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MACV Teams InsigniaMACV Teams were out there alone- not on base camps, air bases or at sea. Small groups of Americans often in remote areas supported only by Vietnamese forces whose capabilities and loyalty were sometimes suspect. This website has been established for former Advisory Team members – military and civilian, as well as FAC’s, Shotguns, naval, air force and coast guard liaisons and anyone else attached to a team including Vietnamese– to reconnect with former members. In addition to teams which served within South Viet Nam’s 44 provinces and over 200 districts, teams were also assigned to ARVN divisions whose area of operations (DTA’s) included several provinces. In 1968 some Team numbers were changed by MACV so some province sites may have more than one Team number designation.

To join or start a discussion, type either the team number, province name or ARVN division number in the box on the right above “Team Menu” and hit “Search”.

Statistics tell us that only approximately 2.7 million Americans served within Vietnam during that war and of that number, only 600 thousand are still alive today. The youngest of us are in our late 60’s.

For those of us who served on Advisory Teams, the numbers are much smaller. Many of us have been reluctant over the years to talk about what we did there and what life was like on the Teams. Before it gets too late it is important for us to now speak out to let our children and grandchildren know about our experiences there and how we served our country with pride. We should tell our own stories, and not let someone else who wasn’t there do it for us.

This is a working project (no advertising) intended to reconnect those who served. The menu of teams will grow but has obvious gaps. Feedback on the site will be appreciated. Please use the comments section under that Team’s page to describe the location of the team if you know it and the page will be updated. If you are having a problem using the site, please refer to Website Guidelines to the right under Team Menu for possible solutions.

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