the Silver Star, I believe.

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