Team 29 Phu Cat

MACV Team 29 – Phu Cat

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 29 located in Phu Cat.

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    • I’ve attached pictures of the signal crew 1970. The AG 44s were what I mustered out in after rotating back state side. I’m holding the mortar flair shell. Also Samsonite brief case with my personal file.Sent via the Samsung Galaxy Note9, an AT&T 5G Evolution capable smartphone

    • Just heard that Capt. Jackson is running for Governor of Mississippi ‘2020. Rumors from Atlanta, via CNN, there was an attempt to sue him and the United States for alleged war crimes (“Alien Tort Claim”) by several former North Vietnamese military officers. Nguyen Thieu was a former commander made a statement that Capt. Jackson was as dangerous as a baby “Bamboo Viper snake.”

      • I don’t remember him from my time there in 1970. We had something like 5 captains that all wore the Green Berets . Hey how can I post pictures to the site?
        The full bird col that was in charge when I was there . . . . He rotated out to be the District Commander in Memphis, TN, US Army Cirps of Engineers. Then got his stars on his next posting.

  1. Hi
    I remember you but I am going to go through my pics and see if I have a pic
    SSG Untalan was on MAT ll-3 .
    I left in Sept of 70 on a medical emergency leave at home. You
    Likely to the call from Quin Nhon.
    The major approved my extension
    And I was assigned stateside.
    Glad u made it home.

    • Hi,
      I’m Riley Pope. I was attached to MACV 29 with the signal guys. I got there about Jan 69 and rotated out around Oct 70. An interesting group. Many good memories.

      • Scott, actually, I might have been doing some things that might have been above your pay grade. Capt. Jackson could have been involved with some of those items of “above ones pay grade”…. By the way, we have located the good captain in Mississippi.

    • Seems like I remember a Sergent Gonzalez that talked about wearing a pink camo outfit when he taught escape and evasion courses back in the states. Any chance that was you?

  2. Our team used the training site north of PhuCat to train the RF/PF in the new family of weapons. We had a full
    TO&E of weapons just low on ammo.
    Had the Koreans moved out prior to
    We had our share of problems with
    them. Did not like the locals

  3. In 1972, Phu Cat District had a captain and an NCO. The local RF/PF may well have used the Training Center’s north camp, a couple of miles up Hiway 1.

    The ‘great flush’ adventure: We reported to MACV-Training in Saigon (MG Coleman and BG “Hangin’ Sam McClellan). Our primary commo was an excellent Colllins KWM-2A HF set. Secondary was ARVN phone net through QuiNhon (“Saigon bizzy”). As the US Forces left, we were notified to turn over all equipment to the Training Center, and report to HQ in Saigon. Travel plans were complicated by a typhoon which shorted out the Collins power supply. Commo on the ARVN phone was spotty at best. However, we dutifully packed up the Day Room stuff to go to Okinawa, ate our last meal, and reported to PhuCat Airbase to catch the “Korean” (TSN->ROK Base->PhuCat->TSN) C130 about 2 PM. Seems like the C130 could not turn off the wing ice defroster, and risked damage before takeoff at TSN. However, the Vinnell Corp dispatcher told us to ‘hang in’ and the C130 would be there. We worried about going back to the Training Center to ask for our beds back. But at 2 AM, a glorious set of landing lights appeared, and we got to TSN about 4 AM. NCOs had to find an arms room to turn in weapons, but officers got to a bed and turned in the weapons the next day. The hooker is that on the next day, all air travel seats in country went on a reservation basis and MAC-T had made no provisions for us.

  4. Please provide me with your story.
    I was at the District Headquarters
    In what I understand was a
    SF compound. We used the
    Training facility north on Hwy 1 ,
    south of Phu My. Would that be
    same site?

  5. I was on the advisory team at Phu Cat Training Center from summer 1972 until the “great flush” of US Force in Spring 1973. By 1972, the training center compound and team had shrunk to 7 men; additional barracks, probably related to the Signal Detachment, had been turned over to ARVN. The flood-lit tennis court remained, as did the underground bunker (both never used during my tour). The Aussies at North Camp had left by mid-1972. I have pored through Google Maps, and can find no trace of the camp as we knew it. The “great flush” was a separate experience, which I would be glad to share with anyone who asks.

    • VAELA I gave to the psych group a large map of Vietnam (around 4′ x 8′) showing ALL units (Army, Marines & AF) and current positions in 1978. Map made by our cartographer’s Including islands of coast. As well as the DMZ and Hanoi routes. The maps were classified and could not transfer anyone in USARAMY at home. Gave it to them at East LA VA psychic department , one of the MS people. Check it out.

    • Soooooooooo funny that someone added light to the tennis court. We built the tennis court in 1970. . . . . liberated the net from the air base. Two coarse high fence along mine field. Always interesting if you lobbed one over the net into the mine field. When I was there the bunker and trenches were active and we hit trenches a few times . . . . watching the red tracers going out and the green ones coming in. The ARVN operated at least two 4.2 martor teams . . . . a screw up one night had one going down the tube as one was coming up. One hell of a noise.

  6. I got there 6/67 was in Qui Nhon most of the time. Went out with the RF and Pf soldiers
    Cobb went to Phu Cat after that

  7. Hi
    MACV changed the organizational designation to Team 42 for Phu Cat District when I
    arrived 1/69. I had several slots on MAT II-3.

  8. Hi
    I was stationed in Phu Cat from May 1966 to May 1967. The only names from that time are J.L.Figueroa, Walsh, Mongallo, Berchelie.

      • Hi John,
        I always wondered what happened to you guys and looked and searched and by dumb luck found you guys here.
        I am glad you guys are all alive and well. Remeber MSGT Chang. He was like a second with Dad with me.

    • Hey, I was there with you guys, Its SP4 Rich Boothby. when I left in Sept 1967 I was Sgt E5. All you guys Johnny Coble and Figueroa, me

    • Its Rich Boothby, I was there with all you guys. Glad to see you are still around. Its been a long time. Drop me a line love to email all of you guys and get caught up on our paths we all took afterwards.

      • Hi Rich Were from new york city or long island near Bob Berchelie ? It’s funny I just ran across this web site and saw my name.
        I saw Lenny Mongallo about 25 years ago,he was not in the best of shape at that time. I offen wounder about all the guy’s that were
        there so many years ago.

        best regards
        chuck acker

  9. I was assigned to MAT II-3 from Dec 68. To Sept
    69. Was assist team leader, team leader
    and assist. district sr advisor.

    • Hi Ronnie Thatcher. My father Wayne Cobb was radio operator at Phu Cat in ’67 & ’68. I do not know what team he was in but I do have a large box of photos, and other material from his service in Vietnam. His radio call sign was Kickenrax (sp).

      • I knew your dad. I probably only saw him 4 or 5 times. I think he was at fort
        Huachuca in Arizona before he went to Vietnam
        Is he still alive

        • Yes Buz, he was at Ft. Huacha before deployment to Vietnam. Unfortunately no, he passed away about 15 years ago. Did you serve with him or just knew him?

          • So sad to hear or his passing. We were both radio men. I carried one on my
            Back for the last six months. I trained the RF rural force pf popular force. They were pitiful. I never trusted them.
            I would see your Dad once in a while and would have a good time.

            • it’s good to connect with you. I have many photo’s and other documents of his service in Vietnam that I would be glad to share with you or any others interested.

              • A guy last name Kerr your Dad and myself were playing hearts when we heard 3 shots go off.
                2 baby guys got a WW2 automatic burp gun and it went off. One of the guys moved the stock and the gun went off killing his friend. He was screaming
                The guy named Kerr fainted and hit the cement floor with his head. He was taken away to the Hospital. Never saw him again. I think that may have been the last time I saw your Dad.
                Do you know when he went home?

                  • His discharge papers say June 12th 1968. I’m looking through everything specifically for photos or documents with your name or Kerr. 8 have found many interesting things including maps. One for operation Tay Son or Toy Son. Its laminated map with of Binhkhe with all sorts of markings my dad made on it. I don’t know what any of it means but would love to show it to others on this group.

  10. Hey Everett and Edwina,
    I thought I’d drop a note here to see if you came to this MACV website. It was nice to meet you guys at Juicey Lucys last weekend. You are the first rf/pf Adviser I’ve met since I left Nam. You know what it was like for MAT Teams.
    Joe Billot
    Team 43 July ’71- July ’72

    • Hi
      Was Thomas Hamilton still at phu cat when you were there? He was the civilian sr advisor. My interpreter was Nguyen Van Nao. I regret not staying in contact.

    • Hi Scott . . . . were you the unit clerk? I was attached MACV 29 with the signal guys. I arrived about Jan 70 and rotated out around Oct 70.

      • We were the DECCA group assigned to Team 29 (68′ to 69′) You might look up MSgt. Charlie Chan of Hawaii’ he knew everyone esp. the Cpts’ that were up for Sgt Major of the Army at the time Wooldrige

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