Team 100 Gia Dinh

MACV Team 100 – Gia Dinh

This Page is intended for the discussion of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam Team 100 located in Gia Dinh.

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  1. Is there anybody that was in Hoc Mon at the Black Dog Inn from August 1966 through October 1968. I was the RTO of the Infantry Advisor Team for the RF/PF forces of Hoc Mon District. I retired from the army in 1992 and live in Wuerzburg, Germany.

  2. I was an infantry adviser to 532 Company of the 53rd Regional Force Battalion. We lived west of the Cu Chi highway just south of the Hoc Mon bridge. For most of the year my senior NCO was a SSgt Rhoades. My counterpart was 1Lt. Duc. I landed at Bein Hoa just after the 2nd offensive (spring of 1968). My senior adviser was Green Beret Capt. Nelson Garcia. Are there any of our team left? The first time I was dusted off to 3rd Field Hospital I met Capt. Donna Rowe (RN) at the ER. She is famous now for saving a child’s life after the NVA had killed the mother and burned the village. We have communicated this year.

  3. SSG E-6 Gary L. Price served with MACV-SOG Team 100 1968-1969 Camp Le Van Duyet, Cholon Vietnam and Camp Goodman B-700. Direct orders from the Pentagon in MOS 97B but also 18F . Awarded CIB also served with 101ST Airborne DMZ Recon 1970-1971. Military Advisor 1965 MACV-II Team #100 THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! i LIKED EVERY ONE OF YOU!! Best Team Ever!

  4. I am looking for the name of the E-7 (?) who served with Major Eugene J. Conner of MAT 100 on 31 Jan 1968 in the alley near BOQ#3 near Saigon. MAJ Conner was KIA and was awarded the DSC, and the E-7 survived but lost his left arm in the combat. Any assistance in IDing him would be appreciated.

    • The E7 was Harry Herron from Crocker Missouri. He was allowed to remain in the army, and was stationed at Fort Leonardwood,Missouri with the 3d combat training brigade S3. The VFW at Crocker is named after him. He passed away from cancer several years ago. I served with harry in Korea in the early 60s, and again at fort leonardwood. In 1967 we again were together on team100 Gia Dinh. And then believe it or not, we were again assigned to the 3d BCT Brigade S3 Fort Lenordwood. Harry was great friend and soldier. I miss him. My name is Bobby R. Cline MSG Army Ret. Maryville ,TN Email

  5. I’m looking for anybody who might have served with SGT Robert J Williamson. Bobby Joe was KIA on the 1st day of Tet, 31 Jan 68 in Gia Dinh Province while leading a SV Ranger Squad. He was my best friend in high school and the only info I found about him is from his profile on the “Wall” site. I know he received the DSC posthumously for his actions that day. TIA.

  6. April 19, 2017
    My name is Robert Meyer & I spent from Oct. ’66 to Jan. ’67 with Advisory team 100 in Thu Duc, Gia Dinh Prov. A Capt. Cliff (Bud) Sturdivant & myself an RTO, were acting as liason providing artillery fire from nearby 105 & 155 batteries who I believe were attached the 1st Inf Div. The only “arty” unit I remember working with was the 2nd of the 13th, 23rd group. We certainly had fire missions with American units, but I seem to remember working with Viet Ranger units quite a bit. The only name I remember from team 100 was a Green Beret Major Theodore Grant, who was the Thu Duc subsector advisor. After my team left Thu Duc, Major Grant sent a “Letter of Commendation” to our Commanding Officer, (I still have the Letter of Comm.).

  7. I served at Gia Dinh Sector S2 from 7 November 1967 to 2 December 1968. My comanding officers were Capt. Kern and Capt John Laton. I served with First Sgt. Story, Platoon Sargent Edwards and Staff Sargent Harold Day.

  8. I served at Gia Dinh Sector S2 from 7 November 1967 to 2 December 1968. My comanding officers were Capt. Kern and Capt John Laton. I served with First Sgt. Story, Platoon Sargent Edwards and Staff Sargent Harold Fay.

  9. I served as the RTO on a 6 MAT# 100 located in the RSSZ (Quang Xuygen) from 1967 to 1968. Our base was on the Long Tau River south of Nha Be. I understand that Team Numbers were changed. If anyone knows of the number change or any other relevant information I would appreciate your response. Our call sign was “WORKHORSE”. Thanks, Ron Laro.

  10. I was the assistant team leader of Mat team 80 headquartered in Gia Dinh in late 1968 to March 1969. Major Adams was the province head at that time. Our team consisted of Captain Johnson, Staff Sargent DaVilla, Sargent Spencer and our medic.
    I am confused since the team 80 in the listing to the right shows team 80 in An Xuyen. I believe that we were the original team. I can remember going to Di An for two weeks for Vietnam language and customs – such as don’t show them the soles of your boots.
    The Vietnamese commander was Captain Chu’a.

    • Frank,
      I was 1Lt. advisor in Team 100 and we operated on both sides of Tan Son Nhut. We had one company (975) in Di An that was housed in a former pig sty.. I was west of Tan Son Nhut north of Ba Diem nearer Hoc Mon with 532 Company with Lt Duc as my counterpart. We were part of the 53rd RF Bn. which had 6 companies,
      Joe Drozda

  11. I was assigned as the Team Leader of a 5 man Advisory Team (MAT) in June ’68. The team was TDY to MACV from 199th Infantry Brigade. We were located just North of Saigon on the flight path for Tan San Nhut Airport. Can’t think of the name of the village, but it was at the confluence of the Saigon and Ben Cat Rivers. Was relocated to Binh Chanh after several months because of personality conflict with a Major that I did not like.

      • It could have been, I do remember my vile, demeaning radio communications I had with the Major; transmitted through his RTO! Total disrespect for him and his authority, although he was my superior and commanding officer.

    • I recall that the name of the village was Go Vap; and that it was considered a country home area for wealthy VN city dwellers.

  12. I was the RTO for Team 100 and later Team 44 in Hoc Mon and served there from August 1966 thru October 1968. Made it thru the Tet Offensive and Counter Offensive in 1968.

  13. I served with the 7th artillery detachment assigned to this team when I arrived in June 1966 we switched to USARV in 1967 if anyone remembers this counter motor radar detachment with an ARVN 105mm platoon please post … thanks we were only a group of 20 …

    • Don Stone
      I remember a US Army radar team stationed at the CalTex Tank Farm in 1966. We also got arty support from 2 Vietnamese 105s that were positioned there We had a couple of the team members over for dinner and provided them medical supplies. I do not remember any names.,

    • George, I was there until April of 68, and yes we were the 79th FA Detachment. We were still MACV when I was there. We reinforced the back gate to the base during the early part of the morning of the first day of TET in 68.

      • I was there from 6/66 to 10/67… what MOS were you assigned ? We had two bases one at the south gate and another on the 56th artillery missle site about 5 miles south… I was the Q4 radar tech…..

        • We were just North of the Hawk Missile site. I was there until April of 68. We moved around an awful lot after Tet of 68 and yes I was also a 17B Radar Operator then, later went to school at Fort Monmouth and became a 26W and then made Warrant and became a 211A.

            • Don’t remember who he was then, but CWO Debord was the Senior Warrant for IIFF Artillery, 23rd Artillery Group in 1970 and 71 when I was the CO of the 259th and the 278 FA detachments. He was also my Radar Boss in Korea in the 1/77 FA in 1965.

            • When I went to Fort Monmouth for school I graduated as a 26B30 and when I made SSGT I was a 26W40 until I made warrant as a 211A.

          • I was assigned to the 79th FA Det from 6/66 – 10/67.. were we at the same sites together??? 55 years plays games with my memories 🤥

            • I think we were George, but you transferred a couple of months after I got there. Debord was our warrant and he was also my warrant in Korea in 64 to 65. It seemed we followed each other around. I worked for him as a PFC, Spec 4, Spec 5, and as a WO1 and as a CWO. I was a Spec-5 when in the 79th and Spec-5 Blackburn was also there.

  14. i have one Monarch table lighters of team 100, i still use it every day, it made in japan, i think it useful for someone. i am Vietnamese.

  15. Served as Assistant Team Leader with Capt. Miranda as Team Leader. SSGT James L. Eplin jr (Doc) SGT Thompson and others whose names are too distant to recall. Doc died of a massive heat attack. He was the same age (52)as my Father was, while serving in VN! God Bless You Doc Eplin.

    • I was looking for information for the MACV Team 100 for December 1969.

      My son’s father-in-law was wounded serving with MAT100 in December 1969.

      I made him maps of the area that he operated in around Dau Tieng – Saigon – An Loc – using photo shop

      and combining the 1:50,000 maps I down loaded from the Texas Tech Vietnam Center web-site.

      I added the main bases in the area with photo shop and printed it out 40″x 60″size. I thought it looked

      cool for only spending a couple days putting it together. I have made several of these types of maps

      as historian for the Americal Division Veteran’s Association and the veterans line up just to get a look

      at the locations of the LZs on a map at the reunions.


  16. Team 100 was located in Gia Dinh Province which included Saigon and the surrounding Districts. I served as an advisor to Nhabe District and the 55th Regional Force Battalion based at Chauhiep From August 1965 to August1966. The Province has since been included in the greater Ho Chi Minh City.

    • I was senior advisor to 33d Ranger Battalion during Cambodia incursion, then 38th Ranger battalion. Left toward end of 1970 to special forces. with me in the 38th were Lt Ken Pliskie, MSG Ed Abbadusky, and SSGMalcolm Smith. My counterpart was LTC Hong who I stayed in contact with until his death.

  17. My son’s father in law was an officer in MAT 100. He was wounded in December 1969 and retired from service. I wanted to know if someone has records that might identify the grid coordinates of where he was wounded. I am historian for Vietnam era Americal Division veterans. I made a map of the areas of Tay Ninh-An Loc- Saigon, Dau Tieng and filled in some locations that I recalled from news stories and etc. Then I added some of the locations mentioned in the awards for the DSC recipients from the MAT100 team. I don’t have the detailed S2/S3 reports; sitreps; COAAR; or casualty reports that I usually have to work with like I have for the Americal Division. (His name is Stan Helton).

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